How to Recover Messages on Android

SMS messages are deleted after an unsuccessful factory reset or by accidental deletion. However, even after the deliberate deletion of messages, there is a need for information that is no longer there: passwords, addresses.

If there are no backups, restoring SMS messages is problematic. However, deleted SMSs are not “physically” deleted, but marked only as available for rewriting. Therefore, there is a minimal chance of recovery.

Instructions on how to recover deleted SMS in Dr.Fone

In this walkthrough, we’ll look at recovering SMS and text messages. The method works on Android and iOS mobile devices, and Wondershare Dr.Fone helps in this. If you can’t return SMS messages with its help, please test other ways.

Important: Avoid overwriting deleted messages on your phone! To prevent this from happening, do not use your phone until you restore the messages you need. Do not copy files, do not run applications on the phone, disconnect the Internet and 3G network. Thus, you will save the chances of restoring mobile data. Otherwise, it will not be possible to return deleted messages.

1. Download and install Dr. Fone

Despite its name, Dr.Fone for Android is not a mobile application; it is installed not on a phone, but on a PC. Dr. Fone works on both Windows and Mac OS, so the program settings and the sequence of actions are the same for all versions of the application.

Note. There is a possibility that the program will not work on the latest versions of Samsung or Google Pixel. Which is explained by the level of protection of these devices. In addition, installing root access with each new version of Android is increasingly problematic.

  1. Download the free version of Dr. Fone from the link by clicking the Try it free button on the landing page. I’m interested in the Windows version, at the time of writing this is version 8.2.
  2. To do this, click Customize install, select the language and installation location.
  3. Install the program by pressing the Install button to confirm.
  4. We start Dr. Fone on the PC by clicking the Start now button (no reboot required).

2. Turn on debugging mode on the phone (USB Debugging Mode)

Debugging mode (aka developer mode) is necessary to gain access to the Android OS and data on the phone. It’s easy enough to enable it, watch the explanatory:

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Or follow a simple text instruction:

  1. Go to the section Settings About device.
  2. Scroll down to find Build number.
  3. Press the number until you see a message “Developer Mode Enabled“.
  4. Go back to Settings, open the section “Developer Options“.
  5. Activate option “USB debugging“.

How to Recover Messages on Android

3. Connect the phone to the computer

  1. To synchronize between Dr.Fone and Android, you will need the installed USB drivers for your mobile device (Download for Samsung). But, as a rule, you can do without them.
  2. Connect the phone to the PC via the USB cable (Comes with the phone).
  3. Check if Dr.Fone responds to USB phone connection. The corresponding animation screen saver will appear in the program window.
  4. You should see a pop-up window with a superuser request on the screen of your mobile device.
  5. You need to click on Allow to allow access, otherwise the program will not be able to access the phone’s memory where messages are stored.
  6. Dr Fone will install a special application on the phone. Connector.
  7. If Android already has a root application installed, you must allow superuser access in the same way.

4. Scan the device (search for deleted messages)

After performing the described steps, you need:

  1. Press the button Data recovery in the main program window.
  2. In the list, select the data type. Contacts.
  3. The program carefully scans the phone’s memory.
  4. The process of scanning the internal memory of Android may take several minutes, so be patient.

You can sit back, make a cup of coffee, do other things for a short time.

5. View recovered messages before saving

  1. Upon completion of the scan, go to Contacts Dr Fone programs.
  2. In the list you will see the deleted content, as well as existing messages.
  3. It’s most convenient to hide existing SMS by switching the slider “Only display deleted items“.
  4. The list displays the text of the recovered messages and the deletion date.
  5. The search box will be useful if you are looking for information by text or keywords.

6. Saving recovery results

Dr.Fone allows you to download recovered data in a given format to a computer. How to do it:

  1. Check the boxes for the desired SMS messages or all items at once.
  2. Click on the button Restore to device To save SMS to phone (not recommended).
  3. To save data to a computer, click on Recover to computer (we recommend using this option).
  4. Specify the storage path (folder) for sms on the PC.
  5. Choose a convenient file format to save.
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Attention! The free version of Dr Fone only allows you to view examples of recovery results. To save, you must purchase the full version of the product.

