Iphone 4s Will Support Ios 10

Iphone 4s Will Support Ios 10

Last year, iOS 9 was released, which shocked the world. Users of “apple” electronics are delighted with the new OS and all thanks to the introduction of useful features that were previously lacking. And if the “nine” looks like a well-assembled and optimized mobile OS, then iOS 10, in addition to stability, has received a number of innovations! A bunch of new chips, which will be discussed now. are very useful and necessary. Let’s take a closer look at what’s new in iOS 10:

IOS design

Basically, the design of the icons and, in general, the entire interface in iOS 10 has not changed. But some details, however, were subject to change. Design changes undergone: notifications; Siri icon Applications watches, health, photos, maps, phone. In every application or in any other interface element, there are some significant changes. New wallpapers are in perfect harmony with desktop icons and, as always, look solid on iPhone screens.

IOS performance

Productivity (speed) of devices has increased due to better OS optimization and the speed of iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch has increased. It’s not usual when your old apple gadget starts to work faster. The battery consumption of devices has also changed for the better. Consumption decreased. Apple gadget batteries work more economically than before. Such savings are achieved by reducing the consumption of hardware resources at various device loads.

New features in iOS 10

Apple singled out 10 major innovations in iOS 10 for presentation at WWDC 2016. Honestly, half of these chips would be enough to want to install a new axis on your device. Let’s look at what was presented to us in iOS 10:

Notification Center and Control Center

Using 3D Touch, you can see a preview of any information that carries a notification. Whether it is an SMS message, whether it is a message from a telegram, all this can be viewed using 3D Touch. By clicking on the notification, the entire message appears. Those who don’t have 3D Touch support on their phone, for those there is a show button. Tap on it and the notification also shows more.

The Control Center has changed in design and, frankly, has become more pleasant. Switches “airplane mode”, “wi-fi”, “bluetooth”, etc. light up in different colors during the on state. Indents from the edges of the display appeared, but most importantly, another one was added to the familiar Control Center. with music controls. Now, you can control the music from any application. You call the control center with the usual movement and scroll left to call the music control center.

Siri is even smarter

Siri is smarter every year and that’s right. Soon it will be possible to talk to her as equals!

Now Siri is open for applications (developers are given an API) and this means that Siri will be able to work with applications directly, and not just open them. For example, we can ask her to write, some message, to someone in Telegram or Viber, or in other messengers. You can skype through Siri, you can call a taxi through Uber and all this without touching the phone with your hands. You can tell Siri to send money to a friend through the services of electronic wallets or to be able to find some specific photo in the Photos application. In the “Photos” application, Siri can recognize and remember objects located in photos. And this is not all Siri innovations, there are many other application possibilities.

Siri has its own tab in the Settings menu and a new, beautiful icon. Siri can also speak in a male voice, this can be configured in Siri’s personal settings.

Quick type

Quick Type Tips have become smarter. When we type in a message on the iOS keyboard, we are offered various hints, and now, now, the hints will be more accurate and useful. The keyboard in iOS 10 understands the context and style of your communication, and will prompt exactly what you most likely would write. Also, in iOS 10, a useful feature has appeared that looks in contacts and tells you the phone number that the interlocutor may ask you for messages.

The “Photos” application received a big update. Now, iPhones recognize faces and objects in photos. If you say a new Siri or write in a photo search: “show the photo of the car” or “bicycle”, then you will be offered those photos that depict the desired object. Another application “Photos” has changed a little in design. Firstly, all albums are located in a tiled version, and secondly, the “Change” button, which includes a photo editor, has moved as an icon to the bottom panel of the application interface. And in place of the Change button, the Details button now flaunts. Most likely, this button will reveal to us more information about the image (such as a photo property). And this is also a necessary function, it’s good that they added. So far, by clicking on this button, the “Photos” application crashes. So it’s not yet possible to verify what will open there. We are waiting for beta 2.

Also a cool feature. “Mamories”. Memories. It is like individual albums in which there are special sorted photos. For example, a photo report of a family vacation or travel. All photos are sorted by specific places, friends and other events.

Also, in iOS 10, a photo slideshow appeared in the Photos app that beautifully flips through photos to music that we ourselves can make to make it more interesting to watch. Music, it seems that only standard is available. But it seems to me that this is a matter of time. It will be possible later to put your own. You can also write captions on photos (such as comments) and use different fonts for this.

The “Photos” application, for several years already, has been receiving a number of serious innovations, and it pleases, by the way, the editor did not receive new functions, for some reason. I would like, already, a more advanced editor, it’s time for Apple to take seriously the photo editor in iOS. For example, I very often resort to processing photos on the phone, because transferring photos to a computer, and then trying to process them in Photoshop for a long time with a mountain of various settings is stressful. And additional applications for processing photos is not comme il faut. It’s easier to view the photo in the application and immediately get to the editor with one touch, and there it’s normal to process it quickly.


The Maps application has also changed. A completely new design of the application interface has appeared, which is more efficient and comfortable to use. And also, a couple of new features.

