How To Install Flash Player On Android

Video, music, games and other content use flash technology, and you need Flash Player to make it work. In this article, I will describe in detail how to install Adobe Flash Player on any computer or laptop running Windows 7/8/10.

Honestly, the technology is stupid and many are already waiting — they won’t wait when it dies and HTML5 comes to replace it. Many sites and clips on YouTube no longer require an installed player, because work on HTML5 technology. But, nevertheless, the flash lives and lives, despite the inhuman consumption of resources and glitchiness.

When do I need to install Adobe Flash Player?

I think that if you found this article, you already know why you need a player # 128578; but still. Often, the browser or sites themselves report that they need Flash Player to function properly. So, for example, the social network VKontakte directly states this: “In order to use the audio service, you need to install a Flash player.” Some hosting providers also report: “Adobe Flash Player required to play”

On other sites, where there are no such messages, just something will not work and that’s it. But as a rule, in this case, a message is displayed at the top asking you to download or enable the flash player. If you have problems with the player already installed, you must first remove it correctly.

In the latest versions of browsers, in addition to Mozilla Firefox, the flash player is always built-in and a separate installation is not required, but it can be turned off.

First update your browser

First, you will need to update your browser to the latest version so that there are no conflicts in the future. Let me show you how to do this for the most popular browsers.


This browser is checked at every launch for the latest version and offers to install it, and updates occur quite often. To check manually, go to the “Menu. Reference. Check for updates. ” If updates are available, install them. If not, then nothing needs to be done. The current version can be viewed in the “Menu. Reference. About the program”.

How to Install Flash Player on Android

Google chrome

This browser generally updates automatically itself. To check this you need to go to the “Menu. Reference. About Google Chrome. ” If you need an update, you will see it.

Internet explorer

Also updated automatically. Check that there is a checkmark in the “Menu. Reference. About the program”

Mozilla firefox

We go to the “Menu. Reference. About FireFox. ” The browser will check for updates and, if any, offer to apply them. apply! However, if you have installed additional modules that are incompatible with the new version, you will be notified.

If something doesn’t work out, don’t be upset, proceed to install the player anyway.

Install Flash Player on your computer

Modern browsers, except Firefox, do not require a separate installation of a flash player, but if the built-in player does not work, then we go to the official Adobe Flash Player website, download the installer and run it, but there are nuances.

Please note that there are two types of installation: for Internet Explorer and for all other browsers. To install the correct version, you need to access the site from the browser for which the flash player is installed. If the version NOT for Internet Explorer is installed, then the plugin will be installed in all your browsers: Chrome, Opera, FireFox and others. Accordingly, the version for IE is installed only in it.

Flash Player is already integrated in Google Chrome, Opera, Yandex Browser, but it is not updated as often as the official version of the player. Sometimes it is buggy and conflicts with a manually installed plugin.

So, to install Adobe Flash Player, go to the site and click “Install Now.”

I recommend unchecking additional offers on the left:

Save the installer, open the download folder and find the installation file for Adobe Flash Player, for example install_flashplayer [xxx].exe. In Mozilla Firefox, the download folder is located in this menu:

We launch the installer and follow the instructions of the wizard. When asked about the method of updating the flash player, I recommend leaving the first option “Allow Adobe to install updates” and click “Next.”

In the end, click “Finish” and the installation is complete. We reboot the browser and verify that everything is working fine.

In case of installation problems, also check if there are any running processes from browsers or just restart your computer and restart the installer.

How to check if Flash Player is installed correctly

If there are doubts about the normal operation of the player, then this is easy to verify. We go to the address, click the “Check Now” button and see what it says:

  • Not installed. not installed
  • Your Flash Version: version number written. flash player installed and enabled
  • Flash Player disabled. built into the browser, but Flash is not working or is turned off
  • Flash Player enabled. built-in flash works

How to enable the built-in Flash Player in the browser

Installing a separate plugin is usually not required, but you need to check if the built-in flash is enabled in the browser. It is very easy to do.

Google chrome

In Chrome, the flash player can be enabled for all sites, for this we go to the browser settings “Settings. Content Settings Flash ”or paste the path into the address bar:

When the option “Always ask (recommended)” is enabled, the flash player only works after your consent in a special dialogue. You can also add allowed and blocked sites manually.

Mozilla firefox

We go to the “Menu. Additions. Plugins ”and look in the list“ Shockwave Flash ”. If the plugin is turned off, then turn it on:


Go to Settings. Sites. Flash section. ” Allow all sites to run Flash, ask each time or completely block:

Internet explorer

We go to the “Menu. Browser Properties Programs. Configure add-ons. Toolbars and extensions. ” In the list, look for “Shockwave Flash Object”:

Summarize and watch the

In the simplest case, the installation is reduced to the following actions: automatic transition to the Adobe website, downloading and launching the installer.

We watch a on the correct installation of a flash player:

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Comments (35)

Good afternoon.
Faced a couple of times with the problems of a flash player, but managed to solve everything on their own.

A good article with all the nuances that may arise when reinstalling the flash!

Thank you so much for the detailed instructions! Everything was deleted and installed on the “one-two.” Works!:)

Alexey, hello. I have the latest version of the plugin and Mozilla FireFox, but for some reason it constantly crashes for me. I have to exit the browser 10-15 times a day, otherwise I can’t get it to work. there’s already no power on him! and in another browser I can’t work. What could be the reason and how to fix it.

try reinstalling it and look in the side of the Maxthon browser

Hello, Alexey! Faced a terrible problem. when I open any page, site, mail, it redirects to the page from “Your computer is locked”, cleaned, scanned, deleted, nothing helped, but now it seems to be cleaned. But for how long? I read your articles, but have not yet taken the advice. I wanted to ask you about Flash Plaere. I found in the “Programs and Features” that I have installed 1.Adobe AIR, 2. Adobe Flash Player 15 Activex, 3. Adobe Flash Player Plugin and 4. Adobe Reader 9.5.5. Russian. and all of them were installed in September of this year, one in August, although I did not install. Maybe this is an automatic update? Please tell me which of them I do not need. I’m not quite good at programming yet.

