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The second reason why a smartphone or tablet does not see the SIM card is incorrect settings

Rarely, but it still happens that after purchasing a new Android phone, it does not see the SIM card.

This happened to me only once, although I have already bought dozens (of course, not everything for myself. many friends ask for help in choosing.

Then the SIM card slot was turned off. Go to settings (SIM card manager) and activate the SIM card.

If the smartphone does not see the second one, then put it on alert in the same way (note that the second one works simultaneously with the first one, only in expensive devices, in cheap ones it usually takes turns, depending on which one is involved).

There is also such a solution. The SIM card in the settings can be “enabled”, but the phone still does not see it.

Then we go into messages, write no matter what we send, no matter who, the main thing is to send from a “non-working” SIM card.

The system itself will ask you to “enable” the SIM card. We confirm the inclusion and rejoice. SMS won’t be sent, don’t worry.

Samsung, Galaxy, cannot, card

6 proven reasons why an Android phone can’t see a SIM card

What to do if the phone does not see the SIM card? To resolve this issue, check the potential causes listed below.

Just before you go to them and find out what to do, the first thing to do is to determine one of two search directions: the reason is in the device, (firmware) or in the SIM card itself.

This issue is solved simply. Insert the SIM card into another phone. does it work? So the reason is in the smartphone / tablet itself or the Android OS.

There are also kinds of problems here. For example, the phone detects the SIM card, but does not see the contacts, or rather the number, or sees one, but does not see the second.

ATTENTION: remember what preceded this. If this happened after the update, then the matter is in the firmware.

NOTE: This issue is practically independent of the phone manufacturer. This can happen equally with Samsung or Lenovo, as well as from the operator: tele2 or another.

There is an application that will check the SIM card, in particular, whether it has collapsed. without it, the SIM card will not work. Try it! HERE IT IS.

The third reason why a smartphone or tablet does not see the SIM card is damage

The SIM card can be damaged over time. Personally, I’ve had this two times already. I had to change to a new one. the phone number is saved.

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Just go to the service center and you will be given a new one to which your number is attached.

It’s fast, but you have to pay for a new one, as if you bought a new package.

Just before you rush to the service, insert the SIM card into any other work phone to make sure that the matter is really in the SIM card.

Samsung Galaxy s4 simcard issue fix Does not Read SIM Card

The fourth reason why a smartphone or tablet does not see the SIM card. IMEI glitch

Each phone has an individual IMEI code. it is impossible to make calls without it.

Check if something has happened. To do this, type the combination: #. To display it. If this is not possible, then you cannot do without a repair point.

The fifth reason why a smartphone or tablet does not see the SIM card. firmware

The phone may have buggy firmware, especially after the update. the device will work, but not all functions.

How to fix Unable to Detect SIM Card | SIM Card removed issue on Samsung Galaxy S4 | Simple Fix

Then you need to return the devices to a restore point in order to fix the software or download the corresponding firmware from the manufacturer’s website and update your phone.

Reason six. the phone does not see the SIM card after the update

This problem is not uncommon and in most cases can be easily eliminated. There are several solutions.

First: to reflash through a computer or laptop (in case of insufficient knowledge, it is better not to undertake such work on your own).

Install a patch for communication via TWRP Recovery. the patch is released by the manufacturer if a glitch is noticed.

Perform a factory reset. this solution is best applied first, since it is the easiest and in most cases the issue removes.

The first reason why the tablet phone does not see the SIM card. airplane mode is on

Every Android phone has a built-in Airplane Mode (Offline Mode) feature. If you use it, then mobile communications, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are disabled.

It can be activated accidentally without noticing anything. Turn off airplane mode and insert the SIM card again to get a connection between it and the phone.

The third reason why a Samsung smartphone or tablet does not see the SIM card. contacts

The next step is to clear the contacts on the SIM itself. To this end, we achieve a 40% alcohol concentration (regular vodka).

