What to do if the phone is locked

What to do if Meizu phone is locked? Most often, the problem arises if, for one reason or another, the set password was forgotten when it is not possible to unlock the smartphone through a fingerprint scanner. Also, a blocked device can be encountered by users who purchased a smartphone from their hands with an already installed code. There are several ways to unlock the gadget (suitable for m3, m5s, m6, m710h and other devices), depending on the chosen method, personal data on the smartphone is either permanently erased or stored.

What to do if the phone is locked

Why the phone might lock

Most often, the phone is blocked if the user has forgotten the graphic or digital code, set a password on Flyme and did not remember it. The lock feature is useful when you have lost a gadget or stolen it in a public place. As a result, another person who has your smartphone in their hands will not be able to view the personal data stored in the gadget’s memory.

What to do if Meizu phone is blocked

How to unlock Meizu phone if you forgot the code or graphic password? There are several working methods that are suitable for different versions of the operating system. First of all, you can try to remember the password, maybe you set some important date or a simple sequential set of numbers.

If attempts to remember the password do not bring any result, try to reflash the device or use one of the methods listed below.

How to unlock the phone: current methods

Unlocking the Meizu smartphone is a rather time-consuming process, requiring minimal knowledge of using the smartphone and working with third-party software.

Unlock via Google Account

The method with unlocking through a Google account is only suitable for smartphones with a version of the operating system not higher than 4.1. The device must also have a stable Internet connection.

The process involves the following steps:

  1. Intentionally enter the graphic or digital password incorrectly 5 or more times;
  2. We wait until the message “Forgot your password” appears on the screen and click on it;
  3. The phone will prompt you to enter your Google account activated on your smartphone;
  4. Enter your personal data to access your account.

Properly performed manipulations will lead to the unlocking of the smartphone, the user will be able to disable the graphic / digital code or set a new combination.

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The method is not suitable if you do not remember the data for entering your Google account, or you purchased a smartphone from your hands.

Unlock via a call from another phone

Unlocking the phone with a call is not available on all gadgets, however, you can try the method before moving on to other methods, it may work. To implement the method, it is necessary:

  1. Dial your number from another device;
  2. During an incoming call, without answering the call, try to enter the settings using the upper notification curtain.

The main disadvantage of this method is that even if you manage to enter the settings, changing the current password will still fail if you do not know the old code.

The method is well suited if you need to quickly unlock the device, if the wrong password was entered several times by mistake.

Unlock via reset to factory settings

There is another way to unlock your Meizu phone if you forget your password. The disadvantage of this method is the loss of all personal information and multimedia files stored in the phone’s memory.

Mandatory actions before a hard reset

Before you perform a Hard Reset, you need to prepare your phone so that the procedure goes less painlessly. It is advisable to download special software that will allow you to make a backup copy of the data stored on the smartphone.

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It is advisable to install the backup program immediately after purchasing the gadget, it is also worth periodically making backup copies in case of unforeseen situations.

Most programs allow you to save data either on a memory card or on cloud storage.

To reset all settings on a smartphone, you must:

  1. Hold the power button and do not release it until the smartphone screen goes black;
  2. At the same time hold down the power and volume up buttons, wait until the Meizu logo is displayed on the screen;
  3. In the menu that opens, select Wipe data or Clear data;
  4. To start the reset, click on the “Start” button at the bottom of the screen.

The procedure will take several minutes, after which the phone will automatically reboot. Together with all personal information, the unlock code will also be deleted.

Using Flyme Account

The method is similar to the option to restore access through a Google account. It is important to know the username and password of the flame. Recovery is carried out via PC:

  1. We go to the operating system website at www.Login.Flyme.Cn.
  2. Enter your personal data to access your account;
  3. The service will offer to reset the password set on the phone. New data will be sent to the e-mail indicated at registration.

The disadvantage of this method is the official shell site is entirely in Chinese. In order to understand at least a little what the site requires of you, you can use any online translator.

The method is not suitable for unblocking if you entered non-existent mail during account registration.

Using SMS Bypass

The utility for a smartphone allows you to unlock the gadget with any combination of numbers after a reboot. After that, you can go to the settings and deactivate the password. To implement the method, it will be necessary to download special software on a PC that allows you to remotely install applications on your smartphone bypassing the installed lock.

