iPad 2020 Release

Latest iPhone 12 News

06/16/2020. The prototype iPhone 12 appeared in Navy Blue. Read completely

06/15/2020. Estimated iPhone 12 layouts leaked

06/05/2020. Rumor: iPhone 2021 will receive energy-saving technology from Apple Watch. Read completely.

06/02/2020. The network got photos of iPhone 12 layouts. Read more.

06/01/2020. Mass production of iPhone 12 6.1 “will begin in July. Read more

05/21/2020. Apple for iPhone 12 will order cameras from three suppliers. Read completely

05/20/2020. Iphone 12 won’t get bundled EarPods. Read completely.

05/19/2020. The release and start of sales of the iPhone 12 will be postponed to October. Read completely

05/19/2020. According to forecasts by insiders, the iPhone 12 will receive flexible OLED displays. Read completely.

05/11/2020. New leaks about the iPhone 12 began to appear more and more often: insiders refer to trusted sources and each time they find what to interest us.

04/30/2020. Well-known insider John Prosser, who announced the exact release date for the budget iPhone SE 2020, spoke about his forecasts for the of the iPhone 12 model, which will be released this fall. Read completely.

04/27/2020. The Wall Street Journal reported that Apple may delay the mass production of the iPhone 12 for a month, due to the coronavirus pandemic and the closure of production plants. Read completely.

04/25/2020. Rumors about the iPhone 12: a new bang design and iOS 14 with widgets on the main screen. Watch review.

04/17/2020. A prototype iPhone 12 Pro Max appeared on the. Read completely

04/13/2020. Rumor: iPhone SE (2020) will be shown this week, iPhone 12 Pro Max will be released in October. Read completely.

04/06/2020. In the leak of iOS 14, a photo of the iPhone 12 Pro was found. Read completely

03/31/2020. A14 processors for the iPhone 12 are already in production. Read completely.

03/30/2020. At Foxconn, the iPhone 12 is on schedule. Read completely.

03/27/2020. Taiwanese circuit board vendors (PCBs) have denied the possibility of delaying the release of the iPhone 12 for two months, this was stated in an article by the trusted DigiTimes service. Read more.

03/27/2020. The new iPhone 12 prototype, equipped with a LiDAR depth scanner, was introduced by a ConceptsiPhone insider. Read more.

03/26/2020. Analyst Gene Munster reports: iPhone 12 5G output may be delayed. Read completely.

03/23/2020. Insider from Ming Chi Kuo about cameras in iPhone 12. Read more.

03/20/2020. Bloomberg analysts explained why Apple has not yet begun production of the iPhone 12 with 5G technology and why there were rumors that smartphones might not come out. Read completely.

03/16/2020. Iphone 12 will receive an Apple A14 processor operating at a frequency above 3 GHz. Read completely.

03/12/2020. Iphone 12 will receive a 3D camera “World Facing”. Read completely.

03/10/2020. It looks like the iPhone 12, which Apple will never release. Read fully.

03/06/2020- An insider showed how the iPhone 12 looks in the. Read completely

03/05/2020. The network has photos of iPhone 12 in 5 colors. Read completely

02/24/2020. Iphone 12 will receive next-generation Wi-Fi support. Read completely.

02/17/2020. New iPhone 12 renderings were merged into the network with four camera modules, sharp metal frames and no bangs. Read completely

02/15/202. Apple will develop its own 5G antenna for iPhone 12. Read more.

01/22/2020. Iphone 12 will be presented in a new color. Read completely

01/21/2020. New details about the iPhone 12 became known. Read more

01/15/2020. Iphone 12 Pro will receive 6 GB of RAM. Read completely

01/13/2020. Iphone 12 5G will be presented this fall. Read completely

01/03/2020. Iphone 12 Pro will be equipped with a new generation display. Read completely

12/12/2019. The price increase for the iPhone 12 5G will be negligible. Read completely

iPad 2020 Release

12/9/2019. Apple will improve the battery for iPhone 12. Read more

12/05/2019. Apple Enhances Battery Components for iPhone 12. Read more

12/04/2019. Iphone 12 will receive an ultrasonic fingerprint scanner. Read completely

