How To Make Video On Phone From A Photo

shooting is one of the main features of modern gadgets. Developers are constantly improving the quality of their own cameras so that anyone can feel like a professional operator. But how to shoot on the phone so that it is interesting to watch and not ashamed to put on public display on social networks or YouTube? We will analyze the three main stages of how to record from the phone. Preparation, shooting and processing directly.

How to shoot on the phone. Preparing to shoot a

Keep the lens clean. How to make on a smartphone clear and beautiful? The main rule is to keep the lens clean. It should not have any foreign objects, including dust, dirt, lenses should be protected from fogging and humidity. The best way to avoid this is with care and protection. Use special cleaning fluids and carry your smartphone in a protective case.

Download shooting apps. Modern smartphones have very good level cameras that allow you to make high-quality and adjust many settings. However, any of them is inferior in functionality to special applications that are created exclusively for creating. For example, the paid FiLMic Pro application. You can also find a lot of free programs on Google Play for smartphones based on Android OS and in the AppStore for iPhone.

Set up your smartphone. Adjust exposure and focus. From the first, everything is clear. The higher it is, the brighter the picture, but this effect also has a side side. At high exposure values, the quality of the brightened areas deteriorates. Focus is harder to set up. It all depends on the frame. You can entrust the adjustment to automation, but then you can’t make the on the phone as high-quality as possible.

Select the position and location correctly. Take a look around and choose the best place to shoot. The equipment should be positioned so that no foreign objects fall into the frame (if shooting is not dynamic). Accordingly, the main objects or people should “enter the screen.”

With a static recording, be sure to ensure that there are deviations at the top and sides, otherwise there is a risk of “trimming” the object. The most common mistake of beginning operators is to “cut off” the heads or bodies of people. Do not allow this.

Do not start shooting without proper lighting. Lighting can significantly affect the result, both in good and bad ways. If there is not enough light, then everything in the frame will be too dark. On the other hand, if you shoot against the sun, the effect will be exactly the same. A significant darkening of the characters against the background of too bright a background. Professional operators believe that the best time to record is 2-3 hours after sunrise or 2-3 hours before sunset.

Can I shoot on my phone at night or in the dark? Yes, if the shooting concept requires it or if you have professional equipment. In other cases, it is better to abandon this idea.

If you are shooting something in the room, then carefully monitor the amount of light, if necessary, create additional sources (for example, put a lamp near the smartphone, then the rays of light will not hit the lens, and what is happening will be better visible.

Movie shooting

Shoot only horizontally. This is the most important rule that anyone involved in amateur and professional photography should know. Monitors and screens on the entire planet are horizontal, so the should be the same.

Try not to use flash and zoom. Sudden flash lightening of some areas will not add professionalism to you, as an operator. The built-in “zoom” is not recommended during shooting due to defocusing and loss of quality. It is better to remove different plans separately, and then glue them with the zoom effect in the editor.

Use tricks from the world of cinema. If the should have distinguishable dialogs. It is better not to trust the standard microphone of the smartphone. Connect an external recording device, and then mix the audio and tracks.

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If you are making a that will be watched by many people, make sure that they are interested. Change the angle, switch from close-up to distant.

Shoot in the best quality. If your mobile phone supports HD, FullHD or even better resolution, use the maximum settings right away. Improving amateur with low resolution after shooting is no longer possible. By the way! The better the, the more it weighs, take care of the free space in the smartphone’s memory.

processing after shooting

The final step is processing in special applications after the shooting. Advanced smartphones can edit clips on their own, in particular, apply filters to them or add primitive special effects. However, for high-quality installation, it is better to use third-party programs installed on the computer.

Post-processing typically includes:

  • Work with color, exposure, filters, quality.
  • Work with “timing”. Trimming unwanted parts, adjusting the clip to a certain duration (for example, if you shot a clip and music plays on its background).
  • Mixing footage and sound tracks, if the sound was recorded on external microphones.
  • Adding interesting transitions between frames and plans.
  • Adding special effects.
  • If necessary, the inclusion of screensavers, explanatory inserts, final credits, subtitles.
  • Convert to the desired format.

For full processing and editing of footage, you can use the editor from Movavi. It has an intuitive interface, a wide arsenal of editing capabilities, as well as a large library of transitions and special effects.

