Huawei Band 4 Does Not Turn On

Xiaomi mi band 4 screen does not turn on? This problem is encountered, but rarely. The new Xiaomi mi band 4 bracelet may not turn on immediately after purchase or after some time. Users of bracelets such as mi band have problems that mi band 4 does not turn on after discharging or the screen does not work. Usually, these problems are not easily solved if it is not a matter of damaging the bracelet electronics.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 is charging but not turning on

Users sometimes encounter a problem when, after careful charging, the bracelet did not show signs of work. Because You cannot disconnect the bracelet (it turns off after a full discharge) and even a long press of the button does not bring results. There is only one reason. the insufficient level of electrical activity of the battery. Here, the manufacturer and experts recommend increasing the battery charge time of the bracelet. A popular method is also cooling the bracelet and many users note its effectiveness.

If the bracelet is charging, but does not turn on, it may be due to a display malfunction. In this case, you must contact the service center for repair.

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There are several cases when the battery is fully charged, but the display still does not respond. A common cause of the problem is bracelet firmware. What to do in this case?

  1. To untie the device from the Mi Fit application.
  2. Uninstall the application.
  3. Reinstall Mi Fit by downloading it again.
  4. The firmware will be updated on the tracker.
  5. You must enable device search.

In 90% of cases after the described algorithm, the bracelet starts its work in normal mode.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 fitness bracelet does not turn on

After buying the device, it does not turn on, which is understandable. the new bracelets have a completely discharged battery. Very rarely, the tracker can be factory defective and delivered already broken. How to distinguish the normal phenomenon of failure to work with damage? Reasons why xiaomi mi band 4 does not turn on:

  • Lack of battery power. A prolonged lack of connection to the network can lead the battery to a zero charge level.
  • The wristbands of yesteryear, such as the xiaomi mi band 2 and xiaomi mi band 3, were characterized by fragile displays, and problems used to be in them. However, the new brand displays promise to be more durable.
  • Device malfunction and marriage if the tracker is charged but does not turn on. Here you need to apply for a guarantee return or to a service center.
Huawei Band 4 Does Not Turn On

Discharged and does not turn on

To check the performance and normal electrical capacity of the battery, you must connect the bracelet to the charger. You can connect using the USD cable and charge from the laptop. If the power supply system is in good condition, the display will show the current charge level, which means that the bracelet is in good condition. After 1.5-2 hours of charging, the tracker will be ready for use.

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If the result is negative, it is necessary to check the serviceability using the algorithm:

  1. The battery could simply fall into a state of prolonged lack of charge, so you need to leave it charging for a long time. On older Mi Band models, this action helped.
  2. If the display breaks, you should connect the tracker to your smartphone and synchronize. The start of operation is signaled by vibration. Therefore, it is not at all the battery, but the marriage of the display, as was previously agreed.
  3. Fitness bracelet does not fully work and here it will already turn out to exchange it under warranty, or return money for it. A warranty case occurs if the failure occurred due to the fault of the manufacturer, not the buyer.

Why the screen does not turn on on Xiaomi Mi Band 4: what to do?

The xiaomi mi band 4 display has a touch screen and one button, pressing which confirms the selected operation. What should I do if the display stops turning on, and what could help?

  • The display has lost its function due to water. Prolonged contact with moisture damages the circuit boards and they oxidize. In this case, help should be expected only from the service center employees. It is unlikely that it will be possible to agree on a replacement bracelet.
  • Mechanical shock and shock can easily damage the display. The help of service specialists is needed.
  • Dust and other contaminants can also block contacts and interrupt the normal functioning of the display. At the same time, vibration and other signals work as usual, but there is no clock or other visual information.
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To prevent the display from losing its functionality, you should protect the bracelet from moisture, dust. Protect also from bumps and falls.

It does not turn on after firmware

Users often reflash the device after purchasing it, because the English version of the firmware can be inconvenient, and the Russian language is more convenient to use. This process takes only a quarter of an hour and does not cause difficulties. However, it may happen that after flashing the screen does not light up when turned on and the bracelet does not show signs of life.

The solution to the problem is simple: untie the device from the smartphone in the application and tie it again. One solution is to restart the smartphone.