You can use the phone number to find out the owner

Try to figure out the number using a search engine

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Chance of finding the person / phone number: HIGH

What are the advantages of this method:

Cell phone search is performed simultaneously on several sites ;

Allows you to add auxiliary data for better results (name, surname, place of residence, if known)

Of the disadvantages are:

Many results are filled in automatically in the browser’s search bar and do not contain valuable information;

If the user has not “showed up” with his or her number on any site or has not published any information on Avito,”, social networks and other resources, you will not be able to find the phone number in this way.

Through search engines Yandex or Google you can try to find not only the number with the input data, “Full name”, the nickname of the person (the user name, most people use the same user name in all Internet resources, so he can find other information, which the person uploaded to the Net. This is a great starting point for finding a cell phone number), but on the contrary, to find out the person’s phone number.

If you know the phone number and want to find out, say, who called you, a web search engine is, judging by reviews, another useful way to track down the information you’re looking for.

This option is believed to be one of the best (most highly effective) ways to search the Internet for data about a person in general. But, again, if only before that person has left his details on any site, in a directory, blog, public job profile, people search engine and so on, it (the number) is sure to show up here.

Having such initial data, you can “dig a little more” on the found page of the site with the number and maybe even find out the e-mail and other contact information, such as physical address (very unlikely, but it is possible).

Using a phone number search engine works not only with mobile numbers, but also with landline phone numbers. For example, you can find the number 495/499 (Moscow area code) by searching for “495” the name of the company.

Try adding other relevant information to the search to narrow down the results. But in general, a simple phone number search should be enough, since phone numbers are unique to each owner.

Today, almost everyone uses messengers, so it is not very difficult to find a person using them, knowing only his cell phone number. If it is a Telegram messenger, you just need to add the number to your phonebook and name it. Next, go to the mobile Telegram application, open the “Contacts” section, and if the person is registered in Telegram, his profile will appear there.

If it is a question of messengers WhatsApp or Viber, you just need to go to the appropriate application, click the search button and enter the available cell phone number. If the person is registered in the application, you can view their account. Using messenger, you can find out the person’s full name and see his photos.

How to find out the owner of the phone number (full name)?

Search for information about the owner of the phone number through search engines, social networks and applications.

By law, only representatives of law enforcement agencies can find out a person’s surname, first name and patronymic from a phone number, and only on request. For all other access to such information is prohibited. However, no one can forbid a person to try to find out the full name of the person by the phone number himself/herself. there is an Internet for this purpose.

Search engines are our everything

The most obvious way to find out the owner by phone number is to type the number into all available search engines (Google and Yandex are usually enough). Perhaps the person has ever listed a phone number online along with his or her first and last name.

How to find out the owner by phone number through social networks?

Often users of social networks indicate in their profiles detailed information: name and surname, marital status, names of relatives, place of study and work, telephone, e-mail address. If you need to find the name of the owner of the phone number, you can first check all the popular social networks. We have a separate detailed instruction for this case.

How to find out the owner by phone number via messengers?

To register in Viber, WhatsApp and Telegram it is necessary to specify a real phone number. the account will be tied to it. To find the surname, first name and patronymic of a person with only his number, you need to add this number to your contact list. If its owner is registered in Viber, WhatsApp and Telegram, it will be possible to find him in the messengers. There is a good chance that it is registered under the real name.

How to find out the owner by phone number through special services

Mobile applications Yandex Identifier, GetCaptast, NumBuster, Truecaller and other similar programs are designed to get information about the number from which a call is made. The main objective of such services is to weed out spammers, bots and scammers. Additionally, you can get information about how the owner of the number you are looking for is recorded with other people. Perhaps someone wrote down the name of the owner of the number.

When using such services, you should understand that they work on the basis of a database of numbers provided by users themselves. All information from the phone book will become public.

How to find out the owner of the phone number through Sberbank Online

The Sberbank Online application has a feature to transfer money to another person using a phone number. If the owner of the number is linked to the service, you can find out his name, middle name and the first letter of the last name. Here is a simple instruction.

An unobvious way. Avito

One of the most popular online marketplaces for buying and selling things can also help you find the phone number owner’s last name and first name. Sellers often indicate their real details, so you should not neglect Avito.

