How To Connect Acoustics To A Samsung Tv

Many television panels, even in the high price category, have such a disadvantage as weak speakers. To solve this problem, you should connect speakers to the TV. Manufacturers themselves recommend this, because according to their plan, modern television equipment is designed to work together with a home theater, the speaker system of which outputs a loud, clear and high-quality sound.

What connectors should be on the TV

On any modern LCD TV, there are many connectors that are used to input and output and audio signals. Of these, connectors designed for sound transmission include:

  • digital optical output. the best solution for transmitting multi-channel audio;
  • coaxial output;
  • red and white Audio In sockets. the simplest and least high-quality solution for audio output, such outputs are available on every TV;
  • headphone jack.

When connecting a home theater, you must have a TV connectors. These include:

  • Video. yellow connector for transmitting an analog signal through an RCA cable;
  • S-Video. this output is rare on modern TVs; it is also intended for outputting an analog signal;
  • component output. three connectors of red, blue and green;
  • SCARD.

Important! Almost all modern television panels have an HDMI connector, which is combined, as it allows you to simultaneously transmit and audio signals in high quality. To connect the equipment, it is recommended to use it if it is present on the TV and on the device connected to it.

Acoustic connection

Various techniques can be connected to the television panel to improve the transmitted sound. It can be active and passive speakers, multimedia or stereo, home theater.

Active speaker connection

Active is called a speaker system 2.0, which has a built-in amplifier. Easy to spot by power cable and volume control. Most computer speakers are active.

Usually, a 3.5 mm mini jack output is used to use active acoustics; headphone jack, because it has the corresponding logo next to it. Connection is via a mini Jack. 2RCA cable, which usually comes with the audio system. Mini Jack connects to the corresponding connector on the TV, and 2 RCA plugs to the corresponding inputs labeled Input, which are located on the back of the speakers.

Advice! In the event that there is no headphone jack on the TV, you can connect active speakers through the outputs Audio-R (white) and Audio-L (red). In this case, a 2RCA-2RCA cable is used.

If the speakers are expensive, they may have an optical input. It is usually covered with a plug, but you can identify it by the inscription Digital In. If a similar output is available on the TV, it is recommended purchase optical cable and use it to connect devices. This will provide superior sound quality as opposed to connecting in previous ways.

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Connecting active acoustics 2.0 provides high-quality and loud sound, but it does not reproduce low frequencies. Therefore, fans of movies with many special effects and modern music with a lot of bass are recommended purchase active subwoofer. As a rule, there are 2 RCA inputs on the back of such a device, so you can use a mini Jack. 2RCA cable to connect it. In this case, the speakers should be connected with a 2RCA. 2RCA wire or the splitter should be connected to the headphone output in order to output sound directly to the speakers and subwoofer.

Some manufacturers produce their own active acoustics, which they recommend using in conjunction with their television panels. For example, Samsung TW5500 has an optical input for connecting to other devices. But besides it, the television panel contains the TV SOUNDCONNECT function, which allows you to connect Samsung technology wirelessly via bluetooth.

Acoustic set Samsung TW-H5500

Passive speaker connection

Passive is called acoustics, which lacks a built-in amplifier. To connect this type of equipment to a television panel, you will need a separate unit. The TV itself can amplify the signal, but for good acoustics its power will not be enough.

How to Connect Acoustics to a Samsung TV

Important! To connect speakers, you must choose an amplifier whose power is at least 30% of the acoustics power. You should also pay attention to the resistance, it should be the same for both devices.

By connecting the speakers to the amplifier, you need to consider the polarity, those. the left column should be connected to the left channel, and the right one to the right. If you do not follow this rule, the sound will be of poor quality.

Wires for connecting equipment are usually included, otherwise they will need to be purchased separately. Cross-sectional area should be as high as possible, but not less than 1 The amplifier is connected to the speakers through screw terminals, and to the TV for better results through HDMI. If there is no such connector, then the connection is made through the available outputs, as a rule, this is RCA.

Stereo connection

You can output sound to the available stereo system 2.1, consisting of a subwoofer and two speakers. It connects via 2 RCA or mini Jack outputs, or, if available, through the SCARD connector. In this case, it will be required purchase a SCARD-3RCA or SCARD. mini Jack cable.

