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The best Samsung smart watches

Beautiful, functional and truly smart watch TOP-level, successfully mimicked the analog.

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Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 44 mm

A very stylish line of Smartwatches offers men stainless steel or aluminum cases. Electronic screen size 1.4″. chic sAMOLED produces a bright and contrasting picture.

Sports features offer 7 types of activity, including swimming and walkout. the launch of the appropriate programs and recording the results is done automatically.

The watch allows you to almost never look into the smartphone: not only messages from messengers, but also posts from social networks are displayed on the screen. Active tabs duplicated from the phone screen are also displayed.

Interestingly, the control is implemented. using a touch bezel. It really is easier, but it will take some getting used to. The watch has an average of 3 days of battery life (although the manufacturer claims 5).

  • IP68 protection and the ability to withstand 5 ATM when submerged in water;
  • Galaxy Apps store;
  • “Friendly” with phones of other brands (including Apple);
  • NFC chip;
  • 750 MB of RAM;
  • Ability to make/receive calls;
  • Wireless charging.

The men’s version of the Galaxy Active2 offers a wide range of features for sports, but first and foremost it is a handy assistant to pair with your smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 40mm

This modification differs from the previous one not only by the size of the dial (1.2″). The watch is aimed at girls, so the manufacturer has added an interesting functionality.

In addition to a wide range of options for adjusting the image on the screen, you can use Samsung‘s chip for fashionistas. It’s enough to take a picture of your outfit (or part of it) and the watch itself will pick up a screen saver that will perfectly fit the image of the owner.

Other features are the same as the “male” version at 44 mm. Sports modes can be triggered automatically or set manually. Also a smart accessory is able to track the level of stress and give hints that will help calm you down by doing some breathing exercises.

  • Nice choice of light and unpretentious shades of straps;
  • Ability to choose a screen saver in any color scheme;
  • AMOLED screen;
  • Very accurate heart rate measurement;
  • A running coach;
  • Extensive smartphone control options.

Ladies Galaxy Watch, despite the preserved laconism of design, offers a lot of beautiful screensavers and rich functionality. enough for active exercises and duplication of actions in the smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 46 mm

Another status Smartwatch, focused not so much on active sports, as on the daily help to a busy owner. After waking up, they will give you all the necessary information: the planned activities for today, information about the weather and other things, and in the evening they will prepare a “report”.

In addition, the model is able to track 39 types of activity. that’s actually a lot. Well, connecting to the Samsung Health app will further expand the watch’s sports capabilities.

Galaxy Watch is older than the Active2 versions, and yet quite large. 46 mm (screen size 1.3″). This model is definitely only suitable for men of large builds.

  • Classic wristwatch design;
  • Support for Samsung Pay and Galaxy Apps;
  • Always On Display mode. with a constantly active watch face;
  • A large number of activity programs;
  • Circular to-do planner;
  • Many functions remain available without a phone.

In this watch we had to sacrifice the size of the display for the sake of a faithful imitation of the classics. 3D screensavers depicting analog watches only add to their resemblance to the usual mechanics.

Samsung Gear S3 Frontier

Again, a pleasing to the male eye imitation of an analog clock. this time with a military-inspired design. The matte bezel is not for beauty and authenticity. it is a full-fledged control organ. For example, it is convenient to answer calls with it (through the built-in speaker). However, the manufacturer has assigned the bezel all possible functions: screen and sound settings, message management, application calls, etc.д.

Powered by the proprietary dual-core Exynos 7270 processor with support for nearly 770 MB RAM. The large screen has a diagonal of 1.3″ and, of course, it is a clear AMOLED. In addition to supporting the connection via NFC and Wi-Fi, the Smart watch works in LTE-networks.

  • High level of protection (IP68) and the screen does not scratch;
  • Built-in GPS-module allows you to use some functions and without a smartphone;
  • Sophisticated docking station. with a magnetic holder and indicator;
  • Ability to leave the dial always on;
  • Convenient operation of a rotating bezel.
  • “Traveling” through the menu at first is difficult;
  • There are some limitations in the work with messengers;
  • In Russia, there will be difficulties with GPS navigation on the watch without a smartphone.

Very masculine watch that is most useful to inhabitants of megacities, where there is 4G. However, the model is also well suited for outdoor activities. The actual autonomy of the device is 2-3 days.


Brief specifications



degree of protection



body material




operating system


1.3″ (360×360) Super AMOLED
iOS, Android
WR50 (5 atm)
Wi-Fi, NFC, Bluetooth 4.2
stainless steel. steel
answer capability
Calories, physical activity, sleep
Accelerometer, gyroscope, altimeter, heart rate monitor with continuous heart rate measurement
63 г

Galaxy Watch is a classic of modern smart watches. They have an elegant design with some small decorative elements. Immediately it is clear that the watch is not positioned as a sports watch, but as something to wear all the time.

