How to record music to your computer


WavePad is a sound editor from NCH Software. The interface is in English, and the functionality of the program is designed at least for experienced users. The program can be used not only for recording and editing, but also for playing audio files. However, WavePad records sound only from the microphone, but to record system audio, you need to install an additional utility. SoundTap.

There are many functions in this software, including various editing techniques, effects, equalizer and volume normalization. You can use the program for free, but some advanced functions will be blocked.


Wavosaur is a recording software that does not need to be installed on a PC. Double-click on the.exe file, and that’s it. you have access to all the functions. The interface, again, is not the most understandable and only in English. But in order to simply record sound, you do not need to be a professional.

Unfortunately, the program can only capture audio from the microphone and does not allow you to select the speakers as the sound source. The program has a timeline that displays the recorded tracks. Here you can add sound filters, adjust the volume and work with individual parts of the file.

How to Record Music and Sound from Computer: 5 Simple Programs

Review of popular programs for sound recording. For professionals and beginners, paid and free. choose software for your PC.

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Today we will talk about how to record sound from a computer, and which programs are best to use for this. Usually they are resorted to in two cases: the user needs to save online audio (download music or podcast) or record his voice through a microphone (create a podcast or record a song).

This requires very little: a computer, a sound source (speakers or microphone) and a program for recording sound.

The internet is full of solutions for both professionals and amateurs. We have carefully studied the issue and offer you five programs that have passed the selection.


Audacity is arguably the most popular audio software, so we naturally included it on our list. In addition, the tool is free in Russian. The controls for a beginner are a bit complicated, and the official manual is only in English. It takes time to master, but it’s worth it.

The program can record system sound or microphone. The convenient timeline contains several tracks that you can edit: trim, unfold, add sound effects and change the volume. You can also select a part of the track and work with a separate piece of the recording.


Oceanaudio is a minimalistic and simple (unlike the previous two) audio capture software. The program itself has Russian localization, which cannot be said about the official website. Oceanaudio only allows you to record sound from a microphone as well. Even when speakers are connected, you cannot select them from the source list.

You can apply effects (reverse, inversion and others) to the recorded track, normalize the volume and adjust the audio parameters using the equalizer. You can also generate individual sounds such as noise or tone.

Movavi Screen Recorder

Movavi Screen Recorder is the simplest program of all. It’s not a professional audio tool, so it’s hard to get confused. The main functionality of the program is video capture, so to record music, you first need to click on the plus sign in the control panel. It brings up a menu of additional tools, including sound recording.

You can choose what to record: microphone, speakers, or both. However, audio is recorded in one stream, so turn off the microphone if you do not want to record anything unnecessary. The program is suitable for saving online audio, be it music or podcasts, as well as voice recording.

All programs listed in the review are easy to install and run on a laptop or desktop computer. However, the level of complexity of use is different for them, so let’s summarize:

  • If you just need to record online audio. choose Movavi Screen Recorder.
  • For full-blown audio work, opt for Audacity.
  • If you don’t want to bother with installing the program and you only need to record the microphone, use Wavosaur.

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How to download music, video from the Internet to a computer, from any site, in any browser.

So, friends, sometimes we need or just want to download our favorite songs or videos from the Internet (social networks, special services, or just our favorite resources) to our computer.

That today it is very easy to do it with just one service, and I will tell you and show you how it turns out in fact, everything is very simple.

Earlier, I already described a way to download music from classmates, but only through a plug-in for Mozilla:

As well as two simplest ways to download music from. if that’s enough for you, use it to your health.

However, today I propose to improve everything and use all these possibilities with only one assistant. What I’m talking about, I suggest you download videos and music from the Internet (from almost any site) in one click.

From any Internet browser, be it: Google Chrome, a browser from Yandex, or opera, or maybe Mozila Firefox, it doesn’t matter. Let’s just say I installed it, forgot it, I pump it out and I pump it out

Here is a list of supported web resources from which you can download music or video using this method: As you can see, the list of sites is worthy and the developers of the service do not sit idly by, constantly improving their developments for the convenience of you and me. Ok, so let’s get started!

It doesn’t matter what browser you currently have, we go to the service developer’s site. SaveFrom net, we need to install the SaveFrom net helper. at the moment its version is 1.69.

Best Free Music Recording Software

I will use my Chrome browser as an example (now I am writing an article using it). The service will automatically detect our browser and offer to install the assistant exactly the one you need.

