Registering Apple ID from Computer to iPhone

Registering an account via PC

Apple ID registration is also possible through a computer:

  • open your usual browser;
  • go to the official Apple website;
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  • select “Create Apple ID”;
  • enter your details;
  • Pick a password;
  • type captcha;
  • click the “Continue” button;
  • enter your email and open the letter from Apple;
  • enter verification code.

If you are not used to the functionality of the new phone, then this method will be optimal for you.

Apple ID. how to create a new account on iPhone

To download applications on the iPhone, and work with various services, you must create an Apple ID. An account will allow you to take full advantage of all the capabilities of your gadget.

Registering Apple ID on iPhone

When purchasing a new iPhone, you are faced with the need to create a personal account. It provides the smartphone owner with a number of privileges:

  • locating a lost phone;
  • synchronization of iPhone with computer and in general, all your gadgets, Apple brand using iCloud;
  • downloading free games and applications;
  • purchase of software for PC and mobile devices;
  • free access to iMessage and FaceTime.

Please note that the account is unique for each smartphone user on the iOS operating system. Not sure how to set up an account? Then use one of the methods suggested below

Creating an account via iPhone

To create an account in Russian, you will need to follow the following sequence of actions:

  • open the App Store;
  • click on the “Login” button;
  • click on the “Create Apple ID” field;
  • specify your country (the interface language depends on this);
  • enter an active email address;
  • create a password with at least 8 characters;
  • fill out the registration form;
  • click the “Next” button;
  • if desired, indicate the card details (required to make purchases);
  • a letter will be sent to the specified e-mail with a link to be opened.

You get a personal Apple ID that allows you to take full advantage of the iCloud cloud

Create an account using another device

It is possible to create an account through another gadget with a similar operating system, for example, via the iPad:

  • connect WI-FI;
  • open the App Store;
  • choose any software (if you register an Apple ID for a child, then it is preferable to choose a game);
  • click on the “Install” button;
  • click on the “Create Apple ID” field;
  • read the terms and conditions and accept them;
  • enter the requested data;
  • wait for the letter to be received by e-mail, then follow the link indicated in it.

It is permissible to use the created account on any Apple brand device

Registration via iTunes

This method of creating an account is similar to methods 1 and 2. To do this, you need to perform a number of simple steps:

  • open iTunes;
  • choose the music or movie you like;
  • choose “Buy”;
  • a window will appear in which you will need to click “Create Apple ID”;
  • accept the privacy policy;
  • fill out the registration form
  • go to the mailbox, the address of which was specified during the registration process.

Don’t know where to download the app on your iPhone? Then use this link

How to register an Apple ID?

Hello everyone! We have already met with the identifier in the Apple company system (what is Apple ID and why is it needed?). And at the end of the article, we came to the conclusion that we need to register an Apple ID to create our own unique account. And if it is necessary, we will do!

over, if you follow these instructions exactly, the whole process will not take you much time, and efforts will generally be minimal.

By the way, the article will consider registering an Apple ID without any card (credit card). Why without her? In fact, you can think of a lot of reasons. I will not go deeply and will list only a few of them.

  • The simplest one. not everyone has this very credit card.
  • Many people are afraid to enter their card details (although it is completely safe).
  • Some people only need free apps in the App Store.
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If all these three points have nothing to do with you, then at a certain stage it will be necessary to enter the “plastic” data.

At what stage? All details. below in the text.

In general, you can register an Apple ID at any time, both when you turn on the device for the first time and after activating it. The sequence of actions will be almost the same.

However, the second option is still the most common. creating an account on an iPhone or iPad, which has already been used for some time. This is what we will do today.

  • Activated iPhone, iPod, iPad. here the instruction is universal, regardless of the gadget.
  • Wi-Fi connection or inserted SIM card (nothing will work without the Internet).

Как создать Apple ID без карты и пошаговая регистрация icloud, как создать айклауд на iPhone

We take your device, unlock it and find the App Store icon in the menu, click.

We choose any free game or application. install. Attention! It is the free application that is required.

Then we need a menu item create Apple ID.

A window for creating a new account will appear. We see the choice of a country or region, we leave Russia.

