Honor 10 Malfunctioning Microphone

The world famous Chinese company Huawei has pleased users with the creation of a youth brand of mobile phones. Honor. Smartphones from this brand have become quite popular among users around the world. However, the owners of some models from Honor have encountered certain problems in the operation of the devices. In particular, users note that the microphone is starting to work poorly in Honor 5c.

When the interlocutor cannot clearly and distinctly hear the voice of the owner of the device, the phone loses its main function: providing opportunities for voice communication. The reasons for the breakdown of the microphone can be many: from factory malfunctions to mechanical damage as a result of falling or getting wet. In this review, the most common possible causes of the malfunction will be considered.

Microphone Failure

When the microphone does not work in Honor 5c, it can be caused by various problems that have characteristic symptoms. One of the simplest “symptoms” can be a decrease in the audibility of the voice of the owner of the phone. This may indicate that the microphone is partially working, but the sound is significantly distorted. Often this can happen when the sound attenuator is dirty, and simply blowing and cleaning the hole can fix the problem.

Also, there are often cases when the sound periodically disappears, which may indicate that there is no reliable electrical contact. But there are also cases when the microphone does not work in certain programs, for example, in some messenger for communication. In this case, the problem may lie in the malfunction of a specific software. You can try to solve the problem by reinstalling the program or resetting to factory settings.

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One of the most difficult problems is the complete absence of sound, which can be caused by malfunctions in the hardware itself. Consider below the common problems that cause the microphone to malfunction.

Motherboard errors

It happens that in Honor 5c the microphone does not work well due to problems with its motherboard. In turn, its malfunction can be caused by various damages, the most common of which are moisture and phone fall. As a result, important functional elements fail. In this case, in order for the microphone to work again, it is necessary to replace its board. Performing this manipulation is best left to the mobile phone repair technician, since work requires skill and a good knowledge of the matter.

If you have the necessary parts to complete the replacement, the procedure will take a fairly small amount of time.

Loop Failure

Another possible reason for the failure of the microphone may be a malfunction in the loop. A ribbon cable is a ribbon cable used to connect various boards (motherboard, screen, microphone) to the device. Check the functionality of the loop can a specialist in the field of repair of smartphones. After removing the corresponding connecting cable, it is tested, according to the results of which it becomes clear whether it is working or not. Replacing a faulty loop also does not require a lot of time.

Honor 10 Malfunctioning Microphone

It is worth noting that in addition to the failure of the cable, there may be cases when the socket into which the cable is connected is faulty. Again, this can only be installed by a repairman.

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Liquid spillage

Perhaps the most popular and common cause of microphone malfunction on Honor phones is liquid spillage on the entire phone as a whole, and specifically on the microphone hole itself. If moisture gets in, the microphone may work partially or stop working altogether.

Often a malfunction is caused by the formation of oxides of the microphone circuit. They can appear both next to the microphone and in the system connector used to connect the headset. Quite often, this problem can be solved by cleaning the oxides, after which the microphone becomes fully operational. However, it happens that the liquid penetrates directly into the microphone and in this case it is necessary to completely replace the element.

In addition to the formation of oxides, the operation of the elements of the binding of the microphone circuits, namely: varistors and zener diodes, can also be disrupted. It is noteworthy that oxides can hide under EMIF filters, which can become unusable very quickly if oxides are not detected on time. However, we note that in the worst case, when the filters fail, you can solve the problem of microphone malfunction by completely replacing the aforementioned filters.

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Power Failures

Microphone operation may be impaired even as a result of a power failure. In turn, failures can be caused both due to incorrect software updates, and due to malfunctions in the hardware. In the first case, you can try to solve the problem by removing recently installed programs, as well as by “rolling back” to an earlier update. When these methods do not bring the desired result, then you can look for reasons deeper in the hardware.

Quite often there are cases when power outages occur after the phone falls. As a result of the shock, the soldering paths of the motherboard may be violated. In this case, the problem can be fixed by cleaning and correcting the tracks. Also, disturbances in the circuit can occur due to the use of non-original chargers that cause voltage drops. This, in turn, can lead to serious problems, and in addition to a malfunctioning microphone, you can also get an inoperative power controller or burnout chips.

All of the above malfunctions will be able to determine the master, specializing in the repair of mobile phones. over, it is not possible to make high-quality diagnostics of the phone for a microphone malfunction at home without using the necessary tools.