Huawei P Smart Hidden Features

Imagine how to conveniently control your smartphone with gestures. you don’t need to take the Samsung GALAXY S4 in your hand to answer the call, you do not need to press the buttons to find out the time, but this is only the beginning. How do you like the unique ability to control your eyes in various applications? Taking pictures with sound and shooting from two cameras at once? A special typing system on the virtual keyboard, an application for controlling home appliances, the Multi Window function, when on one screen you can work with two applications at once. and that’s not all!

Gestures, sight, movement

Briefly in the previous article, we already talked about a number of unique control features of the Samsung GALAXY S4. Recall that one of the most interesting items on the My Device tab is “Motion and Gestures,” and here fiction begins. Relatively speaking, communication with SGS4 for the user goes to a new level. Using gestures, you can call up basic information on a locked device by simply moving your palm over the display and scrolling through the pages with your eyes: the front camera tracks the position of the pupils. when you reach the end of the page in the browser, the page will automatically scroll. It is even possible to accept a call by swiping your palm over the display, while in the settings you can choose to activate hands-free calling. And Samsung GALAXY S4 can dial a number automatically if you look at messages from a subscriber and then bring the smartphone to your ear. We highly recommend thoroughly exploring all these new SGS4 features to speed up and simplify your most familiar activities. We recommend watching our about the special features of SGS4.

Now let’s take a closer look. For example, in a music player using voice commands, you can control playback. “Next”, “Back”, “Pause”, “Play”, you can even decrease or increase the volume. If we talk about gestures, then the list of commands and features is like this:

  • A quick look, when the device is locked, you can hold your palm over the sensor (located above the display), the time, date and information about new notifications will appear on the screen
  • Non-contact transition, it is possible to scroll a web page without touching the display, you need to hold the palm from the bottom up
  • A non-contact overview, switching from image to image, from page to page, or from track to track by moving your palm over the sensor, is very convenient if you are demonstrating a selection of photos or the Samsung GALAXY S4 works like a miniature “boombox” at an office party
  • Contactless movement, it is possible to move labels and events of S Planner, holding the icon, you need to “sweep” the current screen with your palm
  • Contactless call acceptance; during a call, just swipe your hand over the sensor, in the settings you can choose whether to activate the speakerphone

All these gestures are extremely natural, a habit quickly appears to them, especially when it comes to accepting calls and the “Quick Look” function. At a meeting, you can check the time without picking up the device.

With the help of movements, you can also perform various actions, for example, this is a direct challenge. You look at the contact information, put the phone in your ear, and the call starts. If you left the Samsung GALAXY S4 and then pick it up, the device will vibrate if there are missed calls or messages. In the gallery, you can zoom in or out by moving the unit back or forward. However, the most popular function is to mute the sound during an incoming call, just turn the Samsung GALAXY S4 screen down.

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Smart screen function. several features related to the front camera and your look. For example, the display can remain on only while you look at it, the screen orientation changes depending on the angle of view, when watching a, if you look away, playback is paused. Smart scrolling is even possible in a browser or other programs, you look at the bottom of the page, and scrolling below (or above) is automatic.

We recommend that you try all these possibilities and then decide for yourself which ones you especially liked and will be in demand. As practice shows, most often Samsung GALAXY S4 owners use mute during a call, the “Quick Look” function and contactless call acceptance. However, it’s up to you, because in the settings of Samsung GALAXY S4 you can disable or enable the necessary options as you wish.

Multi window

In short, we already talked about Multi Window in the first article, but it is worth repeating to consolidate skills. The same function is also found on other Samsung devices, for example, GALAXY Note 8.0, a unique thing, but for some reason little is known. Imagine that you want to use a browser and, for example, notes. Immediately copy the necessary information without moving from one application to another. To do this, you need to press and hold the “Return” button (to the right of the Home button), a menu of applications operating in the “Multi Window” mode will appear, you need to select the desired one and drag the shortcut to the launched browser. As you can see, the large display easily allows you to perform such a trick and comfortably use two applications at once. The line with program icons is by default located on the left, you can hide it or put it forward at the right time, it does not interfere with work.

Camera Features and Home Appliance Control

We highly recommend that you read about the capabilities of the camera in a separate material on our website, here we will try to dwell on unique moments inherent only in Samsung GALAXY S4. If you want to know the technical specifications, we highly recommend reading the article below.

You need to start with the fact that the Samsung GALAXY S4 can easily replace you with an entry-level digital dust collector, in terms of shooting quality, the smartphone is not only close to cameras, but also capable of giving odds to many inexpensive cameras. At the same time, it is much more compact, more convenient, with the help of Samsung GALAXY S4 you can instantly share a picture on social networks, send it in a dozen different ways to your family and friends. The Samsung GALAXY S4 display is ideal for showing frames even in a large company thanks to its excellent viewing angles and color reproduction. In the end, do not forget about the diagonal size of the screen, when viewing photos this option is of great importance.

