iPad Air 2 Supports Apple Pencil

Are you going to sit down at your iPad and brainstorm on the next brilliant idea, but noticed that Apple Pencil has stopped working. There are several possible reasons why your Apple pencil does not work. Below are a few troubleshooting ideas to get Apple Pencil back online.

iPad Air 2 Supports Apple Pencil

Check battery

Does your Apple pencil not charge? Can the battery on your Apple Pencil be dead? To check if your pencil is charged, follow these steps:

1. Check the view widget on your iPad and look at the battery status. Widgets can be found in the “Today“. To get there, swipe right with home screen, lock screen or while you look at your notifications.

2. You should see the widget “Batteries“. If not, make sure you have it turned on., pencil setting with bluetooth.

3. If the battery shows 0%, plug it in, recharge and try again.

Bluetooth off

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As mentioned in the “Battery Check” section, if your Apple Pencil does not appear in the list of devices under the battery widgets or if there is no Battery widget at all, Bluetooth is most likely disabled. To verify this, follow these steps:

1. On the iPad, click “Settings“.

2. Click Bluetooth.

3. Touch the switch to turn on Bluetooth.

4. If you can’t get it to turn on, or you see a turn / download icon, restart the iPad, and then try again.

Bluetooth not connected

If your Apple Pencil doesn’t pair or your iPad doesn’t lose pairing, re-pairing with Bluetooth might solve your Apple pencil problems.

1. Make sure iPad is turned on, unlocked, and Bluetooth is turned on.

2. If you see your Apple pencil, you may need to recreate the pair.

3. Click Apple Pencil, then select “Forget this device“.

4. Release your pencil from Apple and plug it into the iPad lightning port.

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Five. Bluetooth pairing request a dialog should appear. Click “Create a pair“To start the pairing process.

6. If the dialog box does not appear at the top, continue to search for additional problems.

Pencil tip worn

If your Apple Pencil is messy or not working at all, the tip of the pencil may be worn out. Replacing the tip is easy.

1. Unscrew the tip counterclockwise until it stops.

2. Replace the old tip with a new one by screwing the tip clockwise until it feels safe in your pencil.

The application does not support Apple Pencil

Not all applications fully support the pencil. To make sure your Apple Pencil is working, open a known supported application. Notes application. It is a reliable and excellent choice for testing your pencil, and it should be on your home screen. If this is not the case, you will need to download and reinstall it.

Unsupported iPad Model

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If your Apple Pencil still doesn’t work, make sure your iPad supports it. Apple Pencil works with the 9.7-inch iPad-2018 and with all iPad Pro models. If your iPad is not one of these models, your iPad does not support Apple Pencil, and will not work.

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