How to Lock Your Phone When Lost

How to Lock Your Phone When Lost

Today, a mobile phone is not just a means of communication, but an integral part of many people’s lives. And we store not only contacts on the phone, but also a variety of files, including very personal ones. Therefore, if you lose your phone, you will probably want to block it. Most modern phones have a similar feature, and of course it is in the most popular phone of our time. If you still don’t know how to block your iPhone, if it was stolen (blocking methods via iCloud and without iCloud), then this article is for you.

IPhone Preliminary

As you know: “Prevention of the disease is always better than curing it,” with lost phones in exactly the same way. If you consider in advance the possibility of a similar situation and prepare your phone for it, then you will greatly facilitate your life in the future.

It’s not difficult to prepare your phone for a possible theft, all you need to do is go to your phone’s settings and enter your Apple ID in the “iCloud” section. If someone does not know, an Apple ID is issued to each user registered on the Apple website. If you have never previously registered there, you can do this by clicking on the appropriate button all in the same “iCloud” section.

After you enter your data on the phone and register your device, you need to check the boxes next to “Find iPhone” and “Last Location”. After that, your device will be ready for possible theft or loss.

How to block iPhone if it was stolen through iCloud

If you prepared your phone in a timely manner, then in case of its loss, blocking and further searching for the phone should not be a serious problem for you. Many users do not know whether it is possible to block iPhone through iCloud? The answer is, of course, possible, but for this you will need another iOS-based device registered under the same Apple ID as the stolen phone. With it you need to do the following:

  1. Install the Find My iPhone app on this device.
  2. Launch the application, there you will immediately see a map with the location of your phone.
  3. Look at the dot that indicates your phone, if it is green, it means your phone is online (this is good, because while the device is online you can interact with it).
  4. To block the phone, activate “Lost Mode” in this application using the corresponding button.
  5. After that, a window will appear in front of you where you need to enter a message that will be displayed on the screen of your phone, in it you should indicate your second number or address so that the person who found the phone can return it to you.

After that, your phone will be locked and will not unlock until the password for your Apple account is entered. If the phone was not online at the time the lock was turned on, the lock will turn on as soon as it enters the network.

Lock iPhone through browser

If suddenly you do not have a second iOS device, then you can do without it. There is another way to block iPhone through iCloud. Through a browser, or rather through the official iCloud website. Having visited this site, you just need to enter your Apple ID and follow the instructions above. The site is very similar in its device to the “Find iPhone” application, and therefore you should not have problems with it.

The “Find iPhone” application is extremely useful, as it helps to solve several problems at once: how to block the iPhone if it was stolen, and how to find it after that. To do this, you need to come to its approximate location on the map, and then turn on the beep and already track the phone on it.

How to block an iPhone without iCloud

In addition, there are also ways to block iPhone without iCloud. For example, if your phone is registered with Google, you can block the phone through it. Various programs can also help you. If your phone has already been stolen, and there are no special programs on it and it is not registered anywhere, then you can always ask your mobile operator for help.

Tips for getting your phone back soon

Now that you know the basic instructions on how to block the phone if it was stolen, let’s see how you can increase your chances of his safe return.

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First, if you were robbed, in no case do not call the stolen phone, the chances that someone will answer you are extremely small, but for an attacker this may be an occasion to turn off the device and thus block your access to it. You can only try to call if you yourself have forgotten or lost your phone.

Another important point. In no case do not remove your device from iCloud. If you do this, the lock from your phone will disappear.

If after some time the phone never returned to you, and attempts to find it yourself did not lead to anything, then you can try to stimulate the stolen person to return the phone. For example, you can offer a reward, about which you can write everything in the same message that will be displayed on the phone screen. In such a situation, the thief will most likely return the phone to you, since he will not be of any use to him from the locked phone, he can neither be restored nor reflashed.

How to lock and find iPhone when it is lost / stolen:

Now you know how to block the iPhone if it was stolen and how to make it return to you as soon as possible. If after trying everything described above, you still couldn’t get your phone back, do not hesitate and contact the police for help.

How to block a Sberbank card in case of loss Having lost a bank card, many people are wondering how to quickly and safely block it in order to save their finances from scammers. It is very simple to do this, and there are two options: using the Mobile Banking option, and also through a call to a support service operator.

Recently, as bank cards appeared, there was no need to carry a tidy amount of cash in cash. Using a bank card, you can pay for various purchases, any bills, as well as withdraw money at the nearest bank branch. Due to the fact that at present there are a large number of options for managing your personal account, as well as various operations, bank cards have firmly entered the life of a modern person. In order to be sure of safety, the client must be sure to read the instructions on blocking the Sberbank card if it is lost. You can do this either online or by phone, or at the nearest branch of Sberbank, in order to save your finances and keep your account balance unchanged, and use your personal account in future life.

