How to Zoom on a Computer

Users often have to use the opportunity to increase the font size on the computer, since using the Windows 10 operating system on monitors with a large extension is not very convenient. Similarly, it may be necessary to reduce the font size when using a TV screen with a large diagonal and low resolution.

In this article, we will look at how to increase the font on a computer or laptop running Windows 10. We will also consider how to increase the font on a browser page using the keyboard and mouse of a computer.

How to increase the font size on a computer or laptop screen

To change the font size on the Windows 10 operating system, you should use the updated Settings, which already almost completely replace the standard control panel, in order to facilitate the use of the Windows 10 operating system on devices with touch screens.

  1. Open Start Parameters System Display and find the item Scale and Layout.
  2. Next we choose Resize text, applications, and other elements as a percentage (where 100% is the standard and recommended value, you can choose 125, 150 and 175%).
    How to Zoom on a Computer
  3. If the suggested values ​​do not suit you, click the button below them. Custom scaling, enter a size between 100% and 500% and click To apply(in Windows 10 operating system starting from version 1803, this button is called Additional scaling options)

To apply the results, you will need to complete a logout. And also be careful, because if you set the maximum value, then returning to normal, provided that you have a small monitor, will be very difficult. The system itself does not even recommend this.

In the October update of Windows 10, it became possible to adjust the text size in accessibility features. To do this, just go to Start Parameters Special abilities Display and drag the slider until the sample text is easy to read, and then click To apply.

How to increase the font on the page in the browser

If you need to increase the font size on the browser pages, then this can be done very quickly using the keyboard and mouse. Since each browser supports the ability to increase the content of sites, this will be done simply in any of the browsers.

  1. We open the necessary page in the browser.
  2. Holding button Ctrl press the button on the keyboard to increase and to decrease, or turn the mouse wheel up or down to increase and decrease the browser page.

System font size changer

As in most cases, there are many third-party programs that allow you to make changes to the registry and change system settings from a convenient interface. System Font Size Changer is one of such utilities with which you can increase the font of all interface elements. To do this, just download the program.

  1. Each time the program starts, the user is prompted to make a copy of the current parameters so that he can always be able to restore the changed parameters. We recommend this!
  2. Further in the program interface we choose what we will change, among the list of available elements (text for the window title, menu, message box, icon captions, tooltips).
  3. The last step is to drag the size slider, and clicking the button to apply the changes Apply(after the actions taken, the system will exit, so we recommend that you save everything that was open at the time of exit).

If you want to return all the settings to standard, use the WindowMetrics.Reg file. To do this, open it and make the addition of standard parameters to the registry.

Definitely, you can use a more complex way to increase the fonts on your computer, namely using the registry editor. You can follow the path: HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Control Panel \ Desktop \ WindowMetrics and configure the settings manually, but why, if there is a convenient application that does not even need to be installed.

Font enlargement is a really useful feature in Windows. It can be useful in many situations, but not everyone knows how to do it quickly. Therefore, we wrote instructions on how to increase the font on a Windows 10 computer and separately how to increase the font on a page in a browser, which will be of great use to many.

It happens that we are not satisfied with a particular font size, icon, or screen scale. But not everyone knows how to change it for more convenient use of Windows or websites. In this article, we will talk in detail about scaling on a computer.

You will learn how to change the screen scale in Windows 10, how to reduce or increase the font on the computer and in the browser, as well as how to change the size of icons in folders and the size of shortcuts on the desktop.

How to zoom Windows 10

First, you’ll learn how to increase or how to zoom out on a computer screen. This feature will be useful for owners of screens of unusual sizes, small or very large. Also knowledge about how to zoom in Windows 10 preferably for projector owners. In some cases it can be very handy.

To change the scale of the computer screen, follow the steps below:

1. Open a window “Parameters”To do this, click WinI or the Start menu and click on the gear icon.

2. After press “System” and select “Screen”.

We can also open the window we need by right-clicking on an empty area of ​​the desktop and selecting “Screen options”.

3. In the right part of the window you will see a slider for zooming the screen. The default value is 100%, and the scale can be increased to 125% and 150%.

How to change the font size of Windows 10

In the Windows 10 operating system, you can also reduce or increase the font size of some elements. Sometimes this is a good substitute for the full scaling of the screen described above. You can change the font size:

  • Window titles
  • Menu
  • Message windows
  • Panel Names
  • Icons (font size for file names, folders, and shortcuts in Explorer and on the desktop)
  • Hints

Standard font size “9”, the size can be set from 6 to 24. You can also set the font to bold.

