Xiaomi TV how to set up TV


How to download the user manual

To download the user manual, you need to select a model. The user manual will open in a new tab, which you can read online or save to your device.

Xiaomi Mi TV user manual

All files in Russian in PDF format. Easy to download in 1-2 clicks, no registration or passwords.

Manuals for TVs Xiaomi Mi TV

On this page, you will learn how to use the Xiaomi Mi TV, the main functions and capabilities. All manuals are condensed and adapted for easy reading.

How to set up your Xiaomi Mi TV

The first time the menu is turned on, it will be in Chinese. The official international firmware is not available on all Xiaomi TV models. Therefore, the first thing to do is change the interface language to English. The best option is to use the MiTVAssistant app, installed on the phone.

Then connect your smartphone to the TV and download the Android applications you need in the “.APK” format, to change the language you need the StartSettings program. After successful installation of the program, the DevSettings icon will appear in the menu. As soon as you start it, a list with settings appears, in it select a picture with a planet image and enter the first item, in which you can select the interface language. You will be offered a choice of 3 Chinese languages ​​and English.

Further customization of the Xiaomi TV is the removal of the Chinese launcher, it contains a large number of advertisements, various films and TV shows produced in China and a significant amount of other unnecessary information. Alternatively, it is best to use Shafa launcher, it is great for controlling Xiaomi Mi TV, and works great with all smart TV boxes based on Android.

Another important advantage of the Shafa launcher is a high-quality menu in Russian, which greatly simplifies the subsequent setup and operation of the Xiaomi TV.

But there is one caveat. you need to solve the problem with loading the standard launcher. it will automatically start after logging out with the Home button.

You can solve the problem by installing another program. Buttons remapper, it allows you to reassign tasks that automatically start when you use the Home button.

How to Display Image from Xiaomi Phone to TV

Watching videos and photos on a smartphone is not as convenient as on a large TV. Therefore, from time to time, many users have a question, how can you transfer information from a phone to a TV device? Of course, you can suggest that you first throw everything on a USB flash drive, and then connect it to the TV. But all this is long, inconvenient and not always possible. In addition, this method will not be able to display online content on the big screen.

We will be happy to tell you how to connect a Xiaomi smartphone (Redmi 4, 5, 6, mi 8, 6 and other popular models) to a TV? Believe me, this skill will come in handy more than once. Maybe not today or tomorrow, but someday you will go on a business trip or visit, and there you can easily “make friends” two devices for broadcasting documents, images and other data.

Via Wi-Fi Direct

Using wireless technologies, you can connect your Xiaomi smartphone to your TV. For example, using Wi-Fi Direct. True, everything will work out only if you have Smart TV. The very same connection procedure through this channel is simple:

  • First of all, we connect both the phone and the TV to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Go to “Settings” on your Xiaomi smartphone.
  • Go to the “Wi-Fi” section.
  • We go down the menu and tap on the item “Advanced (additional) settings”.
  • We are looking for the “Wi-Fi Direct” option. Click on her.
  • In the window that appears, the process of searching for devices with which pairing is possible will begin. We need our TV to be displayed here. As soon as the smartphone finds it, we try to connect.
  • Usually the TV model is prescribed. So we tap on it. Then we press the completion of the connection process.
  • We open the “Gallery”, “YouTube” on the Xiaomi smartphone or launch the movie through the video player. We see an icon on top, which tells us about a successful connection to TV.
  • Enjoy the big screen.

Using Miracast

Do you want to display the image on the TV from your smartphone without pulling wires? Then you can use the Miracast function.

A prerequisite is a modern TV set to support this wireless transmission technology. But intermediary devices in the form of routers and routers are not needed. The signal is transmitted directly from one device to another.

The connection procedure itself will not cause any difficulties. It will not require much effort or time from you. At least on Xiaomi Redmi note 4x, we managed to set up data transfer to another monitor in just a minute. We did everything as follows:

  • First, we activate the function on the TV device. The fact is that on many models it is disabled by default. So it’s better to start with this. In our case, this is a Samsung TV. On the control panel, select the button called “Source”. In the window that pops up on the screen, press “Screen Mirroring”. How to enable miracast on LG? We press the button “Settings” on the remote control. Next, select the “Network” section. Then we find the item “Miracast”. In it, we simply change the position of the switch to “On”. On TVs from other manufacturers, the miracast function is turned on in the same way. If something does not work out, then you can find help on the Internet.
  • Let’s leave the TV. But don’t turn it off. Let’s pick up Xiaomi Redmi or mi series. Go to “Settings”.
  • We open the subsection “Additional functions”.
  • We tap on the item “Wireless display”.
  • Now we wait (usually no more than 30-40 seconds) until the smartphone finds an available monitor.
  • It remains only to click on it and wait for the connection to complete.

