Vertical Strip Appears on TV

The appearance of a vertical strip on the screen indicates a malfunction of the loop of the matrix. Symptoms such as ripples, flickering of the screen, distortion can also speak about the malfunction of the matrix. The width of this strip can vary from 1 pixel to a few centimeters. In this case, the vertical strip can be of different colors, black, red, etc.

The vertical bar on the LCD TV screen.

Reasons for the malfunction

The reason lies in the poor contact of the panel loop with the board, where the signal from the T-con is routed to the corresponding loops, it is glued to the matrix on one side, and the other on the imaging board. If we are talking about laptops, then the appearance of a vertical strip on the LCD monitor screen may also be connected with the break of the loop tracks. Also, the appearance of a strip on the TV screen can appear when contact and oxidation are violated, installed on the SMD cable of elements, mainly resistors.

Vertical Strip Appears on TV

A defect with a vertical strip can be caused by a bad contact in the connector itself, if so, then you are very lucky, it is easy to handle it yourself.

The defect can be either permanent or temporary, disappearing, for example, after warming up the LCD TV. Also, the vertical bar may disappear, and then again appear again in the form of a lighter than the main image. It is possible to eliminate the defect by clicking on the connection site, but if the non-contact area has oxidized, then it is necessary to press hard.

In the professional case, special machines are used to restore the LCD matrix cables. The thing is expensive and not for an isolated case. At home, it’s very difficult to restore the loop itself. It requires very accurate loop positioning, a tool and a special anisotropic adhesive film. This adhesive film contains tiny bonding pads surrounded by insulating materials. After positioning, heating and squeezing, it provides the electrical connection of the pads.

As mentioned above, vertical stripes on the LCD TV may appear as a result of violation of the soldering of SMD resistors. Arm yourself with a magnifying glass and check the locations of the rations, as well as the resistance of these resistors.


The trouble is that it is very difficult to restore the cables and sometimes the only way out is to replace the matrix, and replacing the matrix is ​​almost the cost of a new TV.

If you have accurately determined that the vertical strip on the LCD TV screen is connected with a defect in the loop connection, and professional repair is not possible, then try your luck by trying to repair it yourself.

It requires accuracy, accuracy and again accuracy. All work is carried out using a microscope, binocular glasses with an additional lens or magnifier.

To get started, you can try this method, take a conductive varnish, track with the missing contact, pierce the needle in several places and apply varnish into the hole. Work requires accuracy and patience. After the varnish dries, we seal the place of repair with tape.

The second method is more time-consuming and try it if the first did not help.

Carefully disconnect the cable by heating it with a hairdryer. Clean the anisatropic film with acetone, the loop and the board, and if there is oxidation, then clean it with a sharp one (for example, a scalpel). If there are no visible signs of oxidation, then you can not clean, they are already well tinned. We apply liquid rosin and fix the loop, positioning it well. Using a soldering iron, slightly warm the cable from above, so that the flux alcohol evaporates, and the soldering place is preheated, then we solder the contacts. Experience plays a role here, the right amount of solder on the soldering iron and the well-heated soldering place ensures that the solder spreads along the tracks without jumpers.

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Hello. Philips 42pus7334 TV. After several hours of work, horizontal ripples appeared earlier, after which more and more often. Now, when turned on for a maximum of 5 seconds, the screen is clean and after that there are vertical borders, every 10 cm horizontal stripes jump from left to right. Sorry, you can not attach a photo or.
What could it be?

Repair begins with voltage measurements. In this case, it is even better to have an oscilloscope as pulsations are possible. Perhaps the power capacitors have dried up, the malfunction of the Tcon, the motherboard.

When mounted on the wall, it fell and hit the sharp edge of the Samsung QE65Q70RAU TV table. Vertical stripes appeared: //
Thin on the left when you click on the frame disappear, black. No. A loop or a matrix?

A simple check will help to pull out the cable and stick it again. Does not help, then the matrix. But according to signs, the matrix is ​​still defective.

MORNING A GOOD OR DAY FORGIVENESS FOR ANXIETY BUT THIS PROBLEM IN TV ALREADY BEATS NEVER BEAT ME At the bottom of the screen LG appeared some net touches or dashes vertical was one touch cm2 and now five from 2 cm to 9 cm white even some kind of rays but they parted by millimeters in 1 year per centimeter can grow

Apparently, over time, a matrix defect began to appear.

