How to Connect a Cinema to a TV

How to Connect a Cinema to a TV

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Home cinemas of the world famous Samsung brand have all the technical characteristics inherent in the most modern devices. This equipment provides clear and surround sound, as well as high quality images. The home cinema of this brand is a multifunctional center that makes watching your favorite films truly unforgettable.


Few people have heard of Samsung these days. This is one of the world’s largest manufacturing concerns, whose homeland is Korea. Translated from their native language, Samsung means “Three Stars.” The company began work in the 30s of the last century, and at the first stage of its formation specialized in the production of rice flour. However, in the late 70s there was a sharp change in the direction of activity. It was then that Samsung teamed up with the technical holding Sanyo and mastered the production of black and white television equipment.

All versions of Samsung’s DC have the most diverse set of technical and operational parameters, but among them we can distinguish general ones that are inherent in all equipment without exception:

  • The presence of several speakers at once;
  • Reliable subwoofer;
  • High quality footage;
  • Clear surround sound;
  • Blu-ray support.

The complete set of DK from Samsung includes:

  • DVD / Blu-ray player;
  • Subwoofer
  • Columns.

Samsung installations are capable of supporting almost all formats of work:

  • MP3
  • MPEG4;
  • WMV;
  • WMA

As for the media, here you can also use many of the most diverse options:

  • Blu-ray 3D;
  • BD-R;
  • BD-Re;
  • CD-RW;
  • CD
  • CD-R;
  • DVD-RW;
  • DVD
  • DVD-R.

Samsung home cinemas are famous worldwide for their high-quality acoustics, which is provided by a powerful subwoofer, as well as rear and front speakers.

Compared to older models, systems released in recent years have a huge number of interfaces, which include:

  • USB output
  • Bluetooth
  • Microphone output;
  • Wi-Fi
  • Stereo inputs and outputs;
  • Component outputs;
  • Composite output.

With so many interfaces, modern home theater systems are rightfully considered multifunctional devices. The undoubted advantages of Samsung equipment include:

  • High quality sound reproduction;
  • Clear image without interference;
  • Stylish and concise design of the equipment;
  • Use in the production of the most reliable materials;
  • Wireless speakers included;
  • Multifunctionality of equipment;
  • Reliability of the assembly;
  • Simple and intuitive interface;
  • Equalizer option;
  • HDMI output and USB port.

However, there were some shortcomings:

  • Lack of a complete set of an HDMI cord;
  • A small number of settings in the menu;
  • Complexity of control through the menu;
  • Inconvenient remote control;
  • High price.

The lineup

Consider the popular Samsung home theater models.


One of the most popular models from Samsung, which allows you to work with almost all devices and perceives most of the media that exists today. From the interfaces there is Bluetooth. The speaker power is 165 watts, subwoofer. About 170 watts.

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Users emphasize the high image and sound quality, ease of setup, equipment functionality and the presence of a pair of microphone outputs.

Of the minuses, it is not the easiest connection to the speakers, as well as an inconvenient remote control. In addition, the kit does not have a microphone and wires. You need to buy them yourself.


This home theater comes with 5.1 series speakers, and you can highlight Bluetooth, USB, and Wi-Fi from the interfaces. Supports almost all formats and media. The front and rear speakers have a power of 80 W, subwoofer power of 100 watts.

The undoubted advantages of the equipment include the ability to read a variety of formats, as well as high quality audio and sequences. Home cinema has a stylish and concise design, it is distinguished by high build quality. For the most comfortable use, you can listen to music from your mobile phone via Bluetooth.


The kit includes a 5.1 speaker system. The interface includes USB, Wi-Fi, Internet, as well as Bluetooth. The main power parameters of the speakers correspond to 165 watts, subwoofer. 170 watts.

The advantages of technology include the optimal price. Quality ratio, as well as a stylish modern system design. The cinema supports the versatility of its use.

At the same time, there are no wires needed to connect to the TV, and the connection cable is too short. Besides, some users note that when listening in quiet mode, unpleasant noises are heard from the speakers.

This is a rather expensive home cinema, which costs more than 27 thousand rubles.


This is the best equipment that supports almost all existing media formats and media. The power of the rear and front speakers is 80 watts, the same parameter for the subwoofer corresponds to 100 watts. Bonuses are the presence of a radio, outdoor speakers and high-tech power board.

Among the shortcomings can be noted slight errors in sound, as well as the lack of karaoke options.

The price for equipment is about 30 thousand rubles.

How to connect?

According to the instructions, Samsung recommends connecting your home theaters to television panels of your own production. The manufacturer claims that this will ensure maximum compatibility and high quality signal transmission. However, no one prohibits connecting your Samsung home theater to a Philips or LG television, or to any other brand’s technology.