By the way, once I got really angry with Chrome, and with the speed of a champagne cork, I switched to Mozilla. What forced me to do this I have outlined with all frankness in a separate article, by the way it will not hurt you to find out the whole truth, the whole divorce! Read:

Go ahead, click Add to and install the extension. Installation is elementary (you may need to restart your browser). Next, look in the upper right corner, we (in Chrome) have an extension icon in the form of an arrow (in Mozilla, it can be shown in the lower right corner): Let’s look at the example of Odnoklassniki. We go to our page in Odnoklassniki, in the music section, (no longer beta), select the song we need, when you hover over the song title, a green button with an arrow and data on the size and bitrate of the composition appears miraculously on the right: all the desired music tracks and videos are downloaded. Isn’t it just!?

So far, this is the easiest and most versatile way to download music and videos from the Internet to a computer, from almost any popular site and in any Internet browser that I have come across.!

Earlier, I already described a way to download music from classmates, but only through a plugin for Mozilla.

As well as two simplest ways to download music from. if that’s enough for you and use it for health =)).

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Need a handy audio recording software?

Found a good song on the Internet and don’t know how to download it from the site? It’s very simple: you need an audio capture program like Movavi Screen Capture. With its help, you can easily record music from any sites. even from those where the function of saving audio files is not provided.

Download below the version of the software for audio capture that is suitable for your operating system, and you will see that you can quickly and easily record songs from online.

Open the downloaded distribution kit and run it. The installation procedure takes just a few minutes, after which you can immediately start recording music.

To start recording internet radio or any other streaming audio and launch Screen Capture. Then open the site from where you want to record the song and click Screen Capture in the start window of the program. To open the settings for video and audio recording, click on the browser window. In the appeared interface of the program, you can configure the parameters. Make sure that the System Sound icon is highlighted in green. this means that the program will record sound from speakers or headphones. If you also want to record sound from the Microphone, click on the corresponding icon to activate this function.

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Press REC and the program will start recording after a three second countdown. Control the capture process using the buttons on the program bar or hotkeys: if you have Windows, press F9 to pause the recording for a while, and F10 to end it. Mac users need to use the ⌥ ⌘ 1 and ⌥ ⌘ 2 keys respectively.

At the end of the recording, a preview window will open. Here you can view the recorded segment along with the video track. To save the audio, click the Save As button. In the save dialog, among the quick settings, you can select MP3. If you want to save the recording, for example, in AAC, open the Other format drop-down menu and look at the Video and Audio tab. At the bottom of the list, you will see groups of settings for FLAC, WAV, AAC and many others. just select the appropriate one and click Save to export the file.

Fine! Now you can record music from the Internet! With Movavi Screen Capture, you can record your voice and even your musical instrument on your computer, and more.!

  • Recording video from a computer screen
  • Capturing audio from multiple sources
  • Preservation without loss of quality
  • Export in any popular format

Please note: Movavi Screen Capture is not designed to record video or other copy-protected materials.

How to record music from the Internet. Yaketnik. site for real dummies

How much you want to download on the Internet and there is not always an opportunity for this. A special place is occupied by online radio stations, podcasts and other broadcasts of sound in real time. It is not possible to download such content by pressing one button, since it is generated in real time. Still, the download problem can be solved by recording live audio. Today we will learn how to record sound from the Internet and do it using the example of my beloved Retro FM radio.

In order for the fairy tale to come true, and we were able to save the audio recording of our favorite radio to a computer, we need to use a small free, but very useful utility. ALL2WAV Recorder. The program was created by foreign developers, therefore it has an English-language interface. However, this will not be a hindrance to mastering, since the interface is extremely simple. In order not to bother you with reading English letters on the developer’s website, I uploaded the program to the Yachaynik server.

The installation process is extremely simple. It is enough to click on the downloaded file and press the “NEXT” button several times. At the first start, a small nice window will appear:

We select the item “Record sound from another application” and click the button “Next”

At the next stage, you will be asked to indicate the location where our audio recording will be saved. I recommend to click on the “Browse” button and manually select the location of the future sound file, as well as assign it a sane name.

Next, I suggest unchecking the “Record Now” item. Otherwise, recording will start immediately after clicking on the “FINISH” button, and it is likely that just an empty file will be recorded, since we have not finalized the program.

So, press the “FINISH” button and get into the main window of ALL2WAV Recorder.