Hello, please take a look. I have a new TCL TV android tv 55 diagonal. I noticed at night when I turn off the TV after a couple of seconds, vertical stripes appear and disappear. Can this be due to firmware? And there are no problems when watching TV

No, this is not firmware.

Hello! I have such a question, maybe I know the Thomson LCD TV (small), when I turn on, vertical black and white solid stripes appear (half the screen), after about 30 minutes, turn off the TV and turn it on. Stripes disappear. It happens that several times you need to turn on and off the TV until the image normalizes. Thank.

Hello, the problem is in the 2010 Samsung ue40c6000 TV, stripes appeared on the screen across the screen, thin of different colors, here is the photo //
Please tell me how to fix

32LV3700-ZC TV //yadi.Sk/i/wF5eHGEK27ag4Q, //yadi.Sk/i/3C4TmCA7Um2hmg turns yellow. //yadi.Sk/i/HE7ACiUw1R4PaQ Worked for a couple of years. Is it necessary to repair or matrix? In advance?

Hello on the TV horizontal stripes of different colors. Tv hung on the wall of the blows there was no moisture did not get. Samsung ue43ku6400u TV has been up for almost a year.

Good afternoon.
LG 55 inch LCD TV. First, thin horizontal lines appeared with a pixel-wide black line at the bottom of the screen (as in a ruler). Then they became more in the region of 16 pcs. But these lines go from the right corner to the middle and disappear from the middle of the screen. (There are none on the right side of the screen) What could it be? The TV is more than a year old. In the photo workshop they said that most likely the matrix. The plot is approximately 6 cm high with these lines. The distance between the black lines is approximately 1-2 pixels.

In the workshop, they are right.

LED TV diagonal 30, TV for more than 5 months, there was no claim to the picture, then problems started: a vertical bar appeared on the screen from the top to the bottom edge of a small width. A few pixels, it doesn’t light up in different colors, when the TV is turned off, it can also be seen under the surface screen. I understand the damage to the matrix, but how could this happen: the TV itself did not touch, there are no children, animals too. What could be the reason? Marriage?

And in which part, can you tell? For what reason can the matrix be damaged half a year after purchase?

The matrix is ​​not being repaired. It can be damaged after a blow at the factory or all the same marriage.

Thanks for answers.
I do not repair the matrix.
The question is different. If for 5 months it worked fine, and then a streak appeared. Will there always be my fault? Or are there any cases when it is considered a marriage of the plant? When does it happen?

Giving the equipment under warranty, it is examined by specialists and renders a verdict whether there was an intervention or a breakdown in itself.

To understand, it looks like
interested in your opinion on the reason

Good afternoon, please tell me the 49-inch romsat TV. On the left appeared a vertical strip on a dark background yellow on a light blue on white yellow (changes color). First appeared then disappeared now there is constantly 1 pixel thick two days ago another strip appears, tell me what to do. Warranty no longer 3 years.

There is no definite answer to such a malfunction. This may be a malfunction of the loop or the matrix itself. But first you just need to check the contact of the loops, pulling them out and back on. However, without skills, it’s better to contact the master.

Hello! Tell me, please, what could be: on the TV screen of the Samsung LE26A450C2, when connected via HDMI, light stripes from bright portions of the image appear. When you change the picture, the stripes slowly disappear. The defect appears on one of the HDMI inputs, on the second it is practically absent, when viewed through the antenna input it is not. Photo here: //photos.App.Goo.Gl/DP1VVkj6G92Ktnd97

T-con, loops or the matrix itself.

Hello! Sony Bravia kdl 43wl there was a vertical red bar, but only when watching TV, when we watch a movie over the Internet this band is not. What could it be? Thank!

A signal processing error, but here is where you need to understand.

When the TV is off, the strip looks like a scratch, although I can’t imagine how it could appear there! Well, if it’s a scratch, is it possible to get rid of it? And then will this multi-colored strip disappear in the place of a scratch?

This is not a scratch, give a full TV model.

Good afternoon, tell me, please, what could it be, I bought a TV 2 months ago, and today I found such a strip. The strip is visible on the upper right in the photo

Unfortunately I can’t consider anything.