“Terms and conditions.”. just accept. It’s hard for me to imagine a person who will read this. 60 pages after all 🙂 Although, perhaps, I do not have a rich imagination 🙂

  • Be sure to enter a real-life email.
  • The password must be made up of at least 8 characters: numbers, letters of the English alphabet, and at least one capital letter is required. Write down or remember the password!
  • Age. you must indicate that you are at least 18 years old. If you have not yet reached the age of majority. blatantly lie.

Very important! The specified e-mail and password will be your Apple ID! Save, write on a piece of paper, and never show them to anyone.

Remember, this data is the only proof that the device belongs to you. To understand the seriousness of the situation, I advise you to read this article (especially pay attention to the last paragraph). Have you done everything? Move on…

A letter was sent to the mailbox indicated above. we open it, and of course we follow the link to complete the process.

In my opinion, the instructions turned out to be quite detailed, but if you are tormented and haunted by various questions, then I always wait for them in the comments.

Feel free to tell us about your problem. I will help, as they say, than I can 🙂

Updated! An article has appeared summarizing all the errors that can interfere with the creation of an Apple ID. I recommend that you read!

How to create an App Store account (Apple ID) from an iPhone or iPad

Launch the App Store application and at the very bottom of the “Featured” page, click “Login”.

In the menu that opens, select “Create Apple ID”.

Select your country and click “Next”.

Accept the user agreement.

  • E-mail. the email address will be the login of your Apple ID account.
  • Password. it must be at least 8 characters long, including numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters. The same character cannot be repeated three times in a row.
  • Security questions and answers to them.
  • Date of birth.

After all the information is correct, click “Next”.

Note: on this page, you can unsubscribe from Apple mailings by unchecking the corresponding radio buttons.

Select a Payment Method. In the case of a bank card, you must specify the card number, security code and expiration date. If you choose a mobile phone as a payment method (only Beeline and MegaFon), then you only need to specify the mobile phone number.

Advice! You can find out how to create an Apple ID without a credit card in this guide.

Enter your billing address with your greeting, last name, first name, address, zip code, city and mobile number. Click “Next”.

Easiest way to create an Apple ID (without credit card)

Confirm the creation of an Apple ID by clicking on the “Confirm Address” link in the letter that will come to the email specified during registration.

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Done! You have created an Apple ID and can download or buy apps from the App Store.

How to create an account in the App Store (Apple ID)

Many new iPhone and iPad users find it difficult to register an Apple ID, the account required to download apps from the App Store and various media content from the iTunes Store. In this manual, we have described in the most detailed way the process of creating an account in the App Store (Apple ID) from a computer, or directly from mobile devices.

How to create an App Store account (Apple ID) from a computer

Go to the official Apple Account Management website and click “Create Apple ID”.

  • E-mail. the email address will be the login of your Apple ID account.
  • Password. it must be at least 8 characters long, including numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters. The same character cannot be repeated three times in a row.
  • Security questions and answers to them.
  • Date of birth.

After specifying all the information, click “Continue”.

A letter with a verification code will be sent to the e-mail specified during registration. Enter the code in the window that opens and click “Continue”.

Done! You have created an Apple ID and can log in with it on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Important! The first time you sign in with a new Apple ID, you’ll be asked for your payment method, billing address, and mobile phone.

How to create an Apple ID without a PC?

You can create an Apple account without a computer, but in this case, you need the device to be connected to 3G or Wi-Fi. Having secured access to the Internet, proceed as follows:

In the “Settings” iPhone, find the section “iTunes Store, App Store” and go to it.

Click on the “Create New Apple ID” button.

On the next screen, you will see a list of countries. Russia is selected by default. Without changing anything, click “Next”.

You should read the Apple Media Services Terms and Conditions. The document is quite capacious. on the iPhone, it turns out 29 pages in small print; that is why most users neglect to read it.

One way or another, you will have to confirm that you have read the “Terms” and agree to the terms. To do this, you need to click “Accept” in the lower right corner and then click on the button of the same name in the window that appears.

If you want to proHonor conditions, but not from the phone screen, but from a hard copy, use the “Send by e-mail” link. From e-mail you can print the document.

Fill in the form. You will have to enter the same data as when registering an account in iTunes. e-mail, password, date of birth, questions and answers necessary to ensure security.

If you don’t want to subscribe to news about Apple services, apps and content, toggle the sliders at the bottom to inactive.

