Samsung TV does not see the WI-FI network

How to disconnect your Samsung TV from Wi-Fi?

If for some reason you need to disconnect the TV from the Wi-Fi network, then you can do this in the settings, in the “General”. “Network”. “Network status” section. You need to click on the “Disable” button. Now you can go back to the Smart TV menu and use the internet connection in different applications.

How to set up Wi-Fi on Smart TV?

We turn on the TV, and immediately go into the settings by pressing the SETTINGS button.

  • In the settings, open the Network tab, then select Network Connection.
  • We see a screen on which we are told that Smart TV often uses an Internet connection and I suggest connecting by cable or wireless.

How to find out the password from WI-FI on a Samsung TV?

Also go to settings, then “Network” and “Network settings”. Select the type “Wireless”. Then the device will start looking for connections. Click “Select network SSID”, enter the password and click “Finish”.

How to find out if your Samsung TV has Wi-Fi?

The bottom line is to go to the TV settings, and in the “Network” section (usually it is called that), see if there are Wi-Fi (wireless network) settings. If so, then most likely there is built-in support and you can connect your TV to your home wireless network.

What to do if you forgot your PIN on your Samsung TV?

To reset to the standard pin code (0000) on Samsung TVs, turn it off and press the buttons on the remote in order: “Mute” “8” “2” “4” “Power (OFF)”.

What is the PIN code for Samsung TV?

The standard pin code for all Samsung TVs is.0000. To reset the new PIN on the keypad. Turn off your TV.

How to update software on a Samsung TV?

  • Connect your TV to the internet.
  • Enter the TV menu.
  • Select “Support”.
  • Select “Software Update”.
  • Select “Update Now” or “Online”.
  • The TV will check for new firmware.
  • If there is a new firmware, a message will appear.

Why Samsung TV can’t see Wi-Fi?

However, it is not the perfection of network equipment, incorrect setup or raw firmware that can be the reason why Samsung TV does not connect to the Internet. … First of all, try to unplug the power plug for 10 minutes to completely de-energize the TV (and then turn it on). May 10, 2015.

TV firmware

In order for Smart TV services to function correctly and without any disruptions, you need to update the software in a timely manner. There are 2 main methods for updating the operating system firmware: via the Internet or using a flash drive. Step-by-step instructions for installing updates on Samsung TV from a USB flash drive:

  • Open the official web portal of the manufacturer.
  • In the search bar, enter the model name of the device you are using.
  • Switch to the “Support” tab.
  • Go to the “Software” section.
  • Select the latest firmware from the drop-down list.
  • Follow the link to download the update files.
  • Create a folder “Samsung_dtv”, and then upload the downloaded files there.
  • Insert the USB stick into the USB connector of the TV.
  • The system will automatically offer to install system updates.
  • Click on the “Run” button.

Never turn off the TV until the update installation process is complete. It is advisable to use an uninterruptible power supply. Since voltage drops cannot be ruled out.

Now you know what to do if Wi-Fi is missing on your Samsung TV. If the TV device stops picking up a signal or the Internet speed is very poor, use one of the listed solutions.

If the user connected an external Wi-Fi adapter, and the TV does not see the device, then this indicates a compatibility problem. To avoid such difficulties, buy only branded devices. It is advisable to purchase a device from the same company as the TV.

Checking for 5 GHz Wi-Fi support in your phone via settings and Wi-Fi Info app.

Wi-Fi 5 GHz is a wireless network that operates on the 802.11ac standard (more detailed description). It provides high speed internet due to the fact that this frequency is less congested compared to 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi. But how do you know if your phone supports 5GHz Wi-Fi?

samsung, does, wi-fi, network

You can find out whether a mobile device supports 5 GHz Wi-Fi or not in several ways:

  • Examine the specifications of the gadget. In the section with information about the network, there should be a note that the device works with the 802.11ac standard. You can find out these data on the official website of the manufacturer or in the instructions that come with the smartphone.
  • You can find out support for Wi-Fi 5 GHz in the device settings. To do this, go to the section of the signal frequency range. All the information you need is displayed here. This is true for gadgets that run on Android.
  • Wi-Fi Info app. Through the program, you can see if the gadget has support for the modern wireless network standard. Information is shown in the 5Ghz Support section. True. there is support, False. no.

