Apple Reinvents Selfies And Comes Up With A New Name

The term “selfie” is relatively new, existing as an independent phenomenon for about 10 years. However, his relative youth did not become an obstacle to the popularization of the process that he describes. Selfies have become so commonplace that today it’s in the order of things to send “self” in response to some message in the messenger, not to mention putting it on social networks. However, there are those who absolutely do not accept selfies: some consider them a manifestation of excessive self-love, while others simply know what slofie is.

Apple Reinvents Selfies And Comes Up With A New Name

Sloughy. it’s like a selfie, only on

How to shoot a slowfoot

Apparently, the concept of “slofie” really liked Apple. Therefore, she even dedicated a separate slide to him on the page of the iPhone 11 Pro, and in the Russian version they even thought of translating this term. Therefore, if you ever see the word “slowy”, know that it’s almost like a selfie, only in the.

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It might seem like a joke. But Apple believes that slow-motions shot on the front camera is a new word in selfies, which in the company’s view can also be professional. Why this is necessary is difficult to say. But, getting used to the tricks of Apple, you begin to understand that to come up with a special term to promote the capabilities of the front camera of the new iPhone. for the company a couple of trifles.

Front camera iPhone 11

However, you need to give Apple its due, because the front-end of the new iPhone is really cool. It was equipped with a 12-megapixel sensor with an increased viewing angle and support for smart shooting mode. Thanks to him, if you turn the smartphone horizontally, the camera will automatically zoom and allow you to capture more objects in the frame than before. This mode will allow you to take group selfies without worrying that someone’s face will be cropped, but someone will not get into the frame at all.

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However, Apple developers are still embarrassed to use such a strange term in iOS. Therefore, the slow-motion mode on the front camera in the firmware of the iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max is simply called slo-mo. Probably, Cupertino is still testing the way, trying to register slofie as a trademark and forbidding anyone other than themselves to use it for the future. Therefore, it is possible that someday we will see an advanced application for photo and shooting from Apple, where slofie will be available as a standalone mode. You never know.