How to Disable Paid Services on the Phone

How to Disable Paid Services on the Phone

Have you noticed that money is being debited from your phone, although you didn’t seem to call anywhere, or is the amount charged more than the actual costs? So, most likely, you have connected paid services or subscriptions that are often not needed, and now is the time to think and turn off the paid Beeline services and content providers.

How to disable paid Beeline servants?

All free and paid Beeline services can be disabled in several ways, we will talk about them all in order of decreasing popularity and ease of use:

1) Call Beeline on number 0611 or use one of the other methods to contact Beeline support. The easiest and most effective way is to contact technical support, where they will not only tell you which paid services are connected, but they will turn them off at your first request.

2) You can disable Beeline services through the Personal Account on my.Beeline.Ru website, where you can see the details of expenses and find out when, for what and how much money was debited. The method is very convenient, unfortunately, there is not always access to the Internet and still not everyone knows how to use it.

3) Through the service control center, you can also disconnect unnecessary ones and connect the necessary ones. Dial 111 # and press the “call” button. A message will be displayed with information about existing services and how to add and remove them.

4) All Beeline services can be disabled through the SIM-menu of the phone and the My Beeline application.

5) If none of the above methods is suitable. You can disable Beeline services yourself using USSD commands.

First, send a request to the short number: 11009 # “call”, and after processing the request, you will receive an SMS message containing a list of connected services.

Knowing which options you have connected, disabling them yourself will not be difficult. Each service has short numbers and commands for management, you can get complete information about them on the Beeline official website, we only provide information on how to disable the most common Beeline paid services.

Commands to disable paid Beeline services

  • You can disable the option “Auto-renew speed” by typing the command 115230 # “call” or by calling 0674717780
  • You can disable the “Start” service by calling the short number 06742222
  • To deactivate the “Be in the know” service, dial 1101062 # “call”
  • To disable the “Chameleon” service, dial 11020 # then “call”
  • To disconnect from voicemail dial 110010 # “call”
  • To turn off Internet notifications dial 1101470 # then “call”
  • To disable AntiAON dial request 110070 # “call”
  • To deactivate the “Hello” service (your dial tone), dial the number 067409770 and press
  • “Balance on the screen” can be turned off if you dial 110900 # and the “call” button
  • To deactivate the Beeline service “Answering Machine” or “Answering Machine”, dial the command 110010 # “call”

We have given numbers to disable only the most common Beeline services, there are currently more than 90 of them. Information on how to disable a particular option can be found on its page in the service catalog.

How to prevent Beeline from connecting paid services from short numbers?

In addition to Beeline, paid services, subscriptions and newsletters can be provided by content providers. Most often, to connect them you need to send an SMS to a short number. These paid services will not be visible through your personal account, and you yourself may not even remember that you once connected something, while the write-offs on them can be significant.

To disable paid subscription services, you need to contact the Beeline hotline and ask to disable them, but it is better to establish a ban on connecting subscriptions to your number. This procedure is free and helps protect you from unforeseen expenses.

Beeline has for many years been one of the leaders in the cellular market. During its activities, the operator managed to acquire a rather impressive client base. Such a great demand for Beeline products is justified by high quality, reasonable price and variety of services provided. In addition to tariff plans and additional options, various paid and free services are available for subscribers.

Especially a lot of questions for subscribers cause paid services. Many of these services are very useful and the payment for them is justified. However, there are often situations when a number of paid services are connected to the phone number, which are completely useless and only increase communication costs. At the same time, the subscriber for a long time may not even suspect the presence of paid services. Not each of us regularly devotes time to checking the balance on Beeline, as a result of which due control over the state of the personal account is not carried out.

Of course, if paid services involve quite substantial write-offs from the balance sheet, then it is impossible not to notice them, another thing is insignificant amounts. Whatever it was, sooner or later we notice that money regularly disappears from the phone’s account, and this happens even if the connection is not used. All this indicates the presence of paid services. It would seem that this problem is easily solved, it is enough to get rid of unnecessary options, but many subscribers do not know how to disable paid services on Beeline. The purpose of today’s article is precisely to help such subscribers. The editorial board of the telefongid.Ru site has collected all the existing methods for disabling useless services within one publication. You just have to read the article and choose the most suitable option for yourself.

