Where Better Download Movies On Android

Even young schoolgirls have heard about the existence of torrents. They know that it is through torrents that it is easiest to download a particular movie. However, how exactly can this be done? And where exactly should you look for links to download movies via torrent? This is what this article will talk about. Simple and clear language.

A warning

Unfortunately, torrent cannot be called a legitimate method of distributing films. precisely, from a legal point of view it is difficult to find fault with torrent trackers. each user here shares only a piece of the file, and there is nothing illegal in this. However, copyright holders regularly complain about such sites, and Russian courts agree with them. As a result, many torrent trackers are blocked in our country. you can’t access them in the usual way. However, an enterprising PC user will always find a way out of this situation!

You should go to some of the resources discussed in our article using this or that VPN service. This can be a special program installed on the computer, or a special browser plug-in. the choice is yours. If you use a VPN, then you will not think long about where you can download movies via torrent. If for some reason you can’t use a VPN, you will only have to go to sites that are not yet blocked in our country.

VPN service involves the passage of traffic through an additional server, in connection with which your IP address changes. The server can be located somewhere in Singapore or the UK. in a word, in the country where the site you are interested in is not blocked.

Zona is not quite a site, but you can download and watch movies through torrent for free and very convenient

Before you talk about sites where you can find torrents of popular films, new products or, conversely, old classics, pay attention to the very convenient Zona program. By installing it on a computer, you get immediately both the player and the torrent client and a convenient search for films with genres, authors, actors and annotations. If you just want to find a convenient site where at any time you can find the you are looking for, then read on.

RuTracker. Torrent where you can download any movie

One of the oldest torrent trackers. At one time, it was he who developed the direction of downloading files through a torrent client. The site does not shine with beauty, but on it you can find a huge number of films, music and other multimedia files. The address of the forum is located at RuTracker.org. In fact, the entire site is one continuous forum, divided into different branches. It is interesting that on “Rutreker” you can even find distributions of authors. mainly in this section beginner musicians share their creations.

It is impossible not to notice that moving around the site is quite difficult. there are too many diverse categories of content. It’s much easier to drive the name of the movie into the search bar, and then get acquainted with the result. Be prepared that most of the time there will be a lot of links. The fact is that one film here can be contained in very different qualities. For example, films stored in a special format that Apple technology perfectly interacts with are laid out separately on RuTracker. Also separately laid out films in AVI format, with the least weight. Finally, different files can differ from each other in soundtracks. the so-called translation.

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Fortunately, sorting out search results on RuTracker.org is easy. If the name of the movie is marked [dub], then you will find a duplicate translation. You can also sort files by their weight. now the most relevant films are in MKV format and with a resolution of 1080p or at least 720p, and they weigh at least 7 GB. In a word, you will quickly find yourself a suitable file, after which it remains only to go to its page and click the “Download torrent” button.

Of course, this site is not perfect. It must be accessed using a VPN service. After blocking it, the number of active users decreased, and therefore downloading some very olds is extremely difficult. you can simply not wait for the distributors.

Also, someone may be enraged by the fact that the pictures here are taken from third-party photo hosting sites. And they are stored there only for some time, in connection with which now many films on the site have neither a cover, nor screenshots. However, this applies, of course, only to those films whose release took place more than a year ago. But if you spit on all these shortcomings, then you will definitely love this resource. With RuTracker, you can easily download a movie with a torrent. you just need to remember to register. And do not get to any clone site. there are a lot of them now.

Where Better Download Movies On Android

Fast torrent

Of course, in our country, not all torrents are blocked at all. In particular, Russian residents have free access to a site located at fast-torrent.co. it is dedicated exclusively to films, TV shows and TV shows. This resource differs from many analogues in that it does not require mandatory registration. You can easily go to the page of the selected movie and download the torrent. all that remains is to launch it using the appropriate client.

The site interface is as unobtrusive as possible. over, it is understandable even to someone who came to a similar resource for the first time. At the top of the resource are the main buttons leading to the main page, as well as to films in different resolutions, series and cartoons. Below is the search bar, which is useful to those who know the name of the film of interest.

Most of the links here are located on the left side of the site. With their help, you can quickly go into one or another category. For example, this way you can make the torrent display films of 2017. Also, links lead to films of various genres. to action films, westerns, horrors, etc. By the way, if you were wondering “Where to download torrent films in the erotic genre”, then Fast-Torrent is unlikely to suit you. at the time of writing articles in this category are only four titles.

As mentioned above, the creators of the site paid attention to all kinds of TV shows. In particular, here you can download releases of the programs Voice, What? Where? When? ”,“ League of amazing people ”and many others. As for the series, they were divided into Russian and foreign projects.

On the page with the selected movie, you can see the cover, trailer, a few frames and the average rating of torrent users. The main characteristics of the film are also indicated here. duration, list of actors, director’s name and description. Well, at the very bottom are links to the files themselves with the extension. Torrent. usually several pieces are presented to choose from, with in different quality and with different weight. This decision by the developers seems very convenient.