This manual is suitable for both advanced and novice users. Even without editing experience, in 5-10 minutes you will be able to create your own clip from photos with music, screensavers and stunning animation! And also send the slide show to your friends on social networks, YouTube, copy to mobile devices, and maybe even teach how to make a from photos of loved ones!

How to create a with music using Photoshop?. Install and run the program

AMS Software Photo SHOW PRO contains a huge number of vivid effects, transitions, animated slides and titles, and also allows you to save the finished in almost any format. The effects library is huge! In addition, the resulting slide show can be immediately recorded on a DVD or optimized for downloading on the Internet. One of the important advantages. An intuitive interface, thanks to which, working with the program will be simple and convenient, and any user can make with photos and music.

Launch Editor

When launched, a window opens that allows you to create a new project from scratch, make a slide show in 5 minutes or open an existing project. For example, we choose the second option, which makes it possible to get a using ready-made templates. Similar programs for creating from photos provide not so many masks.

Template selection and adding photos

In the next window of the program you will find a number of free templates fors with photos and music in several thematic categories. You can choose a children’s, wedding theme or a variety of holiday patterns. If none of the options suits the pages of the official website of the application, there is always something new: visual effects for every taste and other good tools for creative work.

Import Snapshots

Push button “Further” and go to the selection of images for the clip. You can select several files or a whole folder with images, an unlimited number of photos, change their places. After selecting the necessary pictures and pictures in the same window, you can edit their sequence or simply mix to display in random order.

Add and edit audio

After clicking the Next button, we proceed to add music. At the touch of a button, a small menu appears, which allows you to select a file on the PC or music from the collection of the editor for the project.

How to add music and synchronize it?

It is worth noting the wide editing capabilities of the music file. If you wish, you can adjust the overall volume or add music with effects (smooth fading, fading, etc.). Also greatly simplifies the process of creating a, the ability to synchronize the slide show with the audio track. The duration of each slide with a picture depends on the total playing time of the track. For independent editing of the playing time, you need to click on the icon with the image of scissors in the line with the selected sound file on the left mouse button.

The main window of the program

After selecting the audio track, completing its editing and pressing the Next button, a new project and is formed within a few seconds. We get the finished. We get into the main window of PhotoShow PRO. Here are the toolbars for changing the entire clip or its individual slides. Also in the window that appears, you can select the name and description of the presentation, add transition animations and effects, titles and bright screensavers.

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Processing options for each slide

To change a specific slide, double-click on it with the left mouse button or select the Edit slide button. We automatically go to the detailed settings tab.

Slide editing

The editing window contains a large set of tools with which, for example, you can add new special effects, transitions to the photo, adjust layers, change the volume, duration of the slide and transitions. It is possible to add text by selecting the appropriate font and size. In addition, the corresponding buttons allow you to import a specific slide into templates for the future or save a still image.

How to save a?

Once your has been processed, you can save it in several ways. In this case, the in mkv, avi, wmv will be optimized for user-specified conditions. In the standard case, it is better to select the first menu. Create a slide show. Also, before sending to friends and publishing on the Internet, we recommend that you preview the in the built-in player and fix possible errors, for example, the desync of background music and what is happening on the screen.

By clicking on it you will be asked to save the project to your PC. After that, a window with options for creating a will open. We save the project and select, for example, Create HD-video.

In the next window, you can select the quality and, if necessary, add a logo, watermarks in the photo. Conveniently, the approximate size of the future file is also displayed. Then click Convert, select the save location and file name.


Upon completion of the conversion, you will receive a finished with your photos and audio! The process is accompanied by a preview window so that you can evaluate your photos, pictures and understand what else can be changed or improved in the project.

Movavi photo slideshow with music Slideshow. Why Movavi Slideshow?

Movavi is a professional editor who can quickly create high-quality slide shows with music from your photos. It supports many functions for processing audio, files and photos, in the presence of a whole set of filters, effects. The program works with all popular formats and has convenient and clear menus.

Once launched, the welcome window immediately offers several options for creating a new slide show. Fortunately, using the built-in wizard to make from photos and music at home is easy.

Add photos

First window opens “Slideshow masters”. Here you need to upload a photo for the clip. There are two ways to do this. The first. Mark and select the necessary files, which can be located in different folders on the computer, and the second. Immediately select the entire folder (this is convenient for creatings from photos that “lie” In one place). Here, after selecting files, you can easily flip each photo or change the duration of the clip in manual mode.