One of the main advantages. AMOLED screen. 1.The 2 inches of high detail is enough to see even the smallest symbols. There are several dials to choose from. You can put a classic dial and set it to the sound of ticking clock.

Bracelet works fast enough. Samsung’s own processor performs the task quickly, even your heart rate is measured in 1.5-2 times faster than on many fitness bracelets.

Best Samsung Watch in 2021. Which Smartwatch Is The Right One For You?

Speaking of which, the watch actively monitors your health. It has a pedometer, GPS, heart rate monitor, calorie reader. The bracelet has a speaker, so you can listen to voice messages. You can not call, but you can fight back with pre-prepared phrases. And also the bracelet is hardy, up to 10 meters of water it will sink easily!

Pros and cons

  • Design housing.
  • Detailed screen.
  • Built-in player.
  • Many functions for sports.
  • Water and dust protection (IP68).
  • Has GPS, Glonass.
  • There is a speaker.
  • Not the most attractive price.
  • Long charge and low battery life.
  • Voice messages are not audible in all applications.
  • Not all fitness features have detailed statistics.

Best offers

Smart watches are becoming more and more popular. Because of this, more and more companies are starting to produce them. This makes it increasingly difficult to choose such a device. That’s why we decided to compare the best models from four different manufacturers.

In 2021 the smart watch market is experiencing interesting times. If we talk about money, the biggest cream of the crop goes to Apple and Samsung. In quantitative terms, different Chinese companies win. In this comparison, we want to talk exclusively about those models that can work together with any smartphone, so Apple is left out of the bracket. Also we decided not to look at too expensive devices and chose a popular price segment up to 20000. As a result our choice fell on the following smart watch:

HONOR MagicWatch 2 46mm. this model is more like a traditional mechanical watch.

Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro. a device ready to boast a long battery life on a full charge.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 Steel 44mm. the best choice for people who regularly engage in sports.

Xiaomi Mi Watch. one of the most affordable Smart Watch, exist in several colors.

How to choose a smart watch or bracelet

Before you stop your choice on this or that gadget, you should get acquainted with each of them. First of all a fitness bracelet. Its purpose is to monitor the activity of the wearer. You need to put it on your hand and connect the functions. All the settings take place in your smartphone, with which the wrist device will be synchronized via Bluetooth.

With the bracelet, you can find out how active you are in your lifestyle. Namely, how many steps you take during the day. over, when you work at the computer, the accessory tells you that you need to leave this activity and take a short walk. If you are out for a run, the bracelet will evaluate your efforts and point out the parameters you have achieved and give you praise. In this case this process somewhat resembles a computer game. But nevertheless this kind of control is even for the benefit of the person, because it helps to group and organize your time, both at work and at home.

As for heart rate measurement, some gadgets have a function to monitor the maximum values of the indicator. When the upper limit is reached during, for example, intensive sports activities, the bracelet will inform the owner of the need to reduce activity.

The smart watch has more features as well as built-in functions. It has a navigator, thanks to which you can navigate in an unknown area by looking at the map. Or plot a route for yourself from one point to another and follow it without any wandering.

Thanks to the watch you can listen to your favorite songs directly on your smartphone. With a touch of a hand to the button, the music switches itself. In addition, looking at the clock face, you can access the Internet, which is very convenient. Now this gadget is reminiscent of the good old movies, in which such accessories were a figment of the imagination of science fiction authors. But nevertheless they exist.

A smart watch is a kind of smartphone, but with the difference that it is worn on the hand. And it has a nice, sleek look.

The most interesting features

Fitness Trainer. In this function, you have to select the type of workout you are interested in:

As a result, you will get a detailed report on what results you achieved, how much time was spent on training and how much time was spent on rest. How many calories were lost and how many kilograms or grams you managed to get rid of.

Smart alarm clock. In order to get a good night’s sleep and not to walk around depressed all day, there is an alarm clock that determines how much time his master needs to sleep enough, and waking up easy. And you don’t have to worry that the alarm clock will wake you up earlier or later. This gadget calculates precisely the time you need to rest.

Notifications of messages and calls. After all, it’s not always convenient to take out your phone and see who’s there so fiercely trying to reach you? Now with a bracelet or a smart watch, this is no longer necessary. If your gadget has a screen, you can easily see the message or phone number calling you. If you don’t have a screen, you get a vibration or flashing light source and the other part of the gadget tells you what time it is supposed to count and when it is supposed to count.

