How to Connect a Plate to a TV

Tricolor. A leader among providers of satellite television. The Tricolor kit is not cheap, and even for the connection you will have to pay a round sum. How to connect Tricolor yourself, saving your finances?

How to Connect a Plate to a TV

  • Plate Assembly Tools
  • The best place on the wall for a plate
  • How to assemble a plate of Tricolor yourself?
  • TV connector mounting
  • How to adjust the plate Tricolor yourself?
  • How to set up Tricolor channels?
  • How to choose a cable for satellite TV and lay it?
  • How to connect the system “Tricolor TV broadcast digital channels”
  • How to connect TV from Tricolor without a satellite receiver?
  • How to connect an even number of TVs based on the GS E501 / C591 system
  • How to connect a TV to the receiver: detailed instructions

Plate Assembly Tools

Contrary to the general opinion that it is impossible to assemble and install a dish antenna for satellite TV, this can still be done independently. An exception. If the subscriber lives very high, and the plate will not be attached from the side of the balcony. In this case, to protect yourself, you must call the masters, at least to install the plate to the wall of the house. And you can already connect the cable in the future and independently.

If you can personally install the plate, you need to arm yourself with the following tools:

  • Wrenches of various sizes;
  • Screwdrivers of various sizes;
  • Hammer drill;
  • Insulating tape;
  • Fasteners;
  • Level;
  • Pencil, or pen for drawing.

The best place on the wall for a plate

Setting up a plate of Tricolor will not work without a properly selected place for its installation. The antenna must be installed only on the wall of the house, located on the south side. If the apartment is located so that not a single window faces South, you need to fix it where the South will be closer, and then configure it to satellite.

Choosing a wall, you must focus on the following:

  1. In the immediate vicinity of the plate there should not be tall buildings and trees, they can interfere with the signal.
  2. Another factor affecting the installation of the plate. Its location relative to the TV. The closer they are to each other, the better the signal will be, and hence the image.

Adverse places for installing the Tricolor plate:

  • Glazed balconies and loggias;
  • Places without drainage;
  • Territory where the plate can be covered with snow;
  • Roofs with a gable or more roof, asymmetric roof.

How to assemble a plate of Tricolor yourself?

First of all, you need to collect the whole plate as a whole. How to do it yourself?

Pretty simple if you follow the instructions outlined below. If there is an opportunity to invite helpers to help. It will be just wonderful, because the antenna is rather bulky, it is inconvenient to mount it alone.

  1. First stage. Installation of the massive bracket that is included with the Tricolor TV. The types of fasteners and tools depend on the type of wall. Bearing it, or capital.
  2. When fixing the bracket, you need to remember that the converter located on it must be installed in the downward direction to protect the plate from falling asleep with snow.
  3. Next, you need to fix the converter and the cable with each other using the F-connector. To do this, you need to free the cable from the upper insulation by no more than 10 mm.
  4. Next, you will have to tightly wrap the cable with a shielding braid and foil. The inner insulating layer also needs to be removed by 10 mm and tighten the connector as much as possible.
  5. Next, you need to prepare the stitches and electrical tape to install the cable in the arc of the holder for the converter.
  6. Sealing is a necessary procedure. It should extend along the entire length of the cable. In some cases, silicone sealant may be needed.
  7. Then you need to fix the antenna to the bracket. It is necessary to install it so that at any moment it is possible to rotate the plate in different directions.
  8. Finishing the assembly of the plate: you will need electrical tape and couplers, because on the bracket, in addition to the antenna, the cable must be fixed. If you fix the cable with a small margin, it will subsequently facilitate the installation and repair of the device, if necessary.

TV connector mounting

Following the instructions below, you can prepare the cable connector yourself:

  1. Fearing to damage the shielding braid, that is, very carefully, you need to rid the cable from the upper insulation by about 15 mm;
  2. Shielding braid and foil must be placed along the entire length of the cable;
  3. Then it will be necessary to rid the cable of 10 mm of the inner layer of insulation;
  4. Then you need to screw the connector as far as possible and disconnect the wire with the wire cutters, which should protrude beyond the edges of no more than 3 mm.
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The picture on the TV, which will be broadcast via satellite TV, depends on the work carried out by the installer. Follow the instructions carefully. In setting up Tricolor TV you need to invest all your strength and work!

