How to Disable Geolocation on Iphone 6

Modern phones are literally crammed with various useful and pleasant features. Usually we use them without thinking about why they are needed. But still sometimes it turns out that it is useful to be able to disable some functions.

How to Disable Geolocation on Iphone 6

Not everyone, for example, knows how geolocation is turned off. Do you know? If not, then be patient and read this article.

Geolocation is a very convenient option: at any moment you can determine your location on a map of the area. This is useful when you are walking in an unfamiliar city and are not sure that you know the right way to your hotel. But you should not forget that the geolocation mode increases the energy consumption from the battery of your phone.

We must not forget about the “spy” aspect. With the help of certain programs, interested parties can easily get information about where you are currently located. And this is not necessarily special services. advertising mailing can ruin your life with a much greater probability than the FSB or the CIA. We should not forget about unwanted acquaintances in social networks. it is worth taking several photos from your home and uploading them to Instagram, so that anyone can easily find out your house number and lie low waiting near your entrance. If this possibility bothers you, immediately turn off geolocation.

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In the Android OS, coping with disabling geolocation is very easy. For this:

After that, Google will no longer be able to determine your location every minute and give it to those who pay well for such information.

The iPhone 4 operating system provides the ability to turn off geolocation if the user needs to do this. To disconnect your phone from the worldwide coordinate network:

Using this menu, you can turn off geolocation not completely, but only for individual applications. This is often done when they want to increase the battery life of the phone so that it does not discharge so quickly.

Do not forget that even when the geolocation option is turned off, it remains possible to determine the location of the phone by the nearest base stations and Wai-Fi access points.

Since the iOS operating system is installed on all iPhone models and works almost the same, the process of disabling geolocation for iPhone 5 is practically no different from the same actions performed for iPhone 4:

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The iOS operating system for iPhone 6 provides the same sequence of actions for disabling the geolocation option as for previous models. iPhone 4 and iPhone 5.