Phone Dropped And Not Charged

Modern smartphones are complex and quite delicate. On one “beautiful” morning, you may find that the gadget that was charged does not work. Today we will figure out what to do if the phone does not turn on and does not boot, and how to fix this problem at home.

There are not so many answers to the question why the phone does not turn on, what could be the reason for its quick discharge and what to do in such a situation. Consider the most common options and solutions.

Adapter malfunction or lack of contact

The most common reason why the phone does not load or is quickly discharged is a charger malfunction. To verify this, you need to connect the gadget to another power supply. If it started to charge, then you found the reason and the problem was precisely in the charger. You can do the opposite, connect a known-good phone to a suspicious power supply. Thus, you are guaranteed to verify its malfunction.

If the smartphone does not charge with a working power supply, check the connector of the contacts. A clot of dust may clog into it or pet hair. Gently, with a wooden or plastic toothpick, clean the connection jack on the phone and try again.

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If a removable battery is installed on the phone, check the contact tightness and condition. It is likely that they oxidized from moisture or bent when the battery was inserted after a fall.

Another opportunity to “revive” the battery or to verify its serviceability is to use a universal charger. In common parlance, it is called a “frog” and is capable of charging any removable battery from a household electrical network.

SD card

One of the reasons why the Android phone does not turn on is the use of an SD card with a larger volume than stated by the manufacturer. Craving for user experiments in the blood. If the specification says that you can only use 32 GB, they will definitely try 64. With a high degree of probability, the device will recognize the card. It will work normally until the recorded amount of information exceeds the declared support.

If, after a software failure, the phone stops turning on or does not boot, just remove the problem memory card from it. Forced reboot will bring the smartphone to working condition.

System errors and failed updates

System errors, or a resource-intensive application that is not completely unloaded from RAM, can cause the battery to run out quickly, as a result of which the phone disconnected and does not start again. A malicious program may behave similarly. The virus, if its task is not to extort, works in the background. At the same time, he tries to use all available resources as quickly as possible. If the Android phone, while in the standby state, is discharged faster than usual, you should check it for infection and force a reboot. Further actions depend on the results of the antivirus scan.

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If the smartphone is clean and fully charged, there is no cause for concern. Otherwise, if the device does not start or the phone is quickly discharged again, a full reset and reconfiguration will be required.

An unsuccessful software update may lead to the phone not responding to user actions or simply disconnected. Typically, this behavior is easily “cured” by a reboot.

Phone Dropped And Not Charged

In the event of a failure when flashing to a new OS version, the situation is a little more complicated. When the phone starts up, but the download does not go beyond the splash screen, the recovery mode can save the situation. What to do and how to enable Recovery Mode for a particular phone is best found on the manufacturer’s website or in the documentation for the device. When this is not possible, try universal methods. The vast majority of Android smartphones support its inclusion by pressing the power and volume keys. Will it be an Up or Down button, depending on the device manufacturer. You can try both options in sequence.

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Hidden defects

Some users believe that physical damage is when the phone fell on a hard surface and shattered. Until that moment, he also fell two times, but only “slightly” scratched and crumpled. Meanwhile, it is impossible to exclude the appearance of latent defects from impact on the gadget body. Damage to internal contacts will lead to the fact that the Android phone does not turn on and does not charge, and sometimes it worked and suddenly turned off. So if your phone crashes, it is impossible to fix the malfunction of the system board yourself and you will have to contact specialists for a complete diagnosis and possible replacement of components.


If the phone does not turn on even after you have tried all the probable reasons, you should contact the service center. Without showing undue initiative in trying to resuscitate him, you will save time for yourself and the nerves of specialists.