Replacing Iphone 5 S Battery

Replacing Iphone 5 S Battery

Repair time. from 10 min.

Battery replacement iPhone 5, 5s, 6, 6s, 7, 8, X, Plus in Kharkov
Urgent battery replacement Full 12 month warranty
Replacement time from 10 to 60 minutes, depending on iPhone model
Real capacity. Affordable price with high quality batteries.

Replacement of the battery of iPhone 5, 5s, 6, 6s, 7, 8, X, Plus Kharkov Warranty 12 months. Real capacity and high quality at an affordable price.

Replacing the battery may be required both after prolonged use, and at the very beginning of using the device. It all depends on the specific model, as well as the features of the operation of the phone. We use only high-quality components.

When do I need a battery replacement for iPhone 5, 5s, 6, 6s, 7, 8, X, Plus in Kharkov?

Understanding that battery replacement is required, iPhone batteries are easy. Key symptoms of malfunctions include:

  • the appearance of spots on the screen of the iPhone;
  • inability to fully charge the battery;
  • frequent changes in the percentage of battery charge;
  • iPhone overcharge too fast
  • bloating battery.

If you find one of these symptoms in your iPhone, immediately seek help from professionals at the Job’s Service service center in Kharkov. The iPhone battery will be replaced as soon as possible, with a 12-month warranty on the new battery. The price of replacing the battery is quite affordable and is indicated in the price list of services.

Functional Symptoms of iPhone Battery Failure

Here are a few more signs that clearly indicate problems with the battery:

1. The iPhone is fully discharged in 1-2 hours, even in idle mode.
2. The smartphone itself turns off when the battery charge is at the level of 25-45%.

Do not drag out a visit to the iPhone repair shop in Kharkov if you need to replace the battery on the iPhone. This will solve the problem in a timely manner and avoid costly repairs.

There are several more signs that we will cover in more detail.

A battery malfunction manifests itself physically, you will even see it. The battery will begin to release gas, which will begin to accumulate and inflate the shell. This process does not occur immediately, but gradually. In old iPhones, whose case is made of plastic, it will begin to deform, becoming convex. On modern models, the body of which is made of metal, it is not so easy to bend, so the screen is squeezed out of them.

If when you click on the screen, the phone creaks, or stains appear on the image, immediately contact a service center. If you do not replace the iPhone battery, it will continue to swell, breaking the phone’s display, and this is a more serious loss of money.

2. Symptoms in the work of the iPhone:

Suspecting a battery in a malfunction is very simple. If iPhone suddenly loses 1-2% of its power in a short time, this clearly indicates that it is time to change the battery

3. Check the status of the application.

Apple’s smartphone is quite technological, it can count recharge cycles, its capacity and general condition. Remember that on average, the battery is designed for a year and a half or 500 cycles. If after checking, the capacity drops below 20%, and the number of recharges exceeds 450 cycles, then we advise you not to delay the replacement.

Battery Testing Software

Before you go to the iPhone repair workshop in Kharkov, you can programmatically determine the status of the battery. For iPhone with an operating system updated to version 11.3, you can check the battery capacity in a couple of clicks, without installing additional applications. Go to the “Settings” section and select the “Battery” and “Status” sub-items. The display will show the current value of the battery capacity, as well as information on how much it differs from the original indicators. If the capacity is 75–80%, then this means that there is no reason for concern. The battery is considered serviceable and does not need to be replaced.

Owners of smartphones with an earlier version of the operating system should use the free Battery Life Doctor program. Run it, click on the “Details” button and opposite the inscription “Battery Data”, see the values ​​of the original and current battery capacity.

The iBackupbot program, which is installed on a PC, is also suitable. Download and run, connect the “Apple” to the computer and in the “Devices” section, select your device. In the right half of the window, technical specifications are displayed, among which is the battery capacity.

If the battery fails and runs out quickly, do not try to repair it and replace it yourself. Contact our iPhone repair in Kharkov. Experienced specialists will diagnose the device, identify existing malfunctions and quickly fix any problems.

Reasons for battery failure, iPhone 5, 5s, 6, 6s, 7, 8, X, Plus batteries

In addition to the natural cause of failure of the battery, the battery associated with wear and tear, experts at the Job’s Service in Kharkov identify a number of situations that lead to breakdowns. Among them:

  • temperature effects;
  • failure of the components of the printed circuit board;
  • mechanical damage;
  • moisture penetration;
  • outdated software.

