How To Connect Tricolor Tv Receiver To Tv

The variety of audio. connections sometimes scares with its abundance and the user alone is not able to choose the correct connection to the television receiver of the Tricolor set-top box. A fair question arises; How to connect the Tricolor receiver to the TV yourself?

The most expensive set of equipment for receiving a digital signal from a satellite is the receiver. And in order to immediately eliminate misunderstandings, when buying a tricolor set-top box, it is advisable to check the list of recommended equipment on the official website and select the receiver suitable for you.

What are the connections and how to choose the appropriate signal source

In addition to the main power cord through which the satellite television receiver is turned on, the following audio. outputs can be found on the rear panel:

  1. analog RF;
  2. composite audio. output AV;
  3. S-format;
  4. SCART format;
  5. component output Y Pb Pr;
  6. HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface).

We will consider each of them in order and determine the appropriate type of connection for your digital satellite receiver.

Analog RF is an outdated format for transmitting and audio signals, used earlier as an antenna input for receiving analogue television and radio broadcasts.

Composite audio. AV output is the most common type of connection that can be found on any TV or satellite box. In common people, this type of connection was called the March flower. “tulips”.

You can use multi-colored cables if you still have an old-style television receiver with a cathode ray tube. In order to independently connect, just connect the corresponding color ends of the cable to the sockets on the console and the TV.

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The S-format is the most interesting connector, which is very similar to the connection of a keyboard or computer mouse to the system unit. It can be found on more expensive models of televisions and receivers. Reminds a round socket with several contacts inside.

SCART format is a common type of connection between the receiver and TV, the European standard through which and audio signals pass simultaneously. The picture quality when connected via SCART is comparable to the image obtained when connected via component output. It is a thick cable at the ends of which are connectors with 21 contacts. In order to independently dock the TV and the receiver, it is enough to connect the corresponding ends to the sockets on the set-top box and the television receiver.

Component Y Pb Pr is one of the types of cable connection that is capable of transmitting a high-resolution signal, up to 1080i. The cord is a set of multi-colored cables that transmit a signal corresponding to their color.

  • Green is for transmitting HDTV brightness Y
  • Red HDTV Cr \ Pr Chroma
  • Blue HDTV Cb \ Pb Chroma
  • As well as additional, red and white for sound channels.

In order to independently connect the tricolor receiver via a component cable, you must carefully read the instructions and not confuse the cable. Most TVs and receivers are equipped with this type of connection. This is due to the fact that the channel can transmit a picture in high resolution without significant loss of quality. If your TV allows you to make a connection in this way, do not refuse this choice. The output image will be significantly different in quality from previous connection methods.

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HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) is a modern data transfer format between the tricolor receiver and your TV. The advantage of an HDMI connection is to bypass additional conversions during transmission. That is, the digital signal enters the TV in the form in which the telecom operator broadcasts and does not undergo a change.

To connect your receiver to a TV, the best option is an HDMI connection, unless of course the receiver and the television receiver have one. Since satellite TV channels are moving to a new broadcast standard. And the tricolor TV company is no exception, it is gradually refusing to broadcast its TV channels in MPEG 2 and MPEG 4 formats and is switching to broadcasting high-definition television HD. Therefore, it is advisable to use a connection that can transmit the transmitted picture on TV as efficiently as possible.

How to Connect Tricolor TV Receiver to TV

Connection diagrams of the tricolor receiver to the TV

Connecting a digital receiver to a TV can only be done using certain connecting cables. The scheme is very simple; you need to take a suitable cable and connect it to the corresponding output of the set-top box, the other end to the same jack to the TV. If there are difficulties in determining the required outputs, you can use the diagram shown in the figure.

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The self-pairing scheme for two TVs is slightly different from the first task, but these differences are not significant. So, in this case, we need a second, longer cable for the second TV. If in the first case you are using a connection using tulips, then you need to select another connection, for example, SCART or HDMI, to the second television receiver.

It should be noted that the second TV will show the same channel as the first, since the television signal from the tricolor set-top box is turned on and controlled. In order for the second TV to show an image independent of the first, you need to purchase a second receiver. The additional receiver turns on and works through the same antenna as the first, only a separate output on the converter is used. In this case, both receivers will work independently of each other.

An important point for independent connection of the set-top box to the TV is the use of a minimum number of wires. Also, do not make connections with obviously long cables, since a long cable loses part of the signal.