Upload Video On Instagram From Computer

We already talked about how to work with images in the article “Useful Tips: How to Add Photos to Instagram via a Computer”, and now we’ll talk in detail about publications.

Standard requirements

Before we talk about hows are added to Instagram from computers, we want to clarify which files are allowed for publication.

  • To begin with, we immediately note that there are time limits for materials:
  • These are the limits that are defined by the developers. Why is this, and not otherwise, a rhetorical question. There are generally accepted rules that must be followed. If the is longer than one minute, the service will automatically crop it.
  • Another limitation introduced by Instagram, the size of the should not be more than 30 MB. But do not panic if the file weighs more. There are many special free programs that compress. It should only be borne in mind that during compression, the quality of the also decreases.
  • The standard insta, as on the logo of the social platform, is square. Therefore, the should be square. Of course, you can upload a file with a different resolution, but at the same time, the service will crop the yourself. If you want to avoid forced cropping, use special programs, such as InShot. These applications will help bring the to the required format, without the need for cropping.
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How to uploads to Instagram from computers using online services

This method of publishing materials is popular, as online resources offer a range of useful services. It is not just about placing files. Services also provide an opportunity:

Upload On Instagram From Computer

And this is not a complete list, but only the main points.

There are many such SMM services. Convenient and functional. PublBox, Smm Planer, Instapult. Read more about PublBox here.

An example of how to add a to Instagram from a computer, consider the example of the first service. The scheme is as follows:

  • Go to the site, for example, https://publbox.com/, and go through a short registration. Note that all services are paid, but PablBoks gives free full access to functionality during the test week. In the future, simply choose the appropriate tariff plan and enjoy all the advantages of the SMM service.
  • From the list of social sites, select Instagram and connect your own account and, if necessary, a number of other profiles with which you work. How to do this. they will tell you automatic tips.
  • Then the service puts forward a proposal to create the first publication. agree.
  • In the window that opens, select the “Video” icon.
  • Select a file on the computer, download and click “add”.
  • Add a caption to the and there are two options: either publish the immediately, or plan it for another time.
  • Depending on the choice, click “publish” or “plan”.
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Done. In a couple of minutes or at the scheduled time, the will appear in the Instagram stream. Agree, the procedure is clear and simple. Publish your favorites for fun.

Emulators for publications

Emulators are applications that allow you to simulate smartphones when you work with a computer. This is one way to get around instability restrictions. Sit at the laptop, and the system sees the smartphone and allows a post. Such programs can be downloaded without problems in PlayMarket. There are a lot of emulators. BlueStacks and Nox APP Player are considered popular.

After downloading, register, search for “Instagram” in the search bar and install the emulator on your PC. Then proceed as with the phone. The procedure is similar.

Publish Files Using Gramblr

Gramblr is designed to help instagrammers. You can upload the program here.

After installation, the procedure is the same as in the previous versions: register and attach the necessary profile. To upload a file, click on the large square in the middle of the screen. And finally, choose when you want to publish the material.

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As you can see, there’s nothing complicated about postings for Instagram. By the way, these services are also suitable for working with photos. We hope our recommendations will help you to download your favorite without any problems. Good content and positive mood. See you again.