If you need an urgent replacement of the accumulator / battery iPhone 5, 5s, 6, 6s, 7, 8, X, Plus in Kharkov, we recommend contacting specialized Apple service centers. The replacement procedure requires certain technical skills and experience, so it is better to contact professionals.

Features of replacing a faulty battery, iPhone battery

Replacing the battery, the battery on the iPhone 5, 5s, 6, 6s, 7, 8, X, Plus, and on other models is required once every several years. The need for this replacement is due to the natural wear of the spare part and this should not be neglected.

The complexity of the replacement is due to the fact that iPhones are equipped with built-in batteries. Therefore, it is impossible to replace the battery by simply removing the cover as in ordinary smartphones. over, the build quality, and the reliability of fastening caused by this, can play a trick on those who try to replace the battery on their own.

How is the battery replaced?

Replacing the battery in the iPhone is a simple task for an experienced wizard. The Job’s Service specialists use the following tools in their work: a set of screwdrivers (in particular, Pentalobe), a rubber suction cup with a ring, a plastic spatula, tweezers.

When replacing the battery in the iPhone, the wizard performs the following actions:

  1. Loosen the screws located on the left and right side of the connector.
  2. Using a suction cup and spatula, he gently lifts the front of the smartphone. Important: it is not yet possible to remove it, since before this it is necessary to disconnect the cables.
  3. It fixes the upper part of the gadget, which allows it to unscrew the metal plate, which closes the cables.
  4. Disconnects loops directly. This is the most painstaking and crucial stage. Practice shows that a common reason that a smartphone does not turn on after replacing the battery is damage to the cable that connects the motherboard and the battery. Therefore, it is not recommended to attempt to replace the battery yourself. Entrust this task to experienced professionals.
  5. Removes the retainer plate holding the battery inside the case.
  6. Removes a battery cable.
  7. He takes out the glued old battery from the compartment with the help of a spatula and tweezers.
  8. Installs a new battery.
  9. Assembles a smartphone in the reverse order.

Despite the fact that replacing the iPhone battery is not particularly difficult, only experienced craftsmen should carry it out. The specialists of the Job’s Service service center possess the necessary knowledge and practical experience, which allows us to provide battery replacement services efficiently and quickly.

In order to prevent damage to the cables, the case or, even worse, the motherboard, this type of iPhone repair in Kharkov should be done only by service center professionals.

High-quality and reliable replacement of the battery, iPhone battery in Kharkov with a 12-month guarantee for 10-60 minutes at the Job’s Service service center at the address: st. Pushkinskaya 11/13, Mechnikov lane, on the stairs to the 2nd floor.

How to avoid a malfunction

In order to extend the time of trouble-free operation of the battery, iPhone battery, you should adhere to a number of basic recommendations. Firstly, do not expose the iPhone to temperature extremes. After walking in the cold, do not charge the device.

In addition, it is not recommended to overheat the iPhone. A comfortable temperature for the battery / battery is a range of 15 to 22 degrees. A further increase negatively affects performance. And values ​​above 35 degrees can provoke a violation of the battery capacity.

In addition, it is important not to let your iPhone fall or get wet. These reasons also provoke battery malfunctions. Get a protective case, do not take the iPhone with you to the bathroom, protect small children from games and carry it in your bag instead of your usual pockets.

How to charge a new battery?

To extend battery life, follow these guidelines:

1.Use only original charger

The analogue of the charger is not always able to safely charge the gadget, since it does not have most of the protection levels that are present in the original charges.

2.Do not discharge your iPhone to 0%

The ideal time to recharge the device is 20-30% of the remaining charge. If you lower the charge level below the specified bar, then over time it can adversely affect the capacity of your battery.

3.Try not to use or charge your iPhone in cold and hot weather.

If it still happened that you had to use the gadget at a very low or high temperature, then in no case immediately put the device on charge. Wait until the device’s case accepts room temperature, and only then safely charge the phone.

4.It is not recommended to use iPhone while charging

This advice is a consequence of the previous one. Since when the device is actively used, it heats up, recharging at this moment can negatively affect the battery.

At the end of the article, I would like to note that over the year of operation of the iPhone, the battery can lose both 50% of capacity and 5%. It all depends on how you charge and use it.

Low for replacing the iPhone battery in Kharkov

Even for expensive spare parts for apple devices, you can achieve adequate repair prices. Our service purchases components at wholesale cost from trusted suppliers, without intermediaries. This approach allows you to replace the iPhone battery, which is available to users. Call, so that the smartphone does not lose performance and delight you with its functionality for a long time. Our contacts in Kharkov

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