12/02/2019. Apple will release four iPhone 12 5G models. Read completely

11/28/2019. Three iPhone 12 models will receive an OLED screen. Read completely

11/25/2019. Iphone 2012 will receive a new amount of memory, as well as the prefix “Pro” and “Pro Max”. Read completely

11/12/2019. Rolled up the new renderings of the iPhone 12: quite unusual, as for Apple. Read completely

11/04/2019. Apple chief analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said that the price of the iPhone 12 will be around 850 for the first model and about 1280 and 1420 for the Pro / Pro Max, respectively. Read completely

10/30/2019. Iphone 12 will receive a 5G chip developed by Qualcomm. It will make it possible to load pages at a speed of 7 Gb / s. Prior to this, Apple planned to use an Intel chip. Read completely

10/29/2019. Iphone 12 will receive the LTPO screen used previously on the Apple Watch 4-5 series, as well as a new frequency of 120 Hz. Read completely

10/23/2019. Insiders report that the iPhone 12 battery will have a capacity of 6000 mAh, which is almost 2 times more than the iPhone 11. Read more

Iphone 12: release date, rumors, photos, price and specifications

The iPhone 12, which will be introduced in 2020, implements all the best features: a high-speed A14 Bionic processor, an OLED display, an updated design and size. Apple’s new flagship will be the first among the iPhone to support 5G networks.

Exact Release Date

Typically, Apple will present the new iPhone on Tuesday, the second week of September. According to the same principle, the last iPhone 11. September 10, 2019 was introduced. If Apple follows this rule again in 2020, then the iPhone 12 is likely to be released on September 8, 2020.


Significant changes will affect the external shape of the new iPhone model. Namely, sapphire crystal will be used in the flagship 2020 design, and they will also introduce a new metal casting technology. The updated design will receive metal frames with rounded edges, similar to the frame used on the iPhone 4, iPhone 5 and iPhone SE.

Perhaps the new iPhone will receive a luminous apple logo on the back. It will act as an indicator that will notify you of messages or calls, reminders and other notifications.

Display and front panel

Apple refused to use the so-called “eyebrow”. There are no cutouts on the display of the updated device. To do this, Apple managed to hide the 16-megapixel selfie camera and microphone, squeezing them into a thin frame above the display. Also this time, Apple abandoned Face ID technology in favor of Touch ID, whose sensor was also hidden under the screen. And the display itself received a special ProMotion technology, with the help of which the screen refresh rate will double from 60 to 120 frames per second.

Rear panel and main camera

The iPhone 12 will continue the wide-angle camera system of its predecessor, but with an additional lens. The ToF camera is used to create accurate images at a great distance. It will be useful when shooting portraits or in using applications with additional reality. All four cameras will be located on the same square platform as on the iPhone 11 and will have a resolution of 16 megapixels.

5g support

All models released in 2020 are expected to support 5G. Such innovations will help Apple compete with other Android phones, which will also receive 5G support. It was assumed that the 12th generation of smartphones, Apple will begin to equip its own chips. But, according to rumors, the company plans to release its chips only by 2021. Therefore, other, no less powerful modem chips from Qualcomm will be installed in the iPhone 2020.

New sizes

Surprise the iPhone 2020 with its new diagonal dimensions. Experts predict new parameters for Apple’s flagships. The iPhone 11 Pro receiver will have a diagonal size of 5.4 “instead of 5.8 inches. The Max version will become even larger, getting 6.7 inches instead of 6.5” on the iPhone XS Max and iPhone 11 Pro Max. The iPhone XR and iPhone 11 will remain the same 6.1 “

Apple Pencil Support

Many preliminary renderings indicate that the iPhone 12 will receive stylus support in the smartphone. And given that Apple is following global innovations, such a chip can be expected from an apple company.

Iphone 12 is acceptable for the modern world to receive support for fast wireless charging, and the Lightning connector will be replaced by USB-C. It is also expected to reverse charge, which was announced back in 2019, but in fact should appear in the iPhone 12 Pro.

The use of new materials and the advent of the 5G modem will accordingly affect the price of the iPhone 12. It is likely that they will be much more expensive than the iPhone 11.