Hello, there was a problem with the Samsung LCD TV, model “samsung le26a330j1”
The problem appeared long ago, along the perimeter of the screen, there are slight dimming, visible only on a black background (when the screen is black). And so almost imperceptibly. Pictures attached, what could it be? The backlight on the TV is not diode. Photo of the screen where the stripes are visible against a dark background /ibb.Co/0F3s0BY
Photo of the screen with the image, the stripes are not visible /ibb.Co/N9gvxYZ
At the autopsy, I carefully removed the back cover, it is clear that all the lamps are lit, they go horizontally.

LEDs are arranged as if in a bowl having a trapezoidal shape. The side walls are just displayed as dimming. And here is why the diodes changed their brightness, that it became a noticeably different question.

Tell me what kind of breakdown, a dark bar appeared and in the corner lights began to burn, when the TV was working where the light bulbs appear a black spot that increases, when you turn off the black spot disappears //

Tell me, please, with such a picture (https://yadi.Sk/i/gs6I_b56OsJRGQ) the problem is in the matrix? Is it possible to repair it? Or need a replacement?

Most likely something with signal processing.

After three years of use, the lg 40ub800v TV turned the screen half blue. What could be the problem?

Malfunction of t-con, power supply, matrix.

Tell TV Samsung worked for about 5 years normally, a month ago they noticed a black bar at the bottom right when it was on, the circle to the right from the middle 10 cm as from a ball strike and goes to the right side, the line is broken, the outer glass is whole, the circle is 1.5 cm, line from 2 mm to 0.5 cm is constantly changing. Something can be done about it.

It really looks like a blow to the matrix, but it would be better to see.

Good afternoon, tell me with this picture https://yadi.Sk/i/zVcZ7BThAGZz4g the matrix is ​​the end? Or can warming up SMD components help? Thank.

There was a problem almost out of the blue.
I forgot to turn off the Samsung UE55KS8000U SUHD TV before bedtime, I guess that due to the static
Pictures appeared vertical stripes.

What can you advise?

Which ones are thin, wide?

The horizontal, white stripe turned out from the flash, basically there is such an effect as in the photo (link below). When I switch channels or fill the screen with color, red green, etc., the stripes do not completely disappear, the screen changes color very slowly. At the same time, the bands are not static, they can change their position depending on the background on the TV.

Judging by the picture, the matrix or T-con is malfunctioning. But the test must begin with the correspondence of the voltages, and then draw conclusions.

Do you provide similar services?
Can I call a master at home or are such things repaired exclusively in the workshop? (I mean check the power circuit and T-con)

All the same, you need to look for masters in your city and leaving the house is estimated more expensive.

Hello. There is a monitor with such stripes. Is it possible to do something and why such a problem? https://yadi.Sk/i/SjddIP_0BqsE9A.

Try disconnecting and reconnecting the matrix cables. Faulty loops or matrix.

When pressed, disappear

Hello, Sony bravia kdl-43W755c Android TV, it was used almost all the time as a computer monitor via an hdmi cable, there was no moisture, no physical defects, vertical stripes appeared when connecting hdmi and playing any through YouTube phone. When you open photos and open applications and menus, there are no stripes anywhere. The TV itself is working fine.

Try resetting. Is the cable OK?

Please tell me on the Samsung TV a black bar appeared, and before that I accidentally hooked it with a not much mop from the bottom, is it to be restored or not ??

To answer you need to look, but in most cases not.

Before opening a Samsung telly for repair, be sure to blow dust off it using a Dust Remover spray can or vacuum it with a crevice nozzle. Then connect it as a monitor to your desktop PC. Test the behavior of the TV monitor after loading the desktop or while working with applications (e.G. Word or Internet). If the strip does not disappear and the image is distorted (for example, the screen is cut off to the right due to the black vertical strip from the right edge of the TV monitor), without turning off the PC and leaving the system, press the on / off button on the monitor for a long time don’t let go. Wait until the word Adjustment and the percentage scale appear. This is the start of automatic calibration / adjustment of the screen and reset to factory settings. As soon as you see “Adjustment. 100%” on the scale, stop holding the on / off button. If that doesn’t help, go to the “Control Panel” menu. Find the “Screen Resolution” tab and go to “Advanced Settings”. Change the refresh rate of the screen (e.G. From 60 hertz to 75). If necessary, change the recommended screen resolution. If this still doesn’t help, try ATI Radeon, MagicTunes, PowerStrip or UDPixel and be sure to update the drivers! Only if you tried all this and it did not help, open the telly or carry it for repair.

