The Play Market Huawei does not work

Play Market. This is a modern, useful service that greatly simplifies the life of users of mobile devices and computers. Only this application may experience all kinds of crashes and malfunctions. Each subscriber should know why this happens, as well as how to deal with certain errors. Only in this case, you can easily use all the features of the Play Market. There are many causes of failures, situations are resolved by different methods. Next, it will be explained for what reasons it does not open “Play market”. What to do in a similar situation? What techniques will help bring the service back to life?

Play Market. this is.

The first step is to understand what is at stake. “Play market”. This is a kind of online database of programs, games and applications. The service works as a base “Android”and on PC. For a comfortable connection requires a Google account.

The Play Market Huawei does not work

Using the Play Market, you can download any program, application or game from the list to your mobile device. Both on a paid basis and on a free basis. For computers, the service is called Google Play.

Usually, there are no problems with the program. But sometimes it doesn’t open “Play market”. What to do in this case? Why is this so? How to act the user in a particular situation? In fact, even an inexperienced smartphone owner can solve the problem.


The first tip you can give. this reboot the mobile device. After turning on the mobile / tablet again, try to restart the Play Market. Most likely, this technique will really help bring the program back to life.

Rebooting a mobile device allows you not to wonder why it does not open “Play market”. Often this technique eliminates problems in all programs installed in the system.

All kinds of system failures become the cause of the error. No one is safe from them; avoiding them 100% will not work. Accordingly, if the Play Market refuses to work, you must turn off and turn on your smartphone or tablet.

Application settings

If this technique did not help, you can try a few more actions. Why does not open “Play market” on the “Android”? It is possible that this behavior is caused by broken or damaged service settings. Another common phenomenon that is not too difficult to overcome. Simply reset all settings from Google Play.

How to do it? If “Play market” does not open, and rebooting the mobile device did not help, it is required:

  1. Turn on your tablet or mobile phone. Be sure to wait until the nudity is ready for further work. If the device was turned on, exit with all applications, games and programs.
  2. Open section “Settings”. Find there “Application Manager”.
  3. Select Play Market in the list that appears.
  4. Click on the “Clear cache”. In older versions “Android” may meet button “Erase Data”.
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At this stage, the error should resolve itself. It is recommended that you restart your mobile device so that the system sees the changes. It still doesn’t open “Play market”? This is not a reason to despair! Modern users have been given many ways to deal with bugs in the Play Market.


The following method does not help too often. I wonder why it doesn’t open “Play market” on the “Android”? The reason for this phenomenon may be application updates. For example, if the mobile device is not “pulls” new assembly. Or for initialization errors.

Reset updates returns “Play market” in the initial state. Not really nice, but that’s how the problem of launching the application is solved. To reset updates, you must:

  1. Open the device settings and visit the application manager.
  2. Choose Play Market.
  3. Press the button “Erase Updates”/”Remove Updates”.

The method is not much different from the previously proposed technique. Unless you need to select another command in the window. After rolling back updates, it is best to restart the gadget.

Google issues

What to do, if “Play market” doesn’t open even after all the above mentioned tricks? If resetting the program and removing updates did not help, we recommend that you roll back the settings for all services from Google.

In general, the process is similar to all the previously proposed actions. The user must:

  1. Go to mobile gadget settings.
  2. Log in to the service “Applications” or “Application Manager”.
  3. Click on the “Google Play Services”.
  4. Click on button “Clear cache”.

Nothing more is needed. You can try to resume work with the application under study. It still doesn’t open “Play market”?

Download manager

The reason for this may be a disabled service “Download manager”. It is needed for the normal operation of many applications. Turning it on is easier than it might seem at first glance.

Owner of a mobile device that does not open “Play market“, should:

  1. Visit section “Settings” on the device.
  2. Go to “Application Manager”.
  3. Find there “Download manager”. Click on the appropriate line.
  4. Press the button “Enable”. If the application is turned on, it is recommended to disable it and restart it.

You can turn the device off and on, and then check the performance of the Play Market. Surprisingly, sometimes the proposed technique really helps!

Google account

Why does not open “Play market” on the phone? It is possible that a similar problem is caused by failures in the Google account. You cannot insure against it, like most mistakes. Therefore, the proposed technique is actually able to help many users.

