How to Mute Sound on Samsung TV

How does Samsung voice control work on Samsung: connection and malfunctions

TV manufacturers every year improve their products and add new useful features. Modern models have access to the Internet, and with it access to millions of sites and entertainment resources.

Entering information using the remote control takes a lot of time and is not very convenient. Therefore, TV manufacturers are actively developing the voice control function in their line of models. Samsung, which is the largest electronics developer, has made great strides in this. Voice control of a samsung TV is a convenient and quick way to interact with technology.

With it, you can execute many commands, and the setup does not require much time. Read on for how to use this feature.

Remote control

How to Mute Sound on Samsung TV

This device is a lot like the sony TV remote control. In addition to using the device with a keystroke, many models of remotes are equipped with a microphone, touch touchpad, and also perform certain actions on the screen depending on the gestures of a person.

Gesture recognition is carried out by the built-in camera. Thanks to this feature, you can quickly scroll through the pages of sites.

Voice Control Setup

To configure this function, you must go to the device menu and in the “System” section, find the subsection with the same name. Settings will appear on the TV screen, which you can change depending on your preference. First of all, you should choose the language in which voice control will be carried out. Some TV models support more than 20 languages.

Next, you should choose a method of working with voice control.

For this, 2 options will be offered:

  • interactive;
  • imperative.

In the first case, there will be a dialogue with the device to configure certain commands. The second option involves performing actions on given commands, which are carried out regardless of the settings for interactive voice control.

How to enable voice control?

The launch is performed by pressing the “VOICE” button. A microphone icon should appear on the screen, indicating that it is ready to work. Say voice commands should be at a distance from the remote control no more than 15 centimeters slowly and legibly. This will allow the device to accurately recognize your order and execute it. Many Samsung TVs provide voice recognition training. To start it, you need to find the appropriate subsection in the menu, which is located in the “Support” section.

A faster way is to press the “VOICE” button and say the word “Training” into the microphone. Movement of focus with the help of voice is carried out with the pronunciation of phrases: “Focus direction.” Options are available: up, down, left, right. To confirm, you must say the command “Choice”. In order to quickly find a television program, a search function is provided. To do this, you must say: “Find the name of the television program or channel.” The volume is adjusted by the commands: “Increase the volume by.” and “Decrease the volume by.”. A detailed list of the commands available on the TV can be viewed by saying the “Help” command.

The following commands are available:

  • turning on and off the device by timer;
  • recommendations;
  • weather forecast;
  • TV recording
  • television announcer.

How to turn off voice control?

Working with a TV using voice may not be of interest to some people. Also, according to a large number of users, voice instruction is annoying, which distracts from viewing information on the screen.

Therefore, a very popular question among users is how to turn off the voice of the instruction or completely turn off the sound control.

You can do this in a few steps:

  1. Go to the TV settings.
  2. Select the “System” section.
  3. Select subsection “Voice instructions”.
  4. Select “Off” mode.

You can completely turn off the recognition of sound commands in the same section. To do this, as described above, you must press the “Off” mode. Every year, the services available on TVs will be improved.

The technology of led screens has great prospects, which means that TV manufacturers will develop and add new features. Already available models using bluetooth headsets, Wi-Fi, Smart TV. A virtual assistant engaged in voice recognition will not be deprived of attention either. In the near future, the largest manufacturers will produce devices with more sophisticated voice control. There is no doubt that Samsung will occupy a leading position in this area.

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What to do if the TV turns off immediately after turning on

One of the most popular questions that owners of television sets ask is why the TV turns on and off immediately. This behavior of the device qualifies in different ways, starting from external factors and ending with a breakdown of the device itself.


There may be several reasons why after switching on the Samsung or Philips TV sets immediately turn off.

  • loose plug connection to the outlet;
  • remote control breakdown;
  • set sleep timer;
  • software crash;
  • failure of the power supply.

To find out why when you turn on the TV, the image appears and disappears immediately or after a while, you need to diagnose the device for malfunctions and, if detected, immediately perform work to fix them.

Malfunctioning remote control

A broken remote control is one of the common reasons that a working TV goes out on its own. It is necessary to inspect the remote control and, especially, its buttons. They can be pressed in or stuck, after which the remote control starts to randomly send commands to the television receiver.

To make sure that the reason is in the remote control, you need to remove the batteries from it or remove the device from the room. If the problem is really in it, the TV will work fine and will stop turning off immediately after turning on. You can check the operation of the remote control using the camera of a mobile phone.

You need to turn it on, point the remote control at the lens and press any buttons. If it is working, the user will see red flashes of the LED. In the event that the problem is really in the remote control, you will need to disassemble it and thoroughly clean it. You can do this repair yourself or consult a specialist. If the actions do not bring results, you will need to purchase a new remote control.


The next common reason for turning off the television immediately after turning it on is the plug that is loosely inserted into the electrical outlet. In this case, the plug overheats and this leads to a short circuit, as a result, the user notices that after switching on immediately the LG or Samsung TV turned off.

The cause of the strange behavior of the television panel may be a broken power cable. Because of this, insufficient voltage is supplied to the device, after switching on, protection is activated and the TV immediately shuts down.

Inspect the cable for breaks, kinks, or bumps. In the event that they could not be visually detected, it is better to replace the cord, because damage can be inside and it is very difficult to identify them.

Sleep timer

Another popular reason is that the Sony or other brand’s television turns off immediately or some time after launch.

It can be incorrectly installed by the user himself, turned on as a result of children’s games with the remote control, or activated as a result of a failure in the date and time in the television, for example, during a power surge or power outage. To fix this problem, you need to open the menu, find the timer settings and turn it off.

If you can’t complete this action on your own, you need to refer to the operating instructions or call the customer service center of the company that produced the TV.


This issue is common to smart TVs. If the user has not turned off the automatic update, the TV settings may be accidentally changed during the installation of the latest software version. The second possible reason. an application was installed on the TV that independently selects the time the device is turned on and off.

To fix the error, you need to check the settings of the television receiver, as well as carefully examine all downloaded software and remove questionable programs.

If the TV starts up at night itself and goes off immediately, it means that it is trying to perform an automatic update. To do this, the device starts up, connects to the network, checks for new software versions and, not finding them, shuts down. To prevent this from happening, you need to disable the device’s auto-update.

Power Supply

Failure of the power supply is also a possible reason that the TV immediately turns off after starting.

The following symptoms signal this:

  • the television receiver does not respond to switching on, but the power indicator blinks continuously;
  • the device turns off immediately after startup or after some time;
  • The power lamp is off.

To check this detail, you need to measure the voltage on the TV chips with an ammeter. If power is not supplied, this confirms that the fault is correctly detected.

The most common cause of problems with the power supply are fuses. You can identify a broken part visually. It looks swollen, has traces of burning, which appeared if the part was smoking due to a voltage drop, and also it may have no contacts.

To replace, you can purchase the necessary spare part and solder it yourself, or consult a specialist for repairs.

What to do

If the TV arbitrarily stops working after startup, to determine the type of breakdown, you must:

  • check the operation of the remote control;
  • make sure that the power cable and plug are intact, have no signs of damage, and that the plug itself is firmly inserted into the outlet;
  • go into the settings and make sure that the sleep timer is off;
  • disable automatic updating of the television receiver and remove all applications that can independently launch devices;
  • disassemble the TV and diagnose the power supply.

If a TV panel is found to have malfunctioned, the user needs to fix it on their own, if possible, or seek help from specialists.

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