Not Charged Samsung Laptop

Mobile phone owners often face a problem when their Samsung phone is not charging. If you also encountered a similar situation and stopped charging Samsung, immediately take action. Do not run this problem.

First, you can do the initial diagnosis yourself. Remember after what actions the mobile stopped working. If liquid gets into the device, then we do not recommend continuing its further operation, since when you try to charge it, you can spoil the board. It is better to contact our service center for help, where they will make a diagnosis and determine the cause of the breakdown.

Why does Samsung not charge and what to do? If the Samsung phone is not charging from the computer (computer) USB or the charger, for a start it is worth checking the cables themselves. If they are working, then the reasons may be as follows:

  1. the connector itself is faulty. In order for the device to work again, the part will have to be changed;
  2. the Samsung phone’s battery does not charge even if the connector is partially torn from the circuit board. In this case, it is necessary to do diagnostics in order to determine the degree of damage;
  3. The power controller is faulty. If it is really damaged, then only its replacement will help;
  4. Samsung charges long and slowly if the power supply is faulty. This part includes many elements, in order to repair it, it is necessary to make a diagnosis;
  5. approximately 5% are occupied by other problems. Identify such a breakdown is possible only after diagnosis.

Why does the Samsung phone battery get very hot when charging?

If Samsung heats up, this is normal. During charging or talking, Samsung warms up because there is an increased energy consumption.

It’s not worth it to repair your cell phone yourself, as this can only make it worse.

  • We give a guarantee for the entire device during any repair, and not just for the replaced part.
  • After repair, the device passes Free quality control.
  • There are constant discounts on repairs.
  • Spare parts are original.
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Question. Answer

After replacing the display, it slowly charges. Before replacing the display, the phone was bent (it fell on the phone when the phone was in your pocket) when the phone was opened in the service to replace the display, the battery was also slightly bent, trimmed and put back and assembled.

Good day, Aydin. We need to look for a problem in the subboard with the charging connector.

Sincerely, SC Administrator “GrandPhone”.

Hello, the bodies are completely discharged. Now, it doesn’t take charge two weeks ago. There was already such a situation, I grabbed it and I didn’t let it completely get rid of. It worked fine and then didn’t put it on charge. It completely discharged now.

Hello Dmitry. Bring it to our service for diagnostics, we will figure out what the problem is.

Sincerely, SC Administrator “GrandPhone”.

Samsung A5 2017 does not charge the phone, a problem with the connector, a replacement is necessary

Good day, Oleg. Replacing the charging connector costs 2000.

Sincerely, SC Administrator “GrandPhone”.

Everything was perfect. The phone did not fall. It worked as it should, but in one day it just stopped charging.

Hello, Vyacheslav. Bring it to us for diagnosis.

Sincerely, SC Administrator “GrandPhone”.

charging does not

Good day, Sergey. Repairing the charging connector costs 1500-2000.

Sincerely, SC Administrator “GrandPhone”.

Poorly audible, poorly charged

Good day, Anyuta. Repair of the speaker costs 1500, repair of the charging connector 1500-2000.

Sincerely, SC Administrator “GrandPhone”.

Hello. I stopped charging from any charge, shows that it is charging, but nothing. It only charges via USB (car / laptop / PC)

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Good afternoon, Roman. Perhaps the problem is in the subboard. replacement cost 2000.

Sincerely, SC Administrator “GrandPhone”.

Hello! Washings (Cleansing with wet swabs) Stopped charging, what should I do? Tell me please!

Good day, Alina. Bring it to our service for diagnostics, it is free.

Sincerely, SC Administrator “GrandPhone”.

The phone does not get infected, when it is turned on it does not get infected, and when turned off it shows charging, turns off and immediately starts to show like that. Help me please.

Good day, Cyril. Bring it to us for repair, we will help solve the problem.

Sincerely, SC Administrator “GrandPhone”.

Hello, such a problem. I bought this phone. For a month everything was perfect, it was always charged without any difficulties. A month later, he stopped charging. precisely, from time to time, it is charging, then not. What could it be? From the computer I charge again, then slowly, then quickly. I don’t understand what the problem is. I handled the phone carefully, did not drop it. Please tell me how can this be fixed? I don’t understand what to do.

Sincerely, SC Administrator “GrandPhone”.

Hello. The charger does not work. It lies for a long time, I thought the liquid had got, but after a while, it did not work. What to do ?

Good day, Angelina. Take it to a service center for diagnosis.

Sincerely, SC Administrator “GrandPhone”.

Hello. I live in France and I have such a thing with the phone.
I bought the phone in July 2018. Everything was good and even now pleased with the acquisition. Now he does not want to take his own charge and other chargers to other Samsung. Charges through a charger, but sometimes does not respond to it. I took insurance for him for 2 years, breaking theft. I wrote on insurance, they said that it is not broken, therefore the insurance does not apply to it, for which I still continue to pay. Please tell me what to do?
Thanks Regards

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Hello Roman. Contact an authorized service center in your city.

Sincerely, SC Administrator “GrandPhone”.

Not Charged Samsung Laptop

The device does not charge.
With the charger, everything is fine, checked.
And so for the past 4 weeks, it can be charged, or maybe not.
Tell me, what kind of problem?
And the price please.

Hello, Catherine. Bring it for inspection, after which we can tell you about the cost of repairs.

Sincerely, SC Administrator “GrandPhone”.

Hello, the problem is the phone began to take charge poorly, in more detail the indicator very slowly shows the charge but does not charge, it is fully charged overnight. When using the phone and while charging, the percentage as it was and stands still sometimes drops below the percentage of charge. But it does not charge how to be? There was no damage unexpectedly, such a problem was asked to answer and help fix it.

Good day, Kleiman Igor I. Bring your smartphone to us for inspection, diagnostics are free, then we can tell you the cost of repairs.

Sincerely, SC Administrator “GrandPhone”.

The phone does not charge, I tried it from powerbank, from a computer, from a power outlet with different cables. The charging indicator does not appear, and vibration occurs when the cable is connected. Tell me what it can be and the approximate cost of the repair?

Good day, Ivan. Bring it to us for diagnosis.

Sincerely, SC Administrator “GrandPhone”.

It does not turn on and does not charge, the month lay off with a partial charge

Good afternoon, Alexander. Bring it to us for inspection.

Sincerely, SC Administrator “GrandPhone”.

shows charging but does not charge

Good day, Alexander. Bring your smartphone for diagnostics to our service.