The easiest way to disable paid services on Beeline involves the use of command 11009 #. To learn more about this and other methods, read the full article.

How to disable paid services on Beeline. 5 ways

As mentioned earlier, there are several ways to turn off services on Beeline. Over, none of them suggests the possibility of disabling all services at once. Each service has a separate team. However, this does not mean that you need to look for the necessary team among a huge number of services. There are ways with which you can find out what services you have connected and how to get rid of them. That is, before you turn off paid services on Beeline, you need to find out exactly which options are connected on your number. The following information will help you with this.

  1. USSD team. As mentioned earlier, for starters, you can check what services are connected to your room. To do this, you can use the USSD command: 110 09 #. After that, you will receive a reply SMS message with information about the connected services. In addition to the name of the options, SMS should contain information on how to disable these services. If the received SMS contains information only about the name of the service, and there are no USSD commands to disable them, you will have to get the necessary information yourself. The main thing is that you will know the names of the services connected on your number, and you can always find the commands to turn them off on the operator’s official website or by using one of the methods below.
  2. Personal account and the application “My Beeline.” Perhaps the most convenient way to disable paid services is to use a self-service service. It is enough to enter your personal account and you can not only get information about all the services you have connected, but also disconnect them here. How to enter the Beeline personal account we told in a separate article, so now we will not pay attention to this moment. It is also worth mentioning that the My Beeline application has similar functionality. Here you can also disable paid services, as well as perform any other operations available in your account. For example, using the “My Beeline” application, you can change the tariff, replenish the balance, transfer money from Beeline to another phone, get acquainted with new promotions, etc. You can download the My Beeline application on the operator’s official website, as well as on the Play Store and AppStore.
  3. Beeline customer support center. To disable paid services, call the contact center. The specialist will inform you about the services connected to your room, their purpose and, if you wish, disconnect them. We told how to call the Beeline operator in a separate article, so it does not make sense to repeat. It should only be noted that this option is not suitable for those who do not have free time. The fact is that it can take a lot of time to wait for a response from a specialist. The operator can answer both after 1 minute, and after half an hour. It all depends on the load on the system.
  4. Service Management Center. It is possible to find out about connected services and how to disconnect them in the service control center. Dial 0674 on your phone. After that, you will find yourself in the voice menu, where, following the prompts of the autoinformer, you can request an SMS message with a list of connected services and commands to turn them off.
  5. Salon of mobile communication Beeline. It is far from the most convenient option, but quite effective. Contact Beeline’s communication salon and ask the employee to disable unnecessary services. They are obliged to help you for free, the main thing is to bring your passport with you.

On this we will end this article. Now you know how to disable paid services on Beeline. With this information you can get rid of useless options and thereby reduce your communication costs. We hope our material was useful to you.

The question of how to disable MTS services is asked by many subscribers of this operator, because cases when a company imposes paid services on its customers are far from uncommon.

If you noticed that recently funds have started to disappear somewhere from your account or the monthly fee at a tariff has suddenly increased, most likely, a certain service from MTS “eats” the money. This article will tell you how to disable paid services on MTS yourself. If you want to learn how to disable paid subscriptions of this operator, you will find instructions in this article.

How to find out which paid services are connected on your MTS number?

Before you turn off anything, you should find out what kind of services your money is being spent on. The fact is that there is no universal way that would allow immediately, in one go, to get rid of all paid options. Therefore, you will have to deactivate the connected services one at a time.

  • Find out the list of connected MTS services You can send an empty SMS to number 8111. In response, you will receive a message with a list of all connected services (paid and free). If the number 8111 send SMS with text 1, then an SMS with a list of paid services will be returned. SMS with text 0 will allow you to see a list of active free services.
  • You can also check what paid services and subscriptions are connected to your number using the service command ✶ 152 #.