Natalya, all these programs will not hurt and most likely were built into your Windows assembly. How long has your problem gone? I can’t know, but I’ll say for sure that you need to install a normal antivirus, such as NOD32, but even after cleaning you need to reset all browser settings to default.

Alex, thanks for the answer. A day later, this nasty virus appeared again, I had to reinstall the OS. I really liked your blog, I will use your advice, so much useful!

Of course Natalia, I will be glad to see you on the blog!

hello, I have Ubuntu 14.04 OS, Mozilla FireFox and Google Chrome installed, the flash player works on Mozilla FireFox, but it didn’t seem to install it on Google Chrome, but it says in your article that it is installed by default, only for example, VKontakte when trying write an audio recording ”An error occurred while starting an audio recording. Try to refresh the page“, I try to update it, but the whole computer hangs, and later in a separate window they inform that the pages do not respond to requests, then I don’t see why, in the same window, where I tried to play audio he wrote that Google has chrome or there is not enough memory or you need to restart the browser. As a result, just restarting the browser does not help, because everything goes in the same circle. How can I make it so that I can listen to music and watchs?

Anna, my blog about Windows, incl. as in Ubuntu I will not prompt

First of all, thanks for your site, everything is very clear. The problem is, alls are played, except in Odnoklassniki. I deleted the previous adode via Revoaninstaller. I downloaded a new flash player through your site as you advised, but the problem with Odnoklassniki remained.

try another browser

Thanks. It turns out it’s so simple.

Thank you! Even the blonde is clear))

A wonderful article, just what I wanted to find on the internet to install a flash player is certainly correct. And then they even told me how to remove it correctly, if that, and clean the “tails” 🙂 For specialists, maybe it’s all simple, but for people like me who install programs for the most part at the level of intuition, the information is very useful. For example, I didn’t know such nuances that the player should be installed on the latest version of the browser so that it wouldn’t be buggy, and that there are flash players separately for IE and separately for everyone else. In general, thanks for the article 🙂
And now, if possible, two questions.
The first one. I, as you advised, left a check mark on “Allow Adobe to install updates.” And now, when the player is updated, will I somehow find out about this? Should any message appear or will everything happen completely unnoticed?
And the second one. Of course, I unchecked the offer to install Chrome (McAffee Security Scan Plus was not offered to download to me, although I carefully watched everything). And if everything will be updated automatically, will I not be put under the guise of any application program that I absolutely do not need? # 128578;

they will not put anything superfluous to you. And at the expense of updates, they will either pass unnoticed by you, or they will be asked to download and install when a new version is detected. Depends on the settings, in general, do not worry.

In the last few days my on YouTube has stopped loading, in VK and Tweak all the rules, can the outdated flash player be to blame? Tell me, it is very necessary!

yes, most likely it is

I install the flash player according to the rules, (opera), at the end of the installation the Internet explorer opens and thank you for using the flash player. And in the opera I can’t watchs

reinstalled the flash player several times. all the same, the does not load, a request appears to install a flash player. (at the end of the installation, an Internet explorer opens and thank you for installing the player, but I need to install it in the opera, what to do, help)

Unfortunately it didn’t help. I download the player, run it and nothing happens. The player’s installer just hangs, and without any buttons, it’s just a bare installer dialog. This has never happened before.

But what if software exception (0xc000001d) writes?
And doesn’t install any player or chrome in any?
I found out that the percent does not support SSE2
Comp Athlon 1600, Win XP
Can this problem be solved?

Try to install earlier versions of flash player that do not require sse2, if any. But what will it give if the site will require new versions. only the hardware should be changed, anyway, in addition to the flash player, there will always be problems with such hardware with various programs, and there will be more such problems every day. Iron, more or less all supporting, a penny is on Avito.

By the way, some of the clips on YouTube no longer require an installed player
YouTube hosting also reports: “Adobe Flash Player required to play”

sdrom does not read all disks. advise what to do? thanks))

Not installed on Windows XP
What to do? Help.

look for old versions of the player, but it’s better to go to the top ten

Adobe Acrobat PDF is also your product. Megafon calls detailing comes to me in the mail. I click on View, but the document is loaded into the downloads at the same time as viewing. I didn’t click on Download. Is it possible to make it boot without my knowledge?

Adobe has nothing to do with me at all. And you have everything right. You cannot view the document without downloading. Then you can delete.

why was it necessary to delete the old program? I can download Adobe Flash Player if I only remove the chrome! problems and troubles! I can not download!

hello I don’t know who I’ll turn to here the other day I had such a problem with this “Abode Flash Flower” I’ve never seen a photo and don’t know what to do here on your right page there is such a section that you can download it for free but I’m a little afraid I don’t know if it can be pressed or not. give me an answer I beg you in advance grateful

Alexey, hello. The Internet Explorer has an integrated Adobe Flash Player. I unchecked “ActiveX Filtering”. it worked. And now all the time I have to turn off ActiveX Filtering? How will this affect the operation of a computer with different sites?

I do everything when installing this Flash as you have in the instructions, but in the end the ban is all.