How To Set Up A Philips Tv Without Remote

How to set up your Philips TV

Our masters set up TVs Philips all the necessary settings.
Experienced specialists will configure the channels of television programs and arrange them in a convenient sequence, configure the settings for connecting the TV to a home computer network and Internet connection, and optimize individual user settings.
We know how to tune channels on a Philips TV!
For your convenience, a Consultation on setting up TVs is organized.

How to Set up a Philips TV Without Remote

Instructions for TV PHILIPS

The Philips TV manual for connecting external devices recommends using a high-speed HDMI connection. An HDMI cable transmits both sound and image at the same time.
If external devices are connected via HDMI ports and support EasyLink technology, they can be controlled using the standard TV remote control. To do this, enable EasyLink CEC on all devices. By default, this function is enabled on the TV. Depending on the manufacturer, the HDMI CEC function names are different and may be called Anynet for Samsung, Aquos Link for Sharp, Bravia Theater Sync for Sony, Kuro Link for Pioneer, Simplink for LG, Viera Link for Panasonic. Not all other brands are fully compatible with EasyLink.

The back of the Philips TV has the following connectors:
HDMI high speed connection. HDMI1 ARC has an audio return channel.
SERV service port service.
TV ANTENNA: 75 Om coaxial IEC
SCART (RGB / CVBS) connection of external devices.

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On the side of the Philips TV are:
Digital Audio OUT: SPDIF high-quality audio output
CI slot common interface
USB connectors for USB devices
Satellit satellite dish connection

TV remote control Philips

TV remote control Philips conditionally divided into three zones, each of which includes a certain set of buttons.

The upper part of the remote control:
1) On button. turning on and off the TV
2) Play buttons. play, stop, pause, rewind.
3) TV GUIDE Button. electronic gear guide.
SETUP Button. opening the settings page.
FORMAT Button. image format menu
The middle part of the remote control:
1) SOURCES Button. menu of the list of connected devices.
2) Color buttons. Direct selection of options. A blue button opens help.
3) INFO Button. Information about the programs.
4)BACK Button. Return to the previously selected channel.

5)HOME Button. Main menu.
6)EXIT Button. Switch to watching TV channels.
7)OPTIONS Button. Enter or exit the Options menu.
eight)OK button. Confirmation of the set value.
nine)Navigation buttons. Move up, down, left and right.
ten)LIST Button. Open or close the channel list.

The bottom of the remote:
1)Buttons /.. Volume control.
2)Numeric and letter buttons. Select a TV channel directly or enter text.
3)SUBTITLE Button. Turn on subtitles.
4)CHANNEL button– Switch channels, go to the next teletext page.
5)Silent Button. Instant mute
6)TEXT Button. Display
teletext features
On our site you can download the TV remote
location and designation of the remote control buttons, as well as instructions and user manual

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Setting up TV channels

Any channels of the Philips TV in the ALL, FAVORITE, RADIO, NEW lists can be renamed. To do this, select the channel that you want to rename from the list, press the OPTIONS button on the remote control, select the RENAME item, and then press OK. The new name can be entered directly from the remote control keyboard or using the on-screen keyboard.

How to tune channels on a TV

How do I tune channels on my philips tv in a convenient sequence of tv programs? This is not always done simply, since in many TV models there is no way to sort channels after auto-tuning. The developers have provided for the creation of a folder of favorite channels, in which you can enter the necessary television programs in the desired sequence, but this is often inconvenient for the user. You can tune the TV to channels in a convenient sequence by running the automatic tuning of the TV channels, and further setting the set of your favorite TV programs in first place in the manual tuning mode.

How to adjust the screen format

Change the format and image size of your Philips TV. Currently, television programs are transmitted in different image formats, which is why black bars appear on the top and bottom or on both sides of the TV screen.
To set the format and size of the image on a Philips TV, you need to press the FORMAT button during viewing and select the most suitable menu from the list. The following image formats are available:
Auto. the TV will automatically change the aspect ratio according to the encoding of the input signal.
Over magnification. Removing black bars on the sides when broadcasting in 4: 3 format, adjusting the image to fit the screen.
16: 9 aspect ratio extension scaling of the standard 4: 3 format to 16: 9, not recommended for HD and PC.
Wide screen. Stretch to 16: 9
4: 3. 4: 3 standard image

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Answers to questions on my Philips TV. How to connect digital TV on Philips 37PF 9946/12

Can this model receive digital television through the receiver? On the screen it says NO SIGNAL. 02/10/2019, Voronezh.

This TV must be used in monitor mode, transferring it to AV mode, connect the signal from the receiver to the AV input. Program settings and channel switching are not carried out on the TV, but on the receiver.

Philips 50PUT6023 / 60 does not catch digital channels

It catches analog channels, it doesn’t work. 12/19/2018, Satka, Chelyabinsk region.

You need to make sure that the DVB option is selected in the channel setup mode. If everything is selected correctly, then digital channels are missing in the cable of your television antenna.

Philips LC370WX1-Sl04 no switching

I have a Philips LC370WX1-Sl04 TV, I can’t switch from HDMI to the antenna and the remote control does not respond. But even without the remote control it doesn’t switch, the sound button works, but I can’t change the channel and it doesn’t go into the settings in the settings. 09/03/2018, Birobidzhan

The first step is to install new batteries and verify that they are installed correctly. Check the operation of the remote control using the camera from the phone. From the working remote, go to the Menu and reset to factory settings.