By the way, the algorithm described above is suitable for Xiaomi smartphones with MIUI shell. If you have, for example, Mi a1, running on “pure” Android, then you will need:

  • Through the “Settings” go to the “Screen” section.
  • Then scroll down and select “Broadcast”.
  • Then we do everything as in the first option: select a TV device and synchronize with it.

For reference! Disadvantages of wirelessly connecting a smartphone to a TV. minor broadcast delays and periodic quality distortion.

Another popular wireless standard. It can also be used to connect a Xiaomi smartphone to a TV. But we recommend using this synchronization option in cases where you do not need a live broadcast of images from your phone.

After all, a mobile device, when connected via DLNA, will work like a flash drive. Only no wires are needed, which is a big plus.

On the TV, the files that are stored on the Xiaomi smartphone will be available to you. And you can start them already from the TV itself.

For this technology to work on your smartphone, you need to install a special software in advance. BubbleUPnP. The program is available for download on Google Play. The transmitted content can be:

  • music;
  • Photo;
  • Images;
  • some video formats.

Also, don’t forget to connect your TV and smartphone to the same Wi-Fi network. Otherwise, it will not be possible to synchronize two devices via DLNA.


But if you need to transfer an image from your phone to a relatively old TV that does not support wireless data transfer technology? Then you can connect the two devices via a USB cable. The corresponding connector is available on almost all TV models.

At the same time, the connection procedure is in many ways similar to when you synchronize your smartphone with a PC:

  • Using the microUSB. USB cable, connect the phone to the TV.
  • Using the remote control, turn on the TV device and go to the menu.
  • Choosing a suitable USB output.
  • Open the desired image or video file on the phone.

The only caveat of connecting two devices via USB is that on the TV the smartphone will be defined as a USB flash drive with a file structure. It turns out that you cannot broadcast anything in real time. That is, you can open a photo on your phone, and it will be displayed on the big screen. But you shouldn’t run a video in the browser of your smartphone and wait for it to be displayed on a TV set.

Two devices are connected via HDMI as follows:

  • Be sure to turn off the TV.
  • We connect the wires, now turn on the TV.
  • Using the remote control, open the settings or the main menu.
  • We select the broadcast mode via HDMI. If you cannot understand how this is done, then refer to the user manual that came with the TV.

After these manipulations, both the image and the sound should begin to be duplicated on the big screen. At the same time, the quality is usually at a very good level. When properly connected, no noise, graphic artifacts, washed out colors or outlines are observed.

Mi TV 4A Pro with Android TV: Detailed Setup and Features Walkthrough

For reference! If you are the owner of a Xiaomi smartphone, then you can use the gadget not only for its intended purpose. Your phone can be easily launched as a TV remote control. This is done using the Mi Remote program. You do not need to download and upload this program, because it is initially built into the firmware.

How to connect Xiaomi TV to the Internet via cable?

  • We connect one end of the cable to your router into a free socket
  • We connect the other end to the TV in the LAN connector on the back of the TV.
  • In the installations, select the Wired connection
  • The whole network should automatically connect no extra steps required.

How to control Xiaomi TV from your phone?

Connecting Xiaomi phone to TV

  • Launching the Mi Remote app.
  • Click on the green button Add remote control.
  • We choose the type of equipment (in my case TV) and the brand (LG).
  • The application will ask: “Is the TV on?”. press Yes / No.
  • After that, it will ask if the menu button works and that’s it, the phone can be used as a remote control.

How to bind the remote to a Xiaomi TV?

Pairing In the main menu of the TV, enter the Mi TV of the device External device and Bluetooth Mi Bluetooth remote Add Mi remote control, follow the TV manual. After successful pairing, a notification about successful pairing of devices will appear on the TV.

How to install third-party apps on Xiaomi TV?

Instructions for installing additional programs

You need to download it and start the installation process, which will synchronize your phone with your TV. Then it remains to download the necessary files with the APK extension for Android, select “Install the application” and agree to the implementation of further activities.

How to connect Xiaomi TV to the Internet?

how to connect Xiaomi Mi TV to Wi-Fi

  • turn on Xiaomi Mi TV;
  • go to “Settings”, go to network settings and then to the Wi-Fi settings section;
  • select our own in the list of available WI-FI networks;
  • enter the password and click OK.

What is HDMI EDID Version?

