How To Connect A Tulip Cable To A Tv

“Progress does not stand still”. how many times have we all heard this phrase. Most often, the expression is used for technology. And indeed: in the days of modern digital equipment, those things that were popular 15–20 years ago became rare. Phones, televisions have changed, pagers, cassette players, tape recorders and recorders have practically disappeared into oblivion. Now very few people use rare equipment, therefore models of modern television equipment from any manufacturers do not have special equipment for connecting to TV.

Fans of rare equipment still use tape recorders for their pleasure, however, often the question arises about the synchronization of equipment.

However, nothing is impossible, the main thing is to find a suitable method for connecting one device to another.

Basic connection methods

The instructions provide for connecting devices to a new TV, setting up the operation of the equipment takes one to two hours. It is necessary to connect the necessary connectors through a special cable, but there may be some problems, because not everyone will immediately understand the names and purposes of wires and connectors.

There are several basic ways to connect a cassette recorder to any TV. The main ones can be considered:

  • connection via coaxial cable;
  • connection via an RCA cable (via a “tulip”);
  • connection via SCART adapter;
  • connection parallel to cable television.

Each method has its pros and cons, the final option must be chosen based on the interface that is inherent in the TV.

It is possible that the connectors you need in your equipment are missing, mainly for new TVs. The problem is easily solved by purchasing a special adapter.

Let us examine step by step all of the listed methods for connecting equipment.

Via coaxial (antenna) cable

To connect the radio to the TV via the antenna wire, you need to do a few simple steps.

  1. The plug is connected to the input of the VCR with the designation “RF / COAX Out”.
  2. The second plug must be connected to the television panel through the input labeled “RF / COAX In”.
  3. We turn on the player, insert the cassette and click on the “Play” or “Play” button. Through the search, we find the channel number we need, on which the picture with sound waves from the cassette will be displayed, and enjoy watching the.
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Via RCA cable (tulip)

This connection method is also quite simple, since the cable has a small tip. it has three connectors in red, white and yellow. Let’s analyze the connection in steps.

  1. The yellow connector is inserted into the recorder’s socket labeled “Out”, the other side of the connector is connected to the television panel through the input labeled “Video1” or “IN”. To facilitate the connection, the inputs have one color, therefore the yellow connector is connected to the yellow input. According to the same scheme, we connect the remaining plugs to the inputs corresponding to their colors on the equipment panels.
  2. On the equipment we press the button with the designation “Start”, “Play” or “Start”, the name of the button depends on the model of technology and may differ.
  3. Using the remote control, select the “Video1”, “Input1” or “AV” button, which also depends on the model and manufacturer of your player.

The above connection methods are suitable for connecting a recorder to old television equipment, in the case of new plasma LCD devices or models with Smart TV, you need to use the third method.

Via SCART interface

This connection will be optimal, since it allows you to display a very high-quality picture. In the absence of this connector, you must use a special adapter, the plug of which is inserted into a USB or RCA input (it depends on the model of your TV).

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When using an adapter with an RCA input, a wire of two “tulips” is used, this is done so that the connector of the VCR with the designation “RF / ANT In” can be used to connect the antenna cable.

Connecting parallel to cable television

Another interesting technique for combining technology. It is possible when receiving TV channels through a coaxial cable that is connected through the receiver to the cable TV input or through a special cable TV signal receiver, otherwise called a tuner.

Then the recorder is connected to the receiver (tuner), and only then to the TV, which requires a set of two RCA cables and one antenna cable.

Let’s take a look at the steps to connect.

  1. Connect the input labeled “Cable Out” on the television / tuner to the input labeled “RF In” on the VCR with a coaxial cable.
  2. With one set of “tulips” we connect the inputs labeled “Audio Out” and “Out” on the receiver to the inputs labeled “In” and “Audio In” on the recorder.
  3. We connect the equipment to the TV panel with another RCA cable (you can replace the RCA cable with a SCART adapter).
  4. Turn on the equipment. On the TV, select the input with the designation “AV”, “1” or “Input”, on the VCR. with the designation “Cable”.

Testing Technique

All types of connectors on the equipment must be carefully checked to determine which option is best for connecting the VCR to the TV. After connecting, you must definitely make sure that the procedure was carried out correctly by performing a technical check. This action does not take much time.

When connecting via an antenna cable, you must turn on the recorder, in case of a successful connection, the goes into standby mode (the screen turns blue or black).

With the method of connecting via SCART, both devices must be turned on simultaneously, the signal source is changed with the Sourse button.

Possible problems

When connecting devices of different generations and manufacturers, problems often arise, but they are all solvable.

  1. Interference. When interference occurs, the first thing we check is the wire, it is possible that it is not fully inserted into the connector.
  2. The TV does not “see” the signal from the VCR. There are a number of reasons for this problem: the wrong transmission channel is configured, cable damage, or socket failure. In the first case, in the settings you need to select a different source of the transmission channel. If the wire is damaged, it must be changed to a working one. In the latter case, you must either replace the socket yourself, or return the equipment to a repair shop.
  3. TV and connectors do not match. This problem is solved by purchasing a special adapter (SCART).
  4. Sound from the TV is superimposed on the. The audio signal may come from another source, this inconvenience arises from the television antenna. To exit the situation, it is necessary to carefully move the antenna in different directions, so we will slightly change its previous location.
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Before connecting, it is necessary to study the instructions for television and equipment for an approximate understanding of the principle of operation of the technique. It is also necessary to check the serviceability of both devices, otherwise the connection can be dangerous to your life and health.

The cables are checked in advance for proper functioning and compatibility with all connectors on the equipment. Do not forget about safety measures, you must remember that the connection is made on off devices in order to avoid breakage.

Following simple recommendations and choosing the necessary option to connect a VCR to your TV, you can indulge in nostalgia and watch your favorite movies on cassettes ors of some vital moments for you.

See below for more details on connecting.

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How to Connect a Tulip Cable to a TV

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