We perform the following sequence of actions:

  1. Download InstallAPK.Exe and the phone utility SMS Bypass on the PC.
  2. We install the program and run it, at the same time we connect the phone to the PC via the USB cable.
  3. The program displays the connected smartphone, select the installation method via USB and specify the path to the downloaded utility.
  4. After installing the program, send from any other phone to your SMS number with the text 1234 reset.
  5. The device will automatically reboot, it can be unlocked using any digital code.

Using the ADB Run Debug Bridge

If your Meizu phone asks for an account password or the methods listed above did not help reset the installed code, use the debug bridge. To implement the method, the debugging function on the USB must be active on the phone.

The process includes the following steps:

  1. We install on the computer all the drivers from your phone. Most often, installation occurs automatically the first time you connect via USB;
  2. Turn off the device and connect it through the wire to the PC.
  3. Download the debug bridge and run it.
  4. Select Unlock Gesture Key by pressing the number 6 on the keyboard.
  5. 4 available ways to unlock the main screen will be displayed.
  6. If a graphic code is set, to remove it you must enter the number 1 or 2, to remove the digital code we enter the number 3.
  7. Turn off and restart the smartphone.

All methods are listed that allow you to unlock the smartphone if you do not remember the password. Basically, the process is not accompanied by the loss of personal and contact information, except for the method with a complete reset. Keep in mind that all the manipulations with the gadget you do at your own peril and risk.

Today, a mobile phone is not just a means of communication. This is a multifunctional device, without which it is hard to imagine a weekday (by the way, a day off) day for an average person. Now the phone can store a large amount of confidential information, the publicity of which is absolutely not interesting to the owner. In this regard, it is often necessary to block the phone, set different codes and passwords. But in a daily routine, you can easily forget the assigned passwords. Also, the code itself can be accidentally set by an inquisitive child or by poking his nose where acquaintances do not need to. So not only the phone, but also the SIM card itself may turn out to be blocked, after which you will have to rack your brains over the question “how to unlock the phone?”. This problem is global, so phone manufacturers often provide self-unlocking phones. But before that, you need to understand and determine what kind of blocking did happen and what exactly is blocked? To this end, we will divide our article into the following points:

  1. Rescue a phone locked by an operator.
  2. Unlocking the phone, depending on the manufacturer.
  3. Unlocking a SIM card.
  4. Restoring the health of the phone in which the memory was locked.
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And now in order.

How to unlock a phone locked by an operator?

This type of blocking is used by mobile operators in order to make it impossible to use a telephone (usually branded) in the network of another operator. If you insert another SIM card (of any other operator), then when you turn on the phone will ask you for a password or unlock code. Then the question arises, “How to unlock the phone code?”. The best option, of course, if you have a fairly loyal operator who will kindly provide you with a code during a call to customer support. To do this, you will only need to call the IMEI of your phone (a number that is individual for each device, you can usually find it under the phone’s battery). But this is an ideal option, which is extremely rare. If the operator refused you, then do not despair, as it is full of craftsmen who unlock your phone with a flashing. Detailed manuals can often be found on the network, so that with a sufficient level of knowledge you can do this procedure yourself. But if you are not confident in your strengths and knowledge, then it is better to entrust this work to a specialist. Often a jailbreak program is used to unlock it, which is supported by a well-known company like Apple.

Unlocking the phone, depending on the brand of the manufacturer

Many modern phone models support the function of protecting the phone with special passwords that the user sets independently. But there is always a risk of forgetting the code you set, which will make the further operation of the mobile device impossible. In this case unlock phone You can use the function to reset the firmware. In other words, this is resetting all phone settings to factory defaults. Of course, then you will again have to make all the previously set settings, but there is no other way. This type of phone unlock is different for different manufacturers.

How to unlock a Nokia phone?

For this procedure we will need:

  • A computer (or any analogue thereof: laptop, netbook, tablet) with Internet access;
  • USB cable suitable for the phone;
  • Nokia PC Suite, which must be pre-installed on your computer and (preferably) updated to the latest version. You can download it from the official website of Nokia (nokia.Ua);
  • Nokia Unlocker Tool, which should also be on your computer.