Extended Display Identification Data (EDID) is a passport for display devices (monitors, TV panels, projectors, etc.). When connecting a computer to a monitor, the video card reads the EDID to determine the characteristics of the monitor.

How to enable HDMI on Xiaomi?

The first step is to make sure that the TV has the correct connector.

  • Turn off both devices.
  • We connect the cable with one end to the TV, and the other to Xiaomi.
  • In the TV settings, select HDMI as a signal source.
  • The broadcast of the picture should start automatically, and in full in real time.

First turn on

Like any other TV, after purchasing a new model of the Mi TV, you need to make the initial settings. To do this, when you first connect, follow the prompts on the screen.

First of all, you will be prompted to select a language. What language the TV menu will be in depends on your choice.

Further, on most models, it will be offered to make settings for working on the Internet using a smartphone on the Android platform. After all, Xiaomi Smart TV runs on Android TV, so by choosing this method you can save time on further actions by transferring data from your phone.

You will also need to agree to the Terms of Service. You can read the User Agreement if you are interested. For further work, click on Accept.

Channel setup

Xiaomi TVs have the ability to receive digital TV without any additional devices in the form of set-top boxes. Therefore, to view the numbers on Xiaomi, we go directly to setting up digital television.

Mi TVs support various broadcast standards

  • DVB-T2 is the main broadcasting format, only a UHF antenna is needed.
  • DVB-C is for cable TV.
  • DVB-S satellite broadcasting, not all Xiaomi models support this reception standard. Therefore, if you need satellite television, check the capabilities of your model before purchasing.
  • We connect the TV cable to the TV socket
  • Next, we take the remote control and press the Menu button, usually it is indicated by a round.
  • Go to the main menu of Mi TV.
  • We are looking for a settings icon, usually a gear.
  • Selecting the TV section.
  • Next, click on Channels.
  • Click on Channel Search.
  • Antenna will be offered for reception from the Ether, Cable, respectively, cable, Satellite. satellite broadcasting. click on your signal source.
  • Choosing the type of broadcast.

Internet setup

As mentioned above, Xiaomi Smart TVs are the ideal Smart, because it runs on the most popular Android TV platform that allows you to install applications from Google Play. You can easily watch videos on the most popular YouTube hosting, watch your favorite TV shows on Netflix. After all, you can install any application available on Google Play. Also, other Google services are available to you, namely Chromecast and Google voice search, because the remotes from Hiomi are equipped with a microphone.

Setting up your Xiaomi Smart TV

Xiaomi has been actively involved in TV production in recent years. Indeed, after a short time, this brand has become one of the leaders in this market segment. Xiaomi TVs are provided in various price categories, thanks to this, even an ordinary buyer has the opportunity to purchase a good TV with numerous functions.

WI-FI connection on Mi Smart TV

Setting up and connecting Wi-Fi on Xiaomi TVs is not very complicated and the system itself will constantly try to connect to the network. After all, these devices are designed to a greater extent for the Internet.

  • Go to TV settings.
  • We find the item Network and Internet.
  • Choosing Wi-Fi.
  • Click to scan available points.
  • Find your network by name.
  • Enter your password.
  • The TV itself will report a successful connection or an error.

Cable connection

Like any Smart TV, Xiaomi easily connects to the network via an Internet cable. To do this, you need to perform a few simple steps. After all, thanks to such a connection, you will achieve the maximum Internet speed on your Mi TV.

  • We take a cord with two RJ-45 connectors.
  • We connect one end of the cable to the router in a free socket.
  • We connect the other connector to the TV in the LAN connector which is located on the back of the TV.
  • In the installations, select the Wired connection.
  • The whole network should automatically connect no extra steps required.


As you can see, there is nothing complicated in the settings. But if you have difficulties in using Mi TV, then describe your problem in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

USB connection

8.25.2019 Xiaomi Mi TV 4S 43 L43M5-5ARU Novosibirsk “1. USB disappeared in the signal source selection menu. I can not play video from a flash drive. The TV detects it as an external drive. 2. After formatting the flash drive and external hard drive on the TV, the home computer with Win7 stopped seeing them. “

Mi TV 4

Mi TV model 4. AI bezel-less device released in 2017. Available in 49 “, 55”, 65 “screen sizes. 4A version has a soundbar with 10 speakers. 4C version includes 43” and 55 “models.