How to adjust the plate Tricolor yourself?

The more accurately the antenna is adjusted, the better the broadcast on TV. The dish adjustment feature depends on the angle and azimuth of the place where the antenna is installed. These values ​​are measured in degrees.

If for some reason the channels got stuck, or are poorly shown, it is necessary to adjust the plate again by rotating in different directions until the appearance of an hardly perceptible signal. You need to rotate the plate slowly, shifting it to the side by a millimeter so as not to miss the signal.

Before setting up the dish, you must connect the cable to the television jack and turn on the TV. Turning on the TV, you do not need to immediately configure the channels, you just need to check for the presence of a signal from the satellite.

How to set up Tricolor channels?

To configure the Tricolor channels, you will need to go to the “Antenna Settings” menu. Then you need to shift the antenna cursor in the plane to such an extent until you get a signal that satisfies.

  1. There should not be any noise and ripples on the screen, and the sound should be clear, high-quality.
  2. The next step is to go through the option “Received signal strength”.
  3. Next, using the remote control of the receiver, press the “MENU” button.
  4. Then you should find the “Settings” tab, confirm the command by pressing the “OK” button.
  5. For further installation, a password is provided. At the initial stage, the provider provides for the introduction of four zeros. In the future, subscribers should change the password to one that is easy to remember.
  6. Next you need to go to the “System Settings” tab and approve the command again by clicking “OK”.
  7. Next, go to the “Antenna Settings” menu and confirm the request.
  8. After the subscriber Tricolor chooses the antenna installation mode and the list of channels, you need to determine the satellite that corresponds to the region: Eutelsat 36A or Eutelsat 36B.

How to choose a cable for satellite TV and lay it?

You need to start connecting satellite TV with the selection and laying of high-quality coaxial cable. The cable marking must be SAT, which means that it is capable of passing the satellite signal frequency up to 2400 MHz.

Cheap cables are also bad because they age over time, even if the original image quality was perfect. After a few years, and even after a year, the picture on the TV becomes of poorer quality, or disappears altogether. In this case, many subscribers begin to blame the quality of the provider’s services, which are greatly mistaken.

When connecting the Tricolor television, the distribution television network should be built in this way:

  1. From the place of installation of the TV (TVs), a cable is laid to the place of installation of the satellite signal distribution device (this can be a multiswitch or an active splitter).
  2. Switchgear. Active equipment, therefore, in order to avoid overheating or short circuiting, it is necessary to provide a power outlet with a power supply of 220 V.
  3. Further from the place of installation of the distribution device, lay 2 cables to the place of installation of the plate. If only 1 cable is laid to the satellite dish, there is no way to lay more, then you can use a polarizing diplexer. It helps to transmit 2 polarizations from the antenna to the multiswitch on one cable (there are restrictions for using a polarizing diplesker along the cable length and its attenuation coefficient).
  4. A television outlet is installed near each TV connected to Tricolor; it, like the cable, must be marked “Sat”.

How to connect the system “Tricolor TV broadcast digital channels”

Digital channels are broadcast from Ostankino as part of three multiplexes:

  1. RTRS 1 (Russia 1, Match TV, Russia 24, NTV, Channel 1, Russia K, Carousel, Channel 5, TVC, OTR);
  2. RTRS 2 (Muz TV, TNT, World, Star, Friday, TV-3, Home, STS, Spas, Ren TV);
  3. RTRS 3 (Match! Arena, Match! Game, Match! Fighter, My Planet, Science 2.0, Russian Novel, Russian Best Seller, Russian Detective, History, Cartoon, Sundress, Country, Amusement Park, IQ HD, 24 Doc, 24 Techno, Mother and Child, NVT, Trust, Euronews, First Music, Cinema House, Time, Telecafe, 365 Days, TNT Comedy, Many TVs, HD Life, STV, India, Comedy, A-Minor, Interesting Cinema, Kitchen TV, Auto Plus , Our football, Life news).
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The described system allows subscribers to really save on the annual subscription fee for television, since the subscription fee for multiplexes RTRS 1, RTRS 2 and RTRS 3 is not charged.