Pay attention to the drop-down list “Source”, it allows us to select the source of the record. Since we will record what is happening directly on our computer, it is necessary to select the item “Stereo Mixer”

After this item is selected, the signal level graphs will start working at the bottom of the screen. Then it remains only to click on the “Record” button and record the necessary fragment of the broadcast sound

After the sound is recorded, do not forget to press the STOP button, which will stop recording and the file will be generated. If you press the “Pause” button, then further recording will continue to the same file.

After pressing the “STOP” button, we have the opportunity to listen to the result. To do this, click on “Play”, which will make the player window open and playback will start immediately.

If you listened to the recording, and it satisfies you with the quality and content, I recommend that you move it to another directory. Otherwise, the program will overwrite your audio file on the next recording, and the previous recording will be lost forever.

As you can see, there is nothing difficult in working with the ALL2WAV Recorder program. We learned how to record music from the Internet and found out that it is easy and simple to do it. I say to everyone: “Goodbye! See you at the forum “

How to download music to a USB flash drive from a computer or laptop?

I have already told you how to do this. Now, just insert your USB flash drive into your laptop or computer. Then, in the folder my computer you have it should appear as a disk marked with one of the English capital letters. Hover over it, double-click on it and it should open. Leave this window open.

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Then open my computer again and look for your song in the download folder. But perhaps you will have it on your desktop. After you find it, simply drag and drop it into the window that you opened earlier. That is, in essence, you drag the song onto a USB flash drive. So that is all! You have the song on your flash drive! And now you already know how to download (record) music to a computer, laptop, USB flash drive from the Internet for free without registration.

Read also: How to download music from Yandex music to your computer for free without registration?

How to download (record) music to a computer, laptop, USB flash drive from the Internet for free without registration?

Good day! Today we will look at how to download (record) music to a computer, laptop, USB flash drive from the Internet for free without registration ?! In fact, there is nothing difficult about it, you just need to be able to do some things.

How to download (record) music to a computer, laptop, USB flash drive from the Internet for free without registration now?

Usually, to download music to my computer or laptop, I type in the search engine “download music” or write the specific title of the song. Well, for example, now on the music channel, from time to time, they play a video for the song “We are not alike…. only music is under our skin. ” Well, so I write it in a search engine this way:

And actually we get the following list:

I click on the first link of the first site. You can, of course, climb on others, but if we are in a hurry, we usually click on the first link.

So, we get a site where you can either download a song or listen to it. Click download and it will download to your computer or laptop. And then from the computer you can already transfer it to the USB flash drive. The length of time shows that for some reason the song is not fully loaded. Therefore, if this happens to you, try to search other sites for the full version.

Basically, it makes no difference where you download on a computer or laptop.

How to record a song from the Internet. the universal way

Many listen to songs on Yandex.Music or on YouTube, someone prefers streaming audio broadcasts, radio broadcasts. Regardless of tastes, everyone is united by one question. how to record music from the Internet? The easiest way is to capture the track in a special editor. After downloading AudioMASTER, you can save the melody, podcast, voice message in its original quality. Read the article. and find out the details!

The AudioMASTER program will help you save songs from the Internet and listen to them on any device!

Capturing audio directly from your computer: preparation

You don’t need to look for a voice recorder or other external recording devices to download your favorite song. AudioMASTER records music directly from web pages and from program windows. these can be streaming services, hosting, Internet radio, live broadcasts on sites, instant messengers.

How to Record a Song on Computer (Simple Explanation)

Prepare to record the audio stream to your computer. First of all, you need to turn on the audio mixer. On most PCs, it is deactivated by default. If your PC is running Windows XP, 7 or 8, follow these steps:

  • Right-click on the loudspeaker icon (located at the bottom right of the screen).
  • In the list that appears, select “Recorders”.
  • Find Stereo Mixer and click Enable. If there is no mixer, configure its display. right-click in any part of the window and activate the display of disabled devices.

Configuring sound recording devices on Windows

If you are running Windows 10, you will notice that the names of some of the items are different. Before recording audio from the Internet, click on the speaker icon and use the Open Audio Options command. Next, select “Control Panel” and in the window that appears, turn on the stereo mixer.

Configuring sound recording on Windows 10 is done using the control panel

You are now ready to start recording audio from your computer screen. Install the AudioMASTER editor on your computer, if you have not already done so, and follow the instructions below.

How to record music from the site in the program

It is very easy to record a song from the Internet. you can do it in literally 4 steps. We will consider the algorithm of actions using the example of saving music from. but the same scheme is suitable for capturing music from video clips on YouTube, online broadcasts, webinars and Skype conversations.

How to Record Music on Your Computer. Tutorial