Doesn’t connect to the Internet

I can’t connect the Xiaomi Mi TV 4 55 “TV to the local network via a wire. Everything works fine on Wi-Fi, but there is not enough speed. HD channels are very slow. I manually registered the IP address, dns, gateway, subnet mask (experience setting up network equipment When the network cable is connected in the settings, under the local network icon, the status “Connected” appears. But access to the Internet does not appear. It was not necessary to configure the equipment with the android. Please tell me, can there be any other nuances that I do not know about? 11/18/2018, Vladivostok.


Modern TVs connect to a local network without any complications. It appears that your TV software needs to be updated.

Setting up your Xiaomi TV. Mi TV.

Mi TV 2

The Mi TV 2 model was released in 2016 and has screen modifications with a diagonal of 49 “and 55”. The kit includes a TV, remote control, soundbar, subwoofer. Android 4.3 OS.


Xiaomi launches Mi TV of several different series: Mi TV 2, Mi TV 3 (3S Flat / 3S Curved), Mi TV 4 (4A, 4C).

How to set up Xiaomi TVs for playback

There are TVs that offer a game mode that lets you know what it will be used for, and it deactivates all those settings that affect the final image displayed on the screen. Xiaomi TV does not offer any methods, so you have to manually adjust these settings to reduce latency. So follow the instructions below.

First go to Settings and then to Device Settings. Select the entry to which the console is connected and change the label to rename it using video games or in a personalized way to make it easier for you to manage everything.

Then activate Enhanced HDMI This will give you support for the HDMI 2.0 implementation, which will accept UHD signals at 50 / 60p 4: 4: 4 and 4: 2: 2. Finally, go back to Settings and in Image select Advanced Video. In this mode, you disable noise reduction and select Full from the HDMI RGB Range menu. Now you will return to the previous menu and turn off video anti-aliasing there.

Ready, with these simple changes, the response time will be shortened. It will not be the ideal screen for enjoying the most outstanding gaming experience, mainly due to the very limitation of the panel, which is 60 Hz rather than 120 Hz in the higher ranges, but quite good.

Tune your Xiaomi TV to get the best performance while playing

If you bought one of the new Xiaomi TVs with the idea of ​​using this feature to play on your console or PC, it is important that you know how to get the most out of it. So let’s see what adjustments need to be made to get the best possible quality. Changes you can also apply to your current TV and you may not have known.

Using TVs as gaming monitors

Despite the fact that they were in no hurry to come, within a short time it generated a lot of interest from users. We refer to Xiaomi TVs, a product that we really wanted and which we have already been able to analyze here.

The truth is, the work done by the manufacturer lives up to expectations. It’s not a perfect TV, and knowing that its lifespan is so much longer than other consumer electronics products, it might pay a little more. But if you place a bet on it, we believe that you are not mistaken.

However, we are interested to see how to get or get the best quality when we use it to play connect our console. What for? Because by default, TVs are not ready to be used as monitors, and this affects perception, although you may not know this yet. So we put you in a situation.

The TV is designed for watching TV series, films or programs of traditional TV channels. This is a type of content where quality prevails, and we, as viewers, should only consume without interacting with it. The same does not happen with video games, and what is shown on the screen responds to actions performed with the remote, so the response time should be as close to zero as possible.

To achieve the best picture quality, a TV uses a number of processes and algorithms that analyze the incoming video signal to soften it, improve its sharpness, smoothness, etc. All of these processes delay the “drawing” of the image onto the screen. The wider this time, the more what was known as it was. So this is what we will try to cut to the maximum.

Settings to set up any TV as a game screen

What we have commented for Xiaomi TVs is valid for any other TV. All you have to do is check with the manufacturer’s instructions to find out where each of these options are.

As a reminder, you only need to deactivate those related to motion anti-aliasing, dynamic contrast analysis, color enhancement, or other filters that you may have seen. All these processes only add more input lag and will not benefit the gaming experience. Then finally check the calibration and see if you can expand the RGB color range to full.

Ready, now you can be sure to get the best video game experience with your TV.

Turning on the Xiaomi Smart TV for the first time

Xiaomi is known for manufacturing a wide range of Spectra devices. And of course, many users think of smartphones first. But Xiaomi also makes Smart TVs. But how do you connect them? We will tell you about this today.

First, you need to take the TV out of the box and fix it on the standard legs. For attaching the legs, screws are included in the kit, they have a cross-shaped head.

Next, you need to connect the TV to the network. And insert 2 AAA batteries into the standard remote control.

Now let’s get acquainted with the remote control. It has 8 buttons, the functions of which we will describe from top to bottom:

1) power button; 2) enable voice search; 3) a disk for navigation in the system; 4) the central button, duplicating the action “Okay”;

5) turning on the PatchWall system; 6) step back; 7) switching to pure Android; 8) bottom rocker for volume control.