Why is there a need to lock the card in case of loss?

How to block a Sberbank card in case of loss by phone Strange as it may sound, many people still believe that when a card is lost, there is no need to block it, since the personal account and the balance on it remain protected, because the card is not indicated card pin. However, this is not quite true. For example, in some trading devices there is no need to enter a PIN code, and the amount is automatically debited from the card. Also, if money is transferred via the Internet, all the necessary information for this is indicated on the card, there is no need to enter a PIN code. In addition, a bank card could be quietly pulled out from an ATM, having previously looked at the PIN code you entered.

It is also worth noting that some customers, so as not to forget the pin, they write it on the bank card itself, thereby facilitating the actions of fraudsters if they take possession of this card.

It is best to set up a SMS notification service on a card in order to receive information in a timely manner and, if necessary, block the card through a mobile phone.

Let’s consider ways to block a bank card in more detail.

Card blocking by operator call

How to block a sberbank card in case of loss through a mobile bank The fastest way is to block by making a call to the operator Sberbank Call Center. This is one of the easiest, fastest and most proven ways available to almost every modern citizen. You just need to know the Sberbank hotline number. There are several such numbers:

Based on where you are, if you lose your credit card, you must call one of these numbers and contact the call center operator. Typically, calls begin with a greeting from the answering machine, and in order to switch to the operator, you must press the zero key after answering the answering machine. As soon as the bank specialist answers you, inform him about the loss of the card. In order to block your card, you will be required to provide personal data, account number, or control information or a code word. After completing the blocking operation, the center employee will inform you of this. In the future, you must contact any nearest Sberbank branch with all the documentation for your account and write an application for a new card. You can choose the same banking product or any other, based on the proposed options and your personal preferences.

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In the event that your blocked card is still found before the moment you contacted the department to unlock it, you need to contact Sberbank. Activating it in a different way will not work. We can say that these are additional protection measures so that no one except you can use your card by activating it in any other way.

Card blocking through the option “Mobile Bank”

How to block a Sberbank card in case of loss via the Internet Another quick and reliable way to block a lost Sberbank card is to block it through the Mobile Banking option. However, to use this option, you must connect it to your card. You can activate the service yourself at any Sberbank ATM, Using the accessible and intuitive menu. After choosing the option tariff, you must enter your phone number and receive confirmation in the form of an SMS alert. In addition, the same actions can be performed by call center specialists, or employees of the nearest Sberbank branch.

After you activate the Mobile Banking option, you will have two options for blocking your card:

1) Via SMS;
2) Through USSD request.

In the case of SMS, you should specify the following parameters in the message you enter: the name of the transaction, the number of your bank card and the reason for blocking. You can enter one of the following words: BLOCK, BLOKIROVKA, LOCK, BLOCK. In addition, it can be a digital designation in the form of “03”. It is not necessary to indicate the number of your card as a whole; the last four digits are enough. In addition, it is worth remembering the number of your card by heart, because at the time of loss or theft it will not be at hand.

Through a digital command to the 900 short number, you can instantly block your lost or stolen card. Each number in the team has its own designation. So, “0” means that the client has lost the card, “1”. That the card was stolen, “2”. The card was “eaten“ATM,” 3 “. Other reasons. By sending a message, you will receive a response code and confirm your actions.

Locking with a USSD request has a similar scenario, only in this case you do not send an SMS message, you just dial the necessary combination of numbers and symbols and press the call key on your mobile phone. An example of such a command is the following set of numbers and symbols: 90003xxxx0 #, in which each digit has its own designation. So, “03”. This is the lock command, “xxxx”. The last four digits of your bank card, “0”. Reason for blocking this product of Sberbank.

Sberbank Online Banking

In addition to all of the above, Sberbank employees strongly recommend connecting the “Online Banking” option. After contacting the Sberbank call center, you will receive a certain identifier, which will need to be entered in the Sberbank Online service, and then independently select your personal password for access. After you start your “Personal Area»In a special service, you can easily block a lost or stolen card via the Internet. In the main menu, all available bank cards and customer accounts are displayed, and it is very easy to select exactly the card to which you need to apply the blocking function through the “operations” section. After you select the “block card” option, an SMS code will come to your phone, which will need to be entered to confirm your actions. This code is valid for several minutes. Agree that this is a very convenient and safe service. The next time you log in, you will see an inscription that this card is blocked.