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Well, now about the different points. Many of you are used to shooting with the hardware button of the camera. Samsung GALAXY S4 does not have it. Or is there? The fact is that in the camera settings you can easily change the purpose of the volume control button, in shooting mode, it can be responsible for adjusting the zoom or shooting photos /s (both buttons work, and.). It is very convenient for creating simple photos, and for a self portrait, and when you raise the device above your head. You do not have to look for a virtual button on the display.

Huawei P Smart Hidden Features

A lot has been done for beginner photographers, this applies primarily to the choice of mode. By default, it is “Auto” when the Samsung GALAXY S4 independently selects the optimal settings depending on the conditions. In addition, there are unique modes, let’s first list everything, then we will deal with each separately. So, this is “Retouch”, “Best Photo”, “Best Face”, “Sound and Photo”, “Series”, “Live Photo”, “Rich Tones” (HDR), “Eraser”, “Panorama”, “Sports ” and night”. Now a little about each of the modes:

Auto mode good for everyday shooting, we recommend it to beginner photographers. ISO settings are selected by the smartphone based on lighting conditions. By default, the flash is turned off, but you can switch it to automatic mode, the same applies to automatic night mode. even in the camera menu in any mode, you can switch to shooting front or two cameras at the same time. The latter option is good for creating collages on the fly, you can take your friends and your portrait will be in a frame (you can move it anywhere).

Retouch, in this mode, the camera recognizes the face and automatically improves the appearance in real time, we recommend using it for portrait shooting.

Best photo, suitable for sequential shooting, the camera takes eight photos very quickly, you can choose the best frame, before viewing thumbnails.

Best face, the same mode, only adapted for portrait shooting, shooting five frames, then you can choose the best.

Sound and photo, photo and voice comment (9 seconds). The unique function of Samsung GALAXY S4 is ideal for travel photography, shooting any interesting scenes in life, children, creating notes in an interesting way. in the end, because you can remove the document and write down what needs to be done with it, nine seconds is enough for this.

Series, Ideal for sports photography or shooting a moving subject, for example, if we are talking about a snowboarder’s jump, you will see progress on the frame. we believe that this mode will also appeal to young parents, you can create unique collages about the behavior of their children (first steps, games, etc.).

Cinemafoto, a unique feature for creating GIFs or, as they are called on the net, GIFs. Young people will especially appreciate it, here you can choose which objects need to be animated, which ones to fix. Having created your “GIF”, you can immediately send it to friends. Naturally, the Samsung GALAXY S4 Gallery supports viewing any frames created in any modes.

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Rich tones, shooting in HDR, when the camera creates three frames and then combines them in order to get a picture with the optimal color temperature, contrast and so on. Ideal for shooting in low light conditions, indoors, at sunset.

Eraser, using this mode, you can remove moving objects in the background, the ideal mode if you are photographing your girlfriend on the street and passers-by interfere with the back.

Sport, The mode is suitable not only for sports, but also for reportage shooting in general, when you photograph moving objects and the maximum speed is required from the camera.

Night, mode for shooting not only in the dark, we recommend using it to create photos in low light conditions.

There are several modes for: it is slow motion or fast motion, suitable for creating interestings about a variety of phenomena, from sports to shooting your child’s games, for MMS is optimized for sending in messages. In the camera settings, you can choose the size of the photo, activate or deactivate face detection, continuous shooting (you can shoot a series until the memory runs out), set the metering, choose the ISO value yourself. For, you can also select the size and activate or deactivate stabilization. In the settings there is a timer, and the already mentioned setting of the volume rocker, and the activation of geotags.

All owners of Samsung GALAXY S4 from the first days of use understand that here is not only a unique camera. fast, amazing quality of pictures, the widest opportunities to share frames. There are also unique functions, and many scenarios for their use. You lead an active lifestyle, and the capabilities of the Samsung GALAXY S4 camera will allow you to choose the best scenario for creating unique content, whether it be photos with sound, blue photos, or high-resolutions. all this is in your hands!

Immediately it is worth mentioning a special program for controlling home appliances. By the way, Samsung Galaxy S4 supports DLNA, and it is very easy to connect to Samsung TVs to view content. So, the menu has the Samsung WatchON application, works in tandem with the built-in infrared sensor. In the settings you need to select the type, brand of the device, further settings occur automatically. In addition to televisions, you can control set-top boxes, DVD and Blu-ray players, receivers, media players, projectors. Most likely, more and more new devices will appear in the program updates. We checked the work with Samsung TVs and players, there were no problems.

Finally, about an important nuance. Do not forget how you can call up a list of running programs. To do this, press and hold the Home button. Thumbnails of programs can be scrolled, moving the thumbnail left or right, you close the application. We recommend that you sometimes browse this list, for sure at first you will want to install and try hundreds of programs from the Play Market, do not forget to get rid of what is no longer needed.