Next, turn on the TV by pressing the power button. It is on the TV on the bottom edge under the Mi logo.

Next, we synchronize the remote control and the TV by pressing the center button on the remote control. If the remote control is not found, you need to press the outermost round buttons on the remote control and repeat the connection operation.

Next, select the region. To navigate the menu, use the joystick on the remote control.

The next step is to select the system language. Russian language is available, but we did not find Belarusian.

Next comes the choice of setting: via an Android device or not. If you choose via Android, the TV will take almost all the data from the owner’s smartphone. But such a smartphone may not be available, so consider the option of full manual configuration.

We connect Smart-TV to Wi-Fi. We select the home access point and then enter the password. By the way, for ease of input, you can connect a wired keyboard to the TV. By the way, these TVs support connection via wired Internet.

To fully unfold the TV, you need to connect it to Google services. To do this, the next step is to log into your Google account. Gmail is used to sign in.

You can use your smartphone, computer, or remote control to log in. Through the latter, we will connect. To do this, on the virtual keyboard, enter the login (mail) and password from it.

The next step is reading and agreeing to the user agreement.

Next, we give permission to use the location of the TV or skip this action. In order for the TV to use all the possibilities, it is better to issue the resolution.

Next, Android asks for permission to collect user data. It’s best to refuse.

The next step is the name for the TV. You can choose one of the proposed names or write your own.

Next, we read and agree with the user agreement from Xiaomi.

It is better to refuse a request to improve the performance of devices.

Next, we get acquainted with the capabilities of the TV, flipping through the displayed slides.

In the next step, the system will show you how to use the remote control to change systems. Indeed, the Xiaomi TV has as many as 2 shells. pure Android and PatchWall. Each of them has a dedicated button on the remote. PatchWall is activated by the Mi button, and pure Android by the button with a drawn circle.

The TV will then boot into the system. And the user will be able to enjoy the content on the new TV.

Improve the quality of your video games

If you are using a TV with a console or PC, you can improve your gaming experience. To do this, go to “Settings” “Device Settings”. Now activate HDMI Advanced Mode. Then in picture settings go to Advanced Video and disable noise reduction, video anti-aliasing and enable HDMI RGB range.

These simple settings will allow you to reproduce the image captured from the console or PC without any changes when it is displayed. This way, you get quality and improvements by reducing the delay between the execution of an action on the controller and its reflection.

My Remote Controller, replacing the physical controller

If the TV remote control fails or you lose it at home, you can use your smartphone as a remote control. You only need to download the Mi Remote Controller application. This is not the only application of this type that you can use, but together with the official Google (Android and iOS) it is the best for this TV.

Xiaomi TV Tips & Tricks and Maximum Possibilities

Xiaomi TVs are currently one of the most interesting offerings in the Smart TV sector. They have a very good price tag and sections such as design, picture quality or sound are excellent considering how much they cost. Best of all, though, they integrate Android TV, which gives you a lot more options. So you can get the most out of your Xiaomi Mi LED TV.

Improve picture and sound quality

There are technical limitations that will prevent you from improving picture and sound quality beyond what the panel offers. However, you can see the adjustments with which you can earn additional user experience.

In the case of an image without bad consistent calibration, the truth is that if you use the calibration parameters, you will improve performance even more. Likewise, if you are new to adjusting settings such as brightness or contrast, use one of the predefined profiles. If you like vivid colors, go for vivid mode, although our favorite movie mode.

Something similar happens with the sound, the standard mode is not bad, but if you try others, such as the movie, you may like more how the dialogues and other effects or music of the content you visualize sound.

Install apps outside of the Play Store

Once you’ve allowed this option to install downloaded APKs in other ways, the only thing you need to take into account is. it is that you will be solely responsible for any potential security issues that may arise.

For finding apps outside of the Play Store, one of the best recommendations is. do it on Aptoide TV.

Expand storage

By default, the Mi TV LED 4s offers a fairly limited storage space. If you intend to install a large number of applications, games, etc., you will quickly run out of space. To solve this, connect an external unit.

After connecting the device, go to “Settings” “Device settings” “Memory”. There you will see that it is listed. Click Uninstall and the TV will turn it into a fully compatible second drive.

Disable Patchwall

Patchwall. is a launcher similar to Google’s own interface that offers some interesting details such as the ability to display a TV signal or other video source in PiP Mode. e.g. a console connected via HDMI.

However, if you want to prevent this interface from starting by default, you can do so. To do this, go to Settings> Patchwall device settings. The first option you see will let you choose if you want to use it as the default interface.