There can also be a degreasing liquid. this is the best tool for and cleaning electronic surfaces.

Just apply 10 ml on an anti-static cloth (avoid paper due to its ability to carry electrical charges) and polish the inside of the SIM card, which is with contacts.

[info] If Samsung stopped seeing the SIM card after the fall, then most likely you cannot do without the service, as the module could be damaged. [/ info]

The fourth reason why Samsung phone stopped seeing SIM card. coverage

The very rapid growth of 4G infrastructure and the need for work includes the shutdown of some transmitters.

It is possible that your phone has been in an area disconnected by the operator for some time. In this case, most smartphones will automatically connect to another GSM network.

There are a few percent chances that your Samsung was out of reach. For this purpose, also try to enable roaming, which allows you to use another GSM network.

If Samsung stopped seeing the SIM card after the reset, then it may simply not be enabled in the settings.

The first reason why Samsung does not see the SIM card is a failure

The information contained in this miniature integrated circuit allows you to communicate freely, write text messages and go online.

What to do in case of an unexpected failure? Nothing wrong. Modern technology often does not work like that.

Before sending your smartphone for repair, make a trivial act, which is an effective way to solve 90 percent of mobile phone problems.

It is reboot or shutdown and power on your Samsung duos, Samsung note, Samsung Galaxy s4, s3, j3, s5250, gt s5250, s7, j5, s6, s8, a5, s5, j1, t285, a3, i9300, s5, i9505, gt s5230, s6 edge, n8000, gt n5100, s3 i9300, p5100, j1, 5620.

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A regular restart can be a recipe for all hardware failures, not just if you can’t see the SIM card.

The second reason why Samsung stopped seeing the SIM card. slot

Despite the use of various sealants in the SIM card slots, it is highly susceptible to various types of contamination.

A small crumb is enough to block the connection between the SIM card and the smartphone. In this case, it is worth turning to compressed air, since the presence of moisture can negatively affect.

Therefore, it is not recommended to come into contact with this element with moisture, as this may damage the Samsung phone itself.

Here, a lot also depends on the slot itself, there are open “everything in sight”, and there are those that cannot be reached without disassembly.

5 reasons why a Samsung tablet or smartphone does not see a SIM card

You saw an alarming message. turn on the phone, and an unwanted message appears on the screen in the form of the words: “SIM card error”?

Most owners tend to panic, but you do not seem to be one of them, as you are looking for solutions to what to do.

Despite all the huge possibilities available to modern smartphones, each of them will become almost useless if it loses its connection with the world.

This can happen for a number of reasons with any Samsung Galaxy phone duos j3, a3, a5, s4, a7, c4, j5, a6, j2, s6, j1, s4, s3, s7, a8, s8, j7, c3, c7, gt 19003, gt s5250, gt e1200m, g318h and in most cases it does not depend on the operator, like tele2, mts, beeline or megaphone.

This does not have to be a malfunction of the smartphone itself. Sometimes the SIM card is the reason.

Then many people decide to put their favorite cell phone in the hands of an operator. Only if you care about time and want to save it, use the suggested methods first.

The fifth reason why Samsung does not see the second SIM card. conclusion

If your phone does not see the 2nd (second) SIM card, then keep in mind that not all Samsung devices can simultaneously work with two SIM cards at the same time.

If you are sure that 2 are working at the same time, then try this trick. Paste and disable in settings. Then pull it out. Reboot the device, insert and then turn on in the settings.

Such a simple method sometimes solves the problem. If the problem is still not resolved, it remains to choose a more radical operation in the form of a system reset to factory settings.

Before doing this, you must back up all data that is important to us. The device will be completely cleaned starting from login data through system preferences, music apps, documents and more.

Just before doing this, it is worth checking whether another card will work in another phone. If none of the above methods helped, then you have no choice but to contact the operator.

There, quickly solve your problem. An employee can exchange your SIM card. In any case, sooner or later you will be able to use your smartphone again. Success.

