How To Enable A Second Line On Huawei

How to remove a circle on the screen of Huawei and Honor is not known to all users. Settings for this software are made in the system parameters section, but not on behalf of the developer. In practice, it looks like an ordinary translucent circle, which is freely dragged around the desktop area. The developers have implemented such a tool in modern gadgets from Huawei, Honor, Meizu, Xiomi, Samsung, Nokia and others. The button is installed by default, so you cannot download or delete it. We will talk about the features of work and shutdown in this guide.

What kind of circle on the screen of Android Honor and Huawei

If you have a circle (round button) on the screen of your Honor / Huawei phone, do not rush to panic and look for virus programs. Its main goal is to facilitate the work for users. A special feature allows you to transfer the control zone from the bottom to the screen. According to a survey and preliminary studies, there really is a demand for this, and a quarter of smartphone owners use the virtual panel.

How to customize the bottom buttons

Correction of the option occurs according to the algorithm:

  • open the settings;
  • go to the item “System”;
  • then open the section “System Navigation”;
  • the tool responsible for the orientation keys will be available there.

To activate navigation, just drag the slider opposite the tool name into the active phase. When enabled, it is displayed in blue.

Below will be proposed options for what tasks it is possible to put on this field.

These are usually simple system commands:

  • home;
  • sound;
  • collapse
  • Task Manager;
  • control panel and more.

How to remove the on-screen buttons from the Honor / Huawei screen

If this special feature is inconvenient for you, the panel can always be removed.

How to transfer data from Samsung to Huawei and Honor completely

You need to proceed step by step:

  • open the settings via the status bar or the desktop icon;
  • then open the section “System Navigation”;
  • drag the slider below to the shutdown phase. remove the navigation button in Honor.

When the option is turned off, there is no circle on the desktop.

In rare cases, if you did not call the navigation yourself, it appears due to a virus. Then the classic way to turn it on or off will not work. You have to look for malicious components on the gadget and clean them.

How to swap back buttons and menus

There is also a category of users who find the on-screen panel more convenient than classical gestures and the fields at the bottom of the display. However, depending on whether you are left-handed or right-handed, it is possible to swap buttons. Everything visually remains the same, but the virtual control on the left, right and in the center gives other commands. For example, if previously the “Home” key was in the center, now it is possible to move it to the left.

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If you have any questions or have complaints, let us know

You can read more about the function in the instructions for the Honor or Huawei smartphone.

Instruction manual

Open the settings of the Honor smartphone and in the “System” section, click on “System Navigation”.

In the window that opens, a list of possible smartphone control options will be displayed, among which will be the “Navigation button”.

We click on the “Enabled” button and in the settings window that opens, change the position of the switch near the “Navigation button” item.

After that, the circle will disappear from the screen and you will not have to be distracted by it, although in fact this control is quite convenient for screen sizes greater than 5.5 inches. The only thing you need is to get used to it.

How does the navigation button work?

The operation using the Honor circle is quite simple and allows you to perform all the same actions as using the three navigation buttons located at the bottom of the screen.

Having placed the circle by dragging and dropping it anywhere on the screen, you can do the following:

  • quick press. works just like the back button;
  • long hold on the button. go to the main screen (analog of the “Home” button);
  • hold and shift the button to the side. call running applications.

It is possible that in the future you will like this way of controlling a smartphone, since all control will be carried out with just one button located in a convenient place for you on the display.

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How to Enable a Second Line on Huawei

Today, almost all new phone models are equipped with large and high-quality displays. At the same time, the overall size of the device remains almost unchanged due to the reduction of the frames around the screen. Agree that controlling such smartphones is quite difficult, especially when it comes to a female hand. Developers are trying to introduce new navigation tools, one of which is a multifunctional circle on the display. Let’s figure out why it is needed, and also consider how to remove it from the device screen.

Why do I need a circle on the phone screen?

Most often, such a navigation system as an interactive circle is used by manufacturers of Honor and Huawei. However, it is possible that little-known Chinese companies have already introduced such technology into their flagships. The multi-function button combines several tools at once. This is an opportunity to open the menu, as well as go back or to the main screen. Each movement is carried out by means of different pressures:

  • Return to the previous section of the program or settings occurs through a short, quick press.
  • To go to the desktop, you will need to hold your finger on the mug for 1-2 seconds.
  • To view the applications working at a given moment, just click on the interactive circle and move it to the side.

If desired, the navigation control principle can be changed using the special settings section. However, we will not consider this procedure, since most users want to remove the hated circle from the screen.

How to remove a circle from a Honor or Huawei screen

So, to remove the white circle from the screen of Honor or Huawei, you must disable this feature in the settings of the smartphone itself. In order not to make a mistake with the section, use the step-by-step instructions presented below:

  1. Open the settings.
  2. Go to the “System” section.

Go to the “System” section

  1. We go to the “System Navigation” subcategory.

We go to the sub-category “System Navigation”

  1. Click on the item “Navigation button”.
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Click on the item “Navigation button”

  1. We translate the slider to the left near the line “Navigation button”. After performing this action, the indicator should change its color from blue to gray.