Next, run the program, insert the cable into the computer and connect to the phone. When the phone is recognized by Nokia PC Suite, you can start NokiaUnlockerTool. After that, the phone will be recognized by this program. Make a code request and the program should unlock phone. If this method does not help, then contact the phone repair service or the nearest service center of the manufacturer of your mobile device.

How to unlock Sony Ericsson phone?

In the case of phones of this manufacturer, two methods of unlocking are possible: using the cable that was bundled with the phone and using a special service cable. For the second option, you will also need additional software (SEMCtool_v8.4 or TMS 2.45 program). If you plan to use the cable from the kit, then you will need the WotanClient program, which, unfortunately, is not free. There are also some smartphone models that can be used with the DaVinci client.

How to unlock a Samsung phone?

The phones of this manufacturer are also equipped with an access blocking function using a special security code that can be easily forgotten. If you have just such a case (well, or someone else has blocked your phone, anything can happen) and you don’t know how to unlock the phone, then install on your computer a program called Samsung @ home 9.41. With its help, you can easily cope with this problem. The functionality of this utility is quite simple, and you can easily figure out its settings.

How to unlock LG phone. Unlock SIM card phone

A small plastic card with a chip in the middle is an indispensable device, without which a mobile phone is simply useless as such. We are talking, of course, about the SIM card. The chip that is used in it, although small in size, but allows you to store a certain amount of information, which is often confidential. To preserve this data, protection technology is also applied using the so-called PIN code, which is requested when the phone is turned on. If you unsuccessfully enter the PIN code three times, the mobile device will ask you for another code, the so-called PUK code. It usually consists of eight digits and is provided to you along with a SIM card. If you can’t use the phone because you don’t know the PIN code, then just use the PUK code. If you don’t know him and he hasn’t written anywhere (and documents from the SIM card are lost, for example), then the first thing to do is call the support number of your mobile operator. There they will tell you how to find out your PUK code (you may even be able to find it out by phone). If there is no possibility to call, then contact the nearest customer service center, taking with you a SIM card and the phone in which it was used (you may also need a passport). The numbers of mobile operators in Ukraine, as well as a way to quickly contact them, you can see]] here ]].

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Unlock phone memory

Some phone models allow you to separately block access to various files that are in memory (either a phone, or most often an additional memory card). In this case, again, a situation is possible where you will not know (or remember) the set password and the device’s functionality will be partially unavailable to you. This is very unpleasant when the information you need seems to be at hand, but at the same time is not available to you. To solve this problem, you will have to be puzzled by unlocking the memory card. There is such an option as formatting, which will quickly resolve the issue with ignorance of the code. But he will not solve the issue of information recovery, since all of it will be destroyed as a result of formatting. Therefore, this option is not suitable for everyone. All other ways to unlock phone memory, based on the use of additional software. To do this, you will need a cable that came with the phone (or was purchased by you separately) to connect it to a computer, or a card reader (a small device that allows you to read information from a memory card, connecting it to a computer separately from the phone). One of the programs with which you can unlock is the JetFlash Recovery Tool. You can download it from the official website of the developers. It can also be used to format a memory card.

The main thing is that you are aware of all your actions and perfectly understand what you are doing. Otherwise, you can simply disrupt the phone’s performance, which cannot always be restored. So if you don’t know yourself how to unlock the phone, to perform any other action with him, it is better to seek help from professionals. But I still hope that you will not encounter such problems and will treat your telephone set wisely.

Did you enter the pattern correctly? Is your phone locked? We will show you how to unlock it.

It also happens that you forget the pattern key (well, or you find a phone that is locked with the pattern key) and cannot unlock your telephone. Unpleasant situation, of course. In this case, as in all other difficult situations, the main thing is not to panic. A couple of minutes, the correct query in the search and you can restore everything yourself. To simplify this procedure, I rummaged on the Internet and found severals to unlock phones from different manufacturers. You can find them below.

  1. A that will help you unlock your Samsung Galaxy phone yourself. To do this, you will have to use ClockworkMod Recovery or in the common people the emergency menu (as well as the recovery mode). The only thing you should get confused about. Learn how to enable this very Recovery mode. What I say, everything on the:
  1. Another with the same method that allows you to unlock any phone on Andriod:
  1. And the following twos can be useful for those who are trying to understand how to unlock iPhone without a password (jailbreak):