How To Set An Alarm Clock On A Windows 7 Computer

How to Set an Alarm Clock on a Windows 7 Computer

For some people, getting up in the morning is a very difficult task. It’s good when you don’t have to rush anywhere, but if you’re afraid of being late for work, and you still need to take your child to a garden or school, then setting up an alarm clock will obviously not be amiss for you. For this purpose, many people use a mobile phone, others use a watch. But let’s look at another option. how to set an alarm on a computer.

Turn on the alarm on the computer There are two ways: using standard utilities and programs installed on the laptop. In the article, we will consider both.

Windows Task Scheduler

We go to the "Start" menu and in the search bar we write "Task Scheduler". When the program is found, click on it. The Task Scheduler can also be opened as follows: “Start”. “Control Panel”. “Administrative Tools”. “Task Scheduler”.

The task scheduler opens, in it click "Create a simple task."

Since we create an alarm, in the line "Name" write "Alarm". You can write anything in the description. Click "Next."

Now you need to specify the alarm mode by setting the marker. Click "Next."

Now we set the alarm time: what day to start, what time to work. Click "Next."

We put a marker opposite the action "Run the program." Click "Next."

We click on the button "Browse" and select the file under which we will stand. it can be music or video. Click "Next."

In the next window, we look through all the settings we configured and put a checkmark in front of "Open the Properties window." Click Finish.

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Video: How To Set An Alarm Clock On A Windows 7 Computer

In the "Properties" window on each tab, you can view the parameters and change them. We go to the tab "Conditions" and put a tick "Wake up the computer to complete the task." Click OK.

It should be noted that after the first alarm is triggered, it appears on the “Active Tasks” tab (you can expand it using the small triangle on the right) in the general list of tasks.

Click on the task "Alarm" twice with the right mouse button and go to view the properties of the alarm. Here, in the menu displayed on the right, you can "Disable" or "Delete" the alarm. By clicking on the “Properties” tab, you can change the alarm settings.

Now, in order for the alarm to work, you must leave the computer in the "Sleep" or "Hibernation" mode, but do not turn it off. Check if the alarm will work in this case and wake the computer from sleep mode. If everything worked out, feel free to install it in the morning and be sure that it will work.

To set the desired mode on the laptop, go to "Start". "Control Panel". "Power". Opposite your work plan, click on the link "Configuring a power plan."

Now we choose when the computer will go into sleep mode. Save changes.

Free Alarm Clock

The program Free Alarm Clock (download Free Alarm Clock) allows you to set an alarm, you can download it for free and it is designed for the Windows operating system.

Run the program after installation on the computer. The buttons at the top allow you to add an alarm, delete, change settings, or clone an existing alarm with all configured parameters.

Click "Add." In the next window, set the alarm time, days, write an inscription that will be displayed on the screen, when triggered. By clicking on the “Browse” button, you can select the file to be played. Then we put checkmarks in front of the necessary parameters. It should be noted that changing the volume of the alarm in the program does not change the volume of the system. Click OK.

The configured alarm appeared in the list.

On the Settings tab, you can make some settings: set the time for snoozing the alarm, the duration of the playback, or so that the alarm is displayed over running windows.

That’s all, with just a couple of clicks, you set the alarm.

Choose one of the ways and turn on the alarm on your computer. Now you can be sure that even if the phone runs out and there are simply no hours, then you have one more device in stock that will not let you oversleep in the morning!