SCARD Cable. mini Jack

Advice! When using the 3 RCA cable, the yellow wire will remain unused because it is designed to transmit.

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Connecting a multimedia system

You can connect speakers through the music center or tape recorder via AUX or RCA connectors. To do this, you need a mini Jack cable. mini Jack, mini Jack. 2RCA, mini Jack. SCARD, 2RCA-2RCA, 3RCA-SCARD, depending on the outputs available on the TV. In this case, the multimedia system is switched to the “AUX” mode.

On a note! The sound from the music center to the acoustics (if these are separate passive speakers) will go through a 2RCA cable connected to the corresponding connectors.

Home theater connection

Sound output from TV to home theater is the best solution. In this technique, there is a powerful built-in amplifier and a professional receiver, all this provides unsurpassed purity, amazing volume and high sound power. This type of acoustics happens 5.1 and 7.1 format. In the first case, the sound is divided into 5 channels (two front, one center, two rear and a subwoofer), and in the second case, 2 additional channels are added on the sides. When properly tuned, these systems provide amazing surround sound.

From home theater to TV panel should go only high quality cable, and this is HDMI. Connecting the 7.1 or 5.1 system through the tulips is wrong, because in this case there will be a loss in the quality of audio and signal. Whereas the acoustics are connected to the receiver with special plugs, as a rule, in color and in accordance with the inscriptions above the inputs.

Advice! Choosing a television panel and home theater, it is recommended to purchase equipment from one manufacturer. This will provide the best interaction between the equipment and an amazing result for the user when watching movies and listening to music.

Firms such as Philips, Samsung, Sony, LG, Panasonic, etc., produce many models of televisions and home cinema systems at different price categories and with different functionality. This will allow each person to choose exactly what he needs.

What cables to connect

A lot of cables are used to connect speakers to the TV, depending on the type of connection and the available outputs on both devices. Most commonly used wires 2RCA. 2RCA, mini Jack. mini Jack, SCARD. SCARD or combined based on them, less often. coaxial or optical.

If the connected devices have HDMI outputs, it is recommended to use them, because this will ensure the highest sound quality. However, regardless of the type of connection, you need to purchase a high-quality cable. A cheap Chinese wire is characterized by significant signal loss during its transmission, which means poor sound quality. In the worst case, such wires will not work at all.

Features of connecting to some TV models

Connecting speakers to TV panels may vary depending on the brand of TV. Next, for example, we will consider the two most popular manufacturers.

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In LG TVs analogue connector, aka “tulip” or RCA output, missing. To output sound to additional acoustics, you can use the optical output, SCARD or HDMI, or connect an additional device (such as a DVD player) and output sound through it.


If the owner of a modern Samsung TV (for example, 5 series) decides to connect the speakers with an RCA cable, he will find that no RCA connectors on the television. Connecting audio devices through the optical output or HDMI ARC, as well as through the headphone jack.

Possible problems and solutions

There are cases when it is not possible to connect acoustic devices to the TV receiver, or the sound is reproduced in unsatisfactory quality. Then you can try to solve the problem in several ways.

  1. If there is no sound after connecting the speakers to the TV, you need to refer to the settings of the TV receiver in accordance with the user manual. As a rule, the sound automatically switches only to the headphone jack, in other cases output must be selected manually.
  2. If the sound after connecting the device to the headphone jack is very quiet, you must open sound settings and increase volume for the signal applied to this output.
  3. If there is no sound after connecting the speakers via RCA output, you need to double-check the connection and make sure that on the TV panel cable plugged into Audio Out sockets, not in Audio In.
  4. If the audio system is connected using HDMI ARC technology, but there is no sound, you need to make sure that this function is supported by devices, the wire is connected to the connectors with the corresponding inscription, and in the TV settings set sound output to the speaker system.

So, if the TV panel has a quiet sound, this problem can be easily fixed by connecting additional acoustics to it. It can be active or passive speakers, a multimedia or stereo system, as well as a home theater. To make the connection without errors, it is recommended to refer to the instructions for the TV, find out which outputs can be used for this, then make sure that there are similar inputs on the speakers. If necessary, the devices can be connected using adapters.

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