Many people use electronic boards to send out ads to sell cars, apartments, kitchen sets and other personal items. By doing so, they publish a lot of data on the Internet:

Some people even list their addresses when selling real estate. Search engines index the published information, and then we can use it. If you want to identify the phone number of the owner, use any search engine. enter the number in the search box and analyze the information in the search results.

There are many search engines, so do not worry if the selected search engine did not give you any results. try to look in another search engine. For example, in terms of searching by number and numeric data, Google gives more results than the domestic Yandex. Sometimes the opposite happens, so we recommend trying all available search engines.

If there is no information in search engines, it means that the person sought either does not use the World Wide Web, or tries not to leave any traces on the Internet. This technique is best suited for finding information about various companies and enterprises.

Search engines

The easiest way is to type the phone number into a search engine. If the person has entered it on any sites, this information may have remained on the Internet. It is better to use several search engines (Yandex and Google). so there is a higher probability that one of them will give some kind of clue.

Search for the number 7 950 853 11 16 in browsers Google, Opera and Microsoft Edge gave only one result. the name of our site.

Mobile database option

You can find a lot of similar databases on the Internet. Some work directly on the sites, in order to use others, you need to download them to your PC. Many of them provide their services, allowing the client to remain anonymous. But all of these databases have a couple of significant drawbacks:

  • First: it often happens that the information provided by the database is too outdated, and contains data that is several years old. As a rule, this information is very different from the real one at the moment.
  • Second: there is a chance to run into common scammers. They charge a fee for providing the information. This is usually done by sending SMS to short codes. Information such services, of course, do not find and do not give out.

There are databases that really find the necessary data on the person by phone number, but they, more often than not, also require payment for full information, but provide only a small part of it for free.

Searching for a person in the search engines “Yandex” and “Google” using search tricks

You can find out a lot of interesting things with a regular Yandex or Google search. Simply type in a request using one of the formulas:

  • first name and last name;
  • first name, last name, date of birth;
  • e-mail;
  • Internet nickname the person uses;
  • Latin surname or nickname of the person (without @);
  • first name last name city;
  • first name last name place of study / work;
  • first name and last name “contacts.

Often, however, the system will give you a list of hundreds of sites, where one way or another, meets the name you’re looking for, but related to other people. Social media, state registries, MIA migration service sites, and so on will be found. To make your search more specific and get more exact results about the searched person, use search options and operators.

  • If the searched person lives in other city. set in Yandex or Google is the region. By default, search in your region.

How do you find a person’s name by their cell phone number?2022

  • Symbol ” “. “Plus” tells the search engine that the word following it must be on the page. For example enter: “Andrey Ivanov MSU
  • Symbol “. “. “Minus” helps to exclude words so that the search engine will not show pages that contain the specified minus-words. For example, when the person you’re looking for has a more “star” cousin, and the star information is clogging up the entire output, you can try filtering it out like this:

Alexander Ivanov.singer.musician.songs.MSU biography

  • Quotation marks help you find pages with an exact match for the query you entered: “Andrei Ivanov.
  • The asterisk, replaces a forgotten word or several words. For example, if you have forgotten your patronymic, type this: “Alexander Pushkin”.
  • The special character ” | “. The vertical separator is a synonym for “or. This tells search engines that you are interested in either the first option or the second option. For example, when you do not remember your last name accurately, enter: Andrei Ivanov|Ivanteev|Ivlev.
  • site: search on a specific site. Tells Yandex to search for documents published on a particular hosting.

Find the owner of the phone number for free over the Internet, through an operator or with the help of programs

Many have faced the situation when there is a need for personal or business purposes to find a person, knowing only his mobile number. It happens so that the contact was written in a hurry and not signed by name, someone unknown called, and you didn’t have time to answer, or you are pestered by phone calls and SMS strangers. It’s not an easy task, but there are some effective ways to identify the owner by phone number that are worth looking into.

How to find the owner of the number through Yandex Identifier?

Determinator by Yandex. a service that works in the Yandex browser. If it is installed on the phone, the caller ID will also be available. To activate it, it is necessary:

The identifier displays a list of all numbers that have called the user. If there are reviews and other information about the number in the Yandex system, brief information such as the name of the company or the type of number (possibly spam or possibly a poll) will be displayed at the bottom.