Xiaomi AirDots do not sync with each other

Wireless headphones do not pair with each other what to do?

Wireless technology is steadily replacing the usual wired connection. And whether it is surprising that today more and more users choose miniature TWS-earphones, considering yesterday the usual wired headset as a relic of the past. The only “but” is the connectivity issues that still occur, even though the technology continues to improve.

Wireless headphones why only one earpiece works: what to do

The main problems that most often occur during the connection and use TWS headphones Xiaomi:

How To Pair And Troubleshoot The Xiaomi Redmi Mi AirDots

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  • When headphones don’t sync with each other. These TWS headphones work as follows: there is a main earpiece, on my Earbuds basic it is the right. When we turn them on or take them out of the case, the left earpiece connects to the right one. They are synchronized. Then we connect the right earbud to the device and both earbuds play. But it happens that there is a desynchronization. As a result, the headphones do not connect. And one, right or left earphone Redmi AirDots do not work. Or just not connecting the left or right earbuds. Most often the left one.
  • When Xiaomi Redmi AirDots or Earbuds headphones don’t connect to your phone, tablet, laptop, etc. д. often than not, the device just can’t see them. We open the list of available Bluetooth devices and the headphones are not displayed. At the same time they are not in the case and are on.
  • When the Xiaomi headphones do not charge. Not charging left or right earphone, or not charging case (aka charging case, which in turn charges the headphones).

Update: For those who came to this page with a problem when the left, or right earbud completely stops working. The indicator light isn’t lit, doesn’t respond to button presses. This article has a working solution, which has gathered a lot of positive feedback in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. See the solution below in the article where I talked about charging problems.

How to eliminate the desynchronization problem?

In addition to the method described above, there are several other operations that will help synchronize the headphones:

  • Cancelling the pairing. One of the common mistakes is trying to connect the device without first synchronizing. To solve the problem, you need the gadget to “forget” the pairing. Go to the Bluetooth device manager, find the headphones in the list of paired devices and cancel the connection using the “Forget device” button.
  • Reset manually. No special buttons on the case? You will need to remove both earphones from there and press the power button. Pressing should last about a minute. The LED signal will first light up, then flash and go out.
  • Manual reset in the case. If the previous method does not work repeat the above steps, but do not remove the headphones from the case.
  • Resetting with the case. If the charger has a dedicated button, then the gadget should be placed inside the case. Similar to the previous method, then you need to press the power button for at least 60 seconds.

How to synchronize the headphones Xiaomi AirDots

Here it does not hurt to share the step-by-step instructions for synchronizing the headphones:

Insert the AirDrops into the charging case, Each earphone in its slot. make sure the case (aka charger) is charged.

Delete the information about the headphone connection from the Bluetooth menu of your smartphone.

Remove the two earphones from the case and turn them off. To do this press the control button on each ear piece for 5 seconds.

Now you need to perform another “Reset” (The first was to remove the device from the list of Bluetooth devices connected to the phone). At this point you need to reset the connection between the two Ayr Dots headphones. To do this, press and hold the control buttons on each of the “pillboxes” for 20 seconds. The status light should flash twice: first after 10 seconds and then after 20 seconds. Do not release the buttons until you see the LED blink a second time.

Turn on the headphones. To do this, hold down both control buttons for about 5 seconds. Another way to do this is to put your ears in a case and then take them out. When you take Xiaomi AirDots out of the case, they automatically turn on.

After this restart, you will see the status light on the right earpiece blink white. At the same time, the status light on the left earphone does not light up and remains unlit. This means that there is a connection between the Air Dots and the right earpiece can be paired to the phone.

xiaomi, airdots, sync, each, other

The last step is to connect the master (right) AirDots to your mobile device, then you can enjoy music, audiobooks or podcasts, as well as receive incoming calls through the headset.

xiaomi, airdots, sync, each, other

Connecting both Xiaomi AirDots headphones to your phone Setting

Turning on both Xiaomi AirDots headphones in your phone: setting up devices by turning on the phone Bluetooth. Synchronizing the devices and following the step-by-step instructions to connect the gadgets. If the Xiaomi AirDots headphones are not connecting: reboot the devices.

  • Many thanks to the author. This article helped me a lot. My headphones weren’t connecting to each other and I had no idea what to do. After reviewing your article I followed your instructions. And within 5 minutes the headphones started working properly. I was able to easily connect both Xiaomi AirDots headphones to the phone. Another tip was to hold the off button for 15 seconds. Did not have time to try it, maybe someone will find it useful. Despite all previous attempts, the headphones are up and working fine. Definitely a kudos. Thank you so much.

Many people, when choosing Xiaomi headphones, buy compact Bluetooth models that do not give discomfort because of the wires. Headsets are easy to use, but sometimes there are questions. For example, users don’t know how to connect both Xiaomi AirDots headphones. Setting up, synchronizing the two headsets will be discussed below.

If the Redmi AirDots do not connect to each other, the headphones should be synchronized by performing a wireless headset reset. To reset the Xiaomi AirDots, follow these steps: Turn off the headphones. Press the touch pads and hold until the indicators turn red.

Press and hold the buttons on both headphones for 15 seconds. After the indicator light alternately flashes red and white three times (then flashes again), release the buttons and return the headphones to the charging case. Remove Redmi AirDots from the list of paired devices on your smartphone, if they are there.

First, turn off the headphones. Squeeze the touch pads/buttons on each of the headphones and release when the red lights come on. The next step is to hold your fingers on the headphones again for about 30-50 seconds. At this time, the indicators will behave differently.

Hold for 30-50 seconds: the white light turns on first, then after 10-20 seconds the red-white light turns on. The indicator will blink 2 times. Continue to hold until they flicker a couple more times and go out for a few seconds. Then flicker a couple more times. this means that the settings are reset.

If the Redmi AirDots are not connecting to each other, the headphones should be synced by performing a wireless headset reset. To reset Xiaomi AirDots, follow these steps: Turn off the headphones. Hold down the touch pads and hold until the indicators turn red.

First read then, connect according to the instructions: Cancel pairing (remove headphones) on all devices: smartphone, computer Remove both headphones from the case and disconnect them: press the buttons for 6 seconds until the red LEDs light up Again press both buttons for 15 seconds: first they will blink white, after 10

To work individually, you just need to put one earphone in the case. The connection will be to the earpiece outside of the case. Or conversely, when connecting from the case, remove the unwanted earpiece to connect to the remaining. Also, some models have the ability to simply turn off the earpiece by pressing a button.

Each of the earbuds has a button or touch area. Press and hold for about 20 seconds The headphones will restart forcedly Wait a few seconds until both headphones are connected to each other