Good evening. TV LG 42LS561T Almost in the middle is a white strip 15 cm wide

Vertical forgot to say

The image around the strip is present, small noise is visible to the right of the strip

On the TV screen LG 55UH850 in the middle of the screen there was a vertical thin light bar. It will be possible to repair or the whole screen end Thank you in advance

Good afternoon! Tell me please
Samsung UE32EH5000W TV on the left of the screen two vertical white non-transparent stripes with a width of 5 cm. Presumably there was a discharge of static on the matrix. Replaced T-con, swapped cables, cleaned contacts, did not help, everything is the same. Does it make sense to change the main or Khan matrix?

Hello, J.K. The TV responds to the temperature in the house. When the power supply is heated, the TV goes into standby mode, after cooling, the radiators on B.P. Turn on again.Not hot, no more than 50 degrees, set the fan, working correctly, which part is not working, I can not determine. Can optocouplers ?

1) Turning off the TV after a malfunction has occurred, feel the details with your hand. 2) When the TV is turned on and a malfunction occurs, slightly moisten a cotton swab with alcohol to touch possibly heating parts.

Good afternoon, I have a Samsung ue46d8000ys TV half a year ago, a vertical translucent strip appeared exactly in the center a millimeter wide. A month later, the second is nearby. And after a while the third. And so it went on for about 3 months until they filled almost the entire screen. They are not always visible. But on a green background, this is something. There is such a moment when you turn off the power for 2 weeks, all symptoms disappear for at least a week. And then all over again. What could be the reason, please tell me.

Perhaps both food and T-con. Exactly only after diagnosis.

Please tell me, Philips 46pfl7007k TV, about 40 centimeters wide in the center, vertical stripes (most of them are black, there are color ones) with stripes 1-5 pixels wide and 1-5 pixels wide. I noticed that nowadays more strips have appeared (that is, it’s hard to see the picture in the center) on a black background the strips are not visible. Tell me what could be?

The appearance of a vertical strip on the monitor. Common problem. Various reasons can provoke it, which can be detected by some manipulations. Take into account the color of the strip, which can be black, white or color.

Why do vertical stripes appear on the monitor screen?

To obtain a picture on the display, you need a graphic chip, which is placed separately on the card or integrated into the central processor. Information from it is transmitted via a loop to the screen, and the motherboard controls the system. Based on this, we can identify the reasons why vertical stripes appear on the monitor:

  1. The problem is rarely a malfunction of the motherboard, since this part is practically not subject to damage. The board crashes more often due to existing defects, after short circuits, power surges and other problems. In addition, it is worth noting that when a motherboard breaks, only stripes rarely appear, since other failures are also observed.
  2. If vertical stripes appeared on the monitor, then often the reason lies in the card, the breakdown of which is associated with the degradation of the chip chip due to overheating.
  3. To transfer images in laptops, a cable or cable is used that is connected to the motherboard and to the display. If this part is pinched or damaged, streaks appear on the monitor.
  4. The most common reason concerns matrix failures. It should be borne in mind that the screen on the laptop is very fragile and if the device is not properly closed, the matrix can be damaged.
  5. Rarely, it is possible that lanes appear on the monitor due to drivers, so the first thing to do when the lanes occur is to reinstall the “firewood”.

Vertical pink strip on the monitor

In most cases, multi-colored stripes on the screen have a connection with the breakdown of the monitor matrix. This can happen as a result of failures in the power supply system, falls, shocks and other similar influences or wear of parts. If a vertical bar appears on the monitor, which is painted in pink or purple, then this more often than usual indicates a malfunction of the scaler. The appearance of such a defect can be observed on new monitors, but it’s all a matter of factory defects.

Vertical white bar on the monitor

White, like any other color of the stripes, more often indicates problems in the matrix. If, with a slight pressure or other influences on this part, the interference disappears and reappears, then this indicates the need to replace the part, since it has already failed. When there are vertical stripes on the computer monitor screen that are barely noticeable and flicker, then this may be due to a malfunction of the VGA wire or the power strip supplying the monitor.

Vertical blue stripes on the monitor

Many users after a long game, when the equipment is overheating or the card is working for wear, notice that vertical stripes of blue appeared on the monitor screen. In this case, if the warranty remains, the card should be replaced. There is another reason that vertical blue or blue stripes appeared. A possible damage to one of the contacts of the matrix cable or peeling off the solder balls of the solder of the processor due to overheating.