Choice of transition effects and music

Then the application offers to choose one of several sets of transitions or leave an option “No transitions”to create a from a photo with music in a calmer and “business” style. To apply them, simply drag the effect onto the pasteboard to the desired location. Add random transition switching if necessary.

Adding a music track

It’s time to add music. It should be noted that you can choose either a file that is saved on your PC, or any sound from the Movavi SlideSHOW internal collection. All of them are divided into thematic categories. “Inspiration”, “Trip”, “Rock” etc. It is also possible to adjust the duration of the slide show depending on the playing time. When all the necessary actions are completed, it remains to click the Finish button and a slide show will be formed. You can continue editing or already show the spectacular to friends.

Program Workspace

A transition occurs to the main application window, where there is already a timeline with ready-made slides, an audio file selected earlier and a number of menus for editing the entire project or its individual clips. Here you can configure a number of slide show options. The total duration of the and the time of display of its individual parts, edit or replace images (adjust gradients, double filters, adjust colors), add new ones and replace existing transition effects. Also, using the appropriate menus, you can add your text and captions. In general, the toolbox here is very large. Even a separate program for photographs does not have to be installed.

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Upon completion of all edits, it’s time to save the slide show. To do this, select the menu “File”. “Save movie to file”. A corresponding window will open and several tabs with export settings. If relevant, you can find a DVD recording and other options here, but we are trying to create from photos and music for uploading to the Web.

Please note that with successful authorization, you can immediately upload a new to your YouTube channel. Just add your account and export the full movie.

Presets are also provided that optimize slide shows for viewing on TVs with a 4K Ultra HD screen resolution, there are presets for Apple, Android and other devices. After selecting the necessary parameters and the save path, press the Start button and you will only have to wait until the creation of a clip from photographs and musical compositions is completed.

As you can see, make a beautiful music slide show from several images. Not so difficult, the problem is solved by performing just a few simple steps. The main thing. Choose one of these programs and follow the recommendations presented in this manual and try to get started.

It is not uncommon when watching a that you need to save a frame from a, or as they say, take a photo from a. In this article we will talk about how this is done using four popular viewing programs as an example.

How to take photos from a using VLC Player

VLC Player is one of the most popular players at the moment. VLC Player has earned its popularity due to its simple interface and support for all necessary functions. Among these functions is the creation of photos from the. In order to take a photo from a using the VLC player, you need to open the “Video” drop-down menu and select the “Snapshot” item.

How To Make On Phone From A Photo

After that, the program will save the current frame as a separate photo. For convenience, you can pause the and then use this function. All saved frames will be in the C: \ Users \ Username \ Pictures folder. You can also find them in the Images library.

How to take a photo from a using Media Player Classic

Media Player Classic is another very popular player. If you use it, then in order to take a photo from the you need to open the drop-down menu “File” and select “Save Image”.

After that, a window will appear in which you need to specify the folder for saving this frame. It should also be noted that in Media Player Classic, you can save frames using the ALTI key combination, without opening the File menu.

In addition to saving a single frame, you can cut frames from in Media Player Classic. To do this, open the “File” menu and select “Save Thumbnails”.

The result is a picture like in the screenshot (below).

Such a picture displays the name of the file, its size, duration and resolution. Under this information there is a cutting of frames from with display of time.

How to save a frame in GOMPlayer

If you use the GOMPlayer media player, then in order to save the photo from the you need to right-click on the itself and in the menu that appears, select the item “Video. Save the Current Frame”. You can also use the CTRLE key combination for this.

As in Media Player Classic, in the GOMPlayer program, you can cut frames. To do this, use the “Video. Create Snapshot Preview” function.

How to save a frame from a in KMPlayer

If you use KMPlayer to watch the, in order to save the frame from the you need to right-click on the and open the menu “Capture. Capture source frame”. After that, a window will appear on the screen in which you just need to save the resulting frame in any folder.

KMPlayer also has a function called “Frame Extraction”, it can be launched using the “Capture” menu or using the CTRLG key combination. After starting this function, a small window will appear on the screen in which you can configure automatic saving of frames. For example, here you can configure the storage of each hundredth frame or one frame per second.

After you select the desired settings in the “Frame extraction” window, start the playback and click on the “Start” button. After that, the program will start saving frames to the specified folder.