How much is Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Charging

If the tracker Xiaomi Mi Band not charging, then this can become quite a serious problem. It is known that the battery of this gadget cannot be replaced, and such a method as flashing is not available to users. What can be done in this case without resorting to the services of specialists?

Fintes bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band, without a doubt, is the most popular sports tracker in our country and one of the most popular in the world. Convenient, aesthetic, lightweight, functional, and most importantly incredibly autonomous, this gadget has proved to be excellent in operation and each new version is perceived by users with great enthusiasm. But, like any electronic device, Mi Band can present an unpleasant surprise associated with failures in one of the device’s systems. Most often, gadget owners are faced with the problem of charging the device, which is carried out from the computer’s USB port through a special cord.

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How much is Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Charging

If Xiaomi Mi Band not charging, then there are several simple ways in which the problem can be fixed:

Checking contacts

Stripping device contacts. As in any other similar case, the first thing to do is to carefully examine the contacts of the gadget. Experience shows that the contacts of the Xiaomi Mi Band, for some reason, are coated with oxidation products rather quickly. Perhaps the whole point is that the capsule itself does not fit snugly into its nest in the bracelet and moisture seeps into the contacts. Contacts should be cleaned as accurately as possible, without the use of abrasive materials and chemicals. It is best to wipe the contacts with a cloth slightly moistened with alcohol. Yes, do not forget that you need to process the contacts on the cable! If after cleaning Xiaomi Mi Fand not charging as before, we move on to the next method of “treatment” of the device.

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Cool the gadget

Device cooling. It is known that it is practically impossible to influence the electronic filling of the tracker closed from the user by the capsule in any way. But, nevertheless, there is one way, the effectiveness of which is confirmed on the forums of users of fitness bracelets. It turns out that the gadget has a positive effect on the cold, therefore, if there are any problems, it is recommended to put the Mi Band in the refrigerator. In most cases, people who recommend cooling the capsule of the bracelet cannot comment on their actions and explain how their method works. Most likely, staying at low temperatures contributes to the rapid discharge of the battery and, after a complete discharge, the device turns off. Thus, a peculiar reboot of the system occurs, which is sometimes capable of eliminating a malfunction in the device’s power controller. It is not known exactly how long the Xiaomi Mi Band needs to be kept in the cold. on the forums there are options from 2 hours to a day. It is likely that the truth is in the middle, and even more likely that the gadget needs to be removed from the refrigerator after it turns off, that is, it will no longer be detected by the Mi Fit program or its analogue.

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Service center

It is not necessary at all, one of the methods described above for bracelet repair will be effective, so the option to visit a service center should also not be ruled out. Both contact processing and freezing will not deprive your gadget of the right to service in an authorized Xiaomi service, of course, if you do not overdo it. Turning to specialists is the most effective way to restore the gadget’s performance and you should not neglect this opportunity.