Wearable gadgets are produced by many companies. And each of them tries to do something special and to attract a large number of users to their products. Let’s see what tries to please its fans one of the leading manufacturers of electronic devices. Samsung company. Here is the rating of the best bracelets and smart watches from the company.

How to choose a smart watch?

Let’s just say that choosing a smart watch is not an easy task, especially if you are choosing this gadget for the first time. They want to buy the most expensive watches to show off to their friends, others want the most Smart watches in every way, and others want to buy a Smart watch for sports, because leading a healthy lifestyle is above all for them.

What to look for when buying a smart watch?

#The Best Smart Watches for your friends and friends. The most budget-friendly models of these gadgets have a plastic case in 90% of cases, especially for smart watches for sports. Metal is another popular material for its case, but the most expensive watches have a ceramic case.

If you decide to buy a smart watch with a ceramic case, be prepared to pay a lot of money for it.

#x2b50; Shape. It can be square, round or rectangular. Some smart watches can be confused with a manual analog, but this is only at first glance, because the capabilities and functionality of the latter are disproportionately lower.

The shape plays absolutely no role in how advanced these gadgets will be, and here you are better guided by your own preferences.

#x2b50; Design. It would seem that the design also can not be called the most important factor in the choice, but it is not so. Unlike cheap analogue watches, Smart watch is an essential attribute of style, just like a belt or tie.

Whereas earlier smartwatch manufacturers tried to make Accent on improving the functionality of fitness gadgets, they have now realized that design plays a particular role in whether or not a watch will become popular with customers. That’s why now even the budget models of smart watches in their appearance can compete even with the elite watches from firms with worldwide reputation.

#x2b50; Strap Material. When buying a smart watch it is important to pay attention to all the details, including the strap. If the body of the strap will be made of leather. this is good, because cheap and frankly functionally weak watches with these straps does not happen. And the plastic ones are plentiful.

Also the strap can be made of stainless steel and silicone. If the current color of the strap of your smart gadget you do not like, manufacturers have taken into account the possibility of quick replacement strap.

#x2b50; How much these watches will be safe. The most expensive watches are protected by a special “sapphire crystal”, and this material has received 9 points on the Mohs scale. Only diamond was able to get more. 10 points, which is the highest score. It is almost impossible to scratch or somehow damage it.

Does a man need a smartwatch??

It so happens in the modern world that it is men who work in positions that require concentration and quick switching of attention. Engineers, drivers, managers. all of these jobs are mostly occupied by members of the stronger sex. And because a man has to concentrate on his work, he may well miss an important call or a push notification.

But you can’t look at your phone all the time, either. We have to look for a compromise. For example, use a Smartwatch that will alert them to a message, a pooches, or a call.

Also, men rarely pay attention to their health problems. How many news stories have there been about “the visitor himself came to the hospital with a knife in his back”. And even if such a situation is not a reason to call an ambulance, what can be said about, for example, a heart that starts “trembling? A good smart watch for men focused on health monitoring will alert you to sedentary activity, an unstable heart rate or even high levels of stress. In general, they will help to live a few extra years.

Rating of fitness bracelets Samsung 2021-2022. which fitness tracker is better to choose?

Samsung company in the development of its portable gadgets uses a very original approach, combining functionality and practicality. Therefore, each device can do much more than analogues. For example, fitness bracelets not only count steps and calories burned, but also act as companion devices, and may well replace the full-fledged smart watches.

So if you want a fitness bracelet, which will be a great assistant in all areas of daily life, you should pay attention to the products from the Korean technological giant Samsung. And we will tell you what sports bracelets are really the best in 2021 which one should choose.

What to pay attention to when choosing?

To choose the right Smart watch, you should pay attention to the following characteristics:

  • Manufacturer. Functionality and quality depend on the brand. The best brands Apple, Huami, Samsung, Honor, Fibit.
  • Case size. Good if the watch has a case size of less than 44 mm.
  • Functions. The model must necessarily support answering messages or phone calls, contactless payment, GPS, sleep monitoring, heart rate phys. Preparation, as well as various sensors.
  • Appearance and straps. For a girl watch is a highlight in the image. Good if they are made in delicate shades and have the ability to change the strap.

How to choose and what to look for?

When choosing a Samsung brand smart watch, you should pay attention to the following indicators of the model:

  • Compatibility with smartphones from different manufacturers.
  • Appearance, style, and dimensions.
  • The characteristics of the screen resolution.
  • The functionality of the device, the ability to install additional applications.
  • Usability of interface and control system.
  • The level of autonomy.