Can I Install Telegram On Computer

Dear users! the operation of the Telegram application is blocked due to which there may be problems when downloading and using the messenger.

If the Telegram is unstable, we recommend installing: Skype, Viber or WhatsApp.

To download the official free version of Telegram 2018, go to the end of the description and click on the “Download for Free” button, then select the version of the program for a computer (Windows, Mac) or a mobile device (Android, iOS).

You can download Telegram for free on a computer in Russian using the direct official link below, also the application is available in: Uzbek, Belarusian, Tatar, Portuguese, Czech and many others.

Can I Install Telegram On Computer

The main features of the Telegram application:

  • initial registration and subsequent work of the program through a mobile phone number;
  • always free and without ads;
  • compatible with OS: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS;
  • encryption of all forwarded messages, as well as the creation of a hidden chat;
  • creating channels, sharing media, audio and calls and much more.
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How to download and install Telegram on a computer in Russian

Then download the Telegram to the Russian version of the computer and activate it with the same phone number as on the phone.

How to translate Telegram into Russian on a computer

First of all, check if the Russian language is available in the Settings of the program itself, for this, click Settings. Change language.

If it is not in the settings of the application itself, then follow the instructions below.

1. Open the Telegram application and click on the search bar at the top, enter @telerobot_bot or @telerobot.

2. On the found contact “Robot Anton (β)” or “Robot Anton”, left-click and then click on Start.
(if there is no Start button, write a message in this chat: locale windows or locale tdesktop, or locale. And go directly to point 3)

3. Click on Get Localization and Desktop. Click Russian language and download the arrow on the file sent. Then we right-click on the file and select Save File As, and save it to the desktop (or any other folder that is quickly found for you).

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4. Great! Now in Telegram we select the Settings menu item, use the mouse wheel or on the touchpad to release the General item, hold down the Alt and Shift keys on the keyboard and left-click on the Change language link.

5. In the window that opens, select the file that was downloaded in step No. 3. After that a window will appear where you need to click OK and the Telegram will reboot automatically and become completely in Russian!

How to Russify Telegram on an Android Phone, iPhone or iPad

  1. Open the Telegram application on your mobile device and in the search for contacts enter @telerobot_bot, Select Robot Anton.
  2. In the chat, select Start, receive a transfer or restart. If none of the phrases are there. write to him locale and select Android (or iOS).
  3. Click on the arrow to download, then at three points in the same file and select Apply localization File, then Russian.
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Photo-instruction for translating the Telegram into Russian for Android:

From the link below Download free of charge you can download the Telegram to your computer in Russian for Windows, Android, Mac and iOS.