Huawei P Smart Plus Back Cover Replacement

Huawei P Smart Plus Broken Screen Replacement (INE-LX1)

Probably, with the saying that using a smartphone with a broken display is impossible to agree to each. This causes a lot of inconvenience, firstly, visual cracks on the displays, and secondly, a distorted picture or even its complete absence. There are also situations in which everything is normal with the image, but the smartphone does not respond to touch, that is, the touchscreen does not work.

The best and most correct solution if you break your Huawei P Smart Plus (INE-LX1) is to replace the broken screen with a new one in a reliable service center from trusted engineers. Below we will show in detail the main stages of the replacement of the Huawei P Smart screen, which we performed for one of our customers.

Removing the Huawei P Smart Back Cover (INE-LX1)

Repair of any smartphone begins with its disassembly. So in our case, we started the repair by removing the back cover of the smartphone. To do this, we warm up the back of the smartphone for a short time on the separator, and only then carefully removed the cover without damaging it with a special plastic spatula.

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After that, we proceed to disassemble the middle part of the Huawei smartphone. We unscrew all the screws, unfasten the loop, carefully peel off the battery. After that, you should dismantle the frame that hides the smartphone motherboard, antennas and connectors.

Recall that you should always remove the battery cable first to de-energize the board and prevent a possible short circuit

Last of all, a motherboard and attachments on it are removed from the smartphone. After all the manipulations performed (by the way, it takes us 10-15 minutes), we still have the middle part of the case (let’s call it the frame of the case) with the display module glued to it. Here the most difficult part begins. To make the repair a little cheaper for the customer, we will save his native frame by unfastening the broken module from it, and we will glue on it a new serviceable display. Yes, it takes a little longer, but also costs less. If the client is “running out” of time, then we can offer a replacement display instead of with a frame. But the cost will increase by an average of 20%, depending on the model of the device.

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The dismantling of the old broken display is carried out using a separator, a special solution that helps dissolve glue and scalpels.

The middle part of the Huawei P Smart Plus with the broken module removed from it

After we freed the frame from the old display, it is necessary to clean the remaining glue on it and you can proceed with the installation of a new screen. We use special glue for repairing B-7000 mobile equipment; it is on it that we glue the new screen to the frame. The drying time of the glue is about 2-3 hours. After that, the smartphone can be assembled in the reverse order to its disassembly. The total time for a similar repair of a Huawei smartphone is 3-4 hours.

We want to draw your attention to the fact that it is especially important to carry out all repairs without fuss, not to apply excessive force. Everything should be removed / unscrewed / peeled off quite easily. But such calm comes only with experience and not one hundred disassembled devices. If you are not sure that you can perform the repair yourself, it is better to contact the professional engineers of the Fixlab service center.

Huawei P Smart Plus Back Cover Replacement

Final post-repair testing of Huawei P Smart Plus before mounting the back cover