Mechanical damage to a mobile device and how to eliminate them

When problems arise with the operation of the SIM card, the first thing to do is to remember whether the phone has been exposed to any external influences. So, if you drop it, there is a possibility of failure or unsoldering of the power amplifier, microcontroller, connector or other module. In such cases, it is better to contact the service center.

Troubleshooting when Samsung does not see the SIM card

First of all, a telephone is a means of communication, and only then a multimedia player, a tool for surfing the Internet, a camera, etc. And if the smartphone does not accept a SIM card, its main function will be unavailable. SIM card problems on Samsung Galaxy can arise for various reasons. Some of them can be eliminated on their own, while others require more professional intervention. Let’s take a look at why Samsung can’t see a SIM card and what to do in a specific case.

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Top Causes of SIM Problems on Samsung Phones

There are a lot of factors leading to the fact that the device does not see or cannot recognize the SIM card. However, they can all be grouped into three groups:

  • Mechanical malfunctions of the mobile device. Occurs when the card is frequently removed / inserted into the SIM slot, the device is damaged as a result of a strong shock or moisture penetration under the case.
  • Problems related directly to the SIM card. May be due to the presence of scratches, chips and other mechanical defects on the printed circuit board, expiration of the SIM card or its blocking by the operator.
  • Malfunctions of the operating system or installed software. Samsung may not see the SIM card after it has been disabled programmatically, due to the installation of an unofficial firmware, or by deleting the IMEI number.

If there were no prerequisites for Samsung‘s breakdown, try the following:

  • Reboot your smartphone. The problem may lie in a single software glitch.
  • Take out the SIM card and put it in another phone. This will eliminate the malfunction of the SIM card itself.
  • Make sure the card is installed correctly.
  • Wipe the SIM and the connector on your mobile phone with a soft cloth moistened with alcohol. The cause of the malfunction may be trivial contamination or oxidation of contacts.
  • Press the SIM card to the card holder and place a piece of paper. There is a possibility that the SIM-card holder is simply loosened.

Troubleshooting SIM card problems

If you have determined that the SIM card itself is the source of all troubles, it is recommended to proceed in the following order:

Samsung, Galaxy, cannot, card
  • Call the Support of your operator and see if the card has been blocked. This can happen if the SIM-card is not used for a long time.
  • If you have installed a new SIM card in your phone, it may not be activated. To activate, you will need to deposit money to its balance.
  • Visually inspect the SIM card for scuffs, scratches and other defects. If you find them, change the card at the nearest service center of your operator.
  • If the SIM was lying near the magnet for a long time, it could demagnetize. In this case, you will also need to contact the mobile office.

Software malfunctions

If you are the owner of a dual SIM Samsung and the SIM card is not visible only on one of the connectors, see if the second slot is enabled in the device settings. The required function is in the section “SIM-cards management”.

There are cases when after a smartphone is infected with a virus or its self-flashing, NVRAM. non-volatile random access memory. is damaged on it. This is where the IMEI of the mobile device is stored. When erasing it, Samsung will not detect SIM cards.

To fix the problem, you need to repair IMEI. This can be done through the engineering menu:

  • Turn off the device and remove the SIM card from it.
  • Turn it on, and then use the numeric keypad to enter the combination # or ###. After that you will be taken to the engineering menu.
  • Open the CDC Information. Radio Information section.
  • Go to the Phone 1 tab and in the top line after “AT” type EGMR = 1.7, ”IMEI”. The quotes indicate the identifier of your mobile phone. It can be found under the back of the Samsung Galaxy.
  • Confirm your changes by pressing SEND AT COMMAND.
  • In the Phone 2 tab, enter the IMEI for the second SIM. Only in this case, after “AT” it is necessary to indicate “EGMR = 1.10,”.

After restarting the phone, IMEI will be restored and everything should work. If this does not help to get rid of the problem, you will only have to reset all settings to factory settings or reflash your smartphone via PC and Samsung Kies program.