How to Make a Preview for Video on the Phone

If you have a balanced channel developing in all plans, then there is another simple and method for you how to increase the number of regular viewers and subscribers at times.

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How to Make a Preview for on the Phone

→ Below we will talk about such a seemingly simple attribute as a preview on YouTube ←

Dozens of users all over the world already know how to attract subscribers with this tool, and now you’ll find out # 128578;

5 important facts about Preview

As early as 2012, users were looking forward to the release of the function to add personalized screensavers. What can I say, they waited, tested, liked it.

So the preview is. this is a graphic file that serves as a splash screen for a movie.

That’s exactly what they look like

This is the place the first contact of your viewers with the channel.

It should be noted that YouTube independently assigns a splash screen for mosts.

That is, during the download of the, the system will offer 3 random frames that can be set as a screensaver.

Everything would be fine, but, as experience shows, YouTube often cuts out completely inappropriate shots, so due to a bad preview you can lose viewers.

But there is a real way how to increase the number of views by 20-70%. set the picture yourself .

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Who can install the preview:

1) owners of verified channels without violations;

2) if you’ve got the live streaming feature.

You must also comply with YouTube’s recommendations regarding uploaded images. In particular, the preview image should reflect the essence of the, and also not contain immoral scenes. Otherwise, you can completely block this function, and this is a serious blow to your project!

Other splash screen recommendations:

  1. preview image size should be in the range of 1280×720 px (aspect ratio 16: 9);
  2. weight no more than 2 Mb;
  3. JPG, BMP or PNG format.

How to make a beautiful screensaver: the best tips

If your channel meets the requirements, then you can safely undertake the creation of a unique and unique screensaver, which will significantly increase the influx of visitors to your channel.

First of all, we recommend that you study these recommendations:

  • The image should reflect the essence of the;
  • graphics should be of high quality;
  • use inscriptions;
  • Use bright graphic elements;
  • experiment.

Pictures and Background

In order to make a screensaver yourself, you will need special programs, as well as graphics for editing.

The main list of necessary utilities includes such programs:

  • online editors (e.g.;
  • free Paint Net utility (can be downloaded on the network without problems);
  • professional program designed to edit any graphics (Photoshop);
  • GIMP can be used as a free alternative.
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As for the graphics (icons, background for, etc.). all this can be taken from free sources. For example, enter the desired request in Yandex or Google and download the desired pictures. You can also download ready-made preview images in various communities.

Do it step by step

→ The most convenient option that we can recommend to you, if you do not have much time to work with editors, is to use special templates for a preview on YouTube.

To do this, you can enter the appropriate query into the search engine. Here, a wide range of groups is presented, as well as a channel on which PSD sources for are presented.


In this case, you only need to open this file using the editor and enter the desired title, insert graphics and more. A more complicated way to preview a on YouTube is to do all the work yourself. You can make a template once, which you will edit later.

Add preview to the channel: 2 methods

Now we have moved on to the most interesting part of our topic. adding a preview to the. There are at least two ways to do this. Below we will consider all the popular methods and reveal their features.

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Method 1. Change the picture of our screensaver

If you decide to upload a new to the channel, then pay attention to the item “Change icon”, after the is uploaded to the site.

Now you have to click on it to indicate the location for another file. Save the changes and the will now have a new picture.

Method 2. Via the manager

1) To put a preview for a on YouTube, you must go to the “Manager” section and find the you need.

2) Now click on the “Change” button.

3) You need to find the button “Change Icon” and click on it.

Now you can safely set a new picture. # 128578;

Thus, below we examined all the basic methods of how to create and edit images for.

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