In another way, GPS works a little. When you are driving, you can move the map away to see which road awaits you next. Even in new maps, the offer of places of rest and food within the radius of your location has improved. In the new apple maps, there are already new street names in Dnepropetrovsk. But most of all, the new interface pleases. it is really better. All information about a particular place can be viewed in a minimized / expandable window. the picture above shows how this is done.


The music also received a new design, and, as Apple put it, this is a completely new music design. Yes, now everything is a little different there, but whether it will be useful is not yet known. It was familiar to the past arrangement of things. Now get used to the new.

But then, in Apple Music appeared: new categories, lyrics, TOP charts. I really liked that they corrected the spelling in the list of tracks. Previously, in iOS 9, the alphabet of letters was located on the right and was not convenient to use, but now the alphabet is located on the left, the letters have become larger, and all tracks are located directly below the letters. In general, it has become easier to spell.


The design of the News app has changed. I don’t know who needs this from users of the CIS countries, because we don’t have this application at all. But be aware that the design in a non-existent application has changed)). It has been said that the News app is read by 60 million users per month. Well, not a few, well done, but if Apple expanded to the CIS, there would be more users. Many would prefer the content from third-party applications to their own native app.


In each new version of iOS, Apple introduces new standard applications. So, in iOS 9, such became the News, My Friends, and the updated Passbook, now it is called Wallet. And in iOS 10, such an application has become “Home”.

This is a hub application for managing a smart home system. Today there are a lot of different devices and devices with HomeKit support for remote control of your home or apartment. The “smart home” system is developing rapidly and Apple participated in this, because their principle is to simplify people’s lives. This application can be downloaded to iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple TV and Apple Watch to open the curtains or make a kettle, or turn off the lights in the house using your device. Of course, you won’t get away with one application, because you must have a smart home system.

You can say Siri: “Good morning Siri” and in a pre-configured mode, the curtains will open, morning music will turn on, the kettle will turn on. In short, HomeKit, that’s cool! But you can’t even enter it, because there is no connection to the “smart home” system. it simply hangs all the time in search and connection mode.

Phone app

The Phone application has also undergone changes. Voice Mail (voice mail) will now be translated into text. But of us, few people use voicemail. Another useful feature is SPAM. If you receive calls, some kind of Avon, or Oriflame, then the phone number will be signed as spam. What is convenient! Now we will know that spammers are calling and that you can not answer them.

Useful feature. the choice of how to call the contact. For example, I put on a specific contact that calls will be made to him through the vibe, and when I press to call this contact, the iPhone will call him through the vibe. And the screen will not be a vibe, but a standard phone application. In addition to Viber, you can also choose other instant messengers naturally, for example Telegram or Whatssup.

Messages and iMessage

Messages with iMessage have also undergone a powerful upgrade. A lot of cool stuff added to the correspondence. For example, you can watch a preview of the link that was sent to you in the message. It has become convenient to send photos, because you don’t need to open the screen with the “Photos” application, now the tile with photos will be in place of the keyboard, like on Facebook. The size of emoticon emoticons has become more than 3 times. Now, at least, it will be possible to discern what and where is depicted.

Another cool feature related to emoticons. Tap to replace. Some words that mean emoticons can be converted to corresponding emoticons. By clicking on the word. it will turn into a smiley emoji. New feature Bubble effects: You can write a message with a special effect, such as a message twitching or dancing, or balloons fly along with the message against SMS messages if, for example, you congratulated you on your birthday.

A very cool feature to write with invisible ink in iMessage. You send a message to the interlocutor, but he does not see what is written, because the text / picture looks cloudy. But, if carried out according to the message, then it gradually comes to a normal state and we see what is written / depicted. Isn’t it cool? They wrote something important to someone, but that person is in the company of “prying eyes” and you will not shoot him. No one sees anything. A man steps aside and decrypts the message without outsiders by tap on the message. Also a very welcome feature.

You can also write and draw in iMessage. You can call the trackpad instead of the keyboard and draw something with your finger. The coolest thing is the App Store for iMessage has appeared, where you can download stickers, keyboards, effects and other game. Apple decided in iMessage to make all those functions that, already, have long been present in the vibe. The most important thing is that now you can create all these stickers, keyboards, effects, respectively, and make money selling such things in the App Store for iMessage.

All these drawings, effects, stickers can be written, only on the iPad, iPhone and iPod, and on the Apple Watch and Mac. only receive.

That’s all. All a brief description of the key 10 features of iOS 10. But in fact, there are a lot of new chips and features! Much more than ten. So, for example, you can edit Live Photo, you can start the Split View mode in Safari on the iPad, i.e. work with two tabs simultaneously directly in the browser. And also, in iOS 10 there was the most long-awaited opportunity to hide standard applications. Or rather, remove the icons of standard applications from desktops. Now, you can safely clean your desktops from unnecessary unnecessary, standard applications.

Other innovations in iOS 10 which Apple did not mention

In addition to the main 10 features of iOS 10, which Apple showed at WWDC, 2016 there are still not advertised innovations. Let’s take a closer look at what else interesting has appeared in iOS 10:

Dark theme for the Clock app

The Clock app has got a dark theme and now looks comfortable for the eyes. Most often we use the Clock application in the dark, before going to bed, to set the alarm at the right time and look at a black, not bright screen is much nicer than a white one. Checked, eyes no longer strain.