How to open Windows 10 text size settings:

1. These settings are in the Control Panel in the Screen section. One way to open them is to click WinX, select “Control Panel”.

2. In the window that opens, select “Hardware and Sound / Screen”. Or enter a word “screen” into the search (upper right corner of the window), and then select “Screen”.

3. Next, select the necessary elements and the font size for them, then press the button “To apply”.

Among other things, in this window there is a setting “set custom zoom level”, where you can increase the screen scale up to 500%, but this method is not recommended by Windows itself, as it can lead to unexpected behavior on some screens.

With full screen scaling and how to reduce or increase the font size, we figured it out. Move on.

How to resize Windows icons and shortcuts

Increasing or decreasing the size of icons (folders, files and shortcuts) in Explorer and on the desktop is even easier. Here are two convenient ways:

1. Hold the Ctrl key and scroll the mouse wheel.

2. The second method is to select one of the standard icon sizes. Just right-click on the free part of the desktop or folder and in the menu that appears, click “View”, then the desired icon size. For instance:

  • Huge icons (there is no such option on the desktop)
  • Large
  • Ordinary
  • Small

How to reduce the taskbar of Windows 10

Windows 10 has a setting that allows you to reduce taskbar size, namely the size of its icons.

1. Right-click on your taskbar, at the bottom of the menu that appears, select “Parameters”.

2. Left-click on the switch below “Use small taskbar buttons”.

Now your taskbar will shrink. In order to return to its original form, just click on this switch again.

Scale in browser

Often when viewing various sites, the text on some is too small or too large for normal perception. The built-in zoom function in the browser helps to combat this. It is also useful when using very large monitors.

In all modern browsers, you can change the scale of sites like this:

  • Hold the Ctrl key and rotate the mouse wheel.
  • Hold Ctrl and press the and keys.
  • To return a 100% site scale, use the key combination Ctrl and 0 (zero).

You can use the usual keys plus, minus, zero, and the keys of the numeric keypad.


In this article, we went through all the main ways to change the scale on a computer. And although we wrote on the example of Windows 10, many tips are suitable for previous versions of Windows.

Porakinin brain, found three easy and quick ways, How to solve this problem.

I tried to show how I do it. I accompanied the description with screenshots, so that it would be more understandable to those who want to use these methods.

Three easy and quick ways to zoom on a PC / laptop screen in Yandex and Google Chrome

  • Method one. Very fast, literally with one click (click). Using so-called “hotkeys”.

I press two keys on the keyboard simultaneously: 1) Ctrl (in the picture under the number 1) and a key with a minus sign (-) or plus (). They are indicated by the number 2.

That is, when I want to achieve an increase, I press on “a plus”. Accordingly, I click the same to decrease. Ctrl and “minus”. And that’s all, sizes instantly changed!

  • The second way. A little longer (well, for half a minute). In the Yandex settings or Google Chrome.

Let’s consider two examples in turn.

  1. So, in the upper right corner of Yandex I find “washer” (number 1), I press on it. And in the window that opens (see picture), I hover over the word “Scale”. The size that I am currently using is shown in parentheses.

For example, a scale of 125% was established. When you hover next to it, a new window immediately opens, with various options to choose from. The one that I have installed at the moment is already marked with a dot.

I can only choose another value, click on it. And then the computer screen will change its size! Everything happens quickly, much faster than described. 2. Now google chrome. The algorithm of actions is the same. Only, fortunately, even shorter.

By clicking on “washer”, all in the same upper corner, a window will open.
And in it, just click on the sign “a plus” or “minus”. Depending on the need to enlarge or reduce the screen. If you try right now, see for yourself that it is very easy and simple!

Now, when I open the various pages of sites, they are opened at the specified scale. That is, the result is saved, and when switching to other blogs, etc., I don’t need to reinstall everything at the desired scale.

  • Third wayAvailable in Google Chrome. And it allows you to set not only the screen size, but also fix the desired font sizes for web documents.

Also performed quite simply and quickly. Again I open the Chrome menu in the browser toolbar, i.E. I click on “washer”. Only now I select the item “Settings”.

Now, getting to different pages on the Internet, I see the text is quite large. This is very convenient, the eyes do not get tired because the scale does not change on different pages.

AND “at hand” always stays method number 1. In the event that suddenly the font on the site is initially large enough, I reduce “hot keys”. Or, on the contrary, when you need to quickly bring up a paragraph, I use fast increase.

Agree, these are really three quick and easy ways to increase the size of the screen on a computer or laptop when using the Internet. I think if you did not know about them, you will definitely like it.