However, if you thoroughly understand the characteristics of files, you will be slightly infringed. The fact is that by the name of the torrent file you can find out the resolution of the film, its codec, bit rate and type of voice acting. If you want to find a movie with several audio tracks, you will have to download it at random. You will not be able to know in advance the frame rate. Also, a claim to Fast-Torrent arises about the description of the films. it would not hurt to add the rating of users of KinoPoisk and IMDB to it, as it is implemented on many other torrents. But otherwise this site is good. He will tell you which films are similar to the one you have chosen, and will not load it with your interface, and the VPN service will not force you to connect.

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Filmitorrent. can be downloaded without registration

At filmitorrent.org is another site dedicated exclusively to production. It’s nice that here you can download not only feature films, but also, for example, documentaries. However, the latter have so far received little attention. most likely, the administration believes that people are not interested in such films.

If you are thinking about where to download movies via torrent for free without registration, then this site will definitely suit you. The fact is that here links to torrent files are available to everyone. At the same time, the resource is not blocked; you can access it without connecting a VPN service. The “header” of the site is as simple as possible. there is only a search string and means for authorization. A little lower you can go to the hundred most downloaded films, the rules of the service and information for copyright holders. Well, the buttons to go to different categories of products are on the right.

Thrillers, dramas, cartoons, biographies, sports films, fantasy. almost everything is available to visitors of Filmitorrent. Russian cinema is singled out in a separate category. this should please ardent lovers of domestic films. Present on the site and the category “Series”. However, they are not divided into domestic and foreign, which is not entirely convenient. And someone should please the category “Anime”. here you can download the creations of Hayao Miyazaki, as well as other full-length cartoons in this genre. It is a full-length, multi-part anime that is not here.

Below in the same block is a separate menu. Here you can see links to the news of 2018, last year’s films, 3Ds and films included in the TOP 250 of “KinoPoisk”. The last selection seems to be the most useful. so you can very quickly get acquainted with those films that Russian-speaking people consider the best.

This site has a number of pleasant innovations. For example, the list of films here is supplemented by a banner with a rating on KinoPoisk. That is, to find out the rating of a film, it is not necessary to go to its page where all the information is contained. Going to the movie page is required only for downloading torrent. It also contains links to torrents with the movie in different quality. Also on the corresponding page you can find the cover and frames from the film.

It is also important that by clicking on the name of the actor, you can get to the page where all the films with his participation on this torrent tracker will be displayed. In the same way, you can sort art tapes by director, release year, and country of origin.


Initially, this torrent tracker was available only to participants in the local network of the city of Kirov. Now almost anyone can visit this site. The resource is not blocked, while it contains not only films. However, music albums and computer programs are less in demand here, and therefore, when downloading them, it is quite possible to encounter a lack of distributors. With games and films, this happens much less often, especially if we are talking about new products.

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Most of all the site pleases with its design. A lot of space on the home page of alexlan. org is given to recommended distributions. For downloading these films, games and music collections, the rating is not deductible. Yes, you understood correctly, there is a rating system that is familiar to users of the “Rutreker” mentioned at the very beginning. This means that you need not only to download files, but also to distribute them. If you quickly leave the distribution, then soon the download speed will be cut. For beginners, it is recommended that you first create several new distributions. It is quite simple to do this. at this moment you will notice that all the images are uploaded to the development server, so they will definitely never be lost.

The site looks very beautiful, while all the interface elements here are exclusively out of place. For example, on the left side of the main page there is a column with links to different categories of files. Unfortunately, this site is not focused solely on films, so there is no list of relevant genres here. But you can quickly switch to HD movies. This category includes products with a resolution of at least 720p. This also includes movies with 4K resolution. It is hoped that in the future, the creators of the site still allocate them in a separate category. Then you won’t have any thoughts on where to download 4K movies via torrent.

Below you can see links that are useless a little less than completely. In particular, here you can look at photo albums, chat (they were actively used during the existence of the local network), the names of moderators and help the site financially. However, the last point is useful, but rarely used.

There is also a familiar search bar on the site. If you know the name of the movie or series you are interested in, then just use this line. all that remains is to familiarize yourself with the search result. You will immediately notice the main disadvantage of this resource. Like Rutreker, each movie here is represented by many torrents. The resolution of the file, its quality and other parameters differ. However, at the current data transfer speeds, no one bothers to open several pages, evaluating the screenshots present on them. At the same time, you can familiarize yourself with the information about the film, including seeing its rating on KinoPoisk.


Now you understand that downloading movies via torrent is nothing complicated. You only need to try to do this once, after which the algorithm of actions will be learned. You also noticed that many torrent trackers in our country are blocked. But this is a solvable problem, because such locks are bypassed with the help of special browser plug-ins working on the principle of VPN. By the way, it is possible that SmartBobr will someday talk about VPN in more detail. Of course, here we did not consider all the popular torrent movie download sites. But to talk about them all is pointless. their list is painfully long.

And from which torrent trackers do you download movies? Or have you completely switched to the use of online cinemas? Tell us about it in the comments, we will be happy!