Also, in the “Clock” application, a new function “Bedtime” has appeared, which allows you to set the alarm so that it will prompt us in the form of notifications when it is better to go to bed to sleep. In fact, you can use both the “Time to go to bed” function and a standard alarm clock, i.e. Two almost identical functions in one application. A standard alarm clock could be cut so as not to interfere. With the help of the “Time to lie down” function, data about your sleep is recorded in the Health application. If you configured that you go to bed at 1.00 and get up at 9.00, then during this period of time the Health application will assume that you are sleeping, and attempts to enter the phone will be recorded in the journal. Thus, it will be possible to see how much you woke up during the night, how much and how much you sat on the phone.

Back to app function in status bar

The “Back to the application” tab appears in the status line if you switched from one application to another by means of a notification or redirection. Now, an icon will be shown in the form of a square with rounded corners with an arrow inside and the name of the application from which you switched.

IOS 10 release date

Now let’s talk about the release date of the new OS. When will iOS 10 come out? Apple developed the new iOS 10 all year and showed it on June 13 at the WWDC 2016 Developers Conference. But iOS 10 can be downloaded only in September, because Apple traditionally presents a new version of the mobile OS in June, then it will be updated all summer, fixing it errors and bugs. All summer, it releases iOS 10 beta versions that are tested by developers around the world and report problems at Apple. Apple fixes them, fixes them and finally releases a ready-made, full, revised version in a public update in September along with a new iPhone. Therefore, the presentation is always in June, and the final release of iOS 10 in September.

Download iOS 10 beta

Fortunately, you don’t have to wait a whole summer to get the long-awaited cool update on your iPhone or iPad. we can try iOS 10 at the beta testing stage. Apple will introduce public iOS 10 beta 1 for free download in July. You only need to register on beta.apple.com. But for developers, a beta version of iOS 10 is available now. When iOS 10 beta 1 comes out, you can update your iPhone, iPad or iPod to test the OS.

Which devices will iOS 10 go to?

First of all, Apple is preparing iOS 10 for the new flagship devices. the iPhone 7 and the new iPad. Under these gadgets, the new axis will be optimized and assembled in the best possible way. Support for new features and capabilities implemented in fresh gadgets, too, will be present in iOS 10.

All rumors about the release of iOS 10 were confirmed. This time, some devices will not be able to support the new axis. The exact list of devices is already known, so let’s get acquainted with the list of supported iOS 10 devices:


  • iPhone 7
  • iPhone SE
  • iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus
  • iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus
  • iPhone 5s
  • iPhone 5
  • iPad Pro 9.7
  • iPad Pro
  • iPad Air 2
  • iPad Air
  • iPad mini 4
  • iPad mini 3
  • iPad mini 2
  • iPad 4
  • iPod Touch 6G

Will iOS 10 work on iPhone 4S

No, it won’t work, because the iPhone 4S is very outdated and Apple completely abandoned this gadget (it stopped updating software on it). Firstly, the old 3.5-inch display is out of trend for a long time, and secondly, old and weak iron. The iPhone 4S does not have a 64-bit processor, and indeed it is already very outdated for modern software. Therefore, iOS 10 does not support iPhone 4S.

This became clear since the iOS 9.3 update, when the “Night Shift” function was released, which adjusts the temperature of the display so that it is convenient to read in low light and in bright light. And all devices that have older non-64-bit processors do not support this function. IOS 9.3 update is installed on the device and works, but the function is not supported. That’s how Apple pushes old devices out of the market. They want new ones to buy.

Will iOS 10 work on iPhone 5

Yes, the iPhone 5 will support the “top ten” and this is the smallest iPhone that supports iOS 10. Apparently Apple considers the iPhone 5 to still be a modern device and a workhorse. And that is so. I’ve been walking with him for two years and norms. Before installing iOS 10, I was lagging in black, and now I notice how the speed of work has increased, applications are working faster, they are faster folding, opening faster. That’s what the optimization means.

Will iOS 10 work on iPhone 5S

With the old 5S, everything is smooth. 100% iOS 10 support! iPhone 5S has a modern, not outdated hardware. Accordingly, a 64-bit processor. By the way, this is the first iPhone in which they started putting 64-bit processors, so the iPhone 5S will support iOS 10. By the way, iPhone SE will also support iOS 10, but this is obvious.

Download iOS 10 Wallpaper

Download the new official iOS 10 wallpapers right now. Save the picture below to your phones and install. Also, you can see my selection of different wallpapers for all iPhones.


iOS 10 pleased with a huge amount of new features and capabilities. I am always happy about the new iOS, because we get a whole pack of new features all year long, which are pleasant and comfortable to use. And this year, Apple did not disappoint us!

This is the coolest and most functional OS for the iPhone and iPad for the entire existence of iOS. Other manufacturers can only envy Apple. After all, the company produces the most popular, high-quality OS for mobile devices with its own personal ecosystem. Until now, neither Android, nor Windows Phone, nor other OSs from other manufacturers have such a diverse and functional ecosystem as Apple iOS.

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