As a rule, this standard is supported by all modern gadgets. smartphones and tablets. Check if 5 GHz Wi-Fi is working on your phone or not, you need on old devices.

There are 10 main ways to restore WI-FI to work on modern TVs. Most of them are related to correcting wireless settings. The necessary parameters on Samsung, LG, Panasonic and Sony devices can be changed at home, without contacting a service center. Let’s consider in turn all the main ways to fix setup errors:

Troubleshooting DNS Server Errors

This method is especially relevant for Samsung TVs. Accessing the Internet and multimedia content through the Smart Hub becomes difficult when Samsung’s servers are overloaded. When specifying your DNS server addresses, the connection to Internet resources will be made directly, without using the manufacturer’s infrastructure.

DNS server addresses are specified in the provider’s support. You can also use the free public DNS. This service is provided by Google, Yandex, OpenDNS. For example, to use Google’s address servers, it is enough to enter the IP of the main server: and the additional one: If there is no text field for entering an alternate server, enter only the first address in the DNS settings.

Changing the location of the router

What to do if the TV does not see the router or the Internet periodically disappears. The signal quality directly depends on the distance between the TV and the router. Walls, furniture. all these are obstacles that negatively affect the quality of the connection.

Therefore, if the TV does not find your home network, then try placing the router a little closer. This applies to cases when the TV and the router are in different rooms, which are separated by a large corridor.

After changing the location of the router, the TV will see the home network. The user does not have to look for alternative ways to solve this problem. The solution is very simple and does not require any special skills.


Among the shortcomings, it should be noted the lack of DSL connection and the lower, in comparison with other companies, safety characteristics.

It is important to know: Samsung router supports synchronization with TVs “Samsung Smart TV” models starting with “LED D5500 Series” and “Plasma D6500 Series” and above.

Quick guide for connecting Samsung TV to Wi-Fi

To determine the causes of problems with connecting to wireless networks, you must first carefully study the main features of setting up a Wi-Fi interface. It cannot be ruled out that the TV is not connected to the router due to incorrect user actions. Follow the simple instructions:

  • Turn on the router.
  • Take the remote control and open the main menu of the TV.
  • Go to the “Network” subsection, and then select “Network Settings”.
  • Choose the best connection method. “Wireless”.
  • Connect to your home wireless network.
  • Enter your password and click “OK”.

The step-by-step instructions clearly demonstrate that connecting to the Internet via Wi-Fi is a very simple and straightforward process. Users shouldn’t have any problems.

What to do if the Internet was there, but then stopped working? It is necessary to determine the cause of the failure. Based on this, remedial measures are determined.

Samsung Smart TV: How to Reset Network (Problems with WiFi? Weak or No Signal )

Samsung TV does not see the WI-FI network

Thanks to setting up an Internet connection, the Smart TV platform has become extremely popular. Mostly users buy devices that support this function. However, what if the Samsung TV won’t connect to Wi-Fi? Why this problem appears and how can it be solved?

There are several types of faults. For example, the TV does not see the router, or the desired network is detected, but the TV device does not connect to it. Now let’s analyze the failures in the wireless connection to the Internet.

Very often, connection problems arise through the fault of the user. Not everyone knows how to connect a TV to a home network.

Why Samsung won’t connect to Wi-Fi

There can be several apparent reasons for a connection error. Most often, problems arise from the side of the router or internal network settings. Before looking for the reasons for the lack of connection, it is necessary to conduct a superficial diagnosis:

  • Make sure that the TV has a built-in Wi-Fi module. Some models required a Wi-Fi adapter to connect to the wireless Internet, which was connected to the device. Information on the availability of the necessary equipment can be found in the TV service book, or on the official Samsung website.
  • Make sure that the desired network exists at all. Often, users try to connect the TV to a network that does not exist. To check the presence of a network, you can use any other device with a Wi-Fi module: a phone, laptop or tablet computer. You need to make sure that other devices can see the network and successfully connect to it.
  • Whether the TV is connected to other networks. If the problem lies in the network settings, then connecting the TV to other networks will not cause any difficulties. If the TV sees all the networks, but cannot connect to any of them, you will need to change the settings of the TV itself.