Dr Fone cannot find the phone.

How to recover deleted SMS messages for the last month on an old Samsung phone, if the program does not find a driver for Samsung when connected to a laptop?

Install usb drivers for Samsung from the official page. By request in the search engine you can easily find them on other sites and for other mobile devices.

What to do if Dr Fone does not help recover data

  1. Read carefully the questions and answers in this article.
  2. If no answer is found, try other sms recovery programs.

How to check if there is a backup copy of SMS on the phone?

To do this, find out SMS Backup installed on your phone Restore, Titanium Backup or other backup programs. If such a program is found, look at its contents to see if there are any saved snapshots with reserved messages.

One of the programs that finds and restores erased SMS in the phone, allowing you to read them, is SMS Backup Restore You can get acquainted with the functions and download the application at the link: SMS Backup Restore


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can I read sms from someone else’s phone using Dr.Fone?

Such a question is really asked, but the answer is unequivocal: no, since it is illegal and violates confidentiality. You can use Dr.Fone only on the owner’s gadgets.

How to recover deleted messages in imo

Unfortunately, there are no guaranteed ways to return correspondence in the IMO messenger. After deletion, all messages disappear from the chat without the possibility of recovery.

The only method is to ask your interlocutor in Imo to send a text copy of the correspondence or a screenshot.

How to reliably protect SMS from deletion?

Create backup copies of SMS, make backups of important information on the phone. So you will not allow the loss of SMS messages.

To backup SMS on your phone, I recommend the popular Titanium Backup application. With it, you can back up messages on a schedule. In addition, the utility can save call history and contacts. Put Titanium Backup on your phone. And the risks of data loss are minimized to zero.

Is it possible to restore very old SMS (2012)

Even if you consider that you have exactly the phone where the messages were deleted, the probability of reading deleted SMS is negligible.

Over the years [most likely], you have repeatedly overwritten data on your mobile phone. This was facilitated by flashing the phone, updating Android, installing applications in the device’s memory, and more. Even if you scan the internal memory using Dr Fone, this will not increase the chances of recovery.

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Where are SMS stored on Android

In the case of the Android OS, SMS messages are not stored on the SIM card, but in the database. It is located at /data/data/com.Android.Providers.Telephony/databases/mmssms.Db. To view this file, root-rights are required. The most convenient way is to use the file manager to access the mmssms.Db file.

Sqliteman will provide indispensable help in viewing messages on your phone through the mmssms.Db file. She will not be able to recover deleted messages, however, she will give the opportunity to read SMS, which you can not access through the applet “Messages” on the phone.

Model phone z150 on Android. Inadvertently deleted all messages. How can I restore SMS on my phone so that I can read them?

Probably, Acer Liquid Z5 (aka z150) is running Android 4.2.2. Accordingly, in order to restore SMS, you need to get root access rights and turn on debugging mode on the phone. Next. Read the instructions above, the process of recovering SMS messages is described in detail and step by step.

We urgently need to restore deleted sms dated last November. Tell me an effective program for Android.

Try, alternatively, Wondershare Dr.Fone for Windows. Keep in mind that you need to:

  • Get root rights on Android,
  • Download the full version of the application,
  • Enable debug mode on your phone.

Another proven and reliable program for extracting SMS messages from the device’s memory is Coolmaster Android SMS.

Phone lg p700 on Android, it has one SIM card. I accidentally pulled a SIM card out of the slot, put it in place. All sms disappeared.

To restore and backup messages use SMS Backup Restore (link to it above).

Reset to factory settings was made about 15 days ago. I tried many applications, but could not recover Whatsapp messages.

To restore messages in the Whatsapp messenger, you can only use a backup copy of the chats. At the same time, it should be done in advance. Read more about the recovery process here.

I can not find a suitable SMS backup application that performs what is announced. The result is thousands of lost SMS.

The point is not in the backup application, but in the way you worked with it, where you saved sms. If in the phone’s memory. Then yes, the backups could simply be deleted. You need to store a copy of SMS in the cloud or on a computer disk. The Titanium Backup utility copes with this task.