What is an iPhone Restriction Password

If you want to protect your child from unwanted actions or content, you can set the iPhone password restriction code. Where to find it and what it is all about is written in this article.

What are “Limitations” in iOS

The restriction function is also called parental control. You can protect your child from features, applications, and content that are objectionable. The following options are available for configuration:

  • Deny access to specified applications;
  • set age limits;
  • website filtering;
  • privacy setting;
  • access control to settings;

When the application is blocked, its icon becomes gray and inaccessible.

What is an iPhone Restriction Password

How to setup

You can configure the function through the system parameters. The names of the items are intuitive, which will greatly simplify the use.

  1. Go to “Settings” → “General” → “Limitations”.
  2. Click “Enable restrictions” → create an access code.
  3. In the “Allow” sub-item, select indicate the applications to which access should be left.
  4. Turning off the toggle switch opposite the corresponding item, you can:
    • to prohibit installation and removal of applications;
    • disable in-app purchases
    • set age limit;
    • In the “Websites” sub-item, you can configure content filtering:
      • display of all sites;
      • adult content limit;
      • access only to the indicated resources.
      • In “Confidentiality” specify the applications that should block access to the location, etc.
      • In the “Allow Changes” configure access to:
      • accounts
      • Updates
      • volume control;
      • etc.
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      After exiting the settings, the function will already take effect.

      How to find out a password

      But what if I forget the access code? You can find out the restrictions password through a special program for the computer.

      To do this, you will need:

      The principle of operation is to decrypt the backup that must be created through iTunes.

      1. Launch iTunes → connect your smartphone via a USB cable.
      2. Click on the phone logo.
      3. The item “Overview” → “Backups” → “This computer” → “Create a copy now.”

      Now we will extract the data from the copy.

        Download the program → unzip it from the archive.


      If you forgot the password from parental control (restrictions). it does not matter. Through a special program, you can “pull out” the access code from the backup, but for this you need a computer.