To connect the equipment to the TV, you first need to inspect both devices and find out if they have the same inputs and outputs. If they have, then connecting the equipment will not be any problem. You only need to purchase one or more types of cable and configure an effective connection.

In this case, you just need to connect them to each other, turn it on, and set the previously used port as a broadcast source in television equipment. We draw attention to the fact that at the time of setting up the connection, the technician must be turned off, and not through the button, but completely de-energized.

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If the HDMI output is available on only one of the devices, you can use the SCARD connector. This type of connection is able to provide a fairly high quality image and sound reproduction. In this case, to configure the equipment, connect both plugs to the corresponding outputs: on the receiver it will be OUT, and on the TV. IN.

Some types of wires can transmit only a signal, in which case the sound is reproduced from the home theater speaker system.

Another version of the cables that you can use is called S-Video. It belongs to obsolete formats. It can transmit only an analog signal in the lowest resolution, although some users still use it.

The most budgetary and easiest way to connect a TV is to use the so-called “tulips”. They are a cheap wire with a yellow plug; it can connect the corresponding connector of almost any audio and equipment. However, it gives a rather low image quality, therefore it is not recommended to consider such a method as the main one.

If the user of the recreation center wants to output the sound in the TV panel to the speakers through the receiver, he should use HDMI ARC, a coaxial cable or an optical cable.

To create an effective connection, you should connect the equipment, and then turn on the home theater and TV, and then activate their ARC on them. Then, on the television receiver, you need to select the option to play the audio signal from an external medium. As a result of these simple actions, when you watch TV, the sound reproduction will be more voluminous, since it will come out of the speakers.

In fact, connecting a home theater to a TV or player is not difficult at all. This is a simple technological process. The only thing that requires some effort is finding the right cable and connecting devices correctly.

What are the features of connecting a home theater to a Samsung TV

Important: all manipulations on connecting the system to the TV are performed with the power off.

The main difficulty in connecting a home theater is the completeness of technical equipment:

  • Receiver. Signal processor. After processing, it transmits sound and image to the screen;
  • Signal source. Usually a player of one of the formats: DVD or Blue ray;
  • Audio system. A pair of rear speakers, a couple of apron, center console;
  • Subwoofer
  • Wires and cables connecting parts of the system.

The main difficulty in connecting a Samsung home theater to a Samsung TV is finding the correspondence between the types of wires and cables and the sockets on the equipment, observing the sequence of connection.

Depending on the source of the audio accompaniment (speakers or TV), the sequence and jacks on the devices will differ.

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Audio output via HDMI cable

To connect the receiver to a television receiver, most often use an HDMI wire. It is he who gives the best quality sound and pictures. To understand there is an opportunity to output sound with its help, you need to make sure:

  • The receiver has HDMI IN;
  • The TV has OUT of this format.

If there are connectors, the equipment is connected by a wire, turn on both devices and activate ARC. On the TV in the “Settings” menu, select the item that allows you to play sound from an external device. The convenience of this type of connection is the simultaneous output of both sound and image.

Note: when buying HDMI is not worth saving. A wire of a dubious manufacturer will not be able to reproduce the signal correctly, interruptions in work will begin (version 1.4 or 1.4b is best suited).

Sound tuning with optical cable

Make sure that optical connection is possible:

  • There is OPTICAL OUT on the TV;
  • On the signal processor OPTICAL IN.

Such a connection will allow you to get a stable signal that is immune to electromagnetic radiation. Work without interference. The algorithm of actions is the same as with other connections: turn on the devices, select external media as the source in the “Settings”. On some models of the receiver or TV, the setting is automatic.

Connect via coaxial cable

No less high-quality sound will provide a coaxial wire. It should connect the OUT jack on the TV and the IN jack on the receiver. Allows you to transfer surround multi-channel audio and in good quality.

Frequent connection errors

When you independently connect the equipment, you should carefully read the instructions or invite a specialist who will configure the entire complex and correctly connect the acoustics. When doing it yourself, errors occur:

  • Incorrect placement of acoustic elements in the room. Recommendations for the placement of equipment are contained in the manufacturer’s instructions, they should be followed to obtain clean surround audio support. Otherwise, you can get echoing, rattling or “cardboard” tones;
  • When connecting a signal from speakers, you must select “Output” on the TV, “Input” on the receiver. Otherwise, the source of the audio accompaniment will be the speakers of the Samsung receiver itself. Due to the subtlety of modern devices, they simply do not have room for installing a high-quality speaker system.


Correctly connecting the system to a TV is easy. For these purposes, you will need to purchase high-quality connecting elements. For these purposes, the HDMI format is best suited because it provides a high-quality audio and signal. For the correct operation of the equipment, it is better to purchase a receiver and a cinema of the same manufacturer.