We translate the slider to the left near the line “Navigation button”

As you can see, clearing the screen of an extraneous circle is quite easy. Difficulties with the implementation of the detailed manual should not arise even for the most novice users of the Android operating system.

How to remove the circle when you click on the screen

Some users confuse the navigation button with the circle that appears when you click on the screen. In fact, these are two completely different things, so to turn off the display of touches, you need to perform other actions. So, for clarity, a detailed instruction was compiled:

  1. Go to settings
  2. Go to the “About phone” or “Device information” section.
  3. We find the line “Build number” or “Firmware version” and click on it several times. This action should unlock the “For Developers” section.

We open the section “For Developers”

  1. Now we return to the initial settings page and open the “Advanced settings” menu.
  2. Go to the “For Developers” subcategory.
  3. Near the line “Display touches” we move the slider to the inactive position.

Near the line “Display touches” we move the slider to the inactive position

After performing the steps described in the instructions, the touch display function will be disabled. And this means that when you click on the screen, no circle can appear.


The number of gadgets and technology in the world is amazing. And with the entry of many Chinese brands into the European and Russian markets, they also became available. Brand equipment from the manufacturer from the “Celestial” is not very expensive, but it often provides even more functionality. Actually, this is where the roots of user problems come from, such as the white dot on the Meizu screen.

Solution near

Noticing any flaws on the screen of the brand-new smartphone, Marais Note, users often start to panic. Still. a completely new device will have to be taken to a service center. One of the most common problems on the meizu screen is a white spot. It should immediately be said that nothing bad happened, because the stain is not a breakdown. Any person will be able to remove it independently and without difficulty.

If the white circle itself appears on the Meizu screen after some time, this means that the Smart touch function has been enabled. But it can manifest itself in different ways:

  1. Static circle (it does not move, does not disappear, is visible in all applications);
  2. Active point (appears after pressing the display, moves behind the finger, and then disappears).

Smart touch is designed to help developers and ordinary users (with its help, touches are visually tracked and you can replace the Home or Back button). However, in practice it can hardly be called useful, so the question of how to remove a point from the Meizu screen is so relevant.

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A few simple moves

This “breakdown” is fixed in the same way in all phones, including meizu. First you need to make sure that the mode is available for developers. To do this, open the “About Phone” window in the settings.

Almost at the very bottom will be the item “Firmware version”. By clicking on it four times in a row, a message appears about the activation of the mode.

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Now you need to go to the section “Special. Opportunities ”→“ For Developers ”.

After the developer mode was turned on, many functions became available. Among them is the annoying white circle. The subsection “Visual Response” is responsible for it. Opposite him there is a check mark, which must be removed to remove the circle.

Everything, the problem is solved and will no longer bother.

Stain protection

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For a detailed analysis of the situation, it is better to watch the. And then the problem is solved quickly, in detail, and also with a pleasant musical accompaniment:

As a result, the white spot is removed in a couple of minutes, and the methods described above will help to avoid reappearance.

How to remove the circle on the screen of Huawei? If the control panel suggested by the settings interferes with the display of the smartphone, you can turn it off. These circles are the way to control and adjust multitasking. As of 2019, the service is on smartphones, but in some this function is hidden, and you can activate it through the settings. And in others, everything is pre-displayed on the screen. But far from every user the second option is practical, because extra icons often interfere and distract attention.

What kind of circle on the screen of Android Huawei

The circles at the bottom of the screen are Honor or Huawei. the control panel of a multitasking gadget. There are three main Android commands there:

Although they are small and small in size, they take up a certain part of the display space, which is not always convenient. In all the latest models of Huawei and Honor, such active sites can be removed from the phone, and, if necessary, returned again.

How to customize the bottom buttons

Navigation buttons allow you to quickly carry out actions:

  • the Back action is tantamount to a quick press;
  • “Home” takes the user to the main display, the same action as a long hold;
  • hold and shift the icon to the side. the panel of running tasks will be called up.

In the menu of the gadget, the developer provided the ability to swap the buttons on the Honor. That is, if initially the “Home” zone is located in the center. you can make it left or right.

How to remove the on-screen buttons from the Honor / Huawei screen

If a circle (round button) appears on the screen of your Honor / Huawei phone, but want to delete, use the following algorithm:

  1. Open the settings.
  2. Go to the “System” section.
  3. Select the item “System Navigation”.
  4. Next, in the list that appears, look for the line “Navigation button” and go to it.
  5. Click on.
  6. Next, the settings window appears, there the button position is changed using the switch near the above item.

How to disassemble a Honor 6 / 7a / 7c / 8 / 8x / 9/9 Light / 10/10 Light smartphone yourself

After that, the circle on the main desktop of the device disappears. To return again. turn on in the settings.

If any option whose notification is displayed on the desktop or in the status bar does not fit, you should deactivate it. After that, the symbol responsible for it disappears from the panel. It happens that even after turning off, extra characters continue to be displayed. It may well be a bug, restart the phone.