How to Get iPhone Screen on Computer

With the latest update, Windows 10 introduced the Connect app, which provides wireless screen output from Miracast compatible mobile devices. This means that now we can display the phone screen wirelessly on a computer without the need to install additional programs.

We offer brief instructions on how to connect your phone to a computer wirelessly and display the smartphone screen using the new built-in Connect option.

How to Get iPhone Screen on Computer

Phone screen output to PC

If you’ve ever watched wirelessly photos from a phone on a monitor or recorded a picture from an Android or Windows 10 Mobile screen in a file, then of course you were dealing with applications for streaming images from a smartphone to a computer.

Microsoft introduced the Connect app on Windows 10 with the Anniversary Update. Thanks to this solution, we no longer need to install third-party software. now we can display the image from the phone screen directly to the computer using the built-in function.

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Transfer images from phone to PC wirelessly

Setting up a wireless connection should not cause users any difficulties, but there is one point that needs to be remembered. Pictures are transmitted using Miracast technology.

In the case of a phone, this should not be a problem, since most mobile devices are compatible with the above standard, but there can be problems with the computer itself. older laptops and desktop PCs are not equipped with Miracast support, so it will not work. You can see for yourself, really it is. If you have a reasonably new computer, but should not have problems.

Open the Start menu and find the Connect app. After starting, the Connect program window appears with information about waiting for a connection from another device. Now it’s time to pick up a smartphone and connect to a computer. Consider how to do this.

Turn on screen transfer in Android or Windows 10 Mobile

First you need to find the option to transfer images in your smartphone. Unfortunately, as is often the case on Android, depending on the manufacturer, some functions are transferred to other places or completely eliminated. Therefore, it can be a little problematic here, however, even if the manufacturer removed this function, it can be restored.

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In a clean Android OS, the corresponding option is located on the path “Settings. Display. Transfer Image”. When you enable this function, a list of devices on the network to which you can transfer the image will appear. select your Windows 10 computer here.

Android Wireless Display

If you cannot find the image transfer function on Android, you can install a special program that creates a shortcut on the desktop for displaying the image. The program is able to call the function even when the manufacturer deleted its link in the settings.

For this purpose you need to download Miracast Widget Shortcut After installing it, go to the list of applications of your smartphone and launch Miracast Widget Shortcut You will immediately be taken to the appropriate section in the settings, which is responsible for transferring the image to another device. This option is called “Wireless Display”.

If Windows 10 Mobile is installed on your mobile phone, go to the screen settings and find the function for connecting to the wireless screen. The list of devices should determine your PC.

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Further actions will not cause any difficulties. Your computer will appear in the list of devices. you will see its name in the Connect window. Just click on it in the list to start the connection process.

When the devices connect, the picture that we see on the phone’s screen will appear in the Connect program window in Windows 10. Thus, you can watch photos from your phone on the big screen wirelessly or use the application to record from Android / Windows 10 Mobile on your computer.