Why You Cannot Charge Your Phone To 100

The army was flooded with armies of mobile equipment, each person has a smartphone or even an ordinary “dialer”, so it is not surprising that the number of calls to service centers for repairing cell phones is only growing. One of the popular topics of appeal is battery failure or why the phone does not fully charge. Not only owners of smartphones, but also ordinary cell phones suffer from this problem. The technologies in the battery are the same, so the solution will be universal and suitable for any device. Getting down.

Bit of theory

First, a bit of theory about batteries and how they work. There is no difference between a battery or a battery, the principle of operation is the same for everyone. energy is generated due to the potential difference that arises between metal plates in a liquid or gel electrolyte solution. The principle of action has been known for a very long time, a couple of centuries for sure.

Modern telephone batteries operate on exactly the same principle. The only thing, the materials and manufacturing methods have changed a lot, now lithium metal, cobalt and carbon salts are used. Li-ion batteries, unlike NiCd, do not have a memory effect, they can be charged at any degree of discharge. Many manufacturers declare a warranty period of use, without loss of capacity, more than 300 full cycles.

Not surprisingly, the NiCd battery does not get to the end and does not work at full power. The same problem occurs with Li-Ion, but these are rather exceptions to the rules and in most cases the capacity can be restored to the initial one. This explains why the phone’s battery sometimes does not fully charge.

Among smartphone users, there is a strong opinion that the new, just-bought Li-Ion battery needs to be “rocked”. You do not need to do this, although there will not be much harm from this action, but at least there is no benefit. It is better not to discharge the battery below 40% and not to exceed 80% of the full capacity when charging. In this case, the battery will last not just long, but for a very long time, going far beyond the required 300-400 full cycles. In some models of batteries, controllers are built in to limit the charge to these values, but they are rare and too expensive for ordinary consumers.

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It is worth remembering that at temperatures below 0 and above 45 degrees, the iPhone battery will not be able to charge more than 1 percent, since this goes beyond performance.

Protect the battery from overheating and frost, only in this case it will last a long time and we will not lose capacity.


Now we are moving smoothly from theory to practice, we will examine why the Li-Ion battery does not fully charge at normal temperature on a cell phone. There are several main reasons; here is a list of the main problems:

  1. Perhaps the memory is broken or burned out, for a start we will check it.
  2. The temperature regime is not observed, for Li-Ion battery requires a temperature of 2-3 degrees to 45 degrees Celsius, otherwise, the question will arise, why the phone refuses to take charge and does not charge to the end.
  3. Broken or kinked charging cable.
  4. The hardware is not cable and smartphone compatible or using non-native charging
  5. The charging connector on the smartphone is broken or clogged.
  6. The battery is dead.
  7. Blown power controller or problem in another board;
  8. Crashing on Android or iOs.

Why You Cannot Charge Your Phone To 100

If you find a familiar problem here, then you could find the answer to the question why your phone does not charge up to the required 100 percent. How to fix and what to do, we read in the next section, but for now we’ll see a useful on the topic.

Poor or incomplete energy

As already mentioned, it is necessary to check the cable for damage and excesses, one broken core in the cord is enough for the phone to charge for a long time and not reach 100 percent. What to do in this case, the layman asks? It’s simple, take a cord and a power adapter (unit with a USB output) from another phone, and try to charge it.

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If after 2-3 hours the battery is full, then it was in the wire, and it is worth finding a replacement for it. If the energy in the battery is only 10-40 percent, then we continue to look for the cause of the breakdown.

We comply with the temperature regime

Now let’s pay attention to ambient temperatures. If you want to charge your Samsung or iPhone on the street at minus 10 degrees, it’s better to leave your idea, nothing good will come of it. The operating temperature of Li-Ion batteries is from 2-3 degrees to 45 degrees Celsius. When you leave this range, the smartphone will not charge up to 100%, no matter how you try.

Another example, leave an iPhone or Samsung smartphone on the dash of a car in the summer heat. After 2 hours of being in the sun, the device will refuse to not only charge the battery, but simply turn on. The gadget damage prevention system will work. Therefore, you should not ask yourself the question “why does my phone charge poorly and does not charge fully in the summer heat in the sunshine”. The answer is obvious.

Using quality accessories

Users are often worried about whether it is possible to charge your phone with an original or non-native charge. Yes, you can, only carefully.

It is worthwhile to carefully approach the election of accessories for your equipment, do not chase cheapness, it can come out sideways. For example, a power controller may burn out, which will have to be re-soldered, which is expensive. Or even damage the battery, as it will be charged with inappropriate voltage for a long time.

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Original accessories are still preferable, they are already configured for the current and voltage needed by the smartphone, there will not be problems with such an adapter. Monitor the quality of wires and power adapters and then the smartphone and battery will live in it for a long time and will please the owner with a long battery life.

Failures in Android or iOs

Another reason why the phone does not charge well and / or does not charge fully may be a software problem. For the android platform, viruses are known that can interfere with all system processes, including interfering with the full charge of the battery.

In order to exclude this probability, if there is a problem with the battery, it is enough to reset the smartphone to the factory settings. How to do this is written in the articles:

  1. Reset to factory settings for Android devices
  2. Reset to factory settings for iPhone

There is a high probability that this will help, if not, read on

Hardware problems

They tried everything, but nothing helps in your situation, the question is “why is this not charging. phone to the end “is still relevant? Then it remains to contact the repair technicians of mobile equipment, problems can hardly be solved with your own hands. Most likely the battery itself was covered, on some Samsung models you can try to change it yourself, but on the iPhone it doesn’t work out, you have to open the device’s case. Which is strictly not recommended for people who do not have special knowledge.


In this article, we tried to answer the hackneyed question: why a cell phone is not fully charged, many disputed points were sorted out and enumerated solutions to the dilemma.

  1. Use original cables and power adapters
  2. Watch the temperature of the device
  3. We don’t try to repair the battery ourselves. we turn to the service center if nothing helps.