In order to implement the system, it is necessary to do the following:

  • Install satellite and digital terrestrial antennas;
  • From the satellite dish you need to lay two cables to the switchgear and one. From digital terrestrial antenna;
  • Each cable is connected to one device;
  • The digital terrestrial signal must be amplified before being connected to the switchgear. To do this, an amplifier or mini head station is installed (which is more preferable).

As a result of such painstaking work, both the Tricolor satellite signal and the digital broadcast signal will be present at each branch of the switchgear. It will be distributed on a distribution network to each TV.

  1. To watch Tricolor TV channels, you need to install the Tricolor TV receiver or CAM module.
  2. On other televisions, you can watch digital channels for free.

How to connect TV from Tricolor without a satellite receiver?

To connect the Tricolor TV using the Cam-module, the TV must support the DVB-S / S2 MPEG-4 format and have a CI slot (Common Interface). In this case, the distribution network is built in the same way as for connecting Tricolor TV on satellite receivers.

  1. A special TV interface through a television network must be connected to a plate.
  2. Cam-module is installed in the CI-slot of the TV, in the TV menu you need to register the settings for broadcasting television “Tricolor TV”.
  3. Satellite TV channels are controlled via a remote control from the TV.

Connecting the television “Tricolor TV” using a television satellite headend. The task is difficult, it is difficult to cope with it, if you have never encountered it before. Over, it is more expensive. In this case, the signal from the satellite dish will be fed to the headend, in which it is converted to cable digital format DVB-C.

  1. From the headend through a distribution television network, the signal will be fed to the antenna input in the television.
  2. You need to configure the channels on the TV by the usual channel search through the main menu.

How to connect an even number of TVs based on the GS E501 / C591 system

If you need to connect two, four, six or more televisions, you can really save by using the GS E501 / C591 system.

The connection scheme of the Tricolor TV GS E501 / C591 system is slightly different from the one described above, and this must be taken into account when laying the cables.

  1. To install the Tricolor TV GS E501 / C591 system, the plate is installed as for simple equipment.
  2. The converter is used by QWAD. With four (six, depending on the number of connected TVs) independent outputs.
  3. From the converter to each GS E501 receiver, you need to lay two coaxial cables of the marking САТ.
  4. GS C591 receivers connect to the GS E501 receiver through a Category 5e UTP cable (twisted pair).
  5. If the subscriber has a computer network. SCS, then a UTP category 5e cable is not required to be laid, since the signal can be transmitted over the SCS home network.

In 2014, the General Satellite company developed and brought to the market a set of Tricolor TV equipment for 2 TVs. GS E501 / C591. Such a kit will cost not much more than a kit for one TV. The option of connecting four televisions using two GS E501 / C591 systems is considered the most profitable.

How to connect a TV to the receiver: detailed instructions

When the cables are laid, the dish is installed and configured, you need to proceed to the direct connection of the television to the cable. We offer to consider detailed instructions:

  1. On the rear panel of the receiver there are LNB IN connectors. Connected to the convector, LNB OUT. For the high-frequency antenna cable, a connector for the power supply, as well as, depending on the tuner model, SCART, HDMI or “tulip”.
  2. Since the model range of Tricolor TV receivers is quite diverse, the set of available connectors may vary. There may be all of the listed outputs, but, most often, there is only one kind. A USB output is needed to update the tuner software.
  3. Next, you need to focus on the differences in the firmware of the receivers. Some of them allow you to broadcast images to all outputs, others. Prompt the subscriber to choose which output the signal will go to. Depending on the technical characteristics of the tuner, there are several options for connecting it to a TV.
  4. Regardless of what cable the subscriber will connect the receiver and the TV, you need to take the antenna cable and connect it to the tuner LNB IN jack.
  5. When you plan to use the high-frequency cable described above, you need to connect through the LNB OUT output and the antenna connector of the TV.