Enter this request on your phone, and in the menu that appears, select “Your paid services”, or immediately dial the direct command ✶ 152 ✶ 2 #. Now you can choose: get information about paid services or find out about paid subscriptions connected to your number. In response, you will receive an SMS message about connected services and instructions on how to disable them.

How to disable paid services on MTS from the phone? USSD and SMS commands

The vast majority of paid services can be disabled independently. You just need to send a certain USSD command from your phone or send SMS to the service number. In this list you will find commands to disable the most common paid MTS services:

  • Deactivate the service Beep (GOOD’OK) the combination ✶ 111 ✶ 29 # will help
  • USSD-commands ✶ 111 ✶ 38 # and ✶ 111 ✶ 338 # will disable the service “They called you”.
  • The key combination ✶ 111 ✶ 38 # is intended to disable the MTS “Everywhere at Home” service. And you can also deactivate it by sending SMS with the text 33330 to the short number 111.
  • To deactivate the service “A child under supervision” and completely delete your family data from the service, send SMS with the text DELETE to number 7788.
  • Deactivate the service “Locator” You can send an SMS message with the text OFF to 6677. If you send an SMS to the same number with the text PACK STOP, the service will be suspended. At that, the subscription fee for the option will be stopped, and the list of friends will be saved.
  • To deactivate a service “In full confidence” MTS use the USSD-command ✶ 111 ✶ 32 #.
  • Option “All Russia” is disabled by the key combination ✶ 111 ✶ 895 #.
  • To disable the service “Call for free on the MTS of Russia 100” send SMS with the text 8680 to number 111 or use the USSD-command ✶ 111 ✶ 868 #.
  • To deactivate the service “Internet Helper”, enter the command ✶ 111 ✶ 24 # on your phone.
  • To disable the option MTS TV use one of the following commands:
    ✶ 999 ✶ 0 ✶ 1 # or ✶ 111 ✶ 999 ✶ 2 #. With a daily subscription;
    ✶ 997 ✶ 0 ✶ 1 # or ✶ 111 ✶ 997 ✶ 2 #. With a monthly subscription.
  • Deactivate the service MTS Music (MTS Music) USSD command ✶ 111 ✶ 9590 # will help.
  • Deactivate the service “BIT” You can use the USSD request ✶ 111 ✶ 252 ✶ 2 #.
  • The command ✶ 111 ✶ 628 ✶ 2 # will remove the option SuperBIT.
  • The combination ✶ 111 ✶ 62 # will help get rid of the option MiniBIT.
  • Disable option SuperBIT Smart done using the command ✶ 111 ✶ 8650 #.
  • Abandon the service GPRS You can send the command ✶ 111 ✶ 17 #
  • Deactivate Service Favorite number will allow the team ✶ 111 ✶ 43 #
  • To get rid of the service “Neighboring Regions”, dial the USSD command ✶ 111 ✶ 2110 #
  • USSD request ✶ 111 ✶ 442 ✶ 2 # will delete the service “Black list”.
  • By sending the command ✶ 111 ✶ 47 # from your phone, you will disable the service “Caller ID”.
  • Deactivate the service Call Forwarding the team ✶ 111 ✶ 41 # will help.

You can find and install the application on your smartphone in Google Play (for Android 2.3 and higher), iTunes (for iOS 7.1 and higher) or the Windows Store (for WP 8.1 and higher).

Disable MTS services through “My Account”

Another way to refuse MTS paid services is to use the “My Account”. It is located at Registration in this service will not take much time: you only need to enter your phone number and password from SMS or you can log in to the site through your account from social networks.

Having gained access to the “My Account”, you can disable unnecessary MTS services in just one kick.

To do this, go to the section “Tariffs and services” and select Service Management. You will be redirected to a page with a list of active services on your number.

Opposite each option you will see information about its cost and date of connection. You just have to carefully review the list and refuse unnecessary services by clicking on the “Disable” button opposite each of them. After that, an SMS with a report on disconnected services will be sent to your phone.

I hope that the information in this article helped you figure out how to disable MTS services. If you know other ways or if you know how to disable a paid service that was not mentioned in the article, I will be glad to your comment!

Watch the tutorial on how to disable all paid services on MTS: