How to get the watch out of the Xiaomi 4 case

Hard Reset for Xiaomi Redmi 4A

Instructions on how to Hard Reset Xiaomi Redmi 4A (factory reset). with a visual guide called factory reset on Android. [Hard Reset].

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Reset codes (open the dialer and enter them).

  • 27673855 #
  • ###
  • ###

Root on Xiaomi Redmi 4A

How to root Xiaomi Redmi 4A see instructions below.

Below are the universal programs for obtaining ROOT rights for devices on Qualcomm Snapdragon

  • Kingo Android Root (PC required)
  • VRoot (ROOT using PC)
  • Framaroot (popular)
  • Root Genius (root in one click)

If the superuser (root) rights could not be obtained or the SuperSU program did not appear (you can install it yourself). ask a question in the root topic on Android. You may need a custom kernel firmware.

Firmware for Xiaomi Redmi 4A

Official firmware Android 6.0 [stock ROM file]. Download [Recovery] Custom firmware Xiaomi. Download

  • Recovery. flashing directly on the device
  • Special utility from the manufacturer, or Qualcomm Flash Image Loader

We recommend the first way.

What are the custom firmware (firmware)?

  • MIUI
  • CM. CyanogenMod
  • LineageOS
  • Paranoid Android
  • OmniROM
  • Temasek’s

All firmware

  • AICP (Android Ice Cold Project)
  • RR (Resurrection Remix)
  • MK (MoKee)
  • FlymeOS
  • Bliss
  • crDroid
  • Illusion ROMS
  • Pacman ROM
  • AOKP

Problems and disadvantages of a smartphone from Xiaomi and how to fix them?

  • If Redmi 4A does not turn on, for example, you see a white screen, hangs on the splash screen, or the notification indicator only blinks (possibly after charging).
  • If it freezes when updating / freezes when it is turned on (needs a flashing, 100%)
  • Doesn’t charge (usually iron problems)
  • Can’t see the SIM card (SIM card)
  • The camera does not work (mostly hardware problems)
  • Sensor does not work (depending on the situation)

For all these problems, contact the forum (you just need to create a topic), specialists will help for free.

Xiaomi Redmi 4A

Xiaomi Redmi 4A runs on Android 6.0 operating system. Its performance is rated 5 out of 5 (in its segment). This smartphone is high performance. Here are the characteristics of the device, instructions on how to reset the settings, flash the device and, of course, how to root Xiaomi

How to enter Recovery?

  • hold down Vol (-) [volume down], or Vol [volume up] and the power button
  • a menu with the Android logo will appear. Everything, you are in Recovery!

Resetting the settings on Xiaomi Redmi 4A can be done in a very simple way:

  • Settings- Restore and Reset
  • Reset settings (at the very bottom)

How to reset your pattern

How to reset the pattern if you have forgotten it and now you cannot unlock your Xiaomi smartphone. On the Redmi 4A model, the key or PIN can be removed in several ways. You can also remove the lock through a factory reset, the lock code will be deleted and disabled.

  • Reset graph. blocking. Instruction
  • Password Reset. Instruction

Xiaomi has released a smart watch Mitu Watch 4 Pro with two cameras for hidden shooting

As you know, on Russian territory, the circulation of any electronic devices intended for covert and covert information collection is prohibited, however, in some other states, such gadgets can be used by everyone, and it is difficult to understand which gadgets fall under such a description and which do not. Today, January 8, 2019, Xiaomi has done what no one expected from it. So, she officially presented the Mitu Watch 4 Pro smart watch, which has an attractive design, an NFC chip for paying for purchases and fast data transfer, as well as two whole cameras, each of which can be used for covert shooting. At the same time, which is no less important, this watch was not without a full-fledged microphone, so you can secretly record whole videos.

The novelty in the face of Xiaomi Mitu Watch 4 Pro runs on the Wear OS operating system from Google. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 2500 mobile platform is responsible for the operation of the entire wrist device, which has enough performance for the correct fast operation of all the capabilities of the gadget. The device can track physical activity, track the quality of sleep, determine the pulse, and also act as an assistant during various sports training. The smart watch has a 1.8-inch screen with a resolution of 326 by 326 pixels, that is, square, and is covered with a Corning Gorilla Glass 3 that protects it from any physical impact. Not without the 2.5D effect on the sides, providing a smooth flow of glass into the case made of metal.

As for other technical equipment of the new “smart” watch from a well-known Chinese corporation, users are expected to have 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of permanent flash memory. Not without built-in GPS, thanks to which it is possible to track the location of the wrist gadget and its owner in space, and this can be done even remotely, thanks to which such a gadget can be used, for example, to spy on a child or a pensioner. In this case, the firmware even has an emergency alert function. So, if suddenly physical activity stops, and the pulse begins to “jump” strongly, an SMS message with such information will be sent to the mobile device. To connect to the Internet, the watch has support for both Wi-Fi and 4G networks.


Recently it became known that the budget “smart” watch Xiaomi Haylou for 15 is equipped with a color screen, heart rate monitor and a large battery.

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It is more difficult to get the Mi Smart band out of the metal strap, since the fixation system in it is even more advanced. Bracelets made of steel or other material look beautiful, but they put more pressure on the hand and without the habit of walking with it is not very comfortable.

  • Press down on the spring from the back.
  • Press lightly on the gadget.
  • Get it out.


The most popular and cheapest “shifts” that are most often used by wearable device owners. They can be washed under water, adjust the rigidity of the fastening and changed if necessary.

How to get Mi band 4 out of the strap

Xiaomi Mi band 4 received a global update of functionality and appearance compared to the previous model. Owners of the device can read long notifications on the big screen, control the player and analyze their workouts in the pool. This is just some of the cool options that are available to all users for several thousand rubles.

The developers have improved the fastening system since the “troika”. Thanks to the protective “groove”, the device is difficult to pull out of the strap, even with effort. For women, this task can become impossible and it will not work without the help of strong hands.

Despite the enlargement of the display, Xiaomi has ensured backward compatibility of the straps of the Mi Band 4 and the previous model. The MB3 can be easily put on leather Mi Jobs. In the article we will figure out how to remove the bracelet and not damage it.

How to get the capsule?

The task seems simple only at first glance. Users often have difficulty removing the device. With the advent of magnetic charging on the market, the need to remove the gadget will almost disappear, but sometimes you still have to disconnect it. For example, to install a protective film or clean it after swimming in the sea. We have prepared two solutions to help you complete the task quickly.

This option is described in the instruction manual. I don’t use it at all and, before looking at the user manual, I didn’t know that you can remove the gadget from the strap in such a tricky way.

  • Take the tracker in hand.
  • Press on the capsule from the top until a gap appears.
  • Take out the device.
  • All is ready.

An unobvious solution to the problem. I’ve been using it since the release of the third Band.

  • Secure the device in your hands.
  • Press down on the capsule with both hands until it clicks.
  • Take it out.
  • Quest completed.


Leather products from Mi jobs, which come in different colors, are in demand. The brown and burgundy options look especially beautiful. The mounting system is slightly different from the standard.

  • Insert the capsule into the small rubber pad.
  • Insert gently into the case from the bottom.
  • Lock tightly until it stops.
  • To remove from the bracelet, press on top.
  • Mission accomplished.

What bracelet do you wear the tracker with? Share photos in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

How to switch to one-handed mode (Xiaomi)

Chinese cell phone manufacturers never tire of surprising smartphone users. For devices with a large screen, a one-hand control function has been developed, Xiaomi has implemented this innovation in most of the models. We are talking about devices running on the Android system with MIUI firmware.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4- Disassembly


In the Redmi 4X device, one-handed operation is difficult, so the owners of these Xiaomi gadgets will appreciate the function. Follow a few simple steps to activate. Go to the gadget menu and select “Settings”. Scroll down the list on the display to the Advanced button. A window will open in which you will find the position “One-handed operation”, similarly, the thumb control function in the Xiaomi Redmi 3 phone is activated.

Before the device switches to the activated control mode, a list for selecting the size of the future workspace will appear on the screen. Often the user chooses between 3.5 and 4 inches. The system will ask you to confirm the transition to control mode. Click “OK” at the bottom of the screen.

The menu of the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 does not differ from the Redmi 4X, so you can switch to control mode to touch the display with one hand using the same actions. The only difference will be that for a 5.5-inch screen, you are offered to choose options with dimensions of 4.5, 4.0 or 3.5 inches. The body of the Xiaomi Mi Max 2 is even larger, and it also has one-handed operation.

How to remove back cover of Xiaomi Redmi 4

After activation, it remains to figure out how to enable one-handed control on Xiaomi. Swipe your finger across the phone from the middle button from left to right (if you are right-handed) or perform a mirror action (if you are left-handed). All processes should be closed: menus, settings, programs, games. A small rectangle will appear on the right of the screen, the area behind it will become the background.


Designed for smartphone owners who feel insecure when using a large display. The option is necessary in situations where it is not possible to fully use the gadget. On Xiaomi phones or gadgets of other Chinese counterparts, the one-handed control mode is turned on when using programs at work or while traveling by car, entertainment applications on the street or playing games in public transport.

One-handed operation allows you to reach any point of the workspace with your thumb and forefinger, which is important in such oversized devices as Xiaomi Mi 5. The function is suitable for left-handed and right-handed people, since the active zone can be placed where it is convenient for the user.


There are several reasons why one-handed control does not work on Xiaomi smartphones. If you have finished activating the option, but the small rectangle does not appear, turn off the “Gestures to zoom” option. You can find a position by opening the phone menu, then selecting “Settings”, and then the sub-item. “Accessibility”. This chain of actions will help you if you are having problems switching to the default control mode.

Problems with displaying a small screen arise if the user does not quickly swipe away from the Menu button. Make fast heavy traffic, if this does not help, it may be due to the firmware.

To avoid activation problems, make sure your device is running a genuine operating system. Otherwise, the function buttons do not always work correctly; the device will need to be flashed. If your phone is original Android system, please try the activation steps again.

Xiaomi Mi Watch review: great features at a modest price

Control elements

The watch has two buttons responsible for navigation. The “Home” button is used to activate the screen, pressing it again opens a list of all available applications. Also “Home” is used to return to the home screen.

The “Sport” button, in turn, is needed to quickly switch to the workout screen.

Also, to wake up the clock, you can use a double tap on the screen. Navigation is also possible by swiping across the screen. Swiping to the right will open a screen with heart rate monitoring, followed by a screen about sleep, etc. Vertical swipe down. for notifications, up. settings, etc. The interface is smooth, easy to scroll.


The watch screen is cool. It is a high resolution AMOLED for a 1.39 inch diagonal. The resolution is 454 by 454 dots, the dot density is 326 ppi. The brightness is 500 nits. The watch is perfectly readable from any angle.

But there is auto brightness. This is a useful thing if you do not want the clock to dazzle at night.

There is a function to activate the screen when you raise your hand. Works well, unnecessarily well. You can simply twist your wrist and the screen will turn on. Sometimes it’s convenient, and sometimes the clock lights up wasted.

With the brightness and style of the Always-On screen you can play around in the settings.

There are many dial options available to the user. Some are pre-installed, others can be downloaded online. It’s cool that there are both informative dials where you can display your heartbeat, and steps, and stress, etc., as well as simply beautiful or laconic.

In general, it is convenient to read information and notifications from the screen. The round screen imposes its limits. By the way, pay attention to style and poetry. If there is enough oxygen in the blood, then the color is green, if the amount is medium, then the color is yellow, and if there is little, then the color is not orange, but the color of orange. Why? Well, perhaps they are trying to please the user in this way. They say there is little oxygen, but the oranges are cool. Think oranges!

Working hours

Xiaomi claims up to 16 days of battery life, and in power saving mode. up to 22 days. In general, they are not lying, it all depends on the settings. For example, the backlight time can be set to 5 seconds or 20 seconds. This also includes wallpaper. As you remember, the black color of AMOLED screens does not consume the charge, respectively, the laconic dial will be more economical, and the colorful one, on the contrary, will be gluttonous.

Also note that the maximum brightness is 500 nits, coupled with the backlit maximum duration, the battery will melt. Also, the Always-On function, the operation of sensors for measuring heart rate, how often do you measure oxygen saturation, whether the watch is connected via Bluetooth to a smartphone, how often notifications fall on it, etc., affect the battery life. Brightness and screen time affect the battery life the most.

  • at maximum brightness and duration of illumination with a juicy dial (and in general, the dial shone for a long time, as I took pictures) plus Bluetooth, frequent measurements of oxygen in the blood, Always-On. 5 days
  • screen 10 seconds, maximum brightness, Bluetooth, Always-On, sensors are active. discharge 7-10% per day, that is, 10-12 days.

The watch has excellent battery life in my opinion. Magnetic mount used for charging.

Initially, the charger is packed, but there is a tip for easy removal of the polyethylene. Pay attention to it, because without it, it is problematic to tear off the packaging.

USB to any connector, and charging went. The watch is fully charged in about 40-50 minutes.

The adapter is magnetic, the watch will jump by itself.


Xiaomi positions the Mi Watch as a watch for a sporty style. The official website uses a slogan that is not entirely clear to me: “Mi watch. six updates for a sporty style that we should strive for.” In English it sounds like this: “Six upgrades for a sportswear style worth emulating”, that is, “Six updates to a sports style worthy of emulation.” What is meant, I don’t really understand.

As I understand it, the Mi Watch is for those who want more options than the Mi Band fitness bracelet can offer. Plus, the watch, of course, looks more solid.

Xiaomi highlights the following as the main selling points:

  • Large screen with Retina-resolution, Always-On. The screen is bright, you can comfortably watch the data even on the sunniest day.
  • Classic design. Here, of course, everything is subjective, but I never liked the same Apple Watch largely because of its rectangular shape.
  • Built-in GPS, GLONASS, Galileo
  • Xiaomi talks about 16 days of work. I’m talking more about 10-12 days if you actively use all the functions.
  • Continuous heart rate sensor.
  • There is an oxygen sensor in the blood. Super popular topic after Apple added this sensor to the watch and COVID began to choke the population.
  • Many categories for sports activities, there is a jumping rope count.
  • Compact design, does not cling to clothes, weighs only 32 grams, tactilely pleasant materials.
  • Track and evaluate sleep, stress and energy levels.
  • Many different dials.

Appearance and first inclusion

As usual, read the photo captions. In general, I will just note that the watch is made of tactilely pleasant materials. Even if you walk in them all day, the hand practically does not get tired. Despite the fact that the watch is plump, it does not cling to clothes.

Still, the packaging is stylish. This is not a shame to give.

Initially, the screen is sealed with a film with a motivating slogan.

The sensors are all glued too, do not forget to peel off before using.

There are many sensors, and there are also contacts for connecting a charger.

When you turn on the watch for the first time, you will be prompted to select a language

The next step is to add the clock to the app.

The watch looks great on the wrist. This is probably not clear from the photo, but the screen looks very good. Especially against the background of a fitness bracelet. Obviously he is a cut above in quality.

The strap is comfortable. Apparently, they made a ribbed structure for beauty. I would recommend taking either blue or beige. Looks more interesting, creates a color Accent and refreshes any look. Although under the suit, of course, you should take black or blue. Here, by the way, the question. Under a sports jacket it is quite normal, but, in my opinion, with a formal suit, all these smart watches (like Xiaomi, Apple, Samsung) look somehow inappropriate.

In the application, you will need to set the gender, weight and other parameters. The process is simple and fast.


  • Display: 1.39 inches, AMOLED, 454 by 454 pixels, pixel density 326 ppi
  • Dimensions: 45.9 x 53.35 x 11.8 mm, weight 32 g
  • Materials: glass fiber reinforced polyamide
  • Strap: TPU
  • Adjustable length: 130. 220 mm
  • Communication: Bluetooth 5.0, GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, Beidou
  • Sensors: Heartbeat, Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Geomagnetic Sensor, Barometric Pressure Sensor, Light Sensor
  • Battery: 420 mAh, magnetic adapter-charging included
  • Water resistance: 5 ATM
  • Working temperature: 10 to 45 degrees
  • Supported systems: Android 5.0, iOS 10 and newer
  • Colors: black, blue, beige

Watch weight:

The body is made of aluminum, the back cover is plastic. Build quality is excellent.

The watch has a 1.39 inch AMOLED display with a resolution of 454×454 pixels (pixel density 326ppi). Tempered glass, 3rd generation Gorilla Glass with hydrophobic coating.

Brightness can be adjusted, maximum level is sufficient even in bright, direct sunlight.

Active display time can be configured (5 to 15 seconds).

It is possible to turn on the constant display of time and date on the display (the time display style and brightness will differ from the main dial).

The strap is made of leather and silicone, it is soft, high quality and pleasant to the touch. Strap width 22mm.

The instructions warn that the leather strap is not waterproof and must be changed if the watch is planned to be immersed in water. The watch itself is protected by the 5ATM level (tolerates high humidity, splashes and short-term immersion in water).

On the right there are two physical buttons, the pressing is distinct, a soft click is heard.

The top button is responsible for turning on, off, restarting the watch, turning on the display and returning to the dial from any menu.

The bottom button can be programmed for one of the following functions:

Amazfit GTR runs on an operating system from Xiaomi, the system is optimized well, but not perfect, there are slight jerks during navigation (not always smooth). Considering that the watch has just come out, there is a chance that this will be fixed in future updates (two updates have already arrived in three weeks of testing the watch).

When you turn on the watch for the first time, you need to sync with your smartphone in the Amazfit app. Then they can be used without connecting to the phone.

If Ukrainian is set as the system language on the phone, the application will be partially in Ukrainian. partially in English, and the clock will be entirely in English. If the system language is Russian, then both the application and the clock menu will be in this language.

Swipe up to open the main menu.

Swipe down brings up a menu with access to basic settings (flashlight, change display brightness, select sleep tracking mode, turn on power saving mode and lock the display). In addition, this menu displays the status of connecting the watch to a smartphone, month, date and battery charge (in percent).

Swipes left and right scroll between information about physical activity (number of steps taken, calories burned and mileage) and starting heart rate measurement.

Initially, the watch has two dials to choose from, but in the application there is much more choice. The disadvantages are that when you select more than one dial from the application, the previous ones are not saved. That is, the maximum number of dials stored on a watch is three (including two pre-installed).

When there is an incoming call, the watch vibrates and displays the name / number of the caller. You can either reject the call or mute the sound. Unfortunately, it is impossible to answer calls and speak through the clock.

The watch can display notifications from any application, however, emoticons do not display, only text.

On the watch, you can control the music that is played on the phone (change the volume, pause / continue playback, switch tracks).

The watch has 12 sports modes and can track and record detailed statistics of sports activity, which can be viewed both on the watch and in the app (more detailed). GPS works fine, it takes 10-20 seconds to initialize on the street.

During the work of the alarm clock, the watch distributes 10 vibrations. During vibrations, it is possible to either turn off the alarm by pressing any button or choose to fire again after 10 minutes. If you do not select anything during the vibrations, the alarm will turn off. As for me, this may not be enough to wake the person up (as an option. set many alarms for every minute). The advantages include the fact that the alarm clock works regardless of whether the watch is connected to a smartphone or not.

There is an event reminder function (the watch vibrates 4 times and a reminder is displayed on the display).

It is possible to set a custom vibration rhythm for both notifications and alarms (the total maximum vibration duration is 12 seconds).

The watch has a power saving mode, in which the watch only displays basic information (time, date, month, day, battery charge and the number of steps taken), tracks steps and sleep.

The watch can display detailed weather information.


The watch is equipped with a 410mAh battery. Perhaps this is a small capacity, but the manufacturer managed to optimize the charge consumption so well that the operating time from one charge is really impressive: with moderately active use, the battery will last for 22-24 days. With active use, the charge will last for 17-20 days. If you use them in an energy-saving mode, the watch will last up to 74 days.

During the night in standby mode, the clock was not discharged by one percent (looked at 21:30 and at 8:40). In the morning I put on my watch and went for a walk, at 12:40 pm the battery charge was still at the same level.

In sports tracking mode (walking, with GPS and heart rate sensor on), the watch was discharged by 3% in 27 minutes.

The charging attachment is magnetic, the watch holds up well, does not fall off. Charging takes about 2 hours.

You can optimize and customize almost everything in the application.

Currently there are 56 watch faces available.

I liked the fact that you can personally adjust the vibration rhythm for notifications / alarms.

Among the interesting functions, I would like to note the ability to set up the automatic turning on of the screen when you raise your wrist and thus exclude the possibility of accidentally turning on the screen at night. It is possible to enable a high response speed of the watch when raising the wrist.

You can select notifications from which applications will come and configure them.

In the application, you can adjust the order of the clock menu items or completely remove unnecessary ones (hide the display).

As for the heart rate, you can measure it either by going to the appropriate section on the watch, or turn on one of the following modes in the application: automatic regular heart rate measurement (every 1, 5, 10 or 30 minutes), heart rate monitoring in a dream, or at the same time turn on regular measurement pulse, including in a dream. There is also an option for the watch to automatically increase the measurement frequency when detecting physical activity.


The Amazfit GTR watch very much resembled the functionality (the application is also almost 100% identical) Xiaomi Mi Band 4, only with a full display, stylish design and the presence of GPS, and at the same time with greater autonomy.

stylish design; high-quality assembly and low weight; high-quality display; availability and good work of GPS; notification of incoming calls and from any applications; HUGE AUTONOMY;

Convenient use

The smartwatch is water resistant according to the 5 ATM standard. Even if they are immersed in water at a depth of 50 m, this will not affect further work in any way. Waterproof allows you to take your device with you to the beach or pool.

According to the manufacturer, the battery life of the gadget can be up to 9 days. However, it should be borne in mind that such an indicator will be obtained only with moderate use. If you turn on the GPS tracker and other sensors, then the autonomy is reduced by several days. The watch will be charged up to 100% in 2 hours.

Review of smart watches Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite

The new smart watch Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite was presented relatively recently. The gadget is equipped with a bright TFT screen, supports 11 sports modes, 120 watch faces, music playback control and other useful functions. On one battery charge, the device will work for about 9 days.

To understand the basic functionality of a smartwatch, let’s delve into their technical parameters and interface.


Thanks to the dual navigation system, which includes GPS and GLONASS, the Smart-watch most accurately tracks the user’s movement during the day. The number of steps and calories burned is measured. The PPG sensor helps to constantly monitor the heart rate, sleep quality. Breathing exercises are introduced to reduce stress levels.

In the Mi Wear mobile app, you can see the health and workout metrics collected by the device over time. The data is stored for up to 30 days. The application does not require a lot of configuration. Its use is intuitive. You can choose one or another watch face from more than 120 options right in your smartphone.

Fans of an active lifestyle will be able to turn on any of the 11 sports modes. These are running (outdoors or indoors), swimming, cycling (or using a stationary bike), walking, swimming (in the pool or outdoors), and so on. Supports setting goals that will help you achieve specific results in sports.

Useful features of the watch include the presence of a flashlight (which is the display), the ability to control music (you don’t have to take your smartphone out of your to switch a track), display notifications (now any emoticons are displayed in the received message). The watch will help the user find a smartphone in case of loss, set a timer, turn on a stopwatch, find out the weather forecast.

Ergonomic design

The watch package includes a charger, a silicone strap and the watch itself. The body of the gadget is presented in three colors (black, dark blue and ivory). The silicone strap has a dense and durable structure, but this does not affect the comfort of wearing. The watch is very lightweight and portable (35 g and 41 x 35 x 10.9 mm). They look great on the hand. You can choose from 5 strap colors: black, pink, navy blue, olive and ivory.

The device is distinguished by an unusual strap attachment (the case is attached with the help of small “tongues”), which allows you to unfasten it in a matter of seconds. At the same time, if the user wants to replace the strap, they will have to wait until the manufacturer releases separate copies specifically for such a fastening.

Smart watches have a rectangular shape with rounded corners, the back of the case is made of durable ABS plastic. Such materials ensure the absence of scratches and scuffs even after prolonged use of the gadget. Built-in 1.4 ” TFT display (320 x 320 pixels) provides a clear and vivid picture.

On the side is the only control button made of metal. With its help, you can turn on or off the clock, confirm the performance of any action. In the back of the case there are several sensors at once: PPG, accelerometer, gyroscope, COMPASS, barometer (altimeter) and 2 units of the navigation system (GPS and GLONASS).

Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite is an excellent representative of smart watches in the middle price segment. They have a nice design, durable body and several colors. The functionality of the device is expressed in constant monitoring of heart rate and sleep quality, 11 sports modes, music playback control and support for a mobile application.

Smart watches will become not only a multifunctional accessory, but also a great gift for any family member. Their use allows you to take your smartphone out of your or bag much less often. The necessary information will always be in front of your eyes.

At the time of this writing, the exact cost of the gadget is unknown. It is expected to be below 60


Xiaomi Redmi 4 runs Android 6.0.1, supplemented by the MIUI 8 (Global) proprietary shell. We will not dwell on its features in detail in this material. everyone can familiarize themselves with the detailed “MIUI 8 Interface Review” published at the end of this summer.


The Xiaomi Redmi 4 uses a 5-inch IPS screen with a resolution of 720×1280 pixels. The pixel density is 296 PPI. if you look very closely, from a distance of 10 centimeters you can distinguish a slight irregularity in the image and a “ladder” on the symbols. but that’s all; in normal use, the picture looks dense, without the slightest hint of grain.

The display looks good, especially for a budget smartphone. rich colors, wide viewing angles, good contrast. Tests show an overestimated color temperature, leading to the appearance of a coolish tint in the image, and a slightly higher gamut, which makes the picture somewhat richer and with deeper blacks than it actually is.

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Budget Chinese smartphones are already, perhaps, a separate category, with their own trends, favorites, flagships and budget models. The latter includes a new model from Xiaomi, which is offered in China for

Appearance and ergonomics

Xiaomi Redmi 4 is available in three colors: Silver, Gold and Gray; the first version has been in our editorial office. The smartphone is not the thinnest, due to the relatively small size and beveled edges it fits well in the hand, the matte aluminum back cover does not slip and does not collect fingerprints.

The screen is covered with 2.5D glass, the top and bottom parts are painted white, which in the off state gives the impression of missing frames. This is not the case, after turning on the screen, it becomes clear that there is a black frame around it, and quite large (

On the upper edge there is a headphone jack, a noise canceling microphone and an infrared port (with which you can control household devices), on the right. a volume rocker and a power button, on the left. a SIM card slot cover, and on the bottom. a multimedia speaker and a port micro-USB. Behind, under the lens of the main camera, there is a fingerprint scanner.

Note that Xiaomi Redmi 4 looks almost identical to the older version in the lineup. 4 Pro, only the sizes of the lower and upper stripes on the back side differ, as well as the mirror position of the flash relative to the lens of the main camera.

Hardware platform, performance

The smartphone uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 chipset with eight 64-bit Cortex-A53 cores clocked at 1.43 GHz and an Adreno 505 graphics subsystem.


Xiaomi Redmi 4 uses its own camera application that allows you to shoot both in fully automatic mode and with some additional settings: for example, it allows you to take panoramic shots, take a timer, turn on night mode, select one of the preset scenes (landscape, portrait. fireworks, lights, etc.), apply filters “a la Instagram”.

The quality of the pictures can be described as average. On a bright sunny day without strong changes in brightness within the frame, you can get a good picture, but the slightest deterioration in shooting conditions immediately negatively affects the quality. The camera clearly lacks the dynamic range, which is why there are “blackouts” in contrasting scenes, and sharpness is greatly reduced in the dark or in a dimly lit room.

Fortunately, in most cases, the problem with contrasting images can be partially solved using the HDR mode. it “stretches” the shadows, but does not overdo it: the image still looks like a fairly natural photo, and not an artistic variation on the theme.


The smartphone comes in a medium-sized box made of matte white cardboard, on which you can see a large glossy number “4”. A standard set is found inside: a charger, a clip for removing the SIM card tray, a user manual.