If your Samsung TV does not connect to the Internet and the wireless network connection is successful, it is recommended that you restart your router and power off the TV for 10-15 minutes. After that, you will need to reconnect and in most cases the problem disappears. If the TV still does not connect to the Internet, you will need to identify the problem and fix the error.

The TV is connected to the network, but there is no internet connection

When Samsung TV does not connect to the Internet when there is a successful Wi-Fi connection, you should check if there is an Internet connection on other devices, perhaps the problem will be from the provider. If you cannot connect only the TV, you should try to manually register DNS. For this:

  • Opens the service menu.
  • Opens the “Network” section and select the “Settings” tab.
  • Click on the “IP Settings” buttons.
  • Introducing public DNS from Google.
  • Overloading Smart TV and reconnecting.

It is not recommended to manually rewrite the IP address and port number (whore), as this will not lead to the result. When connected to the network, this data is filled in automatically. When changing DNS, the Internet connection is restored in most cases. If this does not happen, you should reset the internal network settings on the TV.

To reset the settings, you must also go to the service menu and open the “Network” section. We select “Settings”, “Return to factory settings”. Immediately after this, the connection to the network will be reset and the TV, when reconnecting, may again request the network key. Resetting to factory network settings is not provided on all Samsung Smart TV models, in some cases you will have to completely reset all settings (Smart Hub reset).

Resetting the general settings of the TV is as follows:

  • In the service menu, open the “Settings” section.
  • Select the “Support” tab (on some models this tab is moved to a separate section).
  • Click on the “Self-diagnosis” button.
  • Choose “Reset settings”.

The system may require a password, which is registered in the service book of the TV. Typically, this is either “0000” or “1111”. After resetting the settings, we reboot the device and connect by specifying the network key.

Smart TVs are becoming more popular every day, because TVs with an operating system and the ability to connect to the Internet allow you to download applications and use various TV services. All that is required is to connect the TV to the Internet. This can be done either directly using a cable or via Wi-Fi. But who wants to pull a cable that will attract unnecessary attention and spoil the appearance? Therefore, much more often people resort to remote connections. But what if the Samsung TV does not see the Wi-Fi network or if it gives an error when trying to connect? There are several reasons for these errors, and each of them has its own way of solving.

Samsung TV does not see only the desired Wi-Fi network

If the TV sees neighboring or third-party networks, but ignores the desired network, then the problem may be either in the router or in the settings of the network itself. The first step is to make sure other devices can see the networks. try connecting from your phone. It is important to do this near the TV, not near the router. There is a common problem when the signal simply does not reach the TV, or when trying to connect, it is completely interrupted. If, by connecting the phone to Wi-Fi, the signal quality is weak or completely absent, then the problem can be solved very easily in any of four ways:

  • Move the router closer to the TV.
  • Move the TV closer to the router.
  • Use an external Wi-Fi antenna.
  • Replace the router with a more powerful model.

The signal quality must always be stable, since in the evening the load on the network always increases, and strong drawdowns can negatively affect the connection of Smart TV.

If a smartphone or laptop manages to connect Wi-Fi without any problems, but the TV does not see the network at the same time, the following actions should be taken:

  • We connect the router to a PC or laptop via twisted pair.
  • We go into the settings of the router by specifying the appropriate address in the search bar of any browser.
  • Immediately pay attention to the “Guest Login” parameter. When connected to Smart TV, it must always be turned off.
  • We install any static channel and select the mixed mode of operation.
  • In the column width of the channel, set the item “Automatic”.

We apply the settings and reboot the router, turning it off for a few seconds. Along the way, it is also necessary to overload the TV. Then we turn on the TV and look at the list of displayed networks. If among them there is a necessary home network. we connect.

Samsung TV Not Connecting to Wifi | Samsung Smart TV Wifi Problems

An important point! Many modern models Smart TV from Samsung are designed for connection to a network with a frequency of 5 GHz. It can only be connected to a router that also supports this frequency. Such routers create two networks of the same name at once, while one of them has the prefix “5” or “5G“. It is also extremely important that a mixed work solution is set in the router settings, and not “Only N“.