Next, you need to turn on the receiver and the TV. If the receiver is connected and started to work, you can find out by the inscription “Boot”, which appears on the display of the tuner. When the channel number appears instead of this label, you need to search for channels on the TV until “No Signal” appears. This means that the subscriber connected the receiver correctly.

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In the same way, SCART. EXT, Tulip. AV or HD MI cable are connected. Using the remote control from the TV, the desired type of input signal is selected. AV, EXT, HDMI, sequentially pressing the Sourse button (or “TV / AV” on older TVs) until “No signal” appears. The connection was successful, it remains only to configure the antenna (how to do this. Read above).

The whole world has long switched to digital television. Our country began the process of transition from analog signal transmission relatively recently. Digital television has contributed to the emergence of digital channels broadcasting throughout the country. TVs that support digital broadcasting DVB. T 2 appeared on sale.

This is very convenient, just connect the television cable to the TV, while no other wires are needed. However, if the TV does not support digital broadcasting, here the digital set-top box comes to the rescue. Many people who purchase this device do not know how to connect it to a TV. Therefore, it is necessary to fill this information gap.

Equipment required

In order to broadcast digital television in the apartment, the following equipment is required:

  • TV;
  • Receiver;
  • Antenna or satellite dish.

The TV should be such that it has an input for the antenna, connectors for “tulips”, scart. An input with a input. Modern TVs have an hdmi connector, it is also suitable for connecting a receiver.

Before you purchase a set-top box, you must familiarize yourself with the list of companies that provide digital television broadcasting services. Can consult with specialists the chosen company, who will advise the necessary model of the receiver. Some companies hold promotions that allow you to purchase and install the device for free.

The set-top box itself is just an attribute that allows you to receive and tune channels for a specific TV broadcast in a completely new format and much better quality. So that they broadcast through the receiver, you should deal with the broadcast source. It could be:

  • The Internet;
  • Satellite dish;
  • Other similar items.

How to connect a digital set-top box

Connecting the console to the TV is as follows:

  • It is necessary to unpack the TV set-top box and remove the protective film from it. This is done so that the film does not heat up during the operation of the console.
  • The cable is taken and the protective sheath is cut off from its ends, retreating by 10. 15 mm. The sheath must be cut so as not to accidentally damage the shiny film protecting the center conductor. Such a film is shielding.
  • Carefully unbend the film and screw on the f. Connectors.
  • Then connect the set-top box cable to the TV.
  • After that, wire the tulips to the console and the TV.
  • At the end, an antenna is connected to the TV. Install the antenna on the outside of the house or on the balcony. In this case, it is necessary to ensure that the antenna does not interfere with the wires of the power line or tree branches.

After that, it remains only to configure the digital receiver.

Setting up a digital set-top box

Set up a digital set-top box as follows:

  • You should take the console’s remote control and press the “Menu” button;
  • A window appears in which you need to select the “Configure channels”;
  • Press “OK” and wait until the prefix automatically tunes in the channels;
  • Then you need to accept the discovered channels and save them.

Thus, setting up the receiver is quite simple.

Connecting a digital device to an old TV

Many still use old TVs. If the prefix attaches to modern models quickly and easily, then old “electrons” do not have a connector for “tulips”.

Some older televisions do not have an A / V input, but they do have a SCART connector, some of which receive component signals. Therefore, you can yourself find the adapter circuit “tulips” on SCART and solder.

In addition, you can purchase an adapter from audio-to SCART. It is of two types: adapter cable and adapter itself, to which they connect a standard RCA cable from the console.

Old Soviet TVs of the Electron type are completely not equipped with any inputs, so use only the antenna jack, where a high-frequency modulated signal is supplied. Thus, it will be necessary to find a modulator with RCA inputs.


Having connected a digital television, do not forget to pay every month for a certain package of channels. Some providers offer the purchase of digital set-top boxes with a set of digital TV channels, which are already included in the price.

The main thing is from time to time to be distracted from watching your favorite TV shows in order to devote time to your family.