Card blocking method in a branch of Sberbank

How to block a Sberbank card in case of loss via telephone Besides all the above-mentioned modern ways of blocking a lost bank card, there is another, more traditional, and reliable, proven over the years. Contact the nearest branch of your bank. Not all customers like this blocking option because it is necessary to personally visit the bank branch and stand a long queue. However, in some cases, this option is very convenient and has its advantages. Having entered the office of Sberbank, you can contact any employee and report your problem. A bank specialist will listen to you and help you fill out a statement about the loss of a card. The application shall indicate personal data on the passport, the parameters of the personal account, which must be blocked. After the operations done, you can immediately write an application for a new bank card, as you will be able to remotely manage your personal account.

There are times when the client does not lose the card itself, but the mobile phone to which the bank card was attached. In this case, contact your nearest Sberbank office and ask to change the phone number to which the product is attached. The application must indicate the reason for changing the phone number, and it is also necessary to register a new number to which the personal account and card will be connected. By default, the application must indicate your personal data and your card details.

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There are times when you blocked a card, but it was soon found. In this case, you can restore it in any branch of the bank by activating it again.

In addition, there are a number of measures that help to secure and maintain financial integrity on your bank card. These include SMS alerts for each operation performed, options “Sberbank Online“And”Mobile Bank“. And most importantly. Remember that it is undesirable to disclose personal information on the card, and even more so the pin code, to third parties.

By following a series of simple instructions and rules, you will secure your cash accumulations on the card.

The loss of a smartphone or other device is just one of the reasons to look for a solution on how to block a SIM card of Iota. This service is provided by a mobile phone and Internet provider, but what should a subscriber do in an emergency to prevent attackers from using his SIM card or the operator to bill for unused services?

How to block a Yota SIM card when losing a phone

The main reasons why a client of a mobile operator has to resort to blocking a SIM card:

  • When you lose your phone, tablet or modem with a card inside;
  • In case of a temporary interruption in the use of Eta services related to a long trip abroad or any other personal circumstances;
  • In case the subscriber firmly decided to refuse the services of this provider and conclude an agreement with another mobile company or even disappear “from the radar” and go to the monastery or some kind of “Most Holy Brotherhood”.

Five ways to get the provider to block the SIM:

  1. Press the magic button (link) in your Yota account yourself;
  2. Call the hotline;
  3. Contact the technical support of the operator in online chat;
  4. Write a message to Yota employees and send it by e-mail;
  5. Visit the nearest point of sale or company office.

Absolutely every Yota client has an account (profile) in the personal account on my.Yota.Ru, because until he creates an account at the specified address, the provider simply will not put it on the Internet.

How to do? Very simple:

  • Enter profile;
  • Go to the section “Management sim”;
  • Select “Block SIM card”.

If it’s still impossible to penetrate the Internet urgently, then there’s any phone at hand. From an old mobile phone with a MegaFon SIM card to a stationary one. The following option is used to block the Eta SIM card. You need to dial a combination of numbers 88005500007, explain why an urgent lock is necessary, and convincingly ask for it. You just need to be patient, because it will take quite a while to wait for the connection with the “live” hotline operator.

Problems accessing your account, but not the Internet? Then the most suitable way to contact technical support, recommended by the provider company itself, is online chat on its website. To get into the chat window, you need:

  1. Go to ru;
  2. Click on the horizontal menu item “Support”;
  3. On the page that opens, click on the link “Smartphone / Tablet”;
  4. On the next page, find the “Contact the chat” link in the sidebar at the bottom left and go through it.

Contact the company by e-mail. This option is designed more for business customers of the operator who need to ask for a SIM card lock officially.

To pay a visit to the provider’s office or to the point of sale, capturing the passport and your copy of the service agreement, is worth:

  • If not satisfied with any of the other methods;
  • A company representative is located near your home or place of work / study.

How to block a Yota SIM card temporarily

Unlimited sim card blocking of Yota is not always required, but how to block it temporarily and for how long does the operator agree to suspend the provision of services?

The minimum period of temporary blocking is two weeks, the maximum is 6 months (six months).

Ways to pause the SIM:

  1. Do it yourself in the aforementioned Personal Account;
  2. Call the above-mentioned toll free number 8-800 (.);
  3. Send SMS to 0999 short number;
  4. Write an application for temporary blocking indicating the required period and send it to mail@yota.Ru;
  5. Visit a sales point (office) and write a statement in the presence of a Yota employee.

Contact the right address, justify your request, and everything will work out. The operator is not entitled to refuse to block the SIM card, and the client is always right.