Yellow vertical bar on the monitor

To determine the cause of the failure, you need to carry out some manipulations. If a vertical bar appears on the LCD monitor, then disconnect it from the system unit and connect it to the network. If the strip disappeared. There are problems with the card, so you need to check the cooling system and install new drivers. If the stripes remain, then most likely the defect is related to the display. When a vertical strip of yellow or a different shade appears on the monitor, you should see if there are swollen capacitors on the card and replace them.

Vertical red bar on the monitor screen

There are users who complain that distortions periodically appear on the screen. If you are interested in why vertical stripes of red color appear on the monitor, then you should know that often it is all about the poor contact of the matrix cable. Rarely can a problem be triggered by the burning of elements. Rectangular sections consisting of vertical stripes are a signal of dust or damage to the cable connectors. Other reasons: the track has peeled off on the control board or the controller cable or VGA cable is damaged.

Black vertical bar on the monitor. Vertical stripes appeared on the monitor. What should I do?

Actions when detecting bands will be directly related to the cause that triggered the failure:

  1. First, we will figure out how to remove the vertical strip on the monitor if the card is faulty. First check the quality of the cooling system, for example, run a special program that determines the temperature. Disassemble the computer and remove the accumulated dust and change the thermal grease. For laptops, use a stand with additional fans.
  2. If the problem appeared due to a faulty motherboard or cable, then it is better not to conduct experiments and not try to fix the breakdown yourself, so as not to aggravate the situation, so take the monitor or computer to a service center for diagnosis.

A well-made TV can last for many years without breakdown and bring the owner a lot of positive emotions. It doesn’t matter what you like to watch: football matches, races or melodramas. On a large TV screen, all this looks more colorful than on a computer monitor. But in any case, the moment comes when the TV matrix completely fails or certain defects appear.

The most common defects include broken pixels and stripes on the TV, and there are many options for the appearance of stripes. There are several reasons why such problems arise, you should not panic about a permanent breakdown. In this article, we will consider all the reasons for the appearance of a strip on the TV screen.

Types of bands on the TV and the possible reason for their appearance

Before making any conclusions, make sure that the stripes on the TVs are in no way connected with the poor quality of the connection of the peripheral cables. The cause of image defects can be a loose cable that transmits an image, as well as a clogged or clogged connector. Check the TV picture settings, select auto-settings and see if the bars are cleared. If not, then we understand the unfortunate bands.

In any case, the appearance of bands adversely affects the quality of the displayed image, and sometimes makes viewing it simply impossible. However, the defect defect discord, and there are several types of strips. The vertical stripes on the TV are narrow (only 1–2 pixels wide), and they are wide (covering five to one hundred percent of the screen). A narrow vertical strip of pixels burning in a certain color with a probability of 100% appears as a result of problems with the matrix. Such a defect can be eliminated by itself, if within a few days this did not happen, you need to carry the TV to a service center.

If a thin vertical (horizontal) strip of pixels that do not burn at all appears on the screen of your TV, then this most likely indicates a breakdown of the decoder of the columns (rows) on the matrix. Such a breakdown often appears during a power surge or a thunderstorm and requires immediate treatment. Since over time the band will only expand and soon TV viewing will be impossible. The problem is that if the decoder breaks down, you will most likely have to buy a new matrix, which is quite expensive. The decoder is most often located either directly on the matrix, or on the loop in front of the matrix. In the latter case, some warm up the place where the cable is glued to the matrix. This does not always help, and if the problem is solved, then not for long.

A large number of vertical stripes covering the screen surface may appear as a result of a matrix malfunction or when the T-KON board breaks. Only an employee of a service center can say for sure. Horizontal stripes on the TV appear for the same reasons as vertical ones and are eliminated by similar methods. It should be understood that not in all cases, if there are stripes on the TV screen, an expensive matrix replacement will be needed. In most cases, with the timely detection of a defect, you can do with inexpensive surgical intervention of the wizard. Replacing the T-KON board, loose fit of the matrix cable. This is the list of services that will be provided to you in the service center of your city.

If streaks appear on the TV, then this is undoubtedly an unpleasant problem. However, do not panic. In most cases, they are simply eliminated by the master. If the warranty period of the service has not expired, you will generally avoid any costs. The only thing that does not need to be done is to disassemble the TV and try to figure out the defects of the matrix yourself and try to perform certain manipulations by downloaded schemes (soldering, physical impact on the matrix elements). The likelihood that you will solve the problem is small, but you can easily destroy the matrix completely.