How to Install the App on Apple TV

Like in the movies.

Apple TV 4K lets you watch movies in stunning 4K HDR quality with Dolby Atmos sound. 1 Amediateka, ivi, Netflix and exclusive TV shows, films and shows from Apple TV are available to you. 2 In addition, using the capabilities of Apple TV 4K has become even more convenient: thanks to the improved main screen interface and new features, television is becoming more personal and exciting.

4K HDR. Sets a new standard.

In 4K, the image looks much sharper, because this format uses four times as many pixels as standard HD. And the technology of the expanded dynamic range HDR (High Dynamic Range) is responsible for more realistic rendering of colors and the smallest details. From hot premieres to favorite TV shows, the image now looks even more natural.

The image was created artificially.

Dolby Atmos.
It sounds from all sides.

Add Dolby Atmos-enabled audio to your Apple TV 4K for stunningly realistic sound. She will surround you from all sides, and every sound will be heard exactly as intended in the film. From the engine of a fighter flying overhead to a tropical rainfall, the sound is so realistic that
you will feel at the center of events. Apple TV 4K is the first streaming media player with certified support for Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. With it, your home will turn into a real movie theater.

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The most spectacular films
4K HDR with Dolby Atmos.. Live broadcasts that are breathtaking.

Apple TV offers live streaming from the most popular Internet services and TV channels. Watch football matches of the English Premier League in the Okko app and various sports competitions in Megogo. Follow the hottest news in the applications of the First channel, the channel “Rain” and others. And in the STS and ViP applications, your favorite TV shows and TV shows are waiting for you. 3

Each has its own movie.

In the new Control Center it is very convenient to switch users. Therefore, everyone in the family can easily and quickly find movies and TV shows to their taste. Dad is watching one. Mom is different. Children. something of their own. This is a television that adapts to you. And for this, at your disposal are lists of “On the Line”, a selection ofs and music, recommendations and much more.

Apple TV app.
See all
in one application.

Original content from Apple TV. Thousands of films that you can buy or rent. The most relevant repertoire, compiled on the basis of your preferences and expert recommendations. And all this in the Apple TV app on all your devices. Television at its best.

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Switch the TV by touching.

The Apple TV Remote allows you to quickly find everything you need. just swipe the surface of the Touch. With it, you can also adjust the volume of the TV or AV receiver. And Bluetooth technology makes it possible to control the Apple TV from anywhere in the room. To do this, you do not even need to point the remote at the screen.

A serious selection of game joysticks and controllers.

Now Apple TV will start supporting even more controller models. Among them. DualShock 4 from the PlayStation and a wireless controller from the Xbox, which connect via Bluetooth. So, the games will become even more exciting. 4

Apple Arcade is a unique subscription gaming service. It has collected more than 100 new games. Fantastic landscapes, explosive effects and much more will amaze when you see all this on the big screen. with the help of Apple TV. 3

In the App Store on Apple TV there is content for everyone. For example, entertainment applications such as Amediateka, ivi, Megogo, Netflix. Thousands of applications for sports, fitness and everyday activities. As well as a whole universe of games.

Your photos,s and music. On TV.

Photos ands from iCloud Music Library or shared albums are easy to show on the big screen. 5 Watch content from your devices with your friends and family directly on TV. And also connect Apple Music to your home theater.

How to Install the App on Apple TV

The Memories feature automatically creates collections of your best photos ands that you can watch in 4K resolution on your Apple TV. Turn your Live Photos shots intos with the “Pendulum” or “Loop” effect, and then watch them on the big screen.

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With Apple Music, you have more than 60 million songs at your disposal, includings from popular artists from the 80s, 90s, and today. 4 And all this. on your Apple TV. Now you can have parties with your family and friends, or just listen, watch and discover great music.

Running iPhone.. Turn
your iPhone
to the control panel.

When you connect the Apple TV to your iPhone or iPad, the Apple TV Remote app automatically appears in the Control Center on your iOS device.

With Apple TV, you can control your smart home.

Turn on the light. Adjust the temperature. Check the locks. Connect your iOS device to your Apple TV and manage your entire HomeKit ecosystem through the Home app.

Apple TV Plus

Apple TV 4K.
Have a nice

By purchasing the new Apple TV 4K, you get an annual subscription to Apple TV as a gift.

Apple TV app. All you watch is
in one application.. Apple footer. application
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