In some cases, the connection mode according to the new standard has to be independently activated in the TV settings. As a rule, this happens when buying a device from their countries where such a frequency is prohibited, TVs most often get to the Russian market where the frequency is activated by default, but here, too, failures may occur after incorrect updates or changes to settings.

To configure the connections on the TV, you need to open the service menu and go to the “Options”, where you need to select the “Local network” tab (“Local S.”). Next, select the item “CIR RUSSIA”, and set the following parameters: Lenguage Set. CIS, Region. PANEURO, PnP Lenguge. RUS. After applying the setting, it is enough to restart the TV, and it will recognize the networks with the required frequency. Once the home network is displayed, you can connect.

TV sees Wi-Fi but cannot connect

Another common problem is that the device recognizes the desired network, but it throws an error when trying to connect. If such a problem arises, this is already good, since it is much easier to solve it than if the TV did not see the network at all. As a rule, the device displays the error “Connection error” or “Invalid / Invalid password”. Users often forget the network password, and use automatic connection, or share the network using a QR code.

Important! The TV, as a rule, does not ask for the password from the home network, but the “Network Key”. these are, in fact, different numbers.

The network password can be viewed in the settings of the PC network connected to this Wi-Fi, or in the settings of the router. What is swinging exactly the network key, it is written on the router itself, as a rule, in its lower part. Most often, the TV asks for exactly the numbers that are registered on the router. The network key can also be changed during operation, and users often forget the installed key. Therefore, the optimal connection method is as follows:

  • We reset the router settings to factory settings. It is necessary to press and hold the “RST” (“Reset”) button on the router for 10 seconds until all signal LEDs start blinking.
  • Refresh the search window for available Wi-Fi networks on the TV.
  • Connect.
  • In the “Password” window, specify the network key registered on the router.

After that, the connection is always successful. In some cases, the Internet connection may not be available, but the LAN connection will be completed.

The TV does not see the available networks

If the required network is displayed seamlessly on other devices, but the TV ignores it, moreover, it does not see any of the neighboring networks, the problem is most likely in the TV itself. First of all, you need to make sure that the external Wi-Fi adapter is working properly and make sure that there is no mechanical damage to the TV case in the case of a built-in W-Fi module.

If everything is in order, the TV is not damaged, the Wi-Fi adapter is connected or the device has a built-in module, it is recommended to turn the TV on and off. over, this must be done not with the control panel, but directly de-energize the TV by unplugging the power cable. Reconnection is performed no earlier than after 10 minutes. If after that the TV does not see the Wafai, you should reset the settings to the factory settings through the service menu.

To access the service menu on TVs Samsung, it is necessary to sequentially press the buttons “Info”. “Menu”. “Mute”. “Power”.

In the service menu, open the “Options” tab and find the “Faktory Rezet” button. After resetting the settings, you will need to turn off the TV with the remote control, and turn it back on. Next, we configure the network: see if the networks are displayed. If the problem was in the knocked-down settings, then the device should see the available Wi-Fi networks. If this does not happen, we continue to try to get rid of the error.

It is worth remembering when was the last time the TV was flashed and how correctly the device worked after installing the updates. Often the problem lies in the incorrect operation of the OS and requires a complete reinstallation of the software. There are two ways of flashing: via autoloading updates from the Internet (the method is not available due to the lack of an Internet connection), and from USB drives. Therefore, you can download the firmware to the USB flash drive from the official Samsung website and completely update the system.

If flashing the TV did not give any results and still no network is displayed, then the problem is of a technical nature and it will only be possible to solve it with the help of specialists. This could be:

  • Violation of connections between the board and the Wi-Fi module.
  • Violation of the loop that connects the boards.
  • Released (or knowingly defective) module.

This will require intervention in the internal elements of the TV, mounting the board, checking the connections for integrity and, if necessary, soldering new elements. At home, such repairs are difficult to perform, since it is necessary to have the appropriate equipment and experience. Therefore, it is worth contacting the service center. If the TV is not equipped with a built-in module, instead of which an external adapter is used, it is worth trying to replace the adapter or check the functionality of the old one.

Attention! Self-repair of the TV board or replacement of the Wi-Fi module without proper qualifications can lead to more serious damage, up to the complete failure of the TV. You need to soberly assess your abilities and understand what to do, why, and how.