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Does not open “Play market” on the phone? Resetting your Google account may result in loss of information and damage to synchronization. It is recommended that you back up the data before the procedure.

To reset your Google Account, you will need:

  1. As in all previous cases, go to the settings of the mobile device.
  2. Select a Google Account in the section “Accounts”.
  3. Click on the line in which the mailbox used for authorization is written.
  4. Click in the upper right corner of the button to call the context menu.
  5. Click on a line “Delete account”.
  6. Confirm action.

After these steps, it is best to reload the gadget. Only then can we hope for the normal operation of the Play Market.

Software issues

But this is only the beginning! In fact, the topic under study has a huge variety of solutions. Does not open “Play market” on the “Samsung” or any other phone? It is important to understand what preceded this error. Then it will be possible to solve the problem faster.

It is likely that before the error, the user installed some application or game on the smartphone. Incompatibility of Google Play with part of the software puts the software inoperative.

Accordingly, the situation can be resolved by removing suspicious or incompatible applications. Finding out which particular program has harmed the Play Market is not easy. Often, you need to pay attention to software such as Freedom. This program allows you to make in-game purchases without depositing funds.

Hosts and Errors

“Play market” does not open? Does a startup error occur again and again even after all the previously suggested tips? Then you have to go the other way. This tip should be of interest to all users in contact with Freedom.

To have a chance to run “Play Market“, you will need to follow instructions of the following type:

  1. Open the settings of the mobile device and go to “Application Manager”.
  2. Choose section “Established”.
  3. Find Freedom and click on the appropriate line.
  4. Select menu item “Stop”.
  5. Delete the application by marking the corresponding operation in the context menu.

Important: first you have to stop Freedom first, and then delete it. Otherwise, hosts will not stop blocking the Play Market. This must be remembered by each user.

Settings “Android”

What to do, if “Play market” does not open? There is another interesting and simple, but radical solution. It is about resetting the entire mobile phone. Typically, this technique not only helps to restore the efficiency of programs, but also generally improves the operation of the operating system.

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Such a solution often leads to the loss of user data associated with synchronization. Therefore, it is best to make a backup copy of the information before carrying it out. But usually the reset does not affect the files and documents recorded on the memory card.

How to reset to “Android”? To do this, you have to:

  1. Open gadget settings.
  2. Go to section “Recovery and reset”.
  3. Select operation “Reset”.
  4. Confirm your intentions.

At this stage, the gadget will reboot. After the next launch of the operating system, you can try to resume work with the Play Market. It is likely that the reception will really help!

the Internet

Does not open “Play market“? The following advice is recommended to use before starting any previously proposed actions. With it, it is best to start the fight against bugs in the Play Market.

For this application to work, you must have an Internet connection. Its absence leads to errors in launching the Play Market. Accordingly, the user must ensure that:

  • the phone is connected to the Internet;
  • Wi-Fi-network (with wireless connection) works and does not fail;
  • there is enough money on your mobile device to work with the Internet.

Do all of these items apply? Then you have to look for a solution elsewhere. If it turns out that the Internet is malfunctioning, you need to fix it. And then the Play Market will start without problems.

Disabled account

Now it’s clear why it doesn’t open “Play market”. In addition to these solutions, there are 2 more recommendations that will help to establish the program. For example, sometimes the problem being studied is that the Google account is disabled on the smartphone. Without it, you can’t work with “Play Market”.

To activate your Google profile, you must:

  1. Visit section “Settings” on a mobile device.
  2. In chapter “Accounts” choose google.
  3. Include profile. Usually for this you need to go through authorization using e-mail at “Google”, as well as the password for it.

Are all the steps done? Play Market earned? Not? Then there is the last solution. It is not so common, but sometimes it does.

Date and time on mobile

Usually under such circumstances an error pops up “No connection”. If you exclude problems with the Internet, it is recommended to make sure that the date and time settings are correct.

It is best to re-set the time zone, time and date. Similar settings are located in the corresponding section of the mobile device. It is advisable to simply visit the menu item. “date and time”and then put a checkmark in front of “Network Date and Time”, and “Network belt”.