Samsung S9 Battery Replacement

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The most sensitive element of a smartphone. this is his battery. He reacts sharply to shock, temperature changes and liquid. If you notice that the Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone is quickly discharging, suddenly turns off, we recommend contacting a Re: store specialized service center for an urgent battery replacement. Only a professional team of craftsmen will be able to perform a detailed diagnosis of the device, identify problems and properly resolve them.

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When is it necessary to replace the battery on the Samsung Galaxy S9

Battery repair is required in such cases:

  • Expired
  • bloating of the power source,
  • the appearance of spots on the screen,
  • the battery is not fully charged,
  • quickly discharges, unstable charge process.
Samsung S9 Battery Replacement

Most often, a service center is contacted precisely because of a bloated battery. Experts believe that this is due to the following circumstances:

  • factory defects, usually manifested in the first week of use,
  • liquid ingress leads to contact corrosion,
  • mechanical damage due to falling,
  • contact closure due to power surges.

How to replace the battery on a Samsung Galaxy S9

Repairing the battery is a very time-consuming process. It’s better not to try on your own, as you can damage other vital elements. Entrust this work to professionals of the network of Re: store service centers in Kiev. Compared to earlier Samsung phones, the Galaxy S9 needs to be completely dismantled to repair. To replace, you need to remove the fasteners from the smartphone, open the case, remove the old and install a new battery, reassemble in the reverse order. Engineers will do everything in minutes.

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Why choose us?

In the specialized Re: store service center, only experienced, qualified craftsmen who will take apart the device without problems and delays will quickly and efficiently change the power source. This will extend the life of your smartphone for a few more years. over, we have our own large warehouse of spare parts, and you can choose which part is more suitable. original or high-quality copy. The cost of repairing the device also depends on this. It is worth noting that for all types of work and the replacement of installed parts, a warranty is valid for a period of 1 to 6 months. If you do not have the opportunity to come to the company’s office in person, we can deliver your gadget by our own courier service, or through New Mail. Comprehensive free diagnostics, prompt assistance, high-quality and long-term results. all this awaits you in the network of our service centers. Do not postpone your visit for later, do not waste precious time, call us now!

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The timing: from 20 minutes.

Equipment: plastic spatula, multimeter, microscope, brush, meters, hair dryer, screwdrivers.

Materials: original parts and quality analogs.