How to Remove Red Eyes On an iPhone

The times when the red-eye effect spoiled group photographs has long sunk into oblivion. And the main reason for this is the graphic editors, who are able in two ways to save the picture from unnatural effects, unnecessary details and unnecessary elements.

Only a few actions and the result, brought to perfection, are already on the screen, which means there will be a chance not to worry about likes on social networks and comments. It remains to deal with the last nuance. choose one assistant from the whole rating:


An unpretentiously designed graphic editor, functionally focused on the processing of portrait photographs.

How to Remove Red Eyes On an iPhone

The developers offer to paint over skin irregularities, smooth teeth, change eye color, remove red eyes, add sharpness and change contrast, and also get advice directly from the editor, what other things are worth improving. Artificial intelligence works very accurately, it is a pity that some mechanics of the Pixtr application are outdated for a long time. for example, from the main menu upload photos are allowed exclusively to Facebook.

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Visage lab

A compact photo editor that specifically attacks non-standard appearance details and carefully conceals flaws that appear in photos. In the Visage Lab application, it is easy to retouch the skin, remove glare and wrinkles, apply makeup to the eyes, remove red eyes and whiten teeth.

And most importantly, you don’t have to understand the instructions and repeat the complicated procedure every time. It is enough to add the source, and then act according to a predetermined algorithm.

Youcam makeup

A multifunctional camera with an augmented reality effect, which allows you to figure out unnecessary details and effects even before the shutter clicks, and then immediately get a picture that can be sent to print.

Red eyes when using the camera here do not appear even with a strong desire, but, even if this happened. the situation is fixed in the application almost instantly.

Blemish remover

Shareware service designed for surface and integrated photo processing. Of the benefits. no advertising, accurate and useful recommendations from the developers, an intuitive interface and a minimum number of problems associated with optimization, errors or crashes.

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Photo lab

Flexible, intuitive and fully customizable graphics editor that can handle photos in completely different formats.

Group shooting, portrait photographs, landscapes. even with a strong desire to find at least some things that Photo Lab can’t cope with. that’s another challenge! And the red-eye effect here goes away altogether in two counts, you just have to find the corresponding button in the menu.


The application is a powerful and functionally diverse tool focused on processing the appearance of everyone who wants to get into the frame.

As in the case with the other editors listed above, you can work on the result in any way. at least comprehensively, at least superficially, at least in the automatic mode, when the main effects are superimposed by artificial intelligence. Regardless of the choice, the result always hits the target!


Selfie editor, designed to change the smile and hide skin irregularities, remove the red-eye effect and whiten the teeth, and also. hide the bad background or the hair adhered to the forehead.

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If there is a need to move beyond the limits of the selfie, then there will also be no problem. crop the photo, add contrast and reduce sharpness here it turns out in half a turn.