Select a payment method and enter your payment details. The same data is required as when registering through iTunes.

After specifying the required information, click on “Next”.

Go to the email you provided when registering your Apple ID and click “Confirm Address”.

Creating an Apple ID account in the “Settings” of the device and registering through iTunes are similar procedures: in both cases, the same information is required.

Next, you need to act in exactly the same way as when creating a “account” through the “Settings”.

How to create a new account via iTunes?

If you don’t have iTunes, you should start by downloading the latest version of this program from the official Apple website. Once you download and install the media combine, proceed as follows:

Open iTunes and click on the “Account” tab in the horizontal menu at the top.

Select “Login.”.

In the window that appears, click “Create New Apple ID”.

You will find yourself on the welcome page of the iTunes Store. here you need to click on the blue “Continue” button.

At this point, you need to proHonor a document titled “Apple Multimedia Services Terms and Conditions” and check the box next to “I have read.”.

If you do not confirm the fact of acquaintance, the registration will not be completed.

If you are unable to read Apple’s statement immediately, you should use the link “Print version”. An HTML document will appear in the browser, which should be printed so that you can review it as soon as you have free time.

After confirming that you have read the terms, click “Accept”.

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Fill out the form. you must enter the following data:

    E-mail address. It is important that the address is valid and that you have access to it. If you wish, you can specify an additional postal address. Date of Birth. By date, you must be over 21 years old. otherwise, you will not be able to purchase content and software in the AppStore and iTunes Store. Invented password. Apple account password requirements are very strict: it must contain numbers, lowercase and uppercase letters. Plus, one character cannot be repeated three times in a row.

Also, the user will have to answer three questions. for example, what was the name of his childhood best friend. This measure is necessary to ensure the security of your account.

Unsubscribe from mailing if you do not want to receive information about the products of the “Apple” company and releases of films and music to your mailbox. To do this, uncheck the boxes opposite the “Recommendations and information.”.

Select a payment method for purchases and enter the required details. Please note that specifying credit card details in iTunes in no way poses a threat to your welfare. Money will be debited only if you purchase content or software and only with your consent.

If you have chosen a plastic card as a payment method, you will have to enter its number, expiration date, and CVC2. the security code on the back. If you prefer the “Mobile phone” option, it is enough to indicate the cell number and confirm it via SMS.

Fill in the fields of the “Invoice address” block. It is necessary to indicate:

Once you fill in the required fields, click Create Apple ID. You will see a window that directs you to mail.

You should click “Confirm Address”, after which you can assume that the Apple ID has been successfully generated.

How to create an account on iPhone?

The Apple technology developers thought that an iPhone account would be created when the gadget was activated. However, setting up a smartphone for the first time, users often skip this stage for one reason. the device requires the data of a plastic card. Russian users, accustomed to suspecting fraud in everything, are delaying the creation of an Apple ID, trying to find a way to do without a card.

There are several options for registering an iPhone “account”. among them there is one in which you do not need to enter credit card details.

How to create an account on iPhone without a credit card?

There is at least one way to create an Apple ID without a credit card. If you don’t want to share your payment details with Apple, proceed as follows:

Go to iTunes and select “Programs” in the drop-down menu.

Find a free application (any) on the main page and click on its icon.

After the description of the application opens, click “Download”.

In the window that appears, tap on the “Create a new Apple ID” button. this will start the procedure for creating an account.

Continue the registration as usual until the moment when you need to decide on the payment method.

On the page “Specify a payment method” instead of a bank card, select “No”.

With this choice, you will be spared the need to enter payment details. However, you still have to fill in numerous fields of the “Invoice address” block.

Why do I need an iPhone account?

Without an Apple ID, a user cannot:

Full use of the iPhone without an Apple ID is out of the question. The legendary multifunctionality of this smartphone is due to the huge amount of heterogeneous software available in the AppStore. iPhone without apps is just a stylish and well-assembled gadget, but by no means a multitool that can cope with any task.

You can create an Apple ID with or without a PC. However, if you use your computer and iTunes to perform this task, you will spend less time. you will have to type more, and it is more convenient to do this on a PC keyboard.

In addition, when registering from a computer, it will be possible to do without specifying the details of the selected payment method. This is important because